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What do you think was Frost's pov of the the relationship? headcanon pls

When Harley first came into the organization, Frost didn’t care. Seriously, he didn’t think she’d last more than four minutes before the Joker executed her somehow. The Joker wasn’t exactly a relationship type of guy; he wasn’t the guy to text compliments and watch chick-flicks with on Saturday nights because he’s a good boyfriend. He was a cold blooded murderer who could end a life without an ounce of remorse. He’d been working for the Joker for years and the Boss never mentioned wanting a woman around–the guy could barely stand his own henchmen. Frost considered himself lucky to be alive, stunned to be alive, after so many years. He was probably more loyal than this ‘Harley’ girl. Frost was almost offended. So when the boss mentioned a girl named Harley would be staying in the penthouse with him; he thought nothing of it. Sure, he’d deal with whatever nonsense she wanted and he’d give it three days before her body was dumped somewhere. Frost set his watch, and waited for the news.

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so I had my first round of electrolysis today.

it’s… interesting. in case you don’t know, while laser hair removal uses a high intensity light beam to destroy a number of hairs at once, electrolysis uses a needle that sends an electric pulse directly into the hair follicle and kills it.

I was expecting it to feel like a zap or something, since laser was kind of like getting flicked in the face with a rubber band. but instead of a shock, you feel kind of a heat that builds up in quick stages. so it wasn’t like a painful jolt. but the thing is the overall pain from successive hairs would start to build up a bit. so we went ahead with anesthetic and that made it much easier to handle.

as you can imagine it’s a pretty meticulous process. I really only got the sides of my mouth done today. but I have two hour appointments scheduled for Thursday and Friday next week, and that should take care of my entire upper lip and chin. of course hair does grow in cycles, so I still might have to take care of hair in the future because those follicles are inactive right now. but EVENTUALLY it should be permanent.

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Wait a minute... Does that mean that snakes don't actually sniff directly with their tongue? Do they use it simply to catch the smells and then stick them into that olfactory organ?

Yeah! That’s how it works, sorta! Basically the tongue never goes directly into the Jacobson’s organ but it does draw back over the surface of it- kinda like if you lick the roof of your mouth. The tines of the tongue naturally flick up and down to bring in as many scent particles as possible, and that movement also helps bring the odors to the organ as well!

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Hi! A lot of trad witchcraft sources suggest to go out into the wild places to connect to connect to Ol' Hornie, but I don't have any wild places near me. I'm a college kid who lives in the dorm in the middle of a city. The closest I've got are the handful of oaks scattered around campus. How might a person who lives so far removed from the wilderness connect to Ol' Hornie, who embodies it?

Thank you for this question, it’s special because I don’t get a lot of asks about actually working with spirits. The horned fella styles himself a little differently in the city. I have glimpsed him riding through an intersection out of my peripheral vision: he had rich brunette tousled curls with little velvety nubs poking out, he leaned against the bus stop sign pole in a cognac leather jacket and flicked the ash off his kretek, he glanced up right into my soul. When I turned to look back at him, he was gone in a flash. The crossroads can be just outside of town, that old suburb that is losing population and looking a little unkept. I sneak back there at night, it’s not safe to be out at night anywhere really it’s not specific to this place. Maybe I am foolishly fearless, but I have always relied on my uncanny good luck–which I attribute to some kickass guardian spirits. It’s a good place to leave offerings, at that bus stop after the last bus has run til morning: some more of his brand of cloves, some whiskey, or some charcoal life drawing nudes.

I suggest keeping an eye out for the spirits local to your area. I usually have fallen into a trance when I sense spirits around. Opening yourself up to that means you might see the horned one around and get a read on what he likes and impressions of what to do for rituals. There is a wildness to the city that old horny embodies perfectly.

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(ratbag-junker) to: bigbacon; wrong## to: magictrix [txt] did u see trixxs ass today????? tehm thighs jiggle like jelly

Sketching up designs for her next contraption Trix sat leaned over her desk scribbling away, when her phone vibrated dancing across her night stand. “Fff who could that be?” She groaned pushing away from her desk she swiveled in her chair over to it. Flicking it unlocked it was a text from a Junker, Jamie to be specific. Reading the text she snorted giggling softly shaking her head as she quickly texted him back. Poor guy must have texted her on accident. 

[Text: Junkbutt💣] Is that so?

Wrong number- @ratbag-junker


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by fanperson

“Who the hell lies about having pubic lice?”

“Me, apparently.” Sherlock flicks to the next page of the paper he isn’t reading.

“I wouldn’t have to buy them.”


“Last night, when you came in, you said that I probably ordered them from the internet.”


“I could get them the usual way.”

“This is probably the strangest conversation I’ve ever had with you. Which is saying a lot.” John sits down at the table and rests his head in his hands.

Words: 6045, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Just wanted to say thanks for everything you do to make magic be so amazing! I have an Un-set question. If someone is flicking their cards, can I in response cast Stop that, have the gotcha trigger resolve , and cast it again?

The Gotcha doesn’t work until the card is in the graveyard so you’re giving your opponent a big warning to stop flicking. If they continue once the spell resolves and goes to the graveyard, then you can call “Gotcha!” on them.


Dark. It was dark. There was a smell of musk, like stagnant water lingering in the air. Taylor shifted, her body hurt, something tight hugged her ankles.

Cling clang.

She began to panic, her hands searched around the cold hard floor, sitting back she was greeted by a wall. Her hands slipped down her legs shakily, cold metal clamped around the bone, her hands felt around the cuffs, attached to chains. They jingled slightly at her touch, her heart raced in her chest as she tugged the chains.


The girl froze as a dim light, cascaded from an opening door, she shimmied back, pressing her back against the wall as a tall figure stood in the light. He flicked a switched and a few lights staggered on, she covered her eyes as the light burned them.

“You’re awake.” The husky voice said.
The girls heart stopped as she recognized the tone.
“M—Mark?” She peeked out from under her arm to see Mark standing in front of her. Her eyes widened and before she could make a sound his hand was covering her mouth.

“Don’t. Scream.” He said “do you understand?”
Taylor slowly nodded, as he pulled his hand from her face.

“Why….” Her voice shook softly

Secret - Pansy Parkinson imagine

request:  (Same anon with the Pansy X muggleborn Hufflepuff girl imagine) Maybe something where they are in a secret relationship but the Hufflepuff doesn’t want it to stay secret so they get into a fight?

A/N: Sorry that it’s so late, but I actually have a good excuse. I was supposed to finish this like two days ago, but my best friend and her boyfriend (my other friend actually) just broke up and I felt like it was more important to be there for her than to stay home and write imagines?? I’m guessing you guys can understand that :)


The scent of honey lingered in the air of Y/N’s dormroom. Pansy had just come out of the shower and Y/N was currently lying on her bed, watching her girlfriend as she dried her hair.

Y/N picked up her wand, gave it a light flick, and in an instant Pansy’s hair was completely dried.

Pansy chuckled. “I don’t know why I would need to learn magic when I’ve got you.” She put the towel down and walked over to the bed. Y/N giggled as Pansy hovered over her and pecked her nose.

It was christmas-break and Y/N and Pansy had Y/N’s dorm-room all to themselves. Pansy wouldn’t even be in Y/N’s room if this had been a regular school day, it would be all to risky. Although, this was the last day before everyone would come back and classes would start again, you could say that Y/N wasn’t looking forward to going back to all the sneaking around.

Y/N reached up and pressed a soft kiss right to her girlfriend’s lips, before she rolled over and pinned Pansy down onto the bed. “I wish you could just stay here with me, in this room forever.”

“That would’ve been great.” She agreed.

“So,” Y/N gave her a hopeful look “why don’t you?”

Pansy let out a chuckle. “What?”

“Well, I mean.. it would be nice spending more time with each other. And not only in empty hallways.” Y/N stated while letting out a nervous laugh.

Pansy sighed. “Y/N.. we’ve been through this. You know I can’t..”

“But why? Why can’t you?”

“I just,” Pansy were starting to get frustrated. “I just can’t okey? Would you just drop it?! Please?”

Y/N could feel her heart sink in her chest. She sat up straight and turned away from the black-haried girl.

“Are you embarrassed of me?” She asked quietly as she wrapped her arms around herself, looking down at her dorm-room floor.

“What? No of course not!” Pansy followed Y/N’s actions by sitting up on the bed. “Why would you even say that?” She reached out a hand and placed it on Y/N’s shoulder, but her movements were abrutly cut of as Y/N flew to her feet in utter frustration.

“No! You don’t get to touch me!” She couldn’t hold it in any longer. “I can’t do this any more.” The tears were starting to make her vision blurry. “I can’t sneak around with you like this. I wont be your secret any longer!”

Pansy gave her a worried look. “Y/N, please calm dow-”

“Please just leave.” Y/N cut her of in a more quiet tone.

“What?” Pansy’s eyes widened in shock. Y/N could hear the hurt in her voice, and suddenly she felt guilty. But then again, she shouldn’t be the one who’s feeling guilty.

“I want you,” She paused. “to leave.” When Pansy still wasn’t moving she took a trembling, deep breath. “Now.”

Pansy blinked, before she got out of Y/N’s bed without a word. She walked over to the door and right before she left she gave her a look, she wanted to say something, but she also knew that it wouldn’t be of any use. So she closed the door behind her, and left.

Y/N suddenly felt empty as Pansy had left the room. She wrapped her arms around herself and stood there for a few seconds, taking in what just happened. They had never fought like that before.

She slowly laid down on the bed and let out a quiet sob.


It had been three days since the fight. Pansy and Y/N hadn’t talked at all, not once. Classes had started again and Hogwarts was once again filled with students.

Y/N picked at her food. She wasn’t really hungry at all. All she could think about was Pansy, and how much she missed her. Luckily, she had her friends and homework to distract her thoughts once in a while.

Whispering erupted around the Hufflepuff table suddenly. Y/N looked up, curious about what all the commotion was about. Her eyes widened as she turned her head, and there she was, with her black hair and her Slytherin tie, robes swaying behind her as she walked alongside the Hufflepuff table, ignoring the whispering and keeping her head high.

What on earth was Pansy doing? Slowly Y/N got up from her seat, who else would she be here for? Y/N didn’t even have time to open her mouth and ask, as Pansy crashed her lips to Y/N’s. She could hear gasps all around her as she stood there for a second, shocked. Pansy pulled away and looked her in the eyes.

“I’m sorry for everything Y/N. I love you so much, and I don’t care who knows about us.” She exclaimed.

YN blushed at the sudden confession, but she also smiled, touched. “I love you too.” Pansy smiled at this, she cupped her girlfriends cheek and leaned in to kiss her once again.

I accidentally looked at his snapchat story (i was flicking through them all) and it looks like he instantly deleted me after.
What did I do to be cut off like this

Introduction Text

Describe yourself how you would describe a character you’re introducing And pass on to others if you like! I was nominated by @shortiemcbealle by all means copy and paste and have a go yourself if you think it looks fun :)

One or two silver hairs glint amongst the otherwise dark hair, visible in the sunlight. Her mother had begun to grey at 27 and apparently she is going to follow suit. Her fringe sweeps across her forehead, thick wisps flicking at random angles after a day of running her fingers through it, a slightly nervy habit that she has tamed into a more subtle gesture. 

Beneath the fringe, large blue eyes gaze out of an open face. Pale skin and a nose that is slightly too big sit above a mouth, that turns up at the corners as if always about to smile. She pouts and applies a vegan-friendly lip colour, taking her chances on the train remaining steady. She smiles into the compact mirror she is holding before snapping it shut and stuffing the lip colour and the mirror into her old backpack and resuming her place in her book.

The train continues to bump along the tracks. She is happy to be going home.