The Floor is Lava

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You were sick and tired of the floor is lava game. Kids were constantly shouting it in the school hallways causing everyone to try and get off the floor.

You would have ignored it, except your boyfriend Peter Parker would not allow that. At all.

If you weren’t madly in love with this boy, you honestly wouldn’t participate as much as you did.

Still, there were times where you flat out refused to take part in something so childish. But, when you did, Peter would get so excited. So sometimes his smile was worth it.

It was a series of incidences, where Peter eventually started making you participate.

Sometimes you Peter and Ned would be in Peter’s bedroom and suddenly he would shout “THE FLOOR IS LAVA,” where he would then use his web shooters to hang off the ceiling, while Ned was already sitting on Peters bed. Which left you. On the floor.

“That’s not fair Peter!” You would argue

“This is why I don’t like playing. You always cheat by using your Spidey powers,” You continue

“It’s not my fault that I have superpowers,”

“That doesn’t mean you have to chat at your own game, Parker. Back me up here Ned,”

“No. Nope. I am not getting in the middle of one of your arguments again. You know what happened last time,“ Ned says.

Other times, it would be at lunch in the cafeteria. If you’re sitting down, you get lucky. Usually you would just lift your legs up onto the bench of the caf table and keep eating. Sometimes you wouldn’t bother lifting your legs, you really didn’t care, but Peter would kick you from across the table until you lifter your legs.

On the rare occasion you were still walking back from the lunch line, and had your food, in your hand and your back pack on your back it would be hell.

Someone would yell “THE FLOOR IS LAVA,” and everyone would start running for the closest thing they could get to. You’ve been trampled three times to be exact.

This time you were prepared. Sort of. Well, Peter was prepared. You were mad at him for well, 1. always playing the game but never warning you, and 2. for always cheating.

Peter, realizing that you were mad at him, being the lovely boy he is, decided to save you this time around.

You were walking through the cafeteria, when you heard someone shout “THE FLOOR IS LAVA!”

Everyone started rushing past you, running through the car to try and get off the ground.

Quickly, Peter grabbed your lunch tray from your hands and said “Get on my back,”

“What? No. I’m not playing this dumb game,”


“Jesus Christ!” You exclaimed, climbing onto Peter’s back, wrapping your arms around his neck, and legs around his waist.
Across the room, Flash was standing on a table, and shouted “Penis Parker loses!”

Everyone in the caf looked around to find you and Peter standing only a few steps away from your lunch table where Michelle and Ned were sitting with their feet up.

“But unlike you, he actually has a girlfriend, so who’s the real loser here Flash?” You shouted back.

Flash scoffed and then got off the table, sitting down to finish his lunch.

“Thanks for saving me Parker,” You said, leaning forward, placing a kiss on his cheek.

You jumped off his back and sat down at your lunch table. Peter followed and placed your tray in front of you.

“Does this mean you’re still mad at me?” He questioned.

“Oh yeah, definitely. You cheated countless times and saved me once,”

“C’mon Y/N!”

“Sorry, love. But I know another way you can make It up to me,” you winked.

The Floor is Lava Dem Boys™ addition

for those who don’t know, the floor is lava is a game where once the phrase is yelled you have to do what ever you can to not touch the ground or basically you die


  • The one to initiate the game 99% of the time
  • Doesn’t matter where they are, pachinko parlor, store, home, if he says the floor is lava, the floor is fuckin lava.
  • He’ll push anyone out of the way be it brother or passerby he don’t give a FUCK.


  • “We’re in our 20′s should we really be doing this?!”
  • Thinks it’s stupid as hell and refuses to participate in this madness.
  •  Pissed as hell because no matter where the game take place it always ends in property damage or a trip to the hospital.


  • This painful man goes all out and is as over dramatic as humanly possible.
  • Because of this he always ends up hurting himself somehow.
  • Seriously like every single time…
  • Most likely to end up in the hospital.


  • Lies down face first on the ground
  • Acts disappointed when he doesn’t actually die


  • Reigning floor is lava champion.
  • Has tropheys from 12 different countries and has his picture in the ‘floor is lava’ hall of fame.
  • Climbs onto random bystanders to avoid touching the ground.
  • Climbed onto Choromatsu once.
  • After Choromatsu threw him off, Jyushimatsu somehow glitched onto the ceiling.
  • Everyone agreed to never speak of it again.


  • Like Choromatsu he doesn’t play.
  • It’s not that he thinks it’s stupid, it’s just that SOMEONE has to be the one to upload it all to the web right?
  • Teams up with Osomatsu ahead of time so that the camera is already recording when the game starts.
  • Has a youtube channel dedicated to videos of it.

- Mod Haru

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◄ Zen ►

………………THE FLOOR IS LAVA????! *jumps onto the nearest table and strikes a selfie*

◄ Seven ►

*reflex of a cat, makes an agent 007 move, sliding on a table and falling off the other edge*

◄ Jaehee ►

The floor is…? *stares at the ground, confused af*

◄ Jumin ►

*raises Elizabeth becAUSE HE CAN DIE SHE CAN NOT*

◄ Yoosung ►

THE FLOOR IS- *tries to find a chair, slips and epically falls with a loud BANG sound*

◄ Saeran ►

W-what?! *panickly jumps onto your back almost breaking your spine???*

◄ V ►

…I don’t see any lava though

◄ Vanderwood ►

*the most dreadful glare you’ve ever seen ur gonna pee onto ur panties*

Explained: the floor is lava meme
  • The floor is lava is a children’s game that can be played almost anywhere. The game begins when someone says “The floor is lava!” and then participants try to avoid touching the floor, usually within less than five seconds. For example, a player might jump onto a chair or climb on top of a table to avoid contact with the floor.
  • Although this meme has multiple formats, a common one involves an image of a person jumping off a wall and into the air, thereby avoiding contact with the floor. This macro is frequently captioned with “the floor is [something people want to avoid],” as in this example.
  • The meme gained popularity as a way to express a desire to avoid certain activities, ideas, or people. However, variants of this meme may show a person lying on the ground, captioned with “the floor is [some desirable thing].”
  • According to Know Your Meme, the wall-jumping macro associated with this meme was first posted on Twitter in April 2016. However, “the floor is…” captions didn’t become popular until June 2017, when they spread to Tumblr and other platforms.
  • This meme followed the #TheFloorIsLavaChallenge, which was popularized on May 29th via Instagram personality Jahannah James. Essentially, the challenge involved playing games of the floor is lava and then posting videos of them to social media.
  • The meme may involve captioning other images, typically of people either lying on the floor or jumping away from it.
  • Click here to see examples of the floor is lava meme.
#8 - The Floor is Lava- w/Chibs

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It had been a rough day for the club. With most of the guys in Stockton, everyone else was spread thin between running the garage and keeping up with club business. Chibs was trying his best to keep everything running and making sure everyone else was safe and taken care of. He was thankful that he had Y/n and Lyla to help him check in on Tara and Gemma. 

After locking up the garage, Chibs started up his bike and checked his phone. He had a few messages from Y/n saying she would be going over to Gemma’s house, then Tara and Lyla would be joining her there.

Chibs entered the house and was astonished at the sight before him. The couches had been moved toward the walls and pillows from the sofa and chairs were strewn across the living room floor, branching off toward the bedrooms and then towards the kitchen area. Lyla and Tara were each on a chair in the middle, Gemma was perched on the arm of one of the couches, and the children were scattered between.

“And what are ya all doin here?” Chibs stood in the doorway, his hands on his hips as he overlooked the scene, “And where is Y/n?”

Tara and Lyla began laughing and pointing toward the kitchen. When Chibs turned, he couldn’t believe his sight. There was Y/n, currently frozen with one foot on a chair and the other was on the table, where snacks and drinks had been spread out. “Oh hey!” Y/n smiled wide as she finished her way onto the table and began tossing snacks at the others.

“Is someone going to tell me what’s going on?”

Gemma joined the laughter as she caught a bottle of water. “Isn’t it obvious Chibs?”

“Yea, the floor is lava! Duh!” Y/n and Tara screamed out happily. Ellie and Kenny helped Piper onto the couch with Gemma then motioned for Chibs to join them. “Come one Uncle Chibs!” “Don’t touch the lava floor!”

“Oh, what the hell!” Chibs quickly pushed his boots off and hung his kutte and holster before jumping onto the nearest chair. The women and children cheered as he jumped his way across the pillows and toward the table where Y/n was still sitting. “So nice of you to join us.”
“Aye, but what started all of this?” Chibs smiled as he grabbed a bottle of water from the table.

“Figured with everything going on, they needed to do something to take their mind off everything. No one has really smiled or laughed in months. They needed this. Nothing to take your mind off things like a game of Lava Floor!”