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Imagine Christmas with the IT and Yukiko gets everyone the gag glasses. Not just the IT. Everyone in Inaba. Even Adachi in prison.

It was Christmas Eve. The Investigation Team was gathered around the Dojima living room, the television playing idly in the background.

“So, are you guys ready for your gifts?” Yukiko piped up, earning a few panicked looks from her friends.

“Hey, what? I thought we agreed on no gifts!” Yosuke looked around frantically, hoping he wasn’t the only one who showed up empty-handed.

“Yes, I didn’t think we-” Naoto was interrupted by a small box being placed in front of her. “Oh?”

Yukiko grinned as she finished handing out festively wrapped rectangular boxes. “Well?” she giggled, “Open them!”

The team exchanged reluctant looks.

Teddie was the first to rip his open. “Oooh!” He lifted up a pair of gag glasses, nose and mustache included, admiring them before placing them on his face. “I remember giving you a pair just like these! Thanks, Yuki-chan!”

Muffled laughter escaped Yukiko as one by one, her friends opened their presents in horror.

Kanji was the next to put them on. “Aah.. thanks?”

“What? No! Don’t encourage her!” Yosuke scolded and turned to Yu, who had the glasses on as well. “Not you too!!”

Yukiko was gasping for breath as one by one they gave in, donning the hideous eyewear. 

Nanako ran into the living room, already wearing a pair. “Thank you for the gift! I love them!”

Dojima, sitting at the kitchen table, lowered his newspaper to reveal his own pair.

The investigation team stared in defeat as Yukiko fell to the floor in hysterics.

Outside, people in gag glasses poked their heads out of their houses.

Meanwhile in prison, Adachi noticed a small box on the floor of his cell. He hummed curiously as he picked it up and opened it, followed by a groan. He put them on, nonetheless, but he swore he could hear someone laughing in the distance.

Forgotten things - Open

(Solas wakes up one morning, after a heavy hit on his head, he lost all his memories after the golden era of the elves. He believes, he is still known as Fen’Harel and has no idea what happend with the Pantheon or that his people fell to Tevinter.)


What a headache.. Someone should remind him, not to drink so much on the Summer-Night’s Festival… Fen’Harel yawned and rubbed his eyes, which he slowly opened. Something was odd.. His room looked like that one of a servant? I may have fallen asleep here.. Hopefully his bed-company was around somewhere.

The Dread Wolf walked out of the small chamber, with only a pair of light pants on, since this was his fortress, he could do whatever he wanted..

He stared in shock, as he saw the first human pass him by. What? A human? In his secret place? That couldn’t be! And the man didn’t even notice him really.

More Humans. More slaves. What was going on?! Fen’Harel stood in the mainhall and yelled: “By my mothers tits, what is wrong here?! I demand answers!”


The rink had two sheets of ice, which is good because that means we still have a place to play even though one looks like it’s more ready for monster trucks than hockey. And there’s a cool zam on display in the parking lot.

The actual game itself wound up being pretty eventful too. Surprisingly large number of people showed up for the holiday weekend so the bench was a bit more crowded than usual. But not many volunteers to play center so that’s where I started out. That actually went pretty well as I managed to score a goal on my first shift, part of a fast start to the game as it broke a 1-1 tie from the first minute or so of play.

After that things got shifted as some people came late and I moved to winger. Did alright there but with the rink being extra humid and three lines of wingers I was sitting and getting warmer than I’d like so for the 3rd period I volunteering to switch back to the center.

That position has some unique requirements, part of why it’s the one I normally don’t play. But I think I wound up doing alright anyway. I was totally horrible at faceoffs, I won one and two more could be called a tie but lost all the rest. I was also on the ice for one goal against us, maybe partially my fault for not tracking back quickly enough. I saw plenty of goals from the bench though as that one put us down 5-6. 

I improved later in the 3rd period though and I may have gotten an assist on the game winner. I dumped the puck in deep and went for a line change. I didn’t really see what happened for sure but I think the goalie came out to play it and something happened so that it came loose out front of the net and was put back to tie the game. I was already off the ice so officially I was even for the game, just as the game itself ended even at 6-6.

The ref went ahead and let us go straight to a shootout which is kind of fun and different. People didn’t seem too eager to volunteer to shoot so when it was tied at one after three shooters on each side I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I came down and handled the puck alright, if a bit slowly, and managed to put in a nice shot to the far corner and in, on the goalie’s right. Our goalie got a nice stop on their next shot, giving us the win and making my shootout goal the winner.

The only real downside was when I came back to the bench after scoring and tried to hop over the bench like normal, but with less space than usual because everyone was standing there and I wound up falling down and kind of kicking myself a bit with my other skate. It isn’t really that bad and all I had to do after that was go to the locker room and change so it’s not a big deal.

Small Bed (Cuddling On The Tour Bus With Michael)

Request: I LOVED the your bus one with cal, could you do one for mikey? THX ILY BBY

“Well that’s quite small,” I mumbled as I got into Michael’s bunk bed for the first time. I had just got out of the airport and came on the tour bus to spend a few days with Michael. It was only the afternoon, but the flight had got me pretty tired so I was ready to take a small nap before tonight’s show.

He was already laying down on his bed, leaving me with almost no place at all. His eyes looked up at mine, “Shut up.” I giggled softly as he made little room for me, but the bunk bed was really small so he couldn’t do much.

“I feel like I’m going to fall out of the bunk,” I mumbled, my head staying against his shoulder.

He sighed deeply, “Lay on me then.”

I lifted my head slowly to look at him, but he only gave me a small smile.

“I’m heavy,” I protested but his hands got on my hips and helped me to stay on top of him. Our legs were slightly tangled, my head staying underneath his chin.

“As light as a bag of chips,” he commented, making me laugh. A smile remained on my lips as his arms wrapped around my waist, keeping me close to him.

“I missed your silly jokes,” I stated.

He chuckled, “Well, I missed you because the boys never laugh at my jokes.” There was a sad tone in his voice, even though he was chuckling as he said that.

We stayed silent for a few minutes after that, in each other’s arms. It felt nice to have physical touch after going through so much time without it. Michael finally broke the silence and started to ask me questions about how my life was going back home. He had so many questions for me and I was only giving him small answers, due to my tiredness.

“Really? Your cousin finally got a dog? How is she dealing with it?” He asked with a soft voice. “Is it a female or a male?” He added.

My eyes were closed since the last twenty minutes and even though I loved Michael’s voice, I didn’t want to hear it anymore. I was so sleepy and I had to get some sleep now before it was too late. I didn’t want to be tired and mean at the show in a few hours.

“Ask her,” I murmured.



His grip around my waist tightened before he pressed his lips against the top of my head for a few seconds.

“Alright, sleep well, little one,” he whispered. He didn’t need to tell me twice, I was fast asleep in a matter of time.

Cuddling On The Tour Bus (Calum imagine)


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lmao both Martha and Calvin pushed her up, I'm just glad she didn't fall out her seat 😳😂

okay but i’m still trying to figure out why she was so distracted in the first place and why the hell is she looking at him like that and why didn’t she know she won an award and what the fuck is going on I have so many questions about this one moment

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Masked: Ok, so here's the route, we're gonna stop at good few places to the end of the line, and the first ones a weird place.

Kidd sighed and looked at the map “ok dad but i wish aunty bell hadn’t tricked me into coming all the way out here on a train to pick up her meds…. I should of realized sal can make em….”

romolethehero9899 starter:

UlalaII was sent on a mission to space to deal with a…’problem’, that happened in a space station. According to the records of the station, three days ago, the station belonged to a bunch of space explorers who recently exploded an alien ship, the ship was full of weird looking eggs, so they brought one back for research…

…That decision was the reason why the station is now abandoned.

UlalaII’s mission was to search the station for any civilians on the ship, and to find out why the crew left the ship in the first place.

HOWEVER, Jess and co also received the same mission, and were heading there as well. Ulalall does NOT know this.

And so, we begin will Ulalall, landing on  the left decking station of the abandoned station.


Imagine: Sam using his shirt to wrap around your injury.

You wince when the bloth comes in contact with your cut. Sam waves his hand in front of your face to take your attention from the wound. You can’t help but let your eyes wander with him being shirtless. The muscles were so defined. You just wanted to reach out and run your hands over his chest. Sam smirked as he saw you looking at him. “Let’s get this taken care of.” He says as he goes into the bathroom to grab supplies to clean up your arm.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISHA!!!!!!!!!!! As you can tell I’m a bit excited. I love Misha!! In honor of Misha and gishwhes please sign up for my “game thing”. It’s kind of like gishwhes and the prizes are awesome. Like for example a prize for first place is a personalized one shot and a drawing by me and a letter by me mailed to you as well as a shout out. It’s nice. All you have to do is message me your name and age. There are still 12 days to enter. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!


I’m thinking we should ride
To a place that we don’t know
To a place where no one’s seen us before
I’m thinking, you and I
Better just go with the flow
Last thing that we should do is go slow

Just a small upload while I work on something a lot bigger - here’s Solas’ wolf jawbone necklace converted for female sims! Unfortunately there may be some clipping depending on outfit boobage but otherwise it doesn’t look too bad.

It’s otherwise identical to the male one, so it’s base game compatible, recolourable, and in the necklace category. Let me know if anyone has any issues.

Credit, as always, goes to Bioware for making a wonderful game in the first place. Please also check out my TOU and feel free to show off pictures of it in your games!


EXO in a Zombie Apocolypse

“  an exo reaction to a zombie apocalypse.  “

Requested by anonymous.   

Sorry this took so long. For some reason gifs still aren’t working for me (but I’m working on it) so this will also be written and short bc homework and my birthday today. yay.

Suho: would try to keep everyone calm and focused on the task at hand, whether it be travelling to a certain place or just making through the night; would probably be one of the first to die because he was looking out for the others before himself.

Baekhyun: He’s so difficult to reign in, he keeps attracting zombies to their hiding places because he just won’t stop moving or making some sort of noise. likely to die after Suho but mostly because the others are tired of his chatter and left him behind.

Chanyeol: tries very hard to keep quiet but once in a while, he’s just got to say something. Tries his best to keep everyone’s spirits up by distracting them with jokes or silly games. 

D.O: surprisingly good with a weapon; begrudgingly becomes the unofficial leader of the survivors because he’s the only one who can stay focused  long enough to get things done. he seems like a tough leader but he’s shaking with fear from the moment he wakes up.

Kai: Puppy turned soldier. He can follow orders and learn easily so he goes from innocent, sweet faced puppy boy who just wanted to dance to serious soldier zombie hunter and then right back to puppy dancer boy when the threat disappears. 

Sehun: Tries to stay near the back and not get involved in any fighting, mostly because he’s scared but will fight as hard as any of the others if any of his close friends are in danger. 

Lay: Frequently gets separated from the group but somehow makes it back alive, sometimes barely. Horrible fighter but an excellent healer and an invaluable asset to the group. 

Chen: Has way too much fun fighting off zombies, honestly its a little concerning but he’s one of the best fighters they have.

Xiumin: would be terrified but would suck it up and fight back, but every violent act he committed would haunt him for a long time afterwards

Kris: This boy trips over his own feet on a regular basis what makes you think he could survive in a zombie apocalypse. 

Tao: Has the skills to fight back but not the mental strength to, so he cowers in fear and lashes out in panic and will probably die fairly quickly or he’d come close very very often

Luhan: finally gets to be the tough guy but there are very few/no ladies left to impress 

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How was your first day of classes?



i was nervous because i didnt get to go look for my classrooms and i couldn’t find the one that i had anticipated i wouldn’t be able to find, but i just asked someone and then asked the students bundled around the door if i was in the right place and it turned out ok.

the rest were okay to find after a little wandering and trial and error. i just need to learn the buildings better to find the fastest route to class. and also my one class where I only have 10 minutes to commute from one building to the other, I really need to find a way to speed that up. I barely made it today.

But it was good! I was already assigned reading which is making my poor time management skills nervous but my professors are lovely (SO different from high school holy shit you can tell these people actually care about what they’re teaching) and i’m excited to get past syllabus week.

I'm sorry - a Shadora fanfic by islandjump1

islandjump1: Sooooo this is my first fan fiction …
Just so anyone reading this knows,
Here goes …


Sonic woke with a start. His father senses were tingling. That could only mean one thing …

Sonic walked to Aurora’s room and knocked on the door. Nothing. He tried again. Still, nothing. He decided to open the door and take a peek inside.

Once he opened the door, he instantly regretted it. It was freezing! Why was it so cold? He looked to Aurora’s bed, but there was no Aurora. He started to worry as he looked around the room. Nothing looked out of place … except for the window. It was cracked open just enough to let a cool breeze into the room. No wonder it was so cold. With that small mystery solved, he just had one left … where was Aurora? His overprotectiveness started to kick in as he started to panic. With the window open, that could only mean one thing … Shadow.


Aurora could tell that something was up. Shadow wasn’t acting like his usual self. He looked … tired. And nervous. He was almost never either of those. He just sat on his couch, looking worryingly into space. Aurora felt like she needed to bring it up, but what way of asking about it would be the least awkward? She decided that just straight up asking would be the best option.

“Shadow, what’s wrong?”

Shadow turned to look at Aurora. His usually bright, red eyes looked dull and weak. Something was definitely wrong.

It took a while for Shadow to answer. Aurora took that time to try and prepare for what he had to say, but nothing could have prepared her for what he said next.

“I’m leaving. Forever.”

That’s all he said. Just those three words. Those three words that Aurora never wanted to hear from Shadow. Ever.

“And I have to go alone.”

Shadow tried to stay strong, but he couldn’t help but let one single tear escape his eye.

Aurora felt like she had been punched. Nothing could have helped to reduce the pain that she felt in that moment. She tried to speak, but all she could do was fall to her knees and cry.

Shadow knelt beside her and kissed her forehead before wrapping his arms around her.

“Aurora … ” he whispered into her ear, so softly that she could barely hear it.

“I wish with all of me that I didn’t have to. Your are my light. The only thing that has kept me going. I don’t know how I will make it without you, but I … I … ”

That was all the male hedgehog was able to say before he broke down into tears as well. This was the only time that Aurora had seen Shadow cry. Shadow, the brave, courageous, strong, fearless, proud hedgehog, reduced to nothing more than a mess of tears, kneeling on the ground, clinging to the only thing that he truly loved, the very thing that he had to leave behind.

The two hedgehogs stayed like that for what felt like hours, and it might have been. Neither of them wanted the moment to end, because they both knew that when they broke apart, they might never come together again.

When they finally did break away from each other, they both stood and took a few steps away from each other. Shadow walked over to a closet and took out a chaos emerald. His means of leaving.

In that moment, Aurora knew that she had to make a decision. She found a piece of paper and a pencil and started to write.

“I wish that I didn’t have to do this, Light. I’m sorry. CHAOS CONTROL!”

Aurora knew that there were only seconds before Shadow was gone forever. Was this the right thing to do?

Aurora dropped the piece of paper on to the ground and lunged at Shadow, trying to grab his arm before he disappeared. She was inches from Shadow when there was a brilliant flash of light. Aurora felt nothing for a few moments, and then she felt the hard floor underneath her. She was lying on the ground, in the same spot that Shadow had stood in only moments before. Now, Shadow was gone.


Sonic burst through the door of Shadow’s house to find Aurora curled up on the ground, sobbing. Where was Shadow? Sonic knelt down next to Aurora and picked her up in his arms.

“Aurora … I’m here. Daddy’s here. Everything is going to be alright.”

“He’s g-gone. Sh-shadow’s g-gone. And he’s not c-coming back.”

It was then when Sonic saw a small piece of paper on the ground with sloppy handwriting written on it. Whoever wrote it wrote it fast.

After Aurora’s crying had slowed, Sonic stood up and gently set Aurora down on the couch before picking up the paper. Sonic was baffled by what he read.

“I’m sorry that I had to leave this way, but it seemed like there was no other option. I will be in good hands with Shadow. ~Aurora”

The end.


islandjump1: Oh chaos … WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?

[E-vay’s note: So, this is how it’s gonna be huh? One by one, you all come with a dagger to my heart. You just can’t let me be happy can you, you all just want to turn on me and destroy me. Well I won’t be defeated! (ง •̀_•́)ง No matter how much you torture my child 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。This was well done, writing really comes naturally to you! I wouldn’t have guessed this is your first fic. I’m honored that you chose to write your first story using my character. Thank you very much]

The Ring Chapter 4

Caroline finished breakfast and decided to explore the Salvatore house. She had never been alone in the house and she was going to take the opportunity to see what she could find. She explored the large collection of books that was on the bookcase; until she reached a particular book that she had not have seen since she was middle school. It looked like one of the first copies of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It looked so delicate in its leather cover as she pulled it out from its place. She began to flip through the pages seeing how old the pages were. She couldn’t resist walking over to the couch chair and opened to the fist page and started to read the classic opening line “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” With that, Caroline was lost in the world of Elizabeth and Darcy.

 Stefan struggled to open the door with the amount of bags in hands. Walking through the entry way he finally felt relief being able to drop the bags to the floor. There was no sign of Caroline in the living room, which was a good opportunity to hide the bags and put some groceries away. He walked up the stairs now looking for Caroline and noticed that her bedroom door was slightly opened. He saw her lying on her stomach looking so engrossed while reading a book. He slowly walked in the room and leaning against the wall watching her. She was biting her lower lip as she read and it looked as though she was getting to a good part of the story since Stefan was starting to her hear heart race. He was still surprised that she hadn’t looked up at him. Stefan pushed off the door and walked towards the bed. He was finally able to see the book that she was reading, “Pride and Prejudice, huh?” Stefan asked. Caroline looked up at him in surprised and felt her cheeks becoming red out of embarrassment. “Yeah,” she smiled. “I haven’t read it since I was in middle school and it was my favorite book growing up.” Stefan nodded his head in understanding, “what part are you at?” he asked sitting next to her leaving no space between them. “Darcy is about to purpose to Elizabeth for the second time,” she said continuing to read while smiling.

 Stefan couldn’t help it as he reached towards her face and pushed some of her hair behind ear. He hadn’t seen her for at least 3 hours and wanted to touch her to be around her to feel her presences. Caroline closed her eyes trying to keep herself under control from the feel of his skin brushing past her face which made her tingle. She began to slowly let out some air refocusing her attention back to her book. Caroline turned around looking into those beautiful green eyes. Her heart was racing, she hated it when he did that to her, making her feel all giddy inside and as if she was the only person in the world. “Stefan, I’m trying to read,” she said trying to act very calm. Caroline turned back to the book and turned a page ignoring the smile that Stefan had on his face.

 “Hmmm I know,” he whispered in her ear. And it’s utterly adorable.” Feeling his breath on her ear made her want to close the book, grab his face and kiss him. She wanted to push him down on the bed and kiss down his neck, to his chest and back up to his enticing lips that have been teasing her for years. She wanted to feel his fingers in her hair and gently pulling it as she moaned in his mouth as their tongues twirled together as they tasted each other. While imagining this in her mind, Stefan slowly brought his hand to her arm and stroking her up and down. He could see the hairs start to spring up as she felt the instant contact from his fingertips.

 Stefan began to caress her hair as she sighed to the touch. At this point Caroline had completely forgotten about the book while she was slowly losing it. Her heart was continuing to race even faster and Stefan was giving his best poker face as if this was completely normal between “friends”. He stroked her hair once more puller Caroline closer to him “Caroline,” he whispered. She didn’t reply, with just hearing him say her name drove her crazy. “Mmmm” she hummed lost in a trance by his voice. She thought at that minute that she would turn around she crash their lips together. “Caroline” Stefan said again against her ear. His lips were practically grazing her earlobe and she could take it. Breathing as hard as she was she was now surprise how much control she was trying to have over herself. She slowly turned her head and opened her eyes and saw his gorgeous green right back at her. They were both staring at each other and the tension was so thick in the air that Caroline thought that if either of them made another movement that she would lose all of control. Stefan leaned forward and whispered in her ear once last time “Caroline, “ she closed her eyes at his velvet voice. “Yes?” She managed to exhale out in a whisper. “Hi” he whispered. Caroline opened her eyes and looked at him as he slowly sat up and walked away from the bed. This time it was clear to Caroline that he was definitely up to something and she caught the clear the smug look on his face as he waked out of her room. 

A/N Sorry this was really short. my inspiration was running really short, but luckily i gotso advice from nellabey silverline3 and many others so hopefully chapter 5 will be longer and better :)

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Whose idea was it to tramp stamp Loki with a Thor tattoo? Did he lose a bet or something?

So after the first day at SDCC 2014 we went out to dinner to an amazing place called Phil’s BBQ. As we waited in line, LHY noticed a little machine with fake tattoos. He just starred at it for a few moments. Then stated “I want to get one but… I’m afraid if I do I’ll get a Thor one.” I looked at the device with the samples of tattoos displayed. I told him he probably wouldn’t because they didn’t even have a stand alone Thor one in the samples. He didn’t buy one. 

A few days later. The last day after SDCC we went back to the same place. This time with our friends Issac and Leah from cosportraits. Again we waited in line next to this machine. This time I decided I was going to buy the tattoo. I told him if its a Thor one then Im going to “tramp stamp his ass!” At this moment lokihatesyou didn’t necessarily agree with my terms BUT at the same time he didn’t decline them. This is always a green light in my eyes to do what I want. 

The four of us ended up all getting a tattoo. I handed one to LHY and we all opened them at the same time. Much to my luck (Wheres this luck in the casinos?) LHY got a Thor tattoo. So the rest pretty much explains itself in the video below you are referencing to. The waitress or ‘Line Fluffer’ took much pride in tram stamping LHY for me. She also didn’t make the whole “Thor & Loki” connection until about 10 minutes after recording the video. Which was kind of refreshing in its own way.

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Hi! I'm the one who posted asking about starting about Christian Witches, and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for books or anything could look into that help me, and a good place to find supplies for starting out. :)


The first book that I’m going to recommend to any Christian witch in their early days is The Christian Witch’s Handbook (Solitary Practitioner Edition) by H. Fuller Hutchinson. It’s literally one of the most helpful and specific books I’ve found. So awesome.

Any other books are just simple correspondence indexes. I really love Paul Beyerl’s Master Book of Herbalism, it has lots of good stuff on herbs and stones. Scott Cunningham is a source you’ll see pop up a lot, and a lot of what he has to say on herbs is in Beyerl’s book, but a lot of his stuff can be a little outdated, so watch out for that. Be wary of most new age authors. Silver Ravenwolf, for example, is notorious for being a huge fucking mess.

Anyway, as for supplies, I think it’s best to just raid the kitchen when you’re starting out. Go dig up quartz in the neighborhood. Buy shitloads of tea lights. Invest in a teeny tarot deck like this one. (Really, any tarot deck is fine. Amazon is also your best friend for getting cute things like this, along with books and whatever else.) You can also just take any pictures of Jesus or angel statues you might have and assemble a small altar of sorts.

Also, when it comes to working with your actual magic, learning energy work is a good first step. Energy work helps you become comfortable with the very life essence that fuels your spells and prayers and keeps you alive. This essence is your power, your breath of life, that God gave you. Search for stuff on energy work and check out pinewitch‘s stuff on energy work.

Hope this is helpful!

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do you think that's really clementine?

Nah. I mean, it would be more shocking if she was Clementine, because right now, it makes no sense to me.

The most important question is, how would Julian get her out of the outer sphere without an amphora? Because back then, he didn’t have it in his possession. But okay, one might argue that he obviously knows of a way out. After all, he did escape once. However, if it was something that could be easily (and quickly) repeated, there wouldn’t be millions of souls still trapped in there. Would he risk going in there, knowing that it’s a real miracle he got out in the first place, just so he could manipulate Edward? Nah, he would’ve found an easier way to do that.

And Clementine herself. As I said, there are milions of souls trapped in the prison world. How would Julian know who to look for? Her name isn’t even Clementine. She was Clementine the same way Lyrae is Julian; against all the odds (she’s not a higher angel), she’s found a way to co-exist with her host. But now that she’s been separated from Edward’s dead wife, she has her own soul. 

Don’t you think it’s suspcious she calls herself Clementine? And Julian keeps saying that she’s Edward’s wife, even though the second half of their team’s already dead. She’s occupying another body, so technically, she could be using her new host’s name. Well, it could be because the angelic version of Clementine is clinging to the identity she’s built for herself in the last 25 years, and Edward can definitely relate to this feeling. But, somehow, I think there’s a different explanation. One that has more to do with manipulating Riesen than an identity crisis.

Everything Clementine knows, she could’ve pieced together from Julian’s intel or the things Alex said when he was still in New Delphi. Edward’s the one who does most of the talking.

And the way she’s acting.. Her sole purpose was to convince Edward to give up the location of the amphora. She should know him well enough to be aware of the fact that doing such a thing goes against everything he stands for. Plus we have that parallel from my gifset. Edward loved Clementine so much, he was horrified when she became na 8ball. Fake Clementine, on the other hand, was visibly relieved when Edward lost control of 50% of his body.

To me, it all sounds like Julian’s clever manipulation.