On Angel Season 4 vs Buffy Season 6

On Twitter I was asked by Snow Bird: In “All right” you dissed Angel S4 a lot (validly) but you love Buffy S6 which I feel has basically the same problems. How come?

You’d first have to tell me which AS4 and BS6 problems are the same. To me, they seem mostly very different.

Snowy Birdy

I’ll try. Much of this is based on your last top 10. Bleak feeling (fun=dirty word). Characters (Cordy, Willow from power to drug addict.) Weak villains and focus. You mentioned, “your inner fanboy"really liking the season which also surprises me. It seems just relentlessly depressing to me. And you criticized the harsh "team breakdown” in Angel which was in full force in B6. It wallowed in misery for forever. As for Buffy in Season 6, I buy her being really depressed but I couldn’t buy her getting with Spike like that. Seemed forced. I’m not a huge fan of AS4 either but there are interesting parallels and quite a few shared problems I think.

So the usual disclaimers apply here. I’m going to try and justify something which ultimately comes back to straight up personal preference. Nothing I say has any basis in real fact. This is simply why one works for me and the other doesn’t. This might get long.

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The Similarities

Both seasons are very bleak. In fact, I think B6 is far darker than A4. Even Buffy’s comic relief episodes in that season end with what feels like the hard return of thundering agony. Once More With Feeling has Buffy’s ‘I was in heaven’ refrain with Willow weeping and the instant the magic wears off in Tabula Rasa every character feels as though they’re executing a hungover walk of shame.

In contrast, Spin the Bottle feels like purer relief, and not only that but once Cordelia is mercifully put into a coma the Jasmine storyline comes along and balances some scary hive mind shenanigans (UNITY!!!1) with ACTUAL situational humor that doesn’t have the stink of the cheap laughs we got from the Trio (I despise the Trio - more on that soon.)

Both seasons also have an insufferable child character in Dawn and Conner, and I’ve said I hated Conner so much that an episode with him getting beat up made one of my Top 10s. There are a few distinctions I would make here. First, while Dawn is a drawback to Season 5 for me, she almost becomes too much of a background character in Season 6. Conner is a centerpiece to A4. They both suck the life off the screen but Conner is given much more free reign to do it. 

I think also I end up giving Dawn more latitude because her shortcomings make sense to me. Whenever she acts out and does something particularly frustrating (Get out, GET out, GET OUT) I tend to think to myself, “Meh, she’s 14.” And typically she supplies SOME kind of mea culpa. Conner is regularly provided with EVIDENCE that he is in the wrong and doggedly maintains his idiotic courses of action.  

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There is also what their characters represent. Dawn is a part of Buffy. She is a loved one, family, and Buffy’s ties to innocence and idealism (at least in 5.) The two of them share one of the best moments in the series on the top of the tower, and the moment Dawn realizes what Buffy is thinking (Buffy…no) my heart splits in two. We SHARE that moment with her. It’s probably Trachtenberg’s finest bit of acting in the series and it earns Dawn some future indulgence with me.

On the other hand, Conner very VERY rarely earns love. He is shown as pitiable but not identifiable for so regularly making terrible (and in some cases, vile) decisions, and never attempting amends. There is never a moment of reckoning or catharsis for Angel and him. I’ve heard some people point to Season 5 when his memories have been restored and he and Angel fight side by side. But that isn’t Season 4 Conner restored. That is the Conner that has the placid magical memories of childhood AND Season 4 Conner’s memories. It isn’t the same character.

Buffy Season 6

Season 6 is my favorite season of the show but I think it easily has the most issues, especially when compared to the VERY clean Season 3. The first and most obvious is the Trio. Whedon stated in the DVD commentary for Innocence that at all times he wanted to juxtapose the drama in the series with humor, which helped keep it all afloat. Buffy is in a fight with the newly released Angelus beneath a dramatic storm of falling water, and we cut to a shot of Oz: “Uhm…arm.”

Thing is, the Trio’s humor doesn’t work in tandem with the rest of the season, it works AGAINST it. Most of the humor in the previous seasons was a manifestation of the character’s personalities. They’re all smart, quippy, and sharp individuals who fall back on gallows humor whenever things are at their worst. But in Season 6 they all are suffering and this time, can’t find something to sing about. So the Trio is brought in as a counterbalance.

But the Trio…well…suck. Really. With the exception of Jonathan, none of them have any sort of interesting backstory. In fact that’s the joke with Andrew (Tucker’s brother.) Not only that but what is supposed to make them funny is for me offensive: Haha, nerds. They don’t present us nerdy humor, they present us humor because they’re nerds. I despise that chintzy ‘Big Bang Theory’ approach to people who are passionate about media (HAHA, He speaks Klingon. What a dummy.)

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Willow’s arc is well-traveled territory at this point. I’m in the camp that believes the magic=drugs idea isn’t well set up (Giles actively encourages her magical pursuits early on…was he pushing heroin on her?) and then was just a sledgehammer when they execute it. People say she behaves as a different character in Season 6 (don’t piss me off Giles) but I’m not certain that true. I’ve done my best to highlight her issues with consent in preparation for this season, notably her casting the de-lusting spell on Xander without his knowledge. Also, the one thing that “she is not herself in 6” doesn’t account for is that these characters DEVELOP. They change over time and, like us, not always for the better. I didn’t experience my worst period of depression until I was in my 30s. For me, the signs were always there.

And as much as I cherish the underpinnings of the Dark Willow story and tried to distil it’s best parts in my last Top 10, the bulk of her dialogue is mildly cringe-inducing. Once she saps Rack for his last bit of power she becomes a bad guy from Roadhouse, “You really need to have every square inch of your ass kicked.”  Dark Willow shouldn’t play like a Bond villain.

I’m not even going to get into Seeing Red. Too polarizing. An article unto its own.

Angel Season 4

It is common for these shows to have turning points in their seasons but Angel Season 4 feels like two entirely different seasons taped together.  One of them I like very much. The other I can’t stand. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to decouple them, as the one I like only represents 5 episodes in total.

The Beast half of the season is utterly humorless, drab, and depressing. It opens with the team shattered and remains unrelenting. The beating heart of Angel investigations is absent because she for no adquate reason became an angel. Angel is at the bottom of the ocean famished and going mad. And his attacker, his own son, is working with his friends. We get Cordelia back but not really because without her memory she is the antithesis of the fiery passionate character we’ve always known. We get Angel back, relegating Conner to a, “What the hell do we do with this guy?” position. Then Gunn kills a man, an act from which he never really recovers. He and Fred break up. Cordy leaves Angel and takes shelter with Conner. And then Cordy and Conner sleep together.

And THEN, things get worse.

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The stretch from there to Jasmine could have been great and includes MANY fun details. But there is a constant shadow over it all because of what happened to Cordelia. We might’ve been able to recover from the amnesia storyline but from the moment she and Conner slept together, the whole plot line became, for me, vile. The self-evidently disgusting aspects of incest aside, what made it so much worse is watching a character I had learned to love and admire being dragged into this cesspool. I spoke at length about it in the top 10. Here is a link to, “The Assassination of Cordelia Chase.

It isn’t until nearly the halfway point of that season that Cordy is revealed to be “possessed” but dear god was that far too late. After they’d dragged her through the mud and dropped no hints as to what MIGHT be going on, the reveal of her as the bad guy felt cheap and not worth the bath in slop we’d endured to get to it. This was the moment I was just waiting for the season to be over. But then, the demon baby is born (Angel is definitely not a feminist show) and things turned around. Leading to one of my favorite Seasons of both Buffy and Angel, Season 5.

So what’s the difference?

Here we come to the purely subjective aspect of it. The difference for me is in the meaning. The ‘why’ of it. Yes, both seasons are oppressive. But Buffy Season 6 has something to SAY about it all. The gang suffers mightily but their suffering is a model for aspects of the human experience. I’ve known many people who watch that season and find comfort because they’re watching characters going through something they’ve PERSONALLY experienced in their own lives. The existential void. As I said in the first Top 10, profound depression isn’t necessarily measured by how bad you feel but by how little you feel, as Buffy expresses throughout that season. Give me something to sing about. Using Spike to hurt herself, because she’d rather hurt than feel nothing. And then finding the courage to pull HERSELF out of that darkness.

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And whatever you think of the magic=drugs scenario or the monologuing Dark Willow, the arc itself is understandable and grounded in Willow’s previous actions in other seasons. Who wouldn’t be tempted to use magic selfishly? Especially someone who had at times in previous seasons, acted demonstrably selfish, even potentially capable of wrath (Wild at Heart.) As for her driving grief, I feel that on a profound level. Tara’s death was painful, and present for me at all times during the Dark Willow arc. When Xander’s love finally opens the door for her to let her grief in, I crumble. With the exception of Warren’s gun in Seeing Red, most of the season is driven by strengths and the weakness of characters I love and cherish, and feel like I UNDERSTAND.

Angel’s fourth season feels driven completely by the motivations of its own plot rather than the motivations of its characters. Plot driven shows are not necessarily a bad thing, but I never felt the WHY of it until Jasmine. WHY am I being dragged through this experience? What is the redemption? The meaning? The purpose? These characters are being violated or abused. To what end? Mostly they DON’T overcome their circumstances. Angelus does. Angelus kills the beast and then Faith (not an Angel character) captures Angelus. Evil Cordy is enabled by a frustrating painful-to-watch character in Conner. And I never really found a lifeline to grab onto.

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Now there are two exceptions to this. The first is Jasmine. Jasmine’s ‘peace versus free will’ philosophical questions are delectable and the whole plot line finally brought some levity. The other exception is Wesley and his descent. But neither feature adequate enough screen time to provide a counterbalance to everything else I’ve talked about here.

On close examination of either season, you can see major frustrating issues. I guess the difference for me is, when I pull back from Buffy Season 6, those issues fade into the tapestry of something I find very beautiful and moving. When I pull back from Angel Season 4 I see a dryer on spin cycle.

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since my blog celebrated its first anniversary this year and i recently hit 2k, i wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone!! i’m not good at lenghty and cheesy speeches but i just want you to know how much i appreciate every single one of you, thank you! ♡ so here are some of my favourite blogs 11/10 recommend following

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Day 6: Favourite Servamp

Okay, since I already had Hyde for the first day, let’s go with a “who I would want my Servamp to be” kind of “favourite” I guess. (Besides, I like all of them)

It’s Kuro!

(Oh finally, an entry that’s not Licht!!)

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Bio mom keeps texting me...

I answered the first one at Thanksgiving with a photo of them dressed up that day. The second one (last week sometime) I ignored “give them goodnight kisses for me and tell them I love them - at 10 pm). Yesterday she asks how they are doing - I replied and said they were good, had been sick but were getting better. She texted a few times saying she missed them and wishes she could talk to them. I ignored that part and replied to something else. She then asked if I would let them call her and we need to set up e-mail communication and what about Facebook, can we be Facebook friends and communicate through that. 

The 10 day revocation period is up Wednesday. We think. Friday at the outset. I don’t want to piss her off but also need to start setting boundaries. I replied that the adoption will not be final for about 6 months and until then the state still has custody and I have to follow their rules and I don’t know what is allowed but will check with the case manager and get back to her. I also told her that I hadn’t told the girls anything yet (can’t until the 10 days is up) and once I did they would have questions and would need to hear from her that they are staying here permanently and will still see her sometimes, and i want to make sure we are all on the same page with what we will tell the girls. She then says call me tomorrow so we can decide what to tell them. I didn’t reply and she starts texting me this morning - don’t tell them anything until you talk to me. I finally replied that I can’t tell them anything until the case manager OKs it and that I would let her know after I talked to the CM, and left it at that. I’m trying to buy time until the 10 days are up before I enforce all the boundaries and let her know what I will be telling the girls and what she is allowed and not allowed to tell them (I don’t what them having false hope). I do think a visit around Christmas/birthday is a good idea - after I tell them and she can reinforce it, but I honestly don’t know what is allowed and not since I really won’t have any more authority than I do now until about May-ish. 

These are the things I didn’t know about foster care - how hard it will be to do this part of it - the managing the bio family part, especially as it goes to and after adoption. And that you will have to do an open adoption in some cases (voluntary surrender). I know contact is better than none, and I will try to my best to make the open adoption as best as it can be for them, but I also believe in telling kids the truth and I will be honest with the girls about why they can’t live with bio mom in an age-appropriate way. But keeping them from her I do think would also be detrimental in the long run. Bio mom hasn’t, can’t, won’t admit she is an addict and that is the problem - it is everyone/thing else, but not her and this is all happening TO her and not BECAUSE of her. And that is not a message that will be healthy for the girls to hear growing up. 

I knew I was signing up to be a single parent, to traumatized kids. And its a lot - the house, the pets (especially “The Beast” aka, new puppy), the full-time high-stress job, and twin 3, almost 4 year olds, and respite kids. But I do OK most of the time. I think. But I was not bargaining on dealing with the bio mom in the way that this has turned out and she just pushes my delicately scheduled life and my emotional energy over the limit.

This post took a turn from the two sentence I meant to write - there  goes that half-hour for work again. Ugh. I’m the best procrastinator. 

Q: Did you have one favourite William scene?

Jimmi Simpson: The thing that was most exciting for me was playing this man who’s falling in love—I don’t get hired to do that too often. So those few sweet scenes where Dolores and William open themselves up to each other in a way they never really have for anyone else, that was also me going through that process as a performer for the first time.


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Have you read Hickeys and hearts yet? What did you think?

YES I have and I LOVED it!! Lena is getting so frustrated and jealous, I love fics where one of them gets jealous so much.. it’s so cute <3

and it’s so cool that someone actually wrote a fic about it.. like this is the first time I’m really active (is that the right word?) in a fandom and to see that there are fanfics inspired by my blog is really really cool.. and also that the one-shot was written for me!!  I totally didn’t smile for like 10 minutes after I read that.. nope.. never happened.. <3

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Loved the ask with the s/o who tease lo'lo, can you do the same for Sinbad and Muu pls? :)

Wow I feel like this is my first post in 10 years. I started playing Mystic Messenger on the way home from out trip, and finished it the other day. I spent like $15 on the hourglasses and I’m stupidly in love with Yoosung. So besides the dog dilemma, MM happened, and school is physically murdering me. I got 68% on a math test, that required 70% to pass. wtf ~

Sinbad and Muu with teasing s/o

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♥ Honestly, Sinbad doesn’t get all that worked up, often. It’s something new and different, so it really adds a bit of a twist to his game. If his s/o were to tease him, he’s going to throw something right back, just as smooth and enticing.

♥ On the inside, he’s really glad to have someone who he can do this with. He sometimes makes a game out of it. Who can say the most lewd thing, and still continue on their daily tasks. If you said something really dirty, he might take a step back, to calm himself down. He rlly wants to head to da bedroom and bang tbhh.

♥ One of the best ways to catch him off guard is when he’s neck deep in work, and hasn’t taken a break for a while. This is when it would actually fluster him, and he instantly wants to go to pound town. Sinbad’s already got his arm around your waist so there’s no way you’re getting out of it now.

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Muu keeps such a stoic face, but on the inside, he’s melting like butter. He doesn’t want to let anyone else know just how easy the leader of the Fanalis Corps can be flustered. 

♥ The fact that you say something and walk off like it’s nothing, really bothers him. Well.. It leaves him hot and bothered, so he doesn’t, not like it…

♥ He’s not going to act on his desires, in public. But when alone of in the comfort of their own home, he’s actually quick to act, and instantly grabs you, and pulling them in for a real deep kiss, until it escalates further, obviously..

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Send this to your 10 favourite people on tumblr and answer these questions (anon or not): 1. Favourite colour? 2. Favourite band? 3. Favourite tumblr person? 4. Otp? 5. Favourite show? 6. Favourite food? 7. Sexuality and gender/pronouns? 8. Do you have a YouTube channel? 9. Dream job? 10. Single?

awww tysm for sending me this 💕💕

  1. favourite colour: red and black
  2. favourite band: bts
  3. favourite tumblr person: you cannot just ask me that aaAAA here are some that first came into my mind @cloudshowell @hohomotherfuckers @sugarplum-howell @marvelphil @fallawayoongi @tinybeanlester @dimplydan @oops-phan but there are so many more omg i love all of the ppl i follow
  4. otp: yoonseok, yoonseok, yoonseok
  5. favourite show: yuri on ice !!
  6. favourite food: i hate to be this basic but pizza
  7. sexuality, pronouns: straight & she/her
  8. youtube channel: i don’t have one
  9. dream job: i literally have no idea and i should be at uni next year so rip my future let’s see what i will come up with
  10. singe: unfortunately 

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Name your 5 favourite blogs and write reviews for all of them

I’m offended ((not really ily)) by your use of “favourite” but I’m thANKING you anyway this this like he cutest ask I’ve ever gotten??? Bless???

Alright buddo so number 1 as got to be @brumble-tunges-scrungles-cumbis because like,,, they’re one of my absolute favorite people in the world. 1958/10 will make you laugh until awkward snorting sounds come out and is one of the kindest most lovely people in the world WARNING: they will, destroy your sleep schedule, convince you to watch horror movies at 3 am, and will murder you repeatedly without mercy in any first person shooter dESPITE CONSTANT PLEADS TO BE SPARED

Coming up in number two is the always amazing @sarcasticwanderlust for many obvious reasons. Like??? They’re so lovely??? And funny??? And talented??? And creative??? And awesome???? 5/7 deserves the world and much much more

Fabulous #3 is gonna be @leawiththebeatles because she’s so??? Amazing??? A great friend I would 19572/10 recommend she’s great and funny and ejckwjzkal yes. Many many yesss.  Bless this human.

The always amazing number 4 is going to be @peppermintnerd because I cant describe in words how absolutely lovely and sweet she is??? Without a doubt one of the kindest people I’ve met and I adore??? Absolutely fantastic human.

Last but not least in any way shape or form is my smol son @twiddlemediddle i love??? Gia??? So??? Much???? They’re my everything??? I would sell my soul for this little shit bless. Imma cry we’ll be in the same school again next year I can’t wait.

((There’s tons of other amazing people these people are all fantastic and I 29482/4 suggest you follow them they’re wonderful)))

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7, 8, 10, 13, Jamilton pls?¿

7) Who said “I love you” first? and who ends their arguments in a fight with “Because I love you”?

It was Alexander who was the first to tell Thomas that he loved him. Alexander said it most casually and Thomas sort of stood there in shock- frozen and unable to move. Thomas always ends the arguments in, “Because I love you”.

8) Who likes to wear the others sweatshirts?

Thomas is seven and half inches taller than Alexander. Alexander lives for days in Thomas’s sweatshirts. 

10) Who is more likely to cheat?

Thomas is unable to cheat. Alexander is most likely to cheat. The thought scares Thomas. 

13) Who initiates duets? and who is the better singer?

For someone so musical Thomas really is nervous about singing around other people. Alexander initiates the duets in broken pitches and Thomas turns red, joins along. Soon, Alexander grows quieter and quieter before he stops singing complete and just watches Thomas finish off the entire song. Alexander stares with a huge grin on his face. 

I was tagged by @swolseb​. Tysm ♡

Rules: Shuffle your music and write down the first ten songs! No skipping! 

1. Black Coast - TRNDSTTR (Lucian Remix) 

2. Better Days - Victoria Monét ft Ariana Grande

3. Close as Strangers - 5 Seconds of Summer

4.  Birds - Ooldplay

5. City Lights - Bridgit Mendler

6. Can’t Sleep Love - Pentatonix

7. Castle - Halsey

8. Break Free - Ariana Grande ft. Zedd

9. All I Ask - Adele

10. Aniron - Enya

I tag: @celebrlan @jxmesmcavoy @paarkers @wandamsximoff @anttonystark @frodobaggins @daenerysn @peferparker @buckyskindahottho

Also, I fucking hope that isn’t a CS engagement ring.

1) Not here for them throwing cheap milestones out there without the 10 episodes of relationship growth that would make a leap from “I just only now can say I love you in a chill situation” to getting married believable.

2) No, literally that first point. At this point if it’s a CS engagement, it’s the actual definition of telling and not showing. Fuck that.

3) That is a boring af ring and I expect better.


Thank you all for 100 followers! Technically, 104, but four of those followers are bots. I am still very happy to have you all here!

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And to give back to my followers I am opening back up my moodboards and making them for the first five people who request one!

All you have to do is give me your name, gender, and pick a number between 1-10. I will go to this page and the number you pick will be the amount of times I randomize it. I will then create a moodboard for you based on what power you get! If I land on a power that seems too powerful for the peculiar universe (such as being a god ;-;) I will randomize it until it lands on something better fitting.

Anyway, I am excited to be making these! And remember it is only for the first five people! So be quick! 

I love you!

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What if you answer all 132 questions? (she says sinisterly). ;)

lol You sassy bitch. XD Alright Jenni, I’ll play your game! This is for you, @airebeam

  • 1: Name Clark
  • 2: Age 27
  • 3: 3 Fears Spiders, Heights, Being pulled underwater
  • 4: 3 things I love Friends, Fiction, Family
  • 5: 4 turns on Big Chest, Big Bum, Great Personality, Great Sense of Humor
  • 6: 4 turns off Hateful/Rude Personality, Lack of Hygiene,     Inappropriate, No Sense of Humor
  • 7: My best friend @coonfootproductions
  • 8: Sexual orientation Straight
  • 9: My best first date Spent an entire date at an amusement park. Lots of fun!
  • 10: How tall am I Last time I checked 6’ 2’’
  • 11: What do I miss Friends who were within driving distance.
  • 12: What time were I born 1989. If you’re asking for something specific like a time of day you’re out of luck. XD
  • 13: Favorite color Blue and “Hippie” colors
  • 14: Do I have a crush Yup. XD
  • 15: Favorite quote Do no harm but take no shit.
  • 16: Favorite place Front of my computer. I can do so much. Also the bar my friends at work introduced me to.
  • 17: Favorite food Chicken tenders and Long Branch Fries. :D
  • 18: Do I use sarcasm Like you wouldn’t believe.  
  • 19: What am I listening to right now Uno: The Movie
  • 20: First thing I notice in new person What they look like. I’m better with faces than names.
  • 21: Shoe size Last I checked about 11 or 11 ½
  • 22: Eye color Brown  
  • 23: Hair color Brown
  • 24: Favorite style of clothing Casual. Jeans and t-shirts or polos.
  • 25: Ever done a prank call? Nope
  • 27: Meaning behind my URL Name and title of a Naruto OC. XD
  • 28: Favorite movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
  • 29: Favorite song Killer Queen
  • 30: Favorite band Queen at the moment.
  • 31: How I feel right now Could be better, but I’m getting there.
  • 32: Someone I love All my friends and most of my family.
  • 33: My current relationship status Single
  • 34: My relationship with my parents Pretty good. I get on their nerves at time, but they also say I’m the most open and grateful of their kids. Even if I’m the one who’ll question their decisions on certain things more than others.
  • 35: Favorite holiday Halloween. Been years since I’ve celebrate but I love the atmosphere.
  • 36: Tattoos and piercing i have None
  • 37: Tattoos and piercing i want Greed’s Ouroboros and a     Mandalorian Skull
  • 38: The reason I joined Tumblr @coonfootproductions​ insisted. XD
  • 39: Do I and my last ex hate each other? No actually. We get along pretty well and I still make sure to stay in touch with her.
  • 40: Do I ever get “good morning” or “good night ” texts? Not usually. Mostly back when I was dating.
  • 41: Have I ever kissed the last person you texted? Yes
  • 42: When did I last hold hands? Earlier today. I like to ask my folks to cause I like holding hands for some reason and it’s always fun to watch their reaction. I feel being weird at random times keeps them on their toes.
  • 43: How long does it take me to get ready in the morning? I try to get ready within 5 to 10 minutes so I can get to work on time.
  • 44: Have You shaved your legs in the past three days? Never shaved.
  • 45: Where am I right now? In front of my computer. Duh.    
  • 46: If I were drunk &amp; can’t stand, who’s taking care of me? Probably my friends from work.
  • 47: Do I like my music loud or at a reasonable level? Reasonable.    Loud enough to focus and drown out anything behind me.
  • 48: Do I live with my Mom and Dad? Yes
  • 49: Am I excited for anything? This year to be over.
  • 50: Do I have someone of the opposite sex I can tell everything to? Yup. My Mom’s always been someone I could talk to since I was a kid.
  • 51: How often do I wear a fake smile? Quite a bit. It helps me when I’m feeling down. That and making others laugh. Helps make me feel better by proxy.
  • 52: When was the last time I hugged someone? Just earlier today. I’m a very huggy person.
  • 53: What if the last person I kissed was kissing someone else right in front of me? Well since it’s probably one of my parents kissing my other parent I don’t think I’d mind that much. Not unless they blatantly start making out in front of me.
  • 54: Is there anyone I trust even though I should not? Can’t say I do. If I don’t trust you odds are I don’t really hang with you.
  • 55: What is something I disliked about today? The power went out RIGHT as I was typing this up the first time.
  • 56: If I could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be? Tara Strong. XD That’d be great.
  • 57: What do I think about most? Mostly all the projects I want to get started with friends.
  • 58: What’s my strangest talent? Pull my arm completely around my neck.
  • 59: Do I have any strange phobias? Mostly sharks, squids, or some other nasty pulling me underwater.
  • 60: Do I prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it? Don’t mind being in front of one. XD
  • 61: What was the last lie I told? I’ll be turning in soon. Kept myself awake for another hour or so reading. :P
  • 62: Do I prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online? Video chatting. Less awkward for some reason.
  • 63: Do I believe in ghosts? How about aliens? Yes and yes.
  • 64: Do I believe in magic? Kinda
  • 65: Do I believe in luck? Kinda
  • 66: What’s the weather like right now? It’s night time now, but I can safely say: cold.
  • 67: What was the last book I’ve read? Dang. Good question. Haven’t read a physical book since Harry Potter. XD
  • 68: Do I like the smell of gasoline? Love it. As a kid I called it my favorite smell. XD
  • 69: Do I have any nicknames? Only ones that stuck were Iron, IronBlood, or Aika.
  • 70: What was the worst injury I’ve ever had? Got stitches 3 times in my face, but the worst would be when I fell on a mower engine and had a blister on the entirety of my left palm. Felt like my skin was melting.
  • 71: Do I spend money or save it? It’s a mix. I save a good chunk of money to pay off debts and bills and the stuff labeled just for me I spend like clockwork.
  • 72: Can I touch my nose with a tongue?  No. Be cool though.
  • 73: Is there anything pink in 10 feet from me? Yeah, a stuffed Christmas Carebear that we pull out every year.
  • 74: Favorite animal? I think cats. They’re a lot like me.
  • 75: What was I doing last night at 12 AM? Reading fanfiction, Tvtropes, or Tumblr.
  • 76: What do I think is Satan’s last name is? Fer
  • 77: What’s a song that always makes me happy when I hear it? Night Begins to Shine
  • 78: How can you win my heart? Have a fun/naughty/funny way of thinking/talking. Never be boring.
  • 79: What would I want to be written on my tombstone? Didn’t waste his life.
  • 80: What is my favorite word? Fuck. I might overuse that word a bit.
  • 81: My top 5 blogs on tumblr Ones I check almost daily are @coonfootproductions @airebeam @themanwithnobats @chillguydraws @cheesecakes-by-lynx
  • 82: If the whole world were listening to me right now, what would I say? Why can’t we get along? Seriously? Are we all just fucking nuts or something?
  • 83: Do I have any relatives in jail? Not that I know of. Probably a few who deserve it.
  • 84: I accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what’s even cooler is that they endow me with the super-power of my choice! What is that power? I’d want animal shape-shifting.     Beast Boy FTW!
  • 85: What would be a question I’d be afraid to tell the truth on? Most traumatic memory.
  • 86: What is my current desktop picture?
  • 87: Had sex? Virgin
  • 88: Bought condoms? Nope
  • 89: Gotten pregnant? Don’t think that’s possible.
  • 90: Failed a class? Oh yeah
  • 91: Kissed a boy? Don’t think so.
  • 92: Kissed a girl? Yup
  • 93: Have I ever kissed somebody in the rain? Yup
  • 94: Had job? Can’t pay bills otherwise. Thankfully it’s an office job. Retail was killing me.
  • 95: Left the house without my wallet? Yup. Not fun.
  • 96: Bullied someone on the internet? No. I’ve called people assholes for being assholes, but that’s it.
  • 97: Had sex in public? Virgin, remember?
  • 98: Played on a sports team? Yup. One year on a basketball team. Only one win that season. Had fun though.
  • 99: Smoked weed? No
  • 100: Did drugs? No
  • 101: Smoked cigarettes? No
  • 102: Drank alcohol? No
  • 103: Am I a vegetarian/vegan? No. Don’t mind those who are though.
  • 104: Been overweight? No
  • 105: Been underweight? No
  • 106: Been to a wedding? Yup
  • 107: Been on the computer for 5 hours straight? OH YEAH.
  • 108: Watched TV for 5 hours straight? Before I discovered social media that was a regular thing.
  • 109: Been outside my home country? No. Be fun though.
  • 110: Gotten my heart broken? Yup
  • 111: Been to a professional sports game? Few baseball games.
  • 112: Broken a bone? Nope
  • 113: Cut myself? Nope
  • 114: Been to prom? Junior and Senior.
  • 115: Been in airplane? Several times.
  • 116: Fly by helicopter? Nope
  • 117: What concerts have I been to? Country Group that played at our town park.
  • 118: Had a crush on someone of the same sex? Yes and no. I’ve imagined those hypotheticals regarding fictional characters and the like. I’m comfortable enough with my sexuality and sexuality in general to deal with those sort of What Ifs?
  • 119: Learned another language? I wish.
  • 120: Wore make up? Nope
  • 121: Lost my virginity before I was 18? Still got it.
  • 122: Had oral sex? I wish.
  • 123: Dyed my hair? Nope
  • 124: Voted in a presidential election? In every one I could.
  • 125: Rode in an ambulance? Nope
  • 126: Had a surgery? Yes. On both legs.
  • 127: Met someone famous? Wendee Lee, Yaya Han, and Scott McNeil. XD
  • 128: Stalked someone on a social network? No. I’ve checked updates on social media every day but I don’t think that counts.  
  • 129: Peed outside? I live in the country, so that’s a given.
  • 130: Been fishing? Yeah, not my thing.
  • 131: Helped with charity? Yup
  • 132: Been rejected by a crush? Yup
  • 133: Broken a mirror? Several times actually.
  • 134: What do I want for birthday? Too many things to list! XD

Comment below if you like videos too, I feel like a douche posting selfies all the time!! Sorry for the lightning the sun ☀️ wasn’t up yet 😁. I love training early morning but I definitely don’t have the same strength as when training later on. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the first exercise which was dumbbell bent rows which I switched from barbell bent row for variation. Exclusive Back workout for that day was: -
1. Chin ups & Pull ups for warmup 3x5-
2. BentOver Dumbell rows 3 x10-
3. Unilateral lat pulldown - 3x 10-
4. supinated Pull down - 3x 10-
5. lumbar hyperextension (isometric hold) for a finisher. 3 sets-
In the video just the second and third exercised are shown. Trained abs after too. -
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Relationship status: s i n g l e
Favorite colour: greeeen
Pets: nope, but i have been catsitting for some fam friends and i luv it,, ( had some stick insects when i was younger, and a fish which died after a week wow </3)
Last song I listened to: loner // kali uchis rn
Favorite TV show(s?): gbbo, htgawm, gilmore girls, freaks and geeks, first dates
Worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: hajmolas they’re SO GROSS and idek if i’ve ever eaten one but my mom does and it literally makes me feel :///// (wow i sound whiny af and i’ll accept that but. grOss)

Favorite place: idk somewhere nice and outside and there’s too many places in this universe to have favourites there’s so many factors that come into play and

tysm for the tag Sofia <3

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  • Last movie you watched: Forrest Gump (I love the Nam scenes)
  • Last song you listened to: Slo-mo-tion by Marilyn Manson
  • Last TV Show you watched: Law & Order
  • Last book you read: I’m currently reading Inventing the Schlieffen Plan by Terence Zuber
  • Last thing you ate: I just finished a box of Mike & Ikes
  • First thing you would do if you won the lottery? Pay off college loans lmao
  • Character you would hang out with for a day: Probably Max Payne, as depressing as he is
  • Time right now: 22:52
  • Last game you played: Battlefield 1, of course
  • Historical figure(s) you would hang out with for a day: Kurt Student, Hasso von Manteuffel, Kaiser Friedrich III, Grand Duke Friedrich I von Baden, Grand Duke Friedrich II von Baden, Andrew Jackson, Stonewall Jackson, George Amstrong Custer

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Things I say

I 110% stole this idea from @stephaniie-brown btw lmao

  • Hella
  • ign instead of ing [fuckign]
  • :) This :) face :) too :) often :) :) :)
  • [wordless screaming]
  • can somebody please hit me with a bus
  • I haven’t slept
  • It wasn’t me
  • [refers to people as comic book characters]
  • gay
  • hella gay
  • shit I’m gay
  • not gay enough
  • [gay being used as a compliment/positive term in general]
  • aaaAAAaaAAAAaa
  • shenanigans
  • sfgdrfsaefesfs … **asdfdfg
  • guess whos [insert terrible thing here]??? ITS ME
  • what teh fuc k
  • [insert random crappy pun here]
  • [insert an even crappier pun in response to any comments on the first]
  • I’m gonna need you to literally murder me in the next 10 minutes
  • walk to canada and [insert thing] pls
  • I WILL WALK THERE AND [insert thing]
  • you’re my kid now
  • fite me
  • hiiiissssss
  • Fuck Oliver Queen
  • Current Mood: [insert gif/meme here]
  • I’m honestly just a terrible person [usually in response to “Jean WHY?!”
  • [horribly depressing headcanons]
  • I’m a slut for [insert thing here. Normally Batlantern or Angst]
  • *too many typos
  • [sends a fic preview] shit theres a sentence missing one sec
  • adfaszdfasgsegserg
  • it gone
  • yes good excellent
  • [finger guns in response to Rosie’s finger guns]