Day 3

Im a man-made product of my environment trying to make my environment a product of me but

In these urban jungles it’s become, survival of the fittest.

Where streets unite us yet divide us, and the sidewalks are the tombstones of roses.

Where pieces of paper determine, what you can and cannot do.

Where human interaction is no longer required therefore

our voices are silent.

A world alone.

A ghost town.


–they’re here

The Power of Having Great Training Partners w/ Rich Froning & Angelo Dicicco – Episode 211

Join us this week as our East Tennessee journey continues in Cookeville, Tennessee with 4 time World’s Fittest Man Rich Froning, and World’s Fittest Teenager, Angelo DiCicco.

Hanging out with the Mayhem Crew is always a good time that never disappoints. These guys workout a lot. Like a whole lot.

This week you’ll learn exactly what the Champ is up to these days as well as what a day of training looks like for CrossFit Games Teenage Champ (14-15 year old division), Angelo DiCicco.

We talk about the magic and power of training partners and building a strong, competitive community. If you’re wondering what is so special about the athletes in Cookeville, here is your answer.

As a bonus, we’ve got an extra interview (audio only) this week with CrossFit Mayhem Freedom Team Members Lindy Barber, & Elly Kaboord.

Listen to Lindy’s and Elly’s show here.


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Inside the September issue of Men's Health

Commando Steve, Ronaldo and the MH running special are all packed into this month’s edition.

With 200 issues now behind us, Men’s Health is powering towards another double century with all the info you need to be a healthier and happier man. Check out what’s inside this month’s issue.

Men’s Health Running Special

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He may even be the world’s fittest man. But is he satisfied? Not even close.

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Burn, Baby, Burn

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