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fortunately for said cute 15 year old bosses, said babies with fendoras are always around


it’s almost unfair how everyone’s on your side like wow life rude i mean i was going to win but then ofc the chameleon had to help you too like what the hell are you the protag of an anime or sth – woes of a drunken mukuro at one point probably

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"Based on your records, and rumors circulating the department, it's your birthday right? I figured you might enjoy these." She handed him a dark emerald box that contained three eggs, a fendora hat, and a belt with a serpent print embedded to the center.

              “The belt’s a bit much, don’t you think?” 

       But it’s a fine make. Certainly not anything he can rightly turn down. Hazama clucks his tongue – turning the hat over and placing the belt upon the desk. The eggs? Those would be easily devoured in a matter of hours. 

      “But other than that – thank you, ah… Detective. Much appreciated.”