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Something New (NSFW NSFW Lysaedion Fic)

This. THIS. I stared at this for a few minutes before I thought “FUCK IT. I’M GOING TO DO THIS AND  NO ONE IS STOPPING ME.

reveal yourself anon.

I added the keep reading link because sm ut

And also i’m still referring to Lysandra’s shifted form into a male as Lysandra since it is technically…still…her.

Lysandra laid on her right side, her head propped up on the palm of her hand with her bent arm. The other was against Aedion’s arm as she trailed slow lines down the calloused skin. He was laying in front of her, his position the exact same as hers with his one free arm around her waist. His thumb was moving in slow circled against the skin of her hips.

“What round was that?”

Lysandra let out a laugh as she leaned closer until their lips were mere inches away.


“Only five?”

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[#아스트로] 잠시 후 8시부터 아스트로 #윤산하 가 함께한 SBS 파워FM 이국주의 #영스트리트 가 시작됩니다. 산하의 톡!톡!✨ 튀는 목소리 들으면서 오늘 하루 마무리하세요😚

[#Astro] Shortly at 8pm together with Astro’s #YoonSanha in SBS power FM, Lee Guk Joo noona’s #youngstreet will start. Sanha’s flick! flick! ✨ Please end your day with the bouncing voice 😚

Critical Role fic

I suppose this was inevitable.

I don’t usually write fic about things that are likely to happen soon, but this scene has been buzzing hard enough in my head that I had to get it down. Vex/Percy, ~1300 words, worksafe, MAJOR spoilers through the most recent episode (ep. 69). I expect to be jossed as early as next week, but see if I care.

As the rest of Vox Machina filed out of Castle Whitestone’s War Room, each heading off to make their preparations for the coming storm, Vex paused in the doorway, then turned around. Percy had remained in the room, sitting alone at the foot of the table, hands folded in front of him,
head bowed.

Vex felt a hand on her shoulder; she glanced up to see Vax'ildan staring down at her. Vax lifted his chin, flicked his eyes in Percy’s direction, then back to her, followed by a nod so tiny that no one else would have seen it. But Vex knew her brother, and she knew exactly what that look meant. Talk to him, he’d said without words. Don’t let the opportunity slip away again.

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Did you get too excited at dinner time and bolt from your enclosure?
Did you flick musk and do shakey tail threats at your human when she tried to retrieve you?
Did you run further and end up on a wire shelf, which you then properly entangled your noodly body upon so as to make extracting you as difficult as possible?
Round out your list of mistakes for the day by eating your food backwards!

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You+Taehyung=Cute Couple

Ooooh brother…

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Taehyung and I would make a cute couple?

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Like Kim Taehyung and I??….The guy who flicks his tongue as if it’s no biggie? *blinks*

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Are you sure you weren’t high when you sent this?

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Do you want the apocalypse to happen earlier or something Lollll?!

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but I kinda like this ship thooo….*shy smiles*

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B (boobs?) headcanon for Seven!

(This was lowkey meant of a headcanon thing where I would say if they were a butt or boob kinda person, but this is honestly working out really well.)

His slender fingers were roughly groping your chest, his lips passionately hooked on yours, like Honey Buddha Chips, or, an extremely addictive drug.

It was sweet and loving, but had the “I own you.” aspect to it.

He loved that. The tips of his fingers grazing your nipples, he groaned and pulled his lips away from yours, a sudden loss of heart, it felt like. But he always made up for it.

And he did. His mouth latched onto your right breast, his tongue flicking and circling around it, his other hand pinching softly on your left nipple.

Moans and a few whimpers were heard, but none of which actually mattered to him, because, of course, he wasn’t someone who let out easily, right?

This was gonna continue for a long time, until he was finished with you.

“Expect to be sore.”

And he went back to work on your chest.

Shu Headcanon (Salsa Lesson Edition)

Shu watched as you started and instantly he stopped you.
‘Wrong.’ He sighed.
'Well then help me!’ You plea.
He smirked and joined you, placing his hands on your hips.
'You owe me.’
You nod, and as the music restarted you were suddenly flicked backwards, his lips at your throat and chest. You sigh helplessly.
'You need to loosen up..’ He said in a husky voice.
He brought you back up.
'It’s a passionate dance is it not?’
You nod, blushing at feeling his lips against your neck again. He moved you through the first steps swiftly, his lips always at your skin. His mouth was hot and his teeth teased you.
You were becoming a wanting mess.
He moved you faster though the rest of the dance, you felt the heat rise in you as his hands guided you, resting and brushing against skin. Your faces so close, you wanted to kiss him but he moved swiftly leaving you still wanting and needing.
Your hands was in his hair and you gasped at feeling your hip up against his as he brushed your leg and upwards slowly..
His fingers grazed your panties just for a second but it felt like he was doing unbelievable things..
He finally flipped you backwards and licked the valley between your breasts. You groan and feel his desperate hot mouth on yours as he brings you back up. You cling to him tight.
'Passionate huh?’ He teased breathlessly against your mouth.

Chasing West: Chapter 1/4

Pairing: RaphxLeo
Rating: T
Words: 2118
Warnings: TCEST, 2k16 turtles, violin porn, sarcasm is power

He flicks on the old battery-powered amp with one hand as the other gently plugs in the chord, the whole set-up looking two steps and a fall away from joining the junk yard. Careful, as not to jostle the instrument too much, Raphael wipes away any grime left from it’s stay behind the old grate. He plugs the old chord into it’s body as he stands, and kicks the old grate shut.

Bow between his teeth, he plucks the instrument’s strings lightly, testing the overall pitch and making adjustments when necessary. The amp crackles on the higher notes. He rosins the bow, then he repositions the instrument beneath his chin. A short melody later and Raphael nods to himself, turning his back on the amp and moving the instrument into a more comfortable position.

Tapping his foot against the cement floor in a four by four beat, he raises the bow into the air and begins to play a fast paced, yet familiar, eerie tune.

Finally, he can relax.

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How Alyn and Albert *Really* Met for the First Time
  • Giles:Alyn, this is Albert, King Byron's right-hand man and royal knight of Stein.
  • Princess:Finally, someone in your fighting league.
  • Alyn:/Scoffs/ Hardly. I could take him easily.
  • Albert:I'd like to see you try, Wysterian knight.
  • Alyn:/Unsheathes sword/
  • Alyn:/Point sword at Albert faces/
  • Alyn:/Flicks off Albert's glasses with his sword/
  • Giles:...
  • Princess:...
  • Alyn:So that means I win, right?
  • Giles and Princess:/Facepalm/

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sheith catboy au, grooming each other, take it however you want~

Heh, Nonny, I’m also a DC writer and I first read that as Catlad AU which was making me puzzled before I remembered catboy’s are a thing on their own.

Dirt matted in the soft fur of Keith’s ears and down into his hair. Clumping the strands into stiff little spikes. Shiro could see it from the back of the group as they all trudged back into the Castle. Exhausted and aching, but still a little high from their victory. The Princess already greeted them and it wasn’t until much later that Shiro gets to ask about it.

“There was a plant,” Keith says as the dirt flakes off under Shiro’s fingers. A brown that’s almost rust colored. Keith leans sideways into Shiro, ear flicking down to allow him more access. His still armored shoulder bumps into Shiro’s chest.

“A potted plant on a Galra ship?” Shiro asks and feels like laughing over the absurdity of it. Over the fact that something so mundane could be found on a battle ship, or over the image of a serious soldier watering a delicate looking geranium. He wraps an arm around Keith to adjust him so they’re both comfortable and keeps scratching at the dirt.

The shower room is empty now, and waiting for them both to finish undressing, but there’s something relaxing in just holding Keith now like this. Watching the other man’s tail slowly arc through the air from the corner of his eye and feeling the warmth of his body.

“It had teeth,” Keith says with a snort, and that does not improve the mental image Shiro has.

He laughs a bit, because of course a Galra houseplant would have teeth. Keith looks pleased to have drawn a laugh from him, and Shiro feels the smooth brush of Keith’s tail against his arm.

It’s a while before either of them manage to make it into the showers.

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"Can we pretend I didn't just say that?" Peppermint Rabbit :3

Oftentimes, Weiss wasn’t sure what she’d do without these two. Picking up engineering skills hadn’t much of a priority in her youth, and working with dust was… tricky in a dangerous way.

And she’d lost her weapon. It was still a bit surreal to think about, that it was just… gone, for good. No one to blame for it, even. She’d been channeling a glyph to propel Ruby toward a Death Stalker – it worked, of course, they’d practically bisected the thing – when a Beowulf no one had noticed nabbed Myrtenaster from her hand and made for the hills. Just an empty accident, and now her weapon was gone.

Velvet had found her staring down her father’s portrait on her scroll, hesitating with a thumb over the call button. She’d eased the scroll from Weiss’s unresisting hands, flicked it shut, and told her gently to remember, please remember that you’re not alone anymore.

And now here she was, in the machining room at two in the morning, glaring at a schematic with two of her dearest friends.

“It’s still not right.”

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