but imagine marrish being soulmates

not as some au thing though but as actual soulmates. imagine them being harbingers of death in every past life they’ve ever lived and every new life that’s yet to come. imagine the first time they saw each other in 4x03, that first look between them at the wendigo house, their first thought was she/he seems familiar but they didn’t know why and ended up pushing it aside thinking it was nothing. imagine jordan always being the first one to remember, imagine his hallucination in 5x01 being not just a hallucination but a memory from his past life, where lydia finds him dying and stays with him till his last breath.

imagine in every life one of them has to watch the other one die right in front of them and they can’t do anything about it besides hold their bleeding body in their arms until they go cold. until their heart stops beating. until they use their last breath to say i love you but they’re already gone before they can even finish. (and its usually jordan holding lydia in his arms.)

imagine the reason they work so well together, the reason they understand each other, are so comfortable around each other is because in the back of their minds it all seems so familiar.

like they’ve gone through this so many times before.

imagine them being drawn to each other not just because of death, but because of love. because they’re meant to be together but they’re also meant to lose each other.

over and over again.

because their connection runs deeper than just death.