Eleanor Friedberger, “My Mistakes”

Or, “the triumph of stoop-sitting over Britt Daniel.”

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The moments when Claire Jamie account when they put red ears of pleasure or happiness ... Sam also happens;) Sorry if I have not explained well, English is not my native language. Thank you!


“No, not every time,” I said, amused. “Only if the man is a good lover.”

“Oh.” His ears turned faintly pink. I was slightly alarmed to see the look of frank interest being replaced with one of growing determination.

Dragonfly in Amber:

“There’s Annalise de Marillac,” I said, admiring her. “Doesn’t she look lovely?”

“Oh, aye.” Something in his voice made me glance sharply upward. A faint pink tinged the tips of his ears.

“Well, it was Glengarry and Castellotti, was what it was,” he said defensively. “I mean, playing at cards and dice is one thing, but they wouldna leave it at that. And they thought it verra funny that I’d wish to be faithful to my wife. They said… well, they said a number of things, and I… I got rather tired of it.” He looked away, the tips of his ears burning.

“Well,” I said, “barring surgery, there are really only two things you can do. You can insert a metal rod through the penis and up into the bladder, to force the urethra open"—I jabbed my forefinger through the constricting circle—"or you can massage the prostate itself, to reduce the swelling. Through the rectum,” I added helpfully.

I heard a faint choking noise next to me, and glanced up at Jamie. His eyes were still fixed on his plate, but the tide of crimson was creeping upward from his collar, and the tips of his ears blazed red.


“God in heaven, Sassenach, what d’ye think I am?”

“Well, I don’t know, do I?” I pointed out, with some asperity. “The first thing you do when I find you is faint, and as soon as I’ve got you back on your feet, you get me assaulted in a pub and chased through Edinburgh in company with a deviant Chinese, ending up in a brothel — whose madam seems to be on awfully familiar terms with you, I might add.” The tips of his ears had gone pink, and he seemed to be struggling between laughter and indignation.

“You then take off your clothes, announce that you‟re a terrible person with a depraved past, and take me to bed. What did you expect me to think?”

“All right,” I said. “I suppose more to the point, though — who am I?”

He had noticed, after all. I felt one large foot nudge mine, and he smiled at me over the rim of his cup.

“You’re my wife, Sassenach,” he said gruffly. “Always. No matter who I may be — you’re my wife.”

I could feel the flush of pleasure rise in my face, and see the memories of the night before reflected in his own. The tips of his ears were faintly pink.

“What is there to explain?” I demanded furiously. “You married again! What else is there?”

The color was rising in his face; the tips of his ears were already red, a sure sign of impending fury.

“And have you lived a nun for twenty years?” he demanded, shaking me slightly. “Have ye?”

Drums of Autumn:

He set this gently on my lap, shucked off his shoes and stockings, and sat down beside me, putting his feet in the water with a sigh of pleasure at the coolness.

“What’s this?” I ran my hand curiously over the box.

“Oh, only a wee present.” He didn’t look at me, but the tips of his ears were pink. “Open it, hm?”

…“Ye like them, then?” His ears had gone bright red with pleasure. “I thought they’d maybe do. I’ve no notion what they’re meant for, but I could see they were finely made.”

“Bree!” I managed to gasp, and she put me down, though she didn’t let go. I looked disbelievingly up, but she was real. I looked for Jamie, and found him standing beside her. He said nothing, but gave me an face-splitting grin, his ears bright pink with delight.

The Fiery Cross:

“Aye. And if so … well, that must mean that Sarah was still bedding wi’ Abraham at the time, no?”

He still wasn’t looking at me, but his ears had gone pink, and I belatedly realized the point of this religious discussion. I reached out a toe and prodded him gently in the side.

“You were thinking perhaps I wouldn’t want you anymore?”

“What?” I exclaimed. “To hell with Young Ian—who was with Laoghaire?”

“I should like to know that myself,” Jamie muttered. The tips of his ears were dark with blood, but he didn’t look up from the page.

“Well, you do know where babies come from,” I began. “The egg and the …”

“I do,” he said, with a noticeable edge to his voice. The tips of his ears turned slightly pink.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes:

“What on earth have you been doing?” I asked, sufficiently surprised as to be shaken out of my torpor.

Embarrassment was getting the upper hand; the tips of his ears were going red, and a flush was visible in his cheeks, even by the dim light of the taper I’d set on the table.

“I wasna going to tell ye,” he muttered, avoiding my gaze. “I swore wee Ian and Roger Mac to silence.”

…“Jamie,” I said. “What are you talking about?”

He stole a quick glance at me, then looked away again.

“Ah … naked women,” he blurted, and went red as a piece of new flannel.

“Well … shrieks,” he said, shrugging. “And giggling. A bit of shoving and banging, with a stool or some such falling over. If it weren’t for the yaffling, I should have thought there were thieves in the house. But I kent it was Jenny’s voice, and Ian’s, and—” He broke off, his ears going pink at the memory.

“Did you have a crush on her when you were little, Da?” Brianna asked, laughing.

“A what?”

“A tendresse, ” I said, batting my eyelashes delicately at him over my fan.
“Och, dinna be daft!” he said. “I was seven years old, for God’s sake!” Nonetheless, the tips of his ears had gone quite pink.

My Dog Was Lost But Now He's Found
The Fiery Furnaces
My Dog Was Lost But Now He's Found

“I kicked my dog
I was mean to him before
I guess that’s why he walked out my door
I really wish I could see him some more”

The Fiery Furnaces - My Dog Was Lost But Now He’s Found

Album: Blueberry Boat

This song is one of the few relatively straight forward songs off Blueberry Boat. The piano at the beginning is reminiscent of Guaraldi’s (composer of the music from Charlie Brown) Linus and Lucy.