Ok but i want a chick flick where this girl is like really good friends with this guy, right? and they have a lot in common and they hang out a lot and are basically best buds, yeah? and then the guy gets a girlfriend, and his friend, the main girl really doesn’t like her. Or that’s what everyone thinks, because she would never hang out with her, and she gets really quiet when she’s around, or like very hostile. And she hates hanging out with her best friend and his girlfriend together because they’re all lovey-dovey. So everyone, and the girlfriend, think that this main girl is in love with her best friend, so the girlfriend confronts her in like this super dramatic scene in the rain, and they have an argument and in the middle of it the main girl reveals that she actually has a crush on her best friend’s girlfriend which is why she can’t hang out with her. And then she runs away. Later when the other girl thinks about it she realises that the reason the other girl’s hostility bothered her so much is because she likes her too, so she tell her boyfriend and they break up, and then she shows up at the main girls house in the middle of the night and throws rocks at her window, confesses her feelings and asks her out to prom. And then they both become prom queens and slow dance and make out… the end


More of that idea aka bunch of doodles from different points of their timeline! Their relation sure does change 

*touches twitchy elf ears* *flick flick*

Because flexible ears are awesome \o/ And although Tamlen always acts a bit disgruntled when Dorian touches his ears he secretly likes it/ finds it funny too (and he also found it weird that Dorian or humans in general can’t move their ears much or at all)

I haven’t really done anything in the animation direction in a long long time, but this was fun :D