Post-Reveal: Outside Observers
  • Alya:Is that Mari and Adrien?
  • Nino:Hmm? Oh, yeah.
  • Marinette:*talking to Adrien*
  • Adrien:*leans in closer, smirks*
  • Marinette:*flicks his nose, walks off and beckons him to follow*
  • Adrien:*chases her with a lovesick smile*
  • Alya:
  • Nino:
  • Alya:I think I need to go lie down.
  • Nino:Babe no I saw it too.

dex had a nice quiet birthday he called his mom in the morning and she made his dad and his older brother sing him happy birthday over the phone and the boys sang it all monotone and his mom sang it all sincerely with the obnoxious ending harmony and dex chuckled at that. and ransom and holster let him pick the songs for practice and nursey held his hand all day and gave him 20 kisses on the cheek and then flicked him in the nose “to grow an inch” and dex was like “it’s a /pinch/ to grow an inch nurse” and nursey grinned back at him “i improvised” and the frogs and cait all got lunch together just the four of them and all the boys went out to dinner at jerry’s and bitty baked him a blueberry pie for dessert and the haus lifted the “no board games” rule for one night cause dex wanted to play settlers sksjsjdj and it ended in disaster but dex had fun and he laughed a lot and he held nursey’s hand like the entire time all in all a Good day

klance movie date hcs:

  • lance loves nonsense action packed movies. keith expected him to like rom-coms but he prefers romance when theres car chases involved
  • keith, unsurprisingly, loves thriller movie. sometimes theres sex but he doesn’t care and during the scene when lance think’s keith’s gonna say something spicy like “let’s make out” keith just whispers “they’re totally gonna be killed. watch.”
  • they do get killed. lance can’t watch.
  • lance is the Biggest Baby next to hunk when horror flicks are involved. keith’s not scared in the slightest and just mutters complaints about how ‘unrealistic’ the effects are
  • that is to say keith isn’t all about slasher films. he likes Good horror movies and is actually rather picky
  • he likes shit movies otherwise.
  • lance has seen basically any classic you can think of. he also loves heart-tugging movies with animals like Babe, Marley and Me, Homeward Bound, and Beethoven (specifically the second one) and has cried during all of them
  • big fan of Air Bud
  • Lance is an open crier during movies and clings to keith repeating “this is so sad, that is so sad!”
  • keith tears up sometimes but has only shed a tear Once and it was when he first watched ET
  • honestly lance cant watch anything remotely spooky he gets so scared but he does it because keith gets a really focused look on his face especially if its a good film
  • time to have nightmares for 2 weeks to watch ya bae look cute
  • keith has seen like 2 disney movies so their movie date turns into a massive disney party and suddenly theres snacks and way more pillows and blankets than keith remembers owning
  • if movie nights go late, keith will slowly start cuddling with lance and up as a little spoon on the couch and lance absolutely loves it, specifically when the movies are nicer and a considerable amount less terrifying
  • keith also likes really boring history movies
  • he also seems to enjoy historical romances. he thinks they’re more intense and he sometimes lets out a slightly swooning sigh which lance will remember for later as a tip on how to woo keith
  • they love documentaries but pidge and hunk are usually invited to those
  • pidge voice: im always a slut for documentaries
  • keith sometimes has a notebook and pen to jot down new info and lance thinks its Precious
  • Lance every day: “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT?!”
  • all of lance’s movies and his bluray are at keith’s house because keith has literally seen nothing before.
Halloween Prompts

1) “It’s funny, isn’t it, that the forbidden fruit is forbidden because of the knowledge it holds,” the demon murmured. He took a bite out of the toffee apple, sweet and sharp all at once. His eyes flicked to her, considering, amused. “Tell me, what is it that your heart most wants to know?” 

2) The cannibal held a blade to the vampire’s throat, breathing hard. The hunt was finally over. 

3) The killer knocked on the door, laden with a bucket of brightly wrapped offerings. The killer held the bucket out. 
“Trick or treat?”

4) “I dare you to knock on the door.” 
I didn’t want to - not because I was scared, not because of what they thought. I didn’t think number 13 was haunted, or that that the boy inside it was the living embodiment of Freddie Krueger. I knew exactly what kind of monster he was. And he knew my secret too and what I was too. He could tell. But if I didn’t do it…well. 

5) “You can’t be here.” He stared at Julian in the pale, ghostly horror reserved for impossible nightmares. “Living people aren’t ever supposed to come here.” 

6) The children rushed down the street, giggling and shouting among themselves as the parents watched from the windows. As the parents dared not go outside, fingers white-knuckled with a cold clammy terror creeping over them like the touch of a frozen, poisonous fog. As the parents avoided each other’s eyes in shame of their sacrifice. Tonight was not a night to go outside.

7) “You should be careful what you summon,” said the voice in his head. “They might not want to go back once you’re done.”

8) “You want your future read?” the woman asked.
The room smelled of a sweet, rich incense and glittered with beads. The fortune teller herself clinked and shone with every rattle of her old and creaking bones. Her eyes were even older. 
“No,” she said. “I want you to read my past. I want to know why they did what they did to me.”
The teller froze and slowly set down her cards. 

9) The man sprinted through the woods, lungs burning and each breath tearing gasping out ragged and too loud in fear. But he couldn’t hear his desperate breaths, he couldn’t hear the pounding of his heart - all he could hear was the song drifting behind him, eerie and beautiful on the wind. 

10) “You need to collect at least three souls tonight, do you hear me?” Her father demanded sternly. 
She heard, she just didn’t want to. Drinking a glass of wine and playing Silent Hill on her console seemed a much better use of this bloody night. God, why couldn’t she born into a normal family?

cyanidedansen  asked:

your comic about Lori and Flick on lovely island is extremely strong and really reminded me of my own relationship with games like animal crossing... i cried at this, your art style is amazing and you packed so much power into just a few panels... amazing work! ♥

a-heartofsteel  asked:

“There’s something bothering you that you’re not telling me and I can see it slowly destroying you. What happened?” (kinda need some angst right now)

Bruce’s gaze flicked up to him, then back down onto his project. He cleared his throat, then shrugged. “I don’t know what you mean.” He said quietly, although he didn’t even believe himself.

I just want everyone to know that I walked past a Lobby full of men who were obviously talking about me as I walked past with my low cut dress and that I turned around… walked back…. Rapped my knuckles on the wall until they all turned around and stared at me and said “HEY I HEARD THAT” and flicked them all off
Seventh Child
A Star Wars: The Old Republic story, featuring the Republic Trooper
By Organization for Transformative Works

In Corellian superstition, five is lucky and seven is the gambler’s choice. Ellaz is a seventh child, a gamble, a wild card- and sometimes a gamble doesn’t quite pay off.

A recruitment mission on Balmorra doesn’t quite go as planned, and Aric confronts his commander over her behaviour. What he learns about the captain of Havoc Squad isn’t quite what he expected.


He cleared his throat, even though she had to know he was already there. “So, here’s what I don’t get,” he said, ears flicking back slightly when she winced at the sound of his voice. Hungover already, or just cringing at the prospect of the conversation? “I’ve read your file, sir, and I’ve had the privilege of seeing you in action these last eighteen months or so. You’re one of the best damn conflict resolution officers in the Republic, and your hostile negotiation skills are second to none.”

She lifted the bottle halfheartedly, not looking at him. “Cheers for the ringing endorsement,” she said hoarsely, as if she’d cried so hard she’d lost her voice or gone a good way in that direction.


Nero stalked towards the Chaotic Gore in front of him, growling lowly. It looked worse for wear, as its wings were punctured, its tail taken off in a rather crude fashion, if the jagged way the cut looked was any indication, and its feeler was broken. It’d passed through his lands and left a little ‘gift’ of Frenzy behind. Thankfully, it wasn’t a huge amount and he was able to run damage control before the sisters got infected. Raising a clawed hand as he glared into its eye, all he said was, “Perish.” Bringing the hand down, he pierced its eye. Flicking the blood off of his hand, he rolled his shoulder and looked around, the niggling feeling of a watcher irking him.


«Hey, I live here now, remember? I just wanna make sure you aren’t going to be killing my neighbors.» Pause. «Well. The good neighbors, anyway.» He doesn’t like all his neighbors. Some are expendable.

«Which business?» It can’t be raiding ships, the only one in the vicinity was the Lost Light. «Treasure map stuff?»

x-; No, you never told me you lot decided to live with Starscream. Enjoy your peace and harmony. ;-x His finial flicked and he grumbled, scratching along the edge. x-; Mm. ;-x He doesn’t seem to respond to the last part. x-; Velocity says hello. ;-x Vent.

x-; Yes, treasure map stuff. ;-x

acekuratetto  asked:

While Phoenix was surely resting in his room, a tall figure stepped inside. This person had Pearl's hairstyle and her clothing on, but the body figure, appearance, etc. was anything BUT Pearl's but rather: the channeled spirit of a certain man: Phoenix's father, who walked up to the bed, giving his son's ahoge a flick. "Pssstttt! Nicky my boy, guess who~?" (PAPA WRIGHT HAS APPEARED~)


Phoenix had grumbled when he felt someone flick his ahoge. Opening his eyes gently, he glanced over at the figure, only for his gaze to widen, and for the lawyer to roll out of bed his dad was not standing on and hit his head on the floor.


Shaking his head, he stood up and glanced at the channelled man, his heterochromatic eyes still as wide as ever.


I’m pretty sure the last Korean film I’ve seen before Train to Busan was The Host lol the Korean film industry is really bustin’ through this year

I still gotta watch the Handmaiden but I’m scared because there’s always a magical timing with my parents walking in exactly when a sex scene happens in every single film I watch in my room

Korean films are so much denser emotionally than almost every American film even if it’s a damn rom-com or zombie flick and I’m here for this