Sometimes you just gotta..
  • Marinette:*Chilling in the park playing with a yoyo*
  • Civilian:Stop, thief!
  • The Thief:*Running towards where Marinette is*
  • Marinette:*Braces herself and reflexively flicks out her yoyo and hits thief in the head briefly stunning them*
  • Marinette:(Oh shit oh shit I'm not in costume right now)
  • Thief:(Shit oh shit Ladybug's here-- or... Not?)

Okay i’m I just REALLY like ruining peoples feelings cuz I find it hilarious as hell, so i’m gonna expand on this for y’all mchanzo peeps

Royal kinda mid evil themed time

  • Prince Hanzo, next in line to the throne
  • Trouble maker Peasant Farmer McCree
  • Hanzo taking a trip through the village and while passing a farm he sees McCree working(Diggin and planting seeds)
  • McCree notices over the brim of his hat
  • McCree smiles, winks, and gives a bit of a flick of his hat 
  • Hanzo gets surprised/flustered not knowing what to do
  • Red Prince Hanzo averts his eyes and continues on b/c why did that dirt covered peasant look at him like that and do that??
  • This happens a few more times, and they even got to talking at one point. 
  • No matter how many insults Hanzo gave the peasant, he still didn’t loose his sense of humor or charm.
  • Hanzo can’t stop himself from coming back and visiting dirty peasant/bringing him food and stuff to drink. 
  • Hanzo even ends up sneaking out to go see him outside of the village. 
  • The Prince and the peasant are caught sneaking out by guards.  
  • McCree getting busted for that and is brought before the king and is ready to be charged with execution and Hanzo is a hell of a lot trouble for even being close to a peasant. 
  • McCree glances up at Prince Hanzo who is standing beside Prince Genji through sweaty/dirty hair to give him one last smile/wink before he’s sent to the dungeons. 
  • Prince Hanzo visits the dungeons every night to talk to peasant McCree. 
  • McCree gives him a kiss through the bars the night before the execution.
  • The morning of, Hanzo finds a way to break him out and now McCree is a man on the run.
  • They meet later in life, After Hanzo “killed” Genji for going against the royal ways and rules, and reunited after Hanzo abandoned the kingdom himself.  

rival-the-rose replied to your post “whodecidedweneedrealityanyway replied to your post:I threw up so hard…”

I decided to follow *because* you have weird health shit going on–it’s nice to know that someone else is also struggling w/ similar stuff.Even if my situation is a little less…demonic

To be fair, it’s my house that’s demonic. I’m just the poor soul flicking holy water at it every now and then.

And thank you. That’s part of why I don’t stop posting about things, even though I worry it’s likely depressing for people to read.

I’ve had a lot of people come to me about health stuff, I probably get about a hundred messages a week thanking me for posting X Y and Z because it enabled them to finally go to their doctor and get a diagnoses that helps them. And even if they can’t get the help they need, it’s sometimes just validating to know you’re not losing your mind or on your own with something. I know for me at least, that is the most isolating thing about chronic illness. Feeling like no one gets it and there’s no way out.

You get well meaning people furrowing their brow and saying “well can’t you take a pill for that?” and they don’t realize yea, but the pills don’t always work or they cost too much, and if they do they come with their own fun little side effects. Like my antihistamines causing me chronic sinusitis, or my acid reflux pills causing severe lower abdominal cramping that can drop me to the floor without warning, or the fact that yes GMO foods, particularly corn based, can hurt people with compromised immune systems* so if you have CFS or fibromyalgia you may actually benefit from eating only organic foods. And that no, you are not in pain because you are lazy and deserve it. Exercise is not a cure all, nor is green tea or having the “willpower” to detox. (part of why I dislike popular veganism blogs is because they set my orthorexia warning bells ringing, and so many of them are hiding unhealthy eating habits behind the thin guise of “pure living”.)

So. yea. I know it’s not fun for a lot of folk to read. And I do get the occasional able bodied person accusing me of lying because “no one could live like that” to which my heartfelt response is Yes, We Are. You just don’t give a fuck.

Invisible Illness is not Invisible. It’s Ignored at best, Decried at worst and if it is acknowledged, Witch-hunted if we refuse to be positive rays of inspirational sunshine about it. And I refuse to be any of those things anymore, and I refuse to let others suffer in silence either. I’ll keep waving my arms and yelling for as long as it takes. Because I am safe to do so while others are not. And they’ll always have a safe space here.

(*for the majority of the world they are great and a good way toward ending world hunger and food shortages, but for those of us with auto-immune issues they can cause health problems. I am not a crazy mother earth anti-vaxer, I have had this confirmed by several doctors that specific proteins set my body into meltdown, and they are primarily found in GMO foods and foods that are treated with pesticides so please don’t start yelling at me about how I’m a crunchy hippy. I only eat horrendously expensive organic foods because I have to. Believe me no one is more upset than I am that I can’t have cheap healthy food.)

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Your hair is in a tight grip in his hair, and he’s all fine and well with that, until you move him to the bed because your knees hurt. So you’re over him, slurping and sucking, pretty sure you’re in heaven because jesus christ you love sucking him off - but, your hair just keeps falling out of his grip.

“Hang on baby”, his hair is up in a bun, messed up now because of his fights with the pillows behind him.

He sits up, but you never stop your hold on him, and pulls the hair out of his bun. You can smell his shampoo mixed with a tiny bit of sweat, flicking your tongue up his shaft. He moans, halting his actions for a minute, swearing he’s probably going to cum, now… but he presses his lips together, pulling your hair up in a half-assed bun, his hands working quickly - and when you bottom him out, he falls limp against the mattress.

His hands are rubbing over his face, a deep and low groan escaping his mouth.

He glances down at you, messy bun and all, you’re looking up at him and - moan.

“Shitttt, baby, gonna cum…”

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i always imitate the sounds of my pets so what if: danny listening to arins chuffing enough that he starts to subconsciously imitate the sound without realizing, but arin notices right away and is just so excited and happy


Like maybe his laugh starts to get a bit breathy? Like instead of the high pitched giggle he usually does, sometimes itll sound low, deep in his throat, and Arin has this kneejerk reaction to it; ears flicking up and head snapping in his direction. Because it sounds like chuffing but not quiiiite like it.

Its sounds watery and slightly garbled but its close enough for him to realize Dan is mimicking him subconsciously, just like what happened w Suzy (albeit more high pitched), and he cant stop himself from grinning. Its a tiger thing, having ppl mimic each others speech patterns and mannerisms and it reminds him that these guys are part of his pack now, these guys are his family :>

Dean wakes up like the flick of a switch. On the other side of the windshield the grass is still thick with dew and the sun hasn’t cleared the trees to the east of the road. His fingers flex and he feels the brush of Sam’s jacket - right. Sam’s in the car, they’re both in the car, Sam’s still sleeping. Good. Lately he’s been sleeping always with one hand on Sam, at first with studied casualness (he fell asleep in the bedside chair cause he just can’t stop watching game show reruns, come on, Sam, I’ve always been a Vanna White guy; he came over to Sam’s bed to show him Sam some maps and fell asleep while Sam was still researching; that’s just how I like to stretch out in the car, Sam, god), but now neither of them bother to pretend. 

Mental checklist, then, whenever he blinks into the world: Sam, touching Sam, good, he’s here, is he warm, how warm is he, did he sleep, how much. Has he eaten. Where’s Lucifer sitting today. Lately there’s another one: does he know who I am. Sometimes now Sam opens his eyes and looks at Dean like he doesn’t know him, jerks away from his hands, staggers sleep-clumsy to get his back against the wall and say where am I. Sometimes he opens his eyes and looks first at someone other than Dean, some empty space in the air. They go to Denny’s at 2 am and read newspapers they’ve read before. They drive, and drive, and that part Dean can do but twice now he’s had to hold Sam down while he screamed and fought and didn’t know who Dean was and that part, Dean’s not sure he can do that part even one more time. 

But this morning Sam’s on the other side of the car, asleep, unbloodied, and the highway’s open before them. He opens the heating vent on Sam’s side a little wider and pushes open the door to take a leak.

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Hey broski doski I was wonderin what are your top 3 favorie fics that you've written? Also, do you think any authors or fanfiction writers have influenced your style?

In no order here’s my faves:

Nothing Burns Like the ColdPhil Lester is different, having the power to manipulate water with just a flick of his hand. Because of this, he was transferred into the special school, Dahlia Academy, which was built to harbor students with magical abilities. Here, he meets Dan Howell, a cold and distant pyromaniac who doesn’t get close to anyone.

Of Paparazzi and Succulents - Actor!Dan is running away from a mob of fans when he runs into a flower shop. There, he meets a quirky florist who has an absurd liking towards succulents, seeming to think they have feelings of their own.

There is a Light That Never Goes Out - When Dan Howell goes to end his life one night, he doesn’t expect to find a stranger who proposes a deal. If Dan gives him thirty days, Phil will give him thirty reasons to live. If at the end of the month and Dan still feels the same, then Phil will leave him alone.

And as for people who have influenced my writing style, @washedoutgay @phanlight @tadachans and there’s probs more but i don’t remember xD

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♢: Forehead or cheek kisses, Bahorel and Prouvaire?:D (also this is the best meme ever)


This takes place a few days after the events of Fellows In The Firmament (Jehan is recovering from a concussion received at the hands of the police).

…well, this got away from me a bit. Whatever emotions you’re having, I promise I’m having them too. Let’s flail about it?

Bahorel dragged his feet up the stairs to of his building, flicking water from his hands as he did. He’d been walking home from an absolutely dreadful class when the skies, which had been threatening rain all day, had seen fit to dump a frankly rude amount of water on him and his favorite black coat. He’d been planning to wear it again tomorrow — it complimented his red-and-gold waistcoat quite nicely, and tomorrow definitely felt like a red-and-gold waistcoat sort of day — but now that plan needed to be amended, and if there was anything Bahorel hated, it was amending his outfit plans.

He reached the top of the stairs, flung water droplets from his hair one last time, and threw open the door to his rooms to find Jean Prouvaire on his sofa with a book in hand.

“Oi!” yelled Bahorel as Prouvaire tried to shove the book under a nearby pillow. Before he could, Bahorel strode across the room, snatched it from his hands, and held it aloft. Prouvaire turned a deep, fiery red and crossed his arms.

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Magnus couldn’t sleep all night, the guilt was chewing at his insides. This was all his fault–he needed to learn how to control himself, in every aspect. Alec finally conked out at around 3 in the morning with a little sleep magic on Magnus’ behalf, eased through their linked hands. He got up as soon as he was sure Alec was asleep, sneaking away to the living room to cry silently, curled up around Chairman on the couch. 

Eventually, his eyes were dry enough that he could actually be of some use, so he found a book he had yet to translate and slipped on his glasses to read it. It was a slow, agonizing read, but he finally finished around 9 am, and then he heard the beginnings of Alec stirring awake. He was too tired to actually remember that he had glasses on, so he got to work on some breakfast for them. 

He flicked on the switch of the coffee machine and cracked some eggs into a pan, bacon sizzling in another. He blinked away the exhaustion in his eyes at least three times, hands shaking just a little. He would’ve used magic to do this quicker, but without sleep, he was tapped out. He was too out of it, even, to hear footsteps behind him. 


Everything and Nothing, Chapter Thirteen

You’re in a HYDRA facility. You don’t know who you are, how you got here, or why you’re being trained as a lethal weapon and assassin. But hey, at least The Winter Soldier is training you… Right?

Part One - Part Two
Chapter Eleven - Chapter Twelve - Chapter Thirteen

Click here to see art.

Trigger Warnings:  Graphics descriptions of violence and torture

Chapter Thirteen

“James,” he mumbles. You look up at him, not able to say anything. Your mouthpiece has been taken by some scientists who want to make it better, faster, and more efficient. His eyes suddenly snap up to yours, the intense blue-grey orbs boring into your eyes. Winter looks pale, too pale, as he staggers, clutching his forehead. You don’t have your blackboard with you either which is incredibly inconvenient. “James,” he repeats. You step directly in front of him and reach up to cup his face. Your eyes flick between his before you move your palm to tuck some of his hair out of his face. You tilt your head, your expression laced with a mixture of curiosity and worry.

‘What’s wrong?’ you mouth at him.

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Something More ? Part 2

A/N: Feedback is still appreciated guys! 

Pairings: Calum Hood x Reader + Michael Clifford x Reader

Tagging: @sospiribruciati @poemwriter98 @turnmyheaphonesuprealloud

Warnings: Hickeys, Smoking, Swearing 

Word Count: 1249

Summary:  You meet Calum in his kitchen at three am and he is immediately drawn to you, however you have a complicated relationship with his roommate and best friend Michael.


Calum flicked his eyes to his phone, checking the time for what must have been the fourth time in the last five minutes. He was stuck somewhere between wishing y/n would turn up and thinking that maybe it would be better for her not to. Whatever relationship she had with Michael, whether it was unromantic or not, she was off limits; however he couldn’t stop thinking about her. With a frustrated sigh he looked back at the tv, trying to focus on the teams playing.

It was coming up on half time when he heard the quiet knock on his door, his heart leaping into his throat before he struggled out a whispered, ‘come in’. Y/n slipped through the door, a small smile on her face as she looked over at Calum sprawled over his sheets.
“Is my seat still available?”
“Well I don’t know,” Calum smirked back. “You’re kinda late.”
Y/n huffed, rolling her eyes as she moved towards the bed, taking up the same spot she had last time; Calum couldn’t help but chuckle, moving over so she had a little more room. His eyes stayed on her as she crossed her legs, lifting her hands up into her hair to tie it in a messy bun; she was wearing one of Michael’s shirts again he noted, his stomach sinking again as he noticed the blotchy red marks on the inside of her thighs. He sucked in a sharp breath, y/n’s eyes following his before she sheepishly pulled the fabric back over herself.
“Sorry,” She stuttered. “I - I didn’t mean for you to see tho -”
“You don’t have to explain yourself to me,” Calum said, cutting her off. “What you and Mich - Michael do is your own business.”
“Then why do I feel like a teenager that just got caught doing something she shouldn’t be?”
“Seriously it’s okay, I mean if we look at it this way, we never would have met unless you and Michael were fucking.”
“Oh,” He watched as her cheeks flushed, her gaze falling down to her lap. “No, I guess you’re right.” Calum groaned, realizing a few seconds too late that his comment was probably very unnecessary, his hands running up into his hair as he opened his mouth to apologize, y/n cutting him off before he could. “It seems silly, this whole arrangement thing we have going. I didn’t really think anything about it when it started.”
“You really don’t have to explain yourself y/n,” Calum replied, giving her a soft smile.

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