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A snippet:

The snake’s head slithered out of the hole just as Call’s hand skimmed the edge. It was the bright green of poison, with black eyes like two droplets of spilled ink. A tiny orange tongue flicked out, testing the air.

The hair on his arms rose. His skin crawled at the feeling of a snake sliding over him, cool and dry. Was that an illusion? It didn’t feel like an illusion. Every muscle in his body clenched as, against all his instincts, he reached deeper into the safe. He felt around for a moment, encountering more coils of some- thing that felt like smooth rope.

He shuddered involuntarily. Outside the safe, the snake began to wind its way up his arm.

“Anastasia wouldn’t have lied to the Masters, would she?” Call asked in a voice that quavered only a little. “This is an illusion, right?”

“Even if it isn’t, I don’t think you should startle it,” Tamara said, her voice sharp and nervous.

“Tamara!” Aaron scolded. “Call, we’re sure. It’s an illusion. Just keep going. You’re almost there.”

Aaron should probably have been the one to do this, Call thought. Aaron definitely wouldn’t have been seriously considering giving a high-pitched scream and bolting out of the room, not even worrying about the alarm.

But along with that thought came a tiny thread of doubt. If Aaron did want him dead, what better way than to tell Call to do something stupid. What better way than to encourage him to be brave and dumb.

No, Call told himself, Aaron isn’t like that. Aaron’s my friend.

The snake had reached Call’s neck. It started to twine, making itself into a snaky necklace … or a noose.

Half-Baked is Still Half-Raw


Jonathan isn’t always the brightest lumos in the Defense class. He texted me last night with his brilliant shower thought- the Utility Wand…

“Wizards always have their wands on them, so why no make one that also has built in tools like a screwdriver and bottle opener and can opener?!”

Poor guy was kind of heartbroken when I reminded him that a wand is literally an instrument of magic that can already perform the tasks of every single tool on his list with a swish and a flick.

Close - Sebastian Stan x Reader

A/N: I just wanted to write something fluffy. I’m sleepy, I’m also sick, this hit my mind, I thought it would be cute. So here we go! 

Warnings: None, just fluff :))))))

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You walked inside the shared home, exhaustion written all over your face. You dropped your things on the couch, locked the front door, and trailed your way upstairs to the bed that was waiting for you - maybe a special guy was sealed behind the door too, but you didn’t want to get your hopes raised too much. Usually on Friday nights Sebastian is out a little later than usual.

When you made your way to the door, you noticed that it was closed. You raised your eyebrows in confusion, but opened the door to see what or who was inside. As you flicked on the light to illuminate the room, your eyes landed on a Seb who was fast asleep, but began to flinch from the bright light casted above him.

“Mmmph,” He grumbled, dragging a pillow across his face to shield his eyes away from the blinding light. “Sebastian?” You called out, slipping off the heels that had killed your feet earlier in the day. His eyes opened slowly at the sound of your voice. “(Y/N)? You’re home.” He chuckled, his voice deep from sleep. You nodded, taking off your jacket.

“I didn’t expect you to be home this early. What happened?” He shrugged, hoisting himself up. He propped himself up on his elbows as he gazed at you. “I got off early. I was more tired than usual. I thought you would’ve came home earlier myself, but I guess not. I was going to wait up on you, but I crashed.” He chuckled in response, running his fingers through his hair causally.

“Well,” You sighed. “Give me about ten minutes to get into something far more comfortable and I’ll join you.” You smirked, walking into your closet. You slipped off your work clothes and replaced them with a pair of shorts, a tank top, and didn’t forget to pull your hair up into a messy ponytail.

You walked into the bathroom and applied the makeup remover to your face, rubbing any evidence of the thick mask off of your face. You rinsed your face, finished up with everything else, and walked out to meet Sebastian who was half asleep. You giggled, sliding into the bed with him. 

Sebastian curled back under the covers, his hand resting on your back as he pulled you closer. You rested your head against his beating heart, a content sigh escaping from between your lips. “I missed you today.” You breathed out, inhaling his scent. He ran his fingers through your hair in a soothing manner, lovingly saying that he missed you too.

“I could get used to us getting home to do this.” He chuckled softly, closing his eyes. You looked up at him, noticing the blue in his eyes seeming darker than before. You leaned over and pressed your lips against his, feeling as he didn’t hesitate on returning the kiss.

You felt him pull you even closer as you wrapped your arms around him, hugging him into you. Closeness is what you craved from him.

And closeness is what you received in return.

Being Friends with the Marauders would include:
  • Meeting on the Hogwarts express
  • Saying something sassy to Sirius
  • Him immediately liking you for that
  • Getting sorted in the same house.
  • Remus being quiet at first
  • But becoming louder every week
  • Until you have to tell him to keep quiet cause he’s screaming from whole Hogwarts
  • Peter feeling left out
  • But you making sure he knows that he’s appreciated
  • And that he’s the heart and soul of the group
  • The boys making a pact to each other that they’ll never fall in love with you or go out with you.
  • Sirius breaking the pact during 3th year by falling in love with you.
  • “I can’t help it Moony, she’s so beautiful”
  • He gets over you after a few months, for sake of the friendship.
  • Becoming an animagus with the others when you find out about Remus.
  • Remus being very thankful and emotional
  • “God, Moony, stop crying” “We’re not having a chick flick moment, are we?”
  • Helping Sirius with his family
  • Him moving in with you and your parents.
  • Your parents fealing pity for Sirius when they see him.
  • His eyes red and tears rolling down his cheeks.
  • Him holding you for dear life.
  • And sometimes he goes to James
  • About James
  • He’d always talk about Lily to you
  • And you’d have to help him with stupid plans
  • “I’m not going to act like your girlfriend” “C’mon Y/N/N, help me! I’m dying!” “well it’s about time”
  • And when you have a boyfriend, oh boy
  • You’d tell Remus first cause he knows how to react to this stuff
  • And making sure Peter doesn’t hear it cause he would tell Sirius and James (like he told Voldemort about Lily and James’ house that little fuck)
  • Telling the boys during dinner
  • “guys I have something to say”
  • The boys all being focused on you cause ‘is there something wrong?’ ‘did someone hurt our girl?’ ‘are you sad?’
  • “there is this boy I’m seeing-“
  • James interrupting you
  • “ARE YOU PREGNANT” “shut up Prongs” “Call it Sirius if it’s a boy” “PADFOOT!”
  • Them being all protective over you
  • Getting mad at the boy when you break up.
  • “listen here you little fuck-“ “SIRIUS!”
  • “We told you to keep her happy, does she look happy to you? I will-“ “JAMES!”
  • Big surprise parties for each other’s birthday
  • And always doing something bigger
  • So one year Sirius and you paint the walls in red for James
  • All the walls
  • The whole school
  • you got two months of detenion
  • it wasn’t that bad
  • Playing stupid games in the common room.
  • Or Sirius trying to scare you with creepy stories.
  • Remus helping you study
  • And James learning you how to play quidditch
  • Eating so much food you feel like you’re going to explode with Peter.
  • Talking to Lily about James and helping them to get together.
  • James kissing your whole face when he finds out what you did.
  • Being Harry’s Godmother.
  • Rushing towards James and Lily when Voldemort attacked.
  • Sirius crying in your arms.
  • You swearing to yourself that if you ever saw Peter again, you’d kill him with your own bare hands.
  • Taking Harry with you.
  • Harry growing up with you, Remus and Sirius.

A/N Maybe you guys have noticed it but I hate Peter … Sorry not sorry.

The essence of kitten play as a kitten

Playfully disobeying Dom. Doing what you feel like doing when you wanna do it, cause that’d what you do as a cat. Laying out in the sun, sunning yourself. Having random bouts of energy where you run around like crazy. Having random bouts of energy where all you wanna do is play with Dom. Purring when you’re really happy. Makes meow sounds when you’re hungry. Makes meow sounds when you want attention. Imagine your tail lightly flicking up and down when you’re at ease. Playfully pawing at something that you want. Wiggling your butt before you pounce on something. Getting crazy excited over laser pointers. Milk is your favorite drink. Loving collars with little bells on them. Playfully stretching your finger tips out, pretending you’re lightly clawing at something. Hissing at things you don’t like. Using your entire head to turn to look at something, cause that’s what kitties do.

[Image of a young Black autistic person with short natural red-brown hair. The person looks down and smiles, flicking their fingers. They wear a white shirt with lacy sleeves.]

Another stimmy picture! I like to stim by tapping my fingers. Since hands are hard to draw, the pose is courtesy of Autism Digest.

We really need more pictures of happy stimming in the world!

Remus x reader imagine.

“Remus, what’s up?” Asked James as Remus slumped down into the seat opposite him in the great hall. He looked like the full moon was tonight but James knew it wasn’t for another week at least. “Me and y/n got into an argument.” Sighed Remus, picking idly at his food. “Really? The perfect princess y/n and our Remus? Argued? What is the world coming to!” Said Sirius, flicking a bit of potato at his friend. “Sirius shut up.” Groaned Lily, punching him in the arm. “Aww the hardship for our baby Remus.” Cooed James. “Shut up James.” Grumbled Remus. “Oh the trouble! Star-crossed lovers!” Shouted Sirius “Sirius sit-” Lily tried to stop her exuberant friend from causing a scene but with no luck. “Star-crossed lovers!” Cried Sirius, waving his hands in the air. “Sirius no-” Everyone was now staring at Remus who’s head was in his hands and Sirius who had flicked more potato across the hall. Remus peeked through his fingers to see y/n staring over with a bemused look. Sirius stood up on the bench and shouted down at Remus, arms still waving in the air. “STAR-CROSSED LOVERS! OH THE HARDSHIP,” Sirius cast a charm that changed his hair to look just like y/n’s and James cast a charm to change Sirius’ uniform into the twin of y/n’s, from the perfectly tied tie and ironed shirt. Sirius grabbed an empty goblet in one hand, he threw his other hand across his face. “NOTHING WILL KEEP THEM APART, BUT ALAS THE WORLD TRIED!” “Sirius please-” Remus begged, wondering why on earth he decided to stick with the idiot who stole his book back in first year. “OH, REMUS, REMUS, WHEREFORE ART THOU POTTER? DENY THY FATHER AND REFUSE THY NAME, OR IF THOU WILT NOT, BE BUT SWORN MY LOVE, AND I’LL NO LONGER BE A LUPIN!” James stood up on the bench, opposite Sirius and charmed his hair the same as Remus’ and placed a hand on his heart. Lily sighed and put her face in her hands, Remus was just frozen in embarrassment, staring up at his idiotic friends. “SHALL I HEAR MORE, OR SHALL I SPEAK AT THIS?” Shouted James, Sirius’ arm dropped from his eyes and he turned away from James, facing towards the other side of the hall. “TIS BUT THY NAME IS, THAT IS MY ENEMY. THOU ART MYSELF, THOUGH NOT A LUPIN. WHAT’S LUPIN? NOT HAND NOR FOOT. NOR ARM, NOR FACE. NOR ANY OTHER PART BELONGING TO A MAN. OH, BE SOME OTHER NAME! WHAT’S IN A NAME? THAT WHICH WE CALL A ROSE? BY ANY OTHER NAME WOULD SMELL AS SWEET, SO REMUS WOULD, WERE HE NOT REMUS CALLED. RETAIN THAT DEAR PERFECTION WHICH HE OWES WITHOUT THE TITLE. REMUS DOFF THY NAME AND FOR THAT NAME WHICH IS NO PART OF THEE, TAKE ALL MYSELF.” “I TAKE THEE AT THY WORD: CALL ME BUT LOVE, AND I’LL BE NEW BAPTIZED: HENCEFORTH I WILL NEVER BE REMUS!” Sirius snickered but managed to keep his pose. The whole hall was silent, staring at the two students in either amusement, annoyance or in Remus, Lily and Y/n’s case; embarrassment. “WHAT MAN ART THOU THAT THUS BE SCREENED IN NIGHT? SO STUMBLEST ON COUNSEL? "James please I’m-” Remus tried again to stop them. “BY A NAME, I KNOW HOW TO TELL THEE WHO I AM: MY NAME DEAR SAINT IS HATEFUL TO MYSELF, BECAUSE IT IS AN ENEMY TO THEE, HAD I IT WRITTEN I WOULD TEAR THAT WORD.” “MY EARS HAVE NOT YET DRUNK A HUNDRED WORDS OF THAT TONGUES UTTERANCE, YET I KNOW THE SOUND; AREN’T THOU NOT REMUS AND A LUPIN?” “NEITHER FAIR SAINT, IF EITHER YOU DISLIKE.” Sirius jumped up on the table, plates and goblets rattling and threw himself into James’ arms, causing them to fall onto the floor in a heap. Remus groaned, but then the hall exploded in applause. Remus looked up and caught y/n’s eye who smiled shyly and waved, mouthing sorry. Remus grinned and mouthed something back that y/n couldn’t understand. “Thankyou Mr. Potter and Mr. Black. See me tonight in my office for a detention of interrupting our dinner and damaging the cutlery.” Sighed McGonagall, yet a smile played at her lips and her eyes twinkled. Dinner finished quicker than expected and Remus awkwardly waited at the door for y/n to appear. When y/n saw Remus she begun to run and through herself at him in a hug. “I’m sorry Remus, I over reacted.” “Its okay y/n, I shouldn’t have done that in the first place.” “No, you shouldn’t,” laughed y/n, eyes sparkling and her dimples appearing at the corner of her face. “But I forgive you. What was you trying to say to me at dinner.” “I was trying to tell you…” “Tell me what?” “I love you.” Smiled Remus shyly. “I love you too Remus, now come on, I don’t want to be late to potions.” Grinned y/n pulling her boyfriend down the corridor. My first ever imagine :D I hope its okay :) @aveeragemusings

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Castiel with the whiny line "But I don't want to go to bed."

Sorry, I suck at writing Cas, like horribly. 

Why the hell you’d ever agreed to go bar hopping with Dean you’ll never know. It seemed like a good idea at the time, an even better idea now that you were both completely shitfaced.

You both stumbled back into the bunker at around 3am, holding each other up and laughing hysterically. “Shh! You’re gonna wake up…that other guy!”

“Sam?” Dean laughed.

“Yeah! Sam!” You chuckled and both of you completely missed the step, tumbling down together. Once you reached the bottom you both broke into hysterical giggles and the light flicked on, revealing Sam and Castiel standing near you.

“What the hell, guys?” Sam groaned. “It’s 3am.”

“Yeah but…half off whiskey night!” You shouted back.

“Y/N are you alright?” Cas came forward and picked you up off the ground, standing you on your feet.

“I am…great!” You giggled and fell forward against his chest. “You’re so fluffy. Like clouds!”

Sam was dealing with Dean, yanking him up off the floor, but listening to you and chuckling at the way you talked to Cas. You’d been together for a few months now but Cas hadn’t ever seen you this drunk and he wasn’t sure what to make of it. “I’ve seen her worse.” Sam laughed. “She’ll be alright.”

Cas nodded and picked you up easily off the ground, carrying you bridal style. “I think it’s time to get you to bed.”

“But I don’t wanna go to bed.” You whined like a child.

He ignored your whining and walked to your room, laying you gently on the bed, pulling off your boots and your jacket. “Get some sleep baby, I’ll see you in the morning.” Despite your protests as soon as your head hit the pillow you were already losing the fight.

“Stay!” You reached out and grabbed him, pulling him to you. He nodded and got in bed behind you, wrapping you in his arms. The last thing you felt before you fell asleep was the feeling of his wings encircling you protectively, keeping you safe from the outside world.

Drabble Requests Are Closed

There are five people in my apartment right now including me and the other four are all music majors who randomly started to try to figure out the pitch of the sound a quarter makes when flicked into the air so I’m just sitting on the floor while they’re all standing around humming and playing with pianos on their phones to try and find the correct pitch.

And my sister randomly said “It’s an F sharp” and she was right so she dabbed and bellowed “WITNESS ME”

When We Were Heros

Originally posted by sam-and-dean-winchesters

Characters: Dad!Sam, Daughter!Reader, Uncle!Dean, OFC

Word Count: 3293

Warnings: Daddy Issues, Demon stuff (blood, murder), Crying, Chick-Flick moments, some angst

Request: Could you do a ddm (its okay if you cant) Sam where he leaves you and years later he sees that your in a really successful post metal band and your performing near where they are and they go see you. He’s taken aback by your amazing voice and he starts crying and trying to get in contact. Eventually you two start talking and he meets your long term boyfriend, they find out he’s a demon and they kill him. If its a ddm, can you end it so you hunt with them but if not, they get back together??

A/N:  @raisedbywierdos, you’re the best.  Thank you so much for being patient with me.  I’ve never written a story like this before and I really wanted to do it well for you because it’s such a freaking amazing idea.  I might write more on this in the future.  Italics are flashbacks.

“So, you really think there’s a case here,” Dean said, sipping his coffee while he looked over the newspaper, reports of locals committing uncharacteristic murders blazing on the front page.  He kept his voice low despite the loud buzz around them in the Café.  Sam was staring at the bulletin board next to his chair.

He’d been skimming it for anything out of the ordinary when something caught his eye: a band poster. A beautiful young woman was sandwiched between two grim men, “Truthslayer” printed in aggressive font below.  In tidy script was scrawled: “Tonight only!”

“Earth to Sam,” Dean said, waving a hand in front of Sam’s face.  He followed his brother’s gaze.  “Ha, can you imagine anything worse?”  Sam swallowed, his jaw tightening.  

“Yeah, totally,” he added listlessly.  But still, when Dean turned back to his paper, Sam tore the flyer from the board, folding it in half and tucking it into his inner suit pocket.  

“I don’t know, man. It could just be people going crazy. It looks pretty thin,” Dean said skeptically.

“When is it ever just people going crazy?”  Sam snapped at him.  “Someone is obviously harvesting souls.”  Dean heaved a sigh.

“Alright.  Wanna interview the crazies or the victim’s families first?”  Dean took another sip of coffee, ignoring Sam’s nervous, erratic behavior.  

“I think you’ve got this one,” Sam said, standing up none too gracefully.  “I’ve got to – yeah,” he said quickly, standing and stumbling into the table next to theirs.  He grunted an apology before striding towards the door.  

“Sam, hey, Sammy,” Dean called after him, annoyed.  

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“How exciting.” Xander drawled, half to himself and half bored as he placed the paper down. His eyes flicked from the New York Times to the passerby. The headline of today’s paper raged about the President’s upcoming gala, Xander’s presence would be expected - anticipated even. Forever at his Mother’s side. “I heard Tugwood is sourcing a chef from the far East this year, which is some good news. The dragon steak last year was far too overdone for my taste.”


I wish Mulaney just did whole show about explaining iconic 80s flicks.


People say that Nightwish used to be an unique-sounding band back in the day but that from Once onwards they started to make really generic symphonic metal that sounds like any of the billion bands trying to copy them and, honestly, I think it’s quite the opposite.

Tarja-era Nightwish was marked by sheer operatic vocals and flourishing grandiloquent orchestral arrangements that were heavily influenced by classical music. That could be quite original around the band’s first releases since they pretty much helped to create the genre but nowadays it’s pretty much the standard for the average symphonic metal band. Anette-era Nightwish, on the other hand, reeks of musical theatre in the melodies and singing styles, combined with whimsical cinematic James Horner-ish orchestrations that wouldn’t sound displaced in a fantasy flick for young audiences. I don’t see many bands doing the same nowadays.

And something I must praise current Nightwish for is how they explore every possibility an orchestra can offer. Most symphonic metal bands mostly rely on the strings for their orchestral arrangements, but Nightwish also knows to make good use of the brasses, the percussions and, especially, the woodwinds not only to bring up the grandiloquent-ness necessary to a symphonic metal act, but also to create soft atmospheric moments of wonder and emotion that truly feel they could belong in a motion picture. Nightwish is evolving and thinking out of the box, not losing their creativity.

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couldn’t find the original gif sources but credits to the rightful owners!

gif drabble game
4. troublemaker jungkook

“Y/N. Ohh Y/N~~~ Hey…YAH!”

Hands on his hips, you let out a disgruntled noise at the figure standing in front of you, partially blocking the ocean view with his built body. From your position on the sandy ground with a warm sand blanket covering you from your neck down, you can see him exaggeratingly roll his eyes at you, waving his arms and stretching his legs out in an attempt to fully block your view. But you just giggle and shoo him away with your hand, a pair of reflective mirror glasses that allows you to see things while laying down sitting comfortably on the ridge of your nose.

“You know, you could just sit up and admire the ocean view like a normal person.” You just flick a hand to the side in reply to him, gesturing once again for him to move so that you can continue to enjoy the scenery.

“Why do that when you can watch the ocean comfortably while lying down? Dude, Taehyung is a freaking genius for getting me these for my birthday.”

You hear Jungkook groan, “Y/N, you’re at the beach, where you can literally see the ocean with your own two eyes and feel it with your own two hands and-”

“Do all of that from the comfort of my shady spot and sand blankie.” You pop a hand out of the sand to pat your chest dramatically, an exaggeratingly touched look on your face, “Seeing it all from these mirror glasses has got me all choked up, man.”

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