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I'm with you on the Sander Cohen thing. I adore bioshock but making him such a flamboyant predatory gay stereotype, as well as having the brutes say homophobic things only to be revealed gay themselves when you hypnotise them was a terrible move tbh. As a gay fan is always bothered me

I’m really happy someone understands. Like, I’m not asking for the gay characters to be perfect saints, but come on. It’s a disappointment for them to be written the way they are. 

Danger! High Voltage

The woman raised her feeble hand to her eye to remove the prison allowing him to come out. Her body transformed into a tall lanky man with long hair and a tan. “Ladies and Gentlemen a pleasure..” he would boast flickering his hair in a flamboyant manner.  The figure smiled and did a little head nod with a manic laugh. “Name is Hallelujah. “The man would bow.  He would glide in a flamboyant manner to each side of the stage with his long lanky arms wide open.

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I wish LGBT love stories weren't treated as an outrageous joke or a kinky fetish in mainstream media and I wish there were more of them and that queer characters would extend past a token white flamboyant gay guy

Sadly, that’s how everything in mainstream media gets introduced. If a show is looking to be “risky” and “bold” then they go with something they think might be “controversial”. I hope that at some point, LGBTQA matters won’t surprise anyone anymore, so the media can’t act like it’s some big, new, sexy thing. Then, they can just have realistic shows with realistic characters who have love and heartbreak and intimate moments just like anyone else, and the story itself will be the draw, not the fact that a couple of dudes are making out with each other. I really do wish for that.


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The Mechanics of the Language of Love

The bard contrasts an iris and a hibiscus. The iris, of course, has the “head of an ibis”. Words will do that. There is an image of plenty and greed in the “greasy soil” which it grows in. The hibiscus is duller. It is “dry and salty” in its bed. What is beauty? The flamboyant injustice of capital wealth? Must a sparrow be “dreary”. Certainly, it wears no Rolex. The world never tires of producing false idols. Flowers have to take their punishment just like the rest of us. Beauty? Only the beautiful can recognise it. Tell us, beautiful bard, what will beauty be like in the future, when robots rule the cosmos?


Kirsten Fell - written on a scrap of paper, which now forms part of a linnet’s nest

People calling Sense8 racist clearly only watched one or two episodes? The stereotypes were the whole point of the show. They were created specifically to BREAK them.

Will - Stereoptypical cop in a city of racist, uncaring officers does everything he can to save a black child, a wanted terrorist, and eventually becomes a drug addict to save his cluster.

Riley - Stereotypical drug addict uncaring millenial is actually a widow with a dead child dealing with PTSD. Becomes the empathy center for the cluster.

Capheus - Stereotypical boy from an African tribe with a mother dying of AIDS. Not only does he stand up to and fight crimelords, he is able to get treatment for his mother and eventually becomes a politician himself.

Kala - Stereotypical Indian scientist is actually ALSO very religious while ALSO fighting against oppressive cultural traditions.

Wolfgang - Stereotypical German crimelord only does so out of necessity to protect his friends and his cluster. Has a heart instead of being a stoic killing machine like most Germans are portrayed as.

Lito - Stereotypical latino actor is closeted but is not reduced to flamboyant stereotypes after being outed. His career actually improves and is no longer afraid to fight for himself.

Sun - Stereotypical east asian martial artist is also a successful business woman working a high position at her father’s company. Is caught in a scandal due to the love she holds for her family.

And finally Nomi. This one may be harder to see of you’re not Trans but the “trans people have something wrong with their brain” stereotype. Not only was this proven false, she has the best critical thinking skills of the cluster and is a high-profile hacker.

Yes all characters at the beginning were a stereotype. But that was the point, to show that you are much more than just that. To show that you can turn labels and stereotypes on their head. That you can be whatever you want.

This show is important for the LGBTQ+ community, the Neurodivergent community, religious minorities, AND to racial minorities.


“I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends to have in this room tonight, thank you so much for being here, all of you.” At his first ever solo show last night, Harry Styles spoke to the audience as if they were the organisers of his surprise birthday party rather than a crowd of strangers. But the intimacy felt appropriate: the former One Direction member is more familiar with Wembley Stadium and Madison Square Gardens than a tiny, sweaty room on the corner of Highbury and Islington roundabout.

On his Twitter feed, Styles announced at 8am on Saturday morning that a surprise gig would be taking place that evening at The Garage in London, ahead of his larger tour later this year to promote his debut solo album (the self-titled Harry Styles). Tickets were only available, for £10, if bought from the box office in person, and even then you could only buy one. All proceeds were to go to The Little Princess Trust, the charity that the singer donated his hair to last year, which provides wigs to children experiencing hair loss. Dedicated fans jumped out of bed seconds later to buy tickets, some still in their pyjamas.

The atmosphere inside was giddy as a result, ticket-holders delirious with luck. Styles, dressed in a frankly outrageous pink satin Gucci suit with embroidered dragons snaking up his thighs, seemed genuinely excited to be there too, telling the crowd he was “overwhelmed” by their support. “This is my first show in a long time. My first show ever. So it’s a night I won’t forget,” he said, adding “You might not be able to tell from my monotone voice, but I am having a great time.”

His years of experience in one of the music industry’s most polished pop bands are clear to see: for what was essentially a warm-up show, this was a sleek performance. Delivering his new album in its entirety, Styles was most impressive when letting loose on rockier, more upbeat tracks Only Angel and Kiwi (the latter saw women at the front form a mosh pit), or exuding Seventies sex appeal on Woman and Carolina.

Unlike at the rehearsal he held last week, he did not stage dive. “Let me tell you,” he explained of the much-reported calamitous attempt (which saw him knock a fan to the floor). “It doesn’t feel one third as cool as you think it does.”

As well as his solo material, Styles performed two other songs: an experimental riff on Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam” and a much-loved One Direction track he has a writing credit on, “Stockholm Syndrome”. “You may or may not know the words,” Styles deadpanned, as the crowd screamed at the opening notes.

One of the loudest cheers of the entire event went not to the main man, but his drummer Sarah Jones, who has delighted Styles’s mostly female fanbase with her performances over the past few weeks. “Alright, that’s enough,” the star joked after introducing her. “That’s why she’s at the back.”

It’s a joy to watch Styles interact with a smaller crowd. He has a knowing, teasing relationship with fans, at one point asking the audience, “How you doing down there? You look very warm. There’s a smell…” But, this ribbing aside, his desire that everyone present have the best possible time was obvious, as he paused the show to check on a fan struggling with the heat, and sung Happy Birthday to another the front. It’s this combination of charm, ease, flamboyance, and an actually very good singing voice that sets Styles apart from his former bandmates and many of his peers. Could this be the rock star British pop music needs? - The Telegraph