Cloven Hoov Art Print

I’m releasing my first ever art print. It’s available now via All Black Recording Company, founded by my longtime friends George Clarke of Deafheaven and Derek Prine. Here is the writeup form the label: 

Bryan Proteau, who illustrates under the monicker Cloven Hoov, has been creating immense, detailed illustrations over the last few years, earning himself a highly regarded position in the dark underground art scene.Beginning as a photographer for the local bay area music scene while living in San Francisco, Bryan put his foot in the door publishing photos on websites and in print in places like Cvlt Nation and Decibel Magazine. From there, Bryan pursued his true passion in illustration, collaborating with a variety of artists including Russian Circles, Pallbearer, False, Bell Witch, and ABRC’s own Deafheaven and Black Monolith. Bryan has designed for Obey and Ovate, boothed at Eternal Warfare Fest and the revered Gilead Fest, collaborated with Holy Mountain Printing and Krieghallen, and currently owns his own store through Flenser Records where he hosts merchandise featuring his own unique branding.ABRC is happy to announce another step in the evolution of one of the underground’s most unique talents by releasing a special, limited edition print featuring a new, exclusive pen and ink illustration by Bryan Proteau. This is the first official art print that Bryan has done, a single colored, hand pulled print on 18X18 natural stock from the experts at Broken Press in Seattle, Washington. Each print be hand numbered and stamped with both the ABRC and Cloven Hoov stamps in white ink on the back.

That’s all for now. Big thanks to Derek, George and Broken Press. Thank you everyone for your continued support!



This was the last show I had a chance to shoot Wreck & Reference at while on tour with Pallbearer + Deafheaven. It was a hard day, hot as fuck and endlessly exhausting in Dallas TX but their energy is unceasing and their songs moving and anxiety gifting (a hidden blessing); truly something not to be missed. I miss them and their crew deeply and wish we could’ve had more time to get to know each other. til next, dudes!

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Gagging before green walls. Adopting postures of defeat. Hanging pendants from every weakness. Gnawing at my own restraints. I feel my bones splinter inside me. My nerves knotted, gnarled, and bare. Dry mouth spitting at every mirror. I will call this by its name. Surrender.

King Woman - Doubt EP Review + Full Stream

Fronted by Kristina Esfandiari (previously of Whirr) this doom metal project was founded back in 2009, but remained fairly inactive since 2013. The band released the Degrida/Sick Bed cassette at that time and followed it up with the Dove/Fond Affections in 2014. Strictly speaking, the band is…

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