1 September, 1978

"A lot of people were confused when I picked today for our wedding date. Probably more confused because I never explained it to them, but I wanted you to understand the significance of it. This day marks so many firsts in my life with you. The first time we met was the first of September, in 1970. Eight years ago to the day. No, it wasn’t the happiest of meetings, but it was our first. And it’s a day I’d never forget.

"The first of September in 1972 was a little more revolutionary for you, because the summer of 1972 was the summer I turned into a stud," he paused to grin at the collective laughs and much more obvious groans from their friends. "And more importantly, the second I saw you on the platform, I realized something. You were hot. And thus began my annoying and arrogant courtship.

"The first of September for the next two years proceeded pretty much the same way, and that’s really not my fault because you kept getting prettier. So really, you’re to blame for all that pestering when you think about it. The first of September in 1976, though. That was a different year. For the first time, when I said hi to you, you didn’t yell at me. I immediately thought you were ill. But the more I thought about it, the more sense it made, and the more I began to see you as the wonderfully complex, brilliant, compassionate, empathetic woman you are. It set the tone for the rest of the year, because I began taking stock of myself and realized what an utter prat I was. I wanted to change that, to become someone worthy of you.

"Which brings us to one year ago today." He paused here and looked down at his hands, grasping his bride’s, while he took a deep breath. "The first of September in 1977," he continued as he looked up and met her shining green gaze, "was the day I fell in love with you. I was quite a wreck that day, if you remember. Things just seemed to be falling apart around me and you actually sat down and talked to me, helped me through it all." He had to pause again to clear his throat, feeling tears prickle in his eyes. "For the first time in seven years, you gave me a chance. You took care of me when I fell ill, worried about me, developed a friendship with my best mate that I’d never seen coming and still don’t fully understand." He let out a choked laugh. "You invested time and energy in me that day and we saw entirely new sides of each other, past the years of annoyance and pratish behavior, past every stupid prank, past everything. How could I not fall in love with you then?

"So it’s only fitting that we celebrate another milestone on this day. This day that’s meant everything to me in terms of us, for eight years now. This day marked our first meeting, my first love, our first kiss, even. And I needed it to mark our first day as husband and wife."

As long as I remember you, I dont want to remember anything else.

I still remember every detail of the very first day we met. I also remember how your eyes looked brighter in the sun.

I still remember our first call and I remember your laugh that I so wanted to kiss over the phone, but couldn’t.

I still remember the long comfy hugs and I remember how I could feel the happiness flowing in my insides.

I still remember that day when you got so lost in the library. I saw sparkles in your eyes and you had this huge smile, it was beautiful.

I still remember the times you caught me looking at you, and I remember how we tried to hide from each other’s eyes.

I still remember the way you smoked your cigarette and how your lips moved so gently while slightly closing your right eye.

Almost four months ago, I went on the most amazing first date with the most amazing girl. Today is our first valentines day together and I just can’t believe how happy she makes me every single day. I love her sea glass eyes and her hugemongo heart and her endless patience and her smile…god, her smile and her laugh is an entirely deadly combination. She captured me with that laugh. Once I saw it for the first time, I kept on trying to make her smile, just so I could see the way her eyes light up when she’s genuinely happy and the way she tilts her head back just a bit and how when she laughs she closes her eyes, like she’s trying to hold on to a secret that only she is privy to. She’s my addiction, and the only one I’ll ever need.
I love this girl to death. Happy Valentine’s Day, booger😘

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Let's talk about Luke... What is it like to hang with him and like talk? What was ur first impression of him when u saw him? What's he like as a friend other than being like any other 18 year old boy... Lol just rant about Luke anything that comes to ur mind when u think about Luke lol I need a rant about Luke idk why lol but seriously love ur blog soooo much 💙 in depth please!

He’s a bit awkward and he likes to tell lame jokes a lot which for some reason people don’t find funny, which I think is stupid because even if I hate myself for it I laugh or at least smile every time and it’s definitely not something I would ever want him to stop doing. His lame ass puns/jokes brighten my day pretty much every day. Just talking to him is pretty great, especially when you actually need him, he’s very helpful and he usually gives okay advice, surprisingly? Like, I know he’s helped me with a lot of small things, like if I lose something he’s the one who taught me that it’s usually obvious where to find it, you just don’t notice it at first because you’re panicking and not really looking, which is apparently something Liz told him. He’s also talked me through multiple panic attacks, and he even helped me decide on what breed my next puppy should be.  My first impression of him was sort of “Holy shit he’s tall.” “Why is he so quiet?” “He kind of looks like a douche.” but before long it was more “Aww, he’s actually really sweet. Also cute. I like this one.” And I’m really glad that I sort of didn’t stick to the original way I thought of him, because I probably wouldn’t have cared too much for him and honestly I’d be missing out on one of the best friends I could ask for. He’s a really great friend, and I’m always going to be really thankful for ever having met him, as well as the rest of the boys. :)

Day 5: How did you meet? Tell us your story!

Haha, funny story actually.

Okay, so about 5 years ago I went to Bosnia for a vacation. Usually we just go to my grandpa’s house, but this time my mom and I went to the city/village that my step-dad is from. My step-dad told my cousins to take me out for a walk so I can see the place. (Well, I technically couldn’t see because I wasn’t wearing my glasses and it was pitch black outside.) So my two cousins and I were walking around; I was kind of quiet because nothing was familiar and because my Bosnian was AWFUL. Suddenly another guy joined our little tour group. I couldn’t see him at first because the shadows covered him, but I did hear this lively, boisterous laugh. His laugh made me smile instantly.

Then I saw him and omg, he was too cute! He had a sweet, goofy grin and big blue eyes. We exchanged “ćaos” and “hi, ja sam Selvo”/”ja sam Melisa”. The four of us continued walking and talking, but my mind was just on him. I was kind of following him like a puppy, I would walk closer to him than my cousins. We noticed a car was coming towards us, so we decided to move off the road. Well, in our village there are no streetlights, so you can imagine how dark it is. I decided to follow Selvo, which turned out to be a baaad idea!

I didn’t see that he had hopped over a ditch. I fell into the ditch, which was filled with dirty water, and žara (nettles). Nettles are like, awful. It’s a plant that has little needle like hairs that inject chemicals into your skin which then produce a freaking burning/stinging sensation. 

Selvo was like “Melisa, where’d you go?”

And I was just so done. I was soaked, and my skin started to blister from the freaking nettles. And what did Selvo do? Well he helped me out, after he laughed his ass off for like 10 minutes.  I felt so embarrassed so I just started cursing “jebem ti Bosnu, i žar, i sve” (fuck Bosnia, fuck nettles, fuck everything) really loud in a tantrum-like manner while he and my cousins kept laughing.I had to limp in muddy, wet clothes for the remainder of our walk while trying not to peel off my skin (the pain and itchiness lasted hours).

Needless to say, I made quite an impression! We still bring it up from time to time and it never fails to make us laugh. To this day I find new ways to mortify myself when he is around, but those are stories for another time (;

Yall know that picture of Rihanna at Chris at a basketball game

where Chris was smiling and unbeknownst to him, Rihanna was looking at him like she was disgusted?

the one that says “When you realize bae kinda ugly”

that picture makes me laugh so harddddddd because

one time when I was out with the last guy I dated, I saw him laugh for the first time and I was so turned off

and a few days later he said “I could tell by the way you was looking at me that day that you wanted to kiss me but you were scared.”

and thats sooooo funnnyyyy

because in reality, I was giving him that same look Rihanna was giving Chris and thinking “This nigga got a ugly ass smile bruh.”


Hey! I was tagged by miss-cherry-bomb and wherein-rain-falls-down (thank you!! \(^^)/) to do this:

1) Why did you choose your URL? 

OKAY, PREPARE YOURSELF, THIS WILL BE LONG, because I have to tell a looooot of things to explain this.

First of all, one day, my friend Laura was talking about her favourite book, A Tale For The Time Being, and she said something about a kamikaze pilot. But I was lost in my own world so I wasn’t listening and I understood something about a kamikaze cat.

Buuuut that’s only the beginning. Two days later (or perhaps the same day, I don’t remember) were walking home and I saw a cat falling from a roof. And I only said “Oh, look, a cat has fallen down” BUT SHE LAUGHED SO HARD again I don’t know why, so it became an inside joke between us… a really stupid joke, it doesn’t make sense, I know.

And then everything culminated when a friend told us about his cat Boris, who died because he was sleeping outside a window and he fell from there. 

Then, Laura started saying that the kamikaze cats had fought in the Second World War, falling from the skies saying “booo” (another inside joke related to a gif of Bob Dylan that I found here on Tumblr

don’t judge us if you haven’t already done) and exploding in the face of humans.

So Laura, our friend and I invented the catmikaze army. It’s an army of kamikaze cats governed by the king Paul McCatney 

and they have an special elite, the Blue Cats, leaded by the major Boris (yeees, our friend’s cat!!). The mission of the catmikazes is to fight against the katsukazes (yes, the name comes from Katsu the girl of Chrono Stone, Laura doesn’t like her at all) and they have six lifes for that. Then, they retire and enjoy their seventh and last life (because… I don’t know if it’s like that in other parts of the world, but here in Spain we say that each cat has seven lifes).

And this is why I chose this URL.

2) What is your middle name?

I don’t have a middle name, just my name and my two surnames :)

3) If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?


4) Favorite colour?

Red or black or light blue.

5) Favorite song?

Uuhh, difficult one. I’ll say one of my favorites, I Want You (She’s So Heavy) by The Beatles.

6) What are your top 3 fandoms?

The Beatles, Inazuma Eleven and probably Kuroshitsuji.

7) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

Because here you can find amazing fanarts, photographs from groups, singers and bands, funny things and incredible stuff in general.

8) Tag 9 of your tumblr crushes (they have to do all 8 questions too)

I tag whoareyoumucheicho, shimelody, twistedroselia, a-hard-days-write, anime-admiral, sekami-chan, colonel-pencil, thatnowherechick and flyingflapjack

Of course you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to :)

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Could I get Chanyeol fluff where he doesn't know what to get you???

It seems like you have the tendency to leave Chanyeol breathless or leave him feel functioning like a fish in the Gobi Desert. The first time Chanyeol saw you,he had to sit down to calm himself down because you were the cutest thing/person he has ever seen. Chanyeol didn’t get a wink of sleep the night before the day of your first date. He just stared at you in awe when he first heard you laugh,and he almost said again. Because that was the laughter he knew he wanted to hear everyday.You have left Chanyeol fall for you over and over again for the past 8 months. When he saw you blush for the first time as you guys held hands for the first time. When you first kissed that night when Chanyeol came to your apartment before heading to the airport. And when you made love for the first time…

And now here he is,lying on the couch like a loooooooong sack of potato. He had been brain-storming over what to get you for the big V day,for at least a week. And nothing,he has absolutely no idea what to get you. What can be different and meaningful and show you,the one only precious flower of his life,that he loves you? The idea hits him like a giant hammer,and he can’t believe this! It is so simple,all he had to do was think about what,and just how much,you mean to him.

3 days later. Valentine’s Day.

There are 8 different colored roses in the bouquet you are holding;they look stunning in the layers and layers of the white wrap. You take in the intoxicating scent of the flowers before putting them down on the table to read the letter Chanyeol left you.

White is for innocence.Your pure love,that holds no measurement and no point,is priceless for me.Pink is for sweetness.I feel instantly better even with the slightest thought of you.Yellow is for friendship.You are my best friend.Orange is for enthusiasm.The star that sparkles in your eyes when you are excited is the light that i will follow until the end.Lavender is for charm.Your sense of humor,patience,and calmness make me want to become a better person for you.One that deserves you.Salmon is for desire.For the countless kisses i hope we will share.Peach is for gratitude.Thank you,for everything.

And red is for love.I love you.And i will love you for forevermore. 

- Chanyeol.

The day I fell in love with you was on a Tuesday in August.
It was the first time I saw what your eyes looked like, and what you looked like when you laughed.
Your hair was a few inches longer, and you weren’t as tall as you are now, but your smile is just the same as it was back then.
Throughout each day I spent with you, I guess I couldn’t help but fall in love with you.

The day I knew your feelings were requited was on a Sunday,

And you found out I really did love you, on a Tuesday.

—  It’s guaranteed to stay that way.

My ace, my partner in crime, my twin, my rib…The day I slid in your DM’s, the first time I met you and I just stared at you because I didn’t think you would’ve came to my party, the first night we spent together, the laughs, the pricless moments, the cuddling, the staring into your big beautiful eyes then you tell me to stop because you start smiling, your laugh, the way you cover your face when you laugh, drink, and eat, your lips, your smile, your slim waist and thick thighs, the way you look in everything you put on, watching you dress and undress, how happy you get when I do cute things for you, the look you give me when you realize I know you so well, when Khi saw us kiss and mocked us 😂😂, when you stayed at my house for an extra two days and both of our moms got mad smh, the walk to Wendy’s after me and my mom argued and you thought it was your fault, the showers, the dinners, the tears we’ve shed together, the munchies we get when we’re smacked and steal each other’s snacks 😂😂, how mad you got when I was teaching you COD but you got 5 kills your first game, when we split the 40 and you couldn’t make it out of the bathroom 😳😂, the night we played Truth or Dare and we were both slumped, the movie nights we’ve tried to have but I’m always too tired to stay up, the Molly night 😂😂, the downfalls and the makeups, the small things you do for me without expectation, the play fighting and wrestling, the dumb moments we die laughing about, the love making, hearing you moan passionately and grab me as you climax, the night in the living room 😏😏, your attitude and smart mouth, our first New Year’s together I surprised you, you looked so good running to the car in that red dress, the quickie before we left and how good it was, showing me around your city, when I asked the guy to charge my phone at the restaurant, how happy you were every time I opened doors for you and when I put the napkin in your lap for you, our kiss on the countdown, how paranoid I was when we smoked in the car 😂😂😂, I still have the same dollar I used to break down the weed in, how I lied the next morning to my sister so I could spend another day with you, when I yelled at the lady for cutting us off in that crowded ass mall smh lol, our first Valentine’s Day together, all of the walks we made to 711, the snowman we built the other day with no gloves on, the way you look at me, the “goodbyes” when I leave every morning, feeling your body at night against mine and having you in my arms…damn…all I can say is I LOVE YOU BABY GIRL 😍😘❤❤ I wouldn’t trade these memories for anything in the world besides the chance to make new ones with you…I can’t wait to see what the next four months has in store for us #AJM #LLT #AJizzle #Oct18 #MoreThanLove #Priceless #FourMonthsFeelsLikeForever


Day 4

Long Distance Relationship Challenge

Day 4~ What was your first impressions of him?
😆😆 that’s a fun one~ whale, when I first saw him around I questioned his life ._. But once I met him I was interested. His smile was the first thing to catch my eye.😊😍 there isn’t a day that goes by that his smile doesn’t get to me, along with his laugh.😊😍 His muscles~ gawd, muscles on him 😍 his slides wear caught my eye too 😂😂 but he was cute ~ and I definitely started to form a crush on him~ he was sweet and funny~ made it seem easy to make me laugh and I felt safe with him~😘😘😍 he was a doll the entire time~~~
tyrannosurus-rex I love you baby, and there isn’t a day that goes by that your looks don’t stun me along with that sense of humor. First impressions definitely stick~

A better day

1st Feb 2015

So today was a much better day :)

The Mr and I woke up around 11am, got up, showered, dressed etc and went to this cute coffee should across the road from us for some breakfast. We had this delicious iced coffee drink and I tried my first samosa… which was rather spicy! These two guys started chatting to us, asking where we were from, what we were doing here, how long we would be here, etc, etc! They were really nice, and friendly towards us, even me! This was the first time I felt properly welcome by Indian men :)  They gave us a list of places we should go to and sights we should see while we are here. That was really nice of them.

After we ate, we went to the Bangalore Palace, which is only about a 5 minute walk from where we are living. As we walked through the grounds we saw an eagle making a nest in the tree, it was so beautiful, wish I had gotten my camera out! But I was so caught in the moment of just watching this beautiful creature, I didn’t think!

We paid to get into the palace and had a look around. The palace was beautiful, filled with paintings, and statues. We walked into a room where they were filming something… Ops! No one battered an eye lid at us, and there were other people in the room too, not just the crew, so we hung around for a few minutes. There was a woman asleep in bed and a man standing above her with a gun to her head, he said something in the Indian language and then shot her… And there was be covering my ears just in case it was loud! And I gasped! And everyone turned around to look at me and laughed!!! When nothing even happened, no loud banging or anything… how embarrassing, silly me. We stayed and watched for a few more minutes, and then left them to it.

We wondered around the palace for a little white, taking in all its beauty, I love all the figurines and the paintings, they were gorgeous. And after we had seen enough we went outside to the grounds. The building itself was so beautiful. Half of it was covered with a wall climber tree… which covered the bottom half of the palace perfectly. Not a leaf out of place!

We walked around the grounds of the palace, and looked at all the pretty flowers and the arch of the trees, went to sit down for a little bit of shade as it was boiling!!! And we aren’t use to boiling; we had just come from -1 degrees at night! And max 6 degrees during the day. And now we’ve come to min 15 degrees art night and max 34 degrees during the day!!! Body shocker.

After we had seen enough of the garden, we finally got a tuk tuk to The Gardens, everyone was staring it was so weird… people were stopping to ask for photographs with us, it was as if we were famous! The Gardens were beautiful, and the place was huge! But so beautiful, I really enjoyed slowly walking around all the massive trees and the beautiful flowers. I loved the chipmunks in the tree, there were loads of them! And people were stopping to look at what I was photographing, and then laughing… apparently chipmunks are their squirrels, not rare! We just took in all the beautiful surroundings and scenery.

Trying to get a tuk tuk back to our place was a pain. They offered us 350rupees, when we only paid 120rupees to get there in the first place! And even that was a rip off. A pain in the ass these tuk tuk drivers! I love riding in them, as they are so much fun! But I can’t stand their way of haggling, so I leave that up to the Mr as he enjoys it.

We got back to our complex and put on some nice evening ware. We went to this posh shopping mall which was fabulous. The food there was delicious! We nosed around for a while and then walked up the street to get a tuk tuk. We got dropped off at 8th street, where we picked up some fruit and lunch type food. We saw these little birds for sale in one shop and stopped to look. I felt so sorry for them, these cute little birds that deserve to be free, but instead they are stuck in a tiny cage waiting for whatever fate brings them… All the men standing around looking, turned and stared at me, and one cheeky git foes goes to his friend ‘how much?’ laughed and pointed to me! The cheeky sod! That would be a smack in the face if we were back home, I can’t believe certain people out here think that it is perfectly acceptable to treat woman with such disgust. The Mr didn’t hear him, but was not impressed when I told him. He is really protective of me and since we have been out here, I can see how much I mean to him. Other men in the shops were very helpful towards us, and polite to me. To top the night off… We saw three cows just roaming the streets freely, it was brilliant! I love these animals!

Home was only a 5 minute walk awake and we stayed up for a little bit but soon went to bed, as we were shattered. We watched family guy for a little while, which is our thing, we love watching FG before bedtime. I woke up at 5am and I couldn’t get back to sleep until around 7am… Oh and the boys apologised for keeping us awake! :)

:) x

I. I saw you through the group of people at the first day of school, your smile was the brightest thing I have ever seen and ive looked straight at the sun to see how it hurts.

II. I talked to you after a week on a Tuesday, we were at lunch and we talked because of a mutual friend and when you laughed I knew that no music could ever be as beautiful as before because I had found the tune of love.

III. I kissed at the first day of summer, It was 1035 days after we had meet, I still remeber the softness of your lips again mine, the warmth and the taste of you. I don’t think I can ever forget it, I don’t want to either.

IIII. It was 1670 days since we meet for the first time, we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary and I can tell you I’ve never been this happy before, every day with you is a blessing.

IIIII. 1825 days have passed since we meet. I’ve often been told that you have no idea were you will be in five years, they’re right, the only thing you can do is hope, and before I met you i hoped for fame and riches. But now I only hope for another five years of your love.

(writing poetry for my English class, please send feedback if you want to, id really appreciate it :) and please correct me if I messed something up like spelling or something. Thanks :)

Day 4: What was your first impression of him/her?

Selvo: I didn’t really talk to her that much when we first met but I remember thinking that she was beautiful. We were kids and I was too shy to get to know her at that time.

Melisa: Well, the first night we met I didn’t really see him because it was dark, but I heard his laughter. His laugh and his voice attracted me to him instantly, it was what I fell in love with first and then when I really saw him I was like “omg he’s so handsome. I needs him, I needs the precious”.

We were really shy when we first met 5 years ago. It took us until last year to really even start talking to each, before that we would just say hi or bye to one another. I’m glad we decided to wait that long to date because we got to know one another as friends first, and I doubt we would have been mature enough to handle a relationship (especially a long distance one) at the age of 14/15.

I miss senpai. I miss him so much, and I hate that he’s going out with that girl.! I’ve been crying since the day he told me and it kills me.! I remember when I first met him, I felt weird like something was going on with my stomach. Every time I saw him I would smile and I knew it was going to be a good day or when it was first hour was over we were in the same floor and I would pass him and he would look at me and smile .! Or when we went to the zoo in December and I saw him again and he smiled at me. 2nd semester when he became my senpai and he said “こにちわ 私の なまえ は ….. です。” and we all had to great him i was the only person that would actually talk to him. Even though I thought he was cute I had the guts to talk to him and make him laugh. One day when we went to the computer lab because we were learning about Japanese Houses I was sitting by this one asian guy that I thought was super cute & senpai would come up to us and ask if we needed help. He would smell super good.! And it was amazing. I just really really miss him.!! And I couldn’t get him to like me.! Nor could I confess to him 😭😭😔 and it kills me because when I messaged him on twitter we were getting along so well like he didnt even have a gf. But at the end he said “my girlfriend would miss me” that’s when it all ended! What would happen if messaged him 3 months ago and not 3 days ago.? What would happen if I confessed.? I just really miss him.! And I’m jealous of his girlfriend…

As long as I remember you, I don't want to remember anything else.

I still remember every detail of the very first day we met. I also remember how your eyes looked brighter in the sun.
I still remember our first call and I remember your laugh that I so wanted to kiss over the phone, but couldn’t.
I remember how I could feel the happiness flowing in my insides.
I still remember that day when I saw sparkles in your eyes and you had this huge smile, it was beautiful.
I still remember the times you caught me looking at you, and I remember how we tried to hide from each other’s eyes.

the only time when I saw B today was when I passed his class where he looked straight in my eyes for about 4 seconds.

But I talked to T twice. First I asked for some papers and then my friends and me came into his class and distributed roses and candy (valentines day shit). He asked my several questions and stood directly  next to me. We talked and laughed and it was pretty cute c:

How was ur day? 

This is kinda depressing but I've wanted to say it for a while

I remember the first time I saw your videos. I was having a bad day and the first chance I got I went onto YouTube to try and cheer myself up. At the time I was watching Emma’s videos and I saw you in one of them. I remember clicking the link to your channel and the first video I clicked on was ‘How To Stop Periods’. I was smiling and laughing through the whole video and within 2 days I’d watched all of your videos.

That was about 10 months ago

When you releases ‘A Song About A Girl’ it was all I listened to for a while. The song always managed to make me smile and I just felt happy all the time. My friends however didn’t like the song and every time they’d ask what I was listening to I’d tell them and they’d roll their eyes or say mean stuff about it. It really hurt me not because they were insulting my music taste but because they were insulting you.

That was about 9 months ago

I remember when I went to school and told all my friends about you. I showed them pictures I had saved the night before and a couple of videos. Most of my friends thought you were funny and they started watching your videos regularly like me. A few days later I found out you were coming to Sydney, Australia so I spent so much time trying to get my friends to come with me but the tickets were sold out and my friends thought it was pointless to stand outside a building all day. My parents refused to take me or let me go alone. None of them knew how much meeting you meant to me. But that day I watched all your snapchats and replied to your tweets and each time I did I started to cry, I felt like my dreams had been crushed and like nobody really cared.

That was about 8 months ago

I’d finally accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to meet you and I just settled for hoping you’d tweet me back. By now my friends had stopped watching your videos and they were getting sick of me always talking about you. They’d very rudely tell me to shut up if I mentioned your name or if I made a reference to one of your videos. And because I didn’t really have anything else to talk about I began to just stop talking. This was around the time I started to self harm worse than I used to.

That was about 7 months ago

When I finally saved up enough money to buy your merch I bought the necklace straight away. I was so excited when I got it. I opened it to find a little note in there from you and I could feel tears in my eyes. My mum thought there was something wrong but I was just so happy. To this day I haven’t taken the necklace off and I still have that little piece of paper.

That was about 6 months ago

When you lost two of your closest friends all I wanted to do was hug you and comfort you, telling you that everything would turn out ok. I wanted to be there for you like you were there for me. I cried a lot knowing you were upset and hurt. I felt like I could feel all the pain you were feeling. I still want to hug and tell you it’ll be ok, because you deserve better friends that don’t turn out to be assholes. For a long time I thought I was “in love with you” but I realised maybe I just wanted to be your friend for real.

That was about 5 months ago

When I found out you and Emma were together I didn’t know how to feel. I’d forced myself into believing that one day you’d fall in love with me. So for a few weeks I spent my time trying to accept it and be happy because you’re happy, eventually it worked and now I’m glad you’re with Emma you two are cute together

That was about 4 months ago

Since then I just became happy and content with just watching your videos and I always smiled when I saw pictures of you and Emma. I had finally accepted that if we were ever to meet if only ever just be a viewer. Just another face in the crowd of people who adore you. But I was happy with it because I’d accepted it.

That was about 3 months ago

Not long after I shut myself off from everyone. I saved all your videos on my phone and instead of paying attention in class I just listened to you talking and being silly while I drew pictures of you. I was happy with not talking to anyone.

That was about 2 months ago

During class once I was on the verge of tears, I couldn’t find a proper reason for it but ended up just walking out and siting in the hallway crying. A few seconds later my friend sat next to me and asked what was wrong I couldn’t answer her seeing as I didn’t know myself. After a few minutes she pulled out her phone and started playing ‘A Song About A Girl’ and I had started to cheer up instantly.

That was about 1 month ago

I woke up to your live show. I thought it was going to be a good day. But when you answered my question about stealing Emma from you I was certain I was going to have a good day. I mean to you it probably didn’t mean much but to me it had made my day better before it had even started. But I was wrong about my day benign good. In third period I walked out of the room crying. Again I didn’t have a reason to be crying it just happened. My friend followed me out and just like last time she asked what was wrong but before I even answered her she’s started playing one of your videos. Once the video had ended she asked me questions about you and just let me talk about you for as long as I wanted. I ended up going home early and as soon as I got home I started watching your videos knowing you’d be able to make me smile

That was yesterday

I’ve wanted to tell you this for a long time. I wanted you to know that you are the only person I know of who can make me smile when I’m crying or sad.

Like I said before I used to believe I was in love with you but now I know I just want you to be in my life. And if the only way that’s possible is by watching your videos and snapchats and tweeting you then so be it

lukeisnotsexy you didn’t try to make me happy but with out effort you made want to be your best friend


I saw him again after a long time. Not personally but I saw him. I’m in a tricycle and saw him there. OH?? His looks – still handsome. I think that my co passenger in the tricycle thinks I’m crazy for I am smiling and I also laughed a little. I don’t care if she thinks I’m crazy, I just really can’t help smiling.

I started to reminisce our good old days (HUWATTT, LOL?) I was like in my 2nd year in highschool . So young back then… I remember him saying pick up lines to me– so corny yet so sweet. Younger years. Highschool days. What a good thought?those kilig days. . . . I remember everything about him. His first, middle and last name. His age. His birthday. His house. His section. Almost everything that I know about him. I may not really got enough time to know him better but, still I can say I had a glimpse of what his life is like. It’s not as if I still like him, for it was like years ago but, I was just happy to saw his face on a flyer. A sticker of ICCT that is glued on vehicles. So proud of him.

He may not remember me but that was fine. Who am I to be remembered? I know that I am that easy to forget, lol. That’s proven … maybe it was just me who still think of him at some point. He was the first one to make feel special and for that I’ll never forget him. I know he is happy now and I’m happy for him. But can’t erase the “what ifs” in me. What if we became a couple? (Yuck lol). Something like that. I feel regrets. But it’s too late. I know I’ve been unfair to him before. Hays. But don’t wanna dwell so much on the past. Right now, I just feel proud for him and for myself as well (Because at some point in my life, a guy like him used to like me. *Evil laugh HAHAHA)

What’s the point of blogging this – actually none. There is no point! I just want to share. Just wanna express my happiness when I saw his face on the tricycle. What more if I saw him personally. That’s all!

“Uy may nahulog… nahulog yung puso ko nung makita kita” BOOM PANES!

 P.S. I can’t think of a title LOL

to-the-moon-and-back-again1 asked:

☀ - Story about your day. Hehe.

I just had the best valentines day with awesome people (guess who I’m talking about) I had a great time with you lovely guys and the food was deliciousss 👌I really enjoyed talking to you freely without worrying too much about it because even though I saw three of you for the first time today I felt good and not at all judged around you laughing and singing along to our favorite songs ☺️ you’re very precious I love you ❤️