New store.

I have some new merch items available tonight at 7pm PST. They will be available through The Flenser, an excellent music label from San Francisco. I’ve been a friend of and collaborator with Jonathan for a few years now, and I’m excited and grateful that he will be taking over mail-order for me. Here’s what I have:

A) Weep Pin. A new enamel pin in gold finish. This pin has a clear epoch coating over the circular area of the pin, leaving a smooth finish. Double military clasp.

B) σχιστή οπλή pin restock. The second and final run of the Greek pin. This time with gold and silver options.

C) Floral Diamond woven patch. 4 inches tall, black with white thread.

That’s it for now. I’m excited to release these. Thank you everyone for their continued support.


This was the last show I had a chance to shoot Wreck & Reference at while on tour with Pallbearer + Deafheaven. It was a hard day, hot as fuck and endlessly exhausting in Dallas TX but their energy is unceasing and their songs moving and anxiety gifting (a hidden blessing); truly something not to be missed. I miss them and their crew deeply and wish we could’ve had more time to get to know each other. til next, dudes!

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Gagging before green walls. Adopting postures of defeat. Hanging pendants from every weakness. Gnawing at my own restraints. I feel my bones splinter inside me. My nerves knotted, gnarled, and bare. Dry mouth spitting at every mirror. I will call this by its name. Surrender.


a few months back, when i was going through early sobriety, nicole from theflenser contacted me on instagram. she was so cute and inspiring; she told me about her battles with addiction and offered to send me a gift in the mail as a little form of encouragement. she ended up sending me a cool package with some cds and a tshirt, along with a beautiful handwritten note that i stuck on my wardrobe mirror.

i ended up relapsing and deleting my instagram, partly out of humiliation and partly because i could sense that i was about to have a very public breakdown. a few weeks later i jumped in front of a train in an attempt to kill myself. when i was in hospital recovering, i thought back to how encouraging and kind nicole was and i ended up getting back in contact with her and telling her about how i was getting sober this time around for myself and no one else. she told me how happy she was to hear from me and that i was getting back on the right track.

today i’m 68 days sober and i received another package from nicole and the flenser. inside was a the new flenser tshirt, a boduf vinyl and another handwritten note which i’ve stuck up on my wardrobe mirror, right next to the one i was sent a few months ago. nicole is truly an amazing human being and i love her and the flenser so much for being so cool and supporting me. i am so grateful for my sobriety and for the inspirational and kind people that exist in the world.

King Woman - Doubt EP Review + Full Stream

Fronted by Kristina Esfandiari (previously of Whirr) this doom metal project was founded back in 2009, but remained fairly inactive since 2013. The band released the Degrida/Sick Bed cassette at that time and followed it up with the Dove/Fond Affections in 2014. Strictly speaking, the band is…

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Have a Nice Life - Deathconsciousnes

I finally got my eagerly anticipated copy of The Flenser’s reissue of Deathconsciousness on vinyl. I opted for the 180 gram black version. The Flenser also included a creepy photo on a slide projector slide (pictured).

Like with previous issues of this album it comes with a short book about Antiochus, a medival historical figure who was a Jesus-like prophet, only he spread messages of nihilism.

Considering that this was literally recorded in a bedroom on an extremely low budget, this sounds pretty massive. Every song on the album takes a unique approach and there is never a dull moment despite this album’s long run time. I’ve always come back to this again and again after first hearing it, so it’s great to finally own it on vinyl.

Planning For Burial - Leaving 2xLP

First album digitally released in September 2009 then physically on CD by Enemies List Home Recordings in April 2010. It’s being released for the first time on vinyl as a 2xLP by The Flenser in May 2015.

Preorders along with the Bosse-de-Nage “All Fours” & new Mamaleek LPs go up around April 12th 2015.

I’m not 100% certain of the pressing numbers but it is either 500 or 600 total. 200 on pink, the rest on black.

The new artwork was created by long time collaborator Niels Geybels, done mostly because the original high resolution photos disappeared on a laptop that was stolen from me nearly two years ago.