The Floor is Lava

This is based off of the prompt “One wrong move and we’re both dead.” Even though it sounds serious, when I saw the prompt, for some reason I immediately thought of the “floor is lava” game. (I must have been feeling nostalgic. I’m not the only one who played that as a kid, right?) As a result, this silly Riarkle drabble happened! In this, Riley and Farkle are already in a relationship, probably around their early 20’s, and live together in an apartment.

I hope it makes you smile!

“Okay, one wrong move and we’re both dead,” Riley tries to say in a serious tone. She fails when a chuckle escapes her lips a second later.

“Do you think we’re being childish?” Farkle asks.

“Definitely. But who cares?” Riley smirks, and Farkle smiles back at her.

There are pillows thrown all over the place on the ground. Riley and Farkle are standing on top of the couch in their living room. Turning the room into a big, pretend lava pit seemed like the best idea for a rainy Friday night.

Farkle grabs Riley’s hand, and after Riley gives it a quick squeeze, she let’s out a yelp as they both leap together to the first set of pillows.

“Sorry, I got carried away. We haven’t done this since we were eight!” Farkle says excitedly. “Okay Riley, you go left and I’ll go right!”

“No, those pillows over there are too far apart! You’ll never make it!”

“It’s a risk I have to take. I’ll come back to you, darling. I promise,” Farkle says in an exaggerated, melodramatic tone.

Farkle jumps over to the next cushion before Riley giggles and adds, “I know you will.”

They jump from pillow to pillow for what seems like forever, and finally they end up on opposite sides of the living room.

“Farkle, we have to get back to our home base! There are only seconds left to spare!” Riley shouts in a fake, over the top way.

“Only seconds until what?” Farkle yells back from across the room.

“The lava monster!” she screams, throwing her hands up in the air.

Farkle bursts out laughing but does as she says. They both race back to the couch, still trying to avoid the floor. Farkle makes one final jump and lands softly on the couch. Riley makes a giant leap back toward the couch and succeeds, but she can’t control her landing and shrieks as she falls on top of him.

They both start cracking up as they lie together. After a few minutes, Riley starts moving off of Farkle, but he puts his arms around her and pulls her back down to rest on top of him. 

“I have to protect you from the monster,” he says softly.

“At this point, I’ll take any excuse you give me just to stay in your arms,” she sighs as she snuggles into him.

please imagine

  • nate teaching young cassie how to play ‘the floor is lava’ while elena pretends to be exasperated but smiles anyway
  • nate breaking a couch while teaching cassie how to play ‘the floor is lava’
  • elena gently smacking nate in annoyance over having to replace said couch
  • nate fake yelling mango
  • cassie picking up on yelling mango every time she plays with nate
  • elena really smacking nate over ruining the word mango
  • nate having to pick a new safe word
  • it’s ‘sully’

“The floor is lava” with Peter Parker

“DO NOT STEP THERE, YOU IDIOT!” you yelled at your best friend Peter as he opened your room door and tried to step in. He made a weird face, but didn’t move a bit, to your satisfaction.

“What the fuck, (Y/N)?”

“The floor is lava” you simply said, jumping from the chair to the bed and miraculosy not falling straight to the floor. Peter sighed and smiled at his friend’s childish behaviour.

“Well, I guess then we are not studying math” he shrugged and with help of his webs he closed the door and jumped to your side, continuing with your game.

“That’s cheating”

“Shut up.”


I got the floor is lava trophy tonight and i need to show everyone.

Lava Love

As a Nazarickian I have known quite a bit of pleasure and indulged in them accordingly. But lately I have felt a certain longing for something those pleasures couldn’t satisfy, a romantic relationship. Eventually word reached me that there were quite a few single women, who were creations of 

@ulbert-alain-odle on the 7th floor of Nazarick.

I reached the gate that leads to the 7th floor, upon opening it I am blaster with a heat wave of which I haven’t felt in a long time. I step inside and I simply see fields and fields of lava. Some of it has solidified, others flow like streams and rivers all over the land. I begin to walk on the solidified lava for obvious reasons…

The view was amazing. The glow of the lava lit this sunless floor of darkness. Volcanos covered the outer rim of the floor making a natural circle that enveloped this floor of Nazarick. In the faded distance I see the Blazing Temple, guarded by Demiurge. I begin my little journey seeing many different types of enemies, Lava slimes, Dragons, you name it. Yet I have yet to see any sign of these Daughters of Ulbert that I have heard about. So I begin my journey to the Blazing Temple in hopes of finding them.

After an hour or so of hiking through this evil looking yet amazing looking scenery I make my way to the edge of a drop off with a stream of Lava flowing at the bottom. I look down to see the view and at the bottom I see a shade flying up at me from the stream below. It flew above my head in mere seconds, this creature’s speed was amazing, then as fast as it flew over me it crashed in front of me. The Impact and sudden wave of ash from where the creature landed blew me off my feet and on my back. I looked up at this creature and was greeted with an astonishingly terrifying site.

A huge Demoness, at least 10 feet tall gazed down at me. The iris of her eyes were blood red, and the whites of her eyes were as black as the center of her eyes. Her hair was a pure white, long and wavy. Her skin was a somewhat black, like the ask that fell from the skies of this floor. Her horns on her head curve down then went strait up with a sharp point at the end of each horn. On each horn there were two skulls impaled on them. On of each were of skulls of each of the human races to choose in Yggdrasil: Human, Elf, Dark Elf, and Dwarf. Her clothes and even body were similar to that of the Amazon from Dragon’s Crown, only with more…Realistic proportions. She also wore metal gauntlets and shin guards, with demon head designs crafted into the metal. And her wings, were of course those of Demon, reaching at least 20 feet across from tip to tip. She wielded a huge Sword that was more a giant piece of Metal than an actual sword. with various cuts that showed signs of usage in battle. 

After being frozen from fear and admiring her scary yet beautiful self for what seemed like an eternity, I manage to ask, “Who, are you?”