A bunch of my friends and I spent the entire day today - launch day in our region - driving around the town to catch Pokemon. When we saw that there were 4 gyms in our town, we took all of them together! We even got 2 outside of our town, and ended up spending about 20 hours together laughing and catching Pokemon. Pokemon has been one of the only constants in my life, and to play it with my friends today 17 years since I started watching the anime and eventually playing the games, made me really genuinely happy for the first time in a while. :)

  1. Running past smirking (and short) d-bags like it’s my job.
  2. Though he got the last laugh: he actually beat me based on chip time. Fuck that guy.
  3. This makes three selifes in two days, which means I’m at quota until about the end of the year.
  4. I signed up for my first and probably last half-marathon: Milwaukee in November. 
  5. This makes two running posts in two days, which means I’m at quota until, well, the half-marathon. #nobody_cares_about_your_fitness
  6. Good to get another confirmation today that I follow the right people, and also that I don’t follow the right people. Lots of garbage thinking out there beyond my fortress walls.
  7. Finally saw Mockingjay Part 2 last night (yes I don’t movie in a timely fashion) and was pretty disappointed. You got three (3) Oscar winners in that cast; hire a gotdamn writer.

The first time I felt publicly ashamed of my body, I was 12. I was swimming at a hotel with a friend and we were getting out of the water to do cannon balls and I heard some other people in the pool laughing at me and talking about my stomach sticking out. I spent the rest of the evening refusing to get out of the water and wouldn’t swim without a tank top over my bathing suit the rest of the trip. The first time I felt publicly proud of my body was yesterday. I put on spandex to go for a run and I saw the chub sticking out on my thighs and I felt cute. I felt proud of my thighs for carrying me through six miles that day and loved every bit of cellulite and fat on my legs. So I posted a picture of them celebrating how I felt. And a friend commented and told me I didn’t know the meaning of thick thighs. All day that comment has been swimming around in my head bothering me. So because I’m not one of those beautiful 200lb girls with big breasts and wide hips, and a tiny waist, I’m not allowed to celebrate the thick parts of my body? Apparently I’m too thick to be considered thin and too thin to be considered thick so I’m not allowed to be proud of my body. Too thick to celebrate my body in a swimsuit, too thin to celebrate fat thighs in spandex. If you aren’t within the norm or the polar opposite of the norm, you aren’t a part of any group so your feelings aren’t considered valid from either end. I’ve been a little overweight my whole life. Not big enough to be allowed to call myself fat, but big enough that I lied about my weight. Big enough that every shopping trip ended in tears. I’ve spent my whole life feeling ashamed of my body and I don’t want to feel that way anymore. I’ve worked really hard to love myself for exactly what I am. And I refuse to let people bring me down when I’m trying to celebrate my body and all it does for me. I’m proud of my stomach rolls. I’m proud of my thick thighs. I’m proud of my chubby cheeks. I refuse to apologize for that. I don’t have time for that kind of negativity in my life. So I’m gonna go on celebrating my body. If that bothers you, feel free to unfollow me. 🤗

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(I swear one day this'll be on time) Cas was happy to get his own room when he moved into the bunker. He'd never had a room that was really /his/ and he grateful to have his own space. Still, he enjoyed slipping into Sam's room and watching netflix with him early into the morning. It confused Cas when gifts started turning up in his room, first a book identifying different bees and then a purple geode that sparkled in the dull light. The third time, he caught the gifter in the act. (cont.)

Sam was arranging a pot of pansies on his bedside table when Cas walked in. Awkwardly, Sam laughed and tried to explain himself. “I saw you admiring these in the woods the other day, so I got you some.” Cas gives his thanks, but is more confused than ever. Sam carries on, dropping off small presents in Cas’ room until his shelves are overflowing with new shiny things. Eventually Cas asks Dean about Sam’s over abundance of gifts. “He loves you, you idiot,” Dean explains.

Cas decides to talk to Sam. The next time that Sam brings a gift (a freakin’ guinea pig, this time - she’s called Lola), Cas sits them down. “Sam, I know you’re giving me these gifts because you like me,” Cas tells him. Sam starts to shift around uncomfortably, trying to shift the conversation. Cas takes hold of Sam’s hands and smiles. “I like you too.”

Sam is one sneaky, sneaky man! :> Cas is a lucky lil’ angel! The whole thing is just absolutely adorable omg! Thank you my lovely anon for this gift!

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can i request a bias prompt? you come home one day to find jin giving your mom a cooking lesson?

it was a long day, honestly you just wanted to go home and fall to sleep. With your tired state, it took you a while to noticed your kitchen light on. I must’ve left it on before I left for work this morning you thought to yourself. You dropped your bag at the foot of your stairs and shuffled your feet towards the kitchen. As you got closer, you smelled a pleasant smell. The smell of cooked food and it was the best thing right now. You peeked around the corner to see your boyfriend, Jin, laughing as he stirred the pot sitting on the stove. He knew where your spare key was so it didn’t shock you that much, but when your mom came into view you grew nervous. They’ve met a few times before this one, but this is the first time you saw them interact without you there. “Mom?” you said walking into the kitchen, slightly more awake now. “Oh hey sweetie, Jin let me in and told me you were working late, he had already started on some stew so I decided to help out a bit.” You looked over to your smiling boyfriend, “It helps to have an extra pair of hands around the kitchen.” The two laughed as if it were some inside joke they had known for years, but you were too tired to be concerned. “Why don’t you get out of those business clothes and into something comfortable? The stew is nearly done.” Your mom said softly ushering you out of the kitchen. You made your way upstairs still confused of the whole Jin and your mom situation, but you came back down stairs hearing your mom and Jin exchanging stories about you. Heat rose to your cheeks as Jin brought up the story he caught you learning one of his dances. You quickly walked into the kitchen and smiled, “I’m really glad you two are getting along, but please don’t mention my worst moments.” 

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Today I went on my first Pokemon adventure and it was fantastic. There’s a poke stop out by my backyard that’s literally a bench. But I can reach it from my backyard so it’s a great way to start and end an adventure. I got up to level 5 and tomorrow I’ll tackle the gyms. And I saw so many people playing and laughing how everyone else is playing and talked to people how one place in town is full of charmanders.

Considering how sucky the world is rn, this being a global phenomenon is perfect timing.

me whenever i try to write for a different ship to my otp

the first thing that komaeda saw when he woke up was hinata’s face. only komaeda was awake at this point, not that he minded or anything - in fact, those first few moments when someone woke up in the early morning was his favourite time of day as those contained the most potential, so he contented himself with staring at hinata’s eyelids until hinata finally stirred. 

“good morning,” said komaeda. “are you ready to start your day?”

furrowing his brow, hinata said, “how long have you been awake for?”

“under an hour, but you looked so cute sleeping that i didn’t want to wake you up.”

komaeda let out a laugh and kept smiling, though he held his breath as he waited for hinata’s response.

a sigh left hinata, but he didn’t sound too annoyed, and he said, “don’t say stuff like that so early in the morning…”