• Interviewer:How would Bruce Banner define [Bruce and Natasha's] relationship?
  • Mark:Impossible.
  • Scarlett:Why do you need to make everything so hard??
  • Mark:Desirable. I think he wants that more than anything and it's a completely undeveloped part of who he is, and so I think these two people are the ultimate outsiders inside the Avengers and I feel like they innocently fumble into these feelings that I don't think either of them expected to have, but are very satisfying.
  • Scarlett:Awww. "Innocently fumble."
  • Mark:Is that a good turn of phrase? Thanks. *puts his head down and gets really shy about it*
These characters have what I always thought was a very unlikely love story that buds between them that is actually, in truth, rooted in a very likely love story. These characters have a lot in common; they are two people that are really idealizing this future that they could have with one another, which is really a result of their past, I think - the fact that they have this kind of fantasy of a ‘normal life,’ - finding themselves in another person, being able to live their life together. They have this one side of them that draws them, and this other side that is the kind of divine fate that is in store for them, and it’s a very complicated relationship that they have. A kind of impossible love. It seems unlikely but isn’t.
—  Scarlett Johansson [x]
How does Natasha tame the Beast? It’s a very good question. It’s interesting that she does it with a human touch, I think. Because I imagine that’s the last thing that anybody would do. Your every instinct is telling you not to touch the Hulk. He is also putting that out there - that he doesn’t want to turn back - he’s not the person that you grab and give a bear hug to. Yet, somehow, it’s like a kind of raging person that needs a bear hug in a sense. A tender bear hug. Needs somebody to come behind them and remind them that they’re grounded and there’s somebody with them and they’re present - ‘come back to yourself’ - it’s sort of like a therapeutic thing that she develops with Hulk and I think that comes from her own latent maternal instincts that she has.
—  Scarlett Johansson, [x]