The Feeny Call.  Need I say more?

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did u find out what the gamechanger was pls tell me

Alright, fine, I give up, I’ll tell you, but only because I’ve been geeking out over how good it is and I’ve been dying to spill:

Okay, so Lucas actually did die while trying to ride Tombstone the bull back in Texas, but Farkle was completely unable to deal with it. He was unprepared for the reality of death itself, let alone his best friend dying at age 15. His mind refuses to accept that as truth, has blocked the memories of the hospital and funeral from his consciousness, and pieced together a ‘storyline’ that Farkle feels would have organically happened anyway if Lucas hadn’t died. Farkle has basically been hallucinating the past year and a half!

That’s why it takes Lucas so long to “pick” between the girls- Farkle’s subconscious is trying it’s hardest to come up with the most realistic storyline possible so Farkle doesn’t have to deal with the heartache of death and loss. But since Farkle could never decide between the Riley and Maya, he has no idea how Lucas would decide between them! The cognitive power for something like that just isn’t there, and that’s why Lucas seems to flip-flop between the girls at times. It’s awful, but the triangle is the only organic sequence of events his brain could come up with for the three- he had already been a little suspicious of seemingly flirty moments between Maya and Lucas, and in the Texan hospital he overheard a crying Maya confessing her true feelings over Lucas’ lifeless body. His conscious mind blocked that memory, of course, but selective memories can be a bitch and her confirmed feelings needed a way to be tied into this elaborate hallucination, because he needed to keep Lucas alive and he wants him and his friends to grow so this seemed like the only solution. And this is all happening subconsciously, Farkle isn’t intentionally imagining something that deeply hurts all of his friends, but his mind is trying so hard to protect him. The human brain is truly amazing, tbh.

All his other friends have been dealing and coping with their grief in relatively normal ways, but the hallucination adds Lucas into every scenario, and creates reasons for his friends to be acting the way they are without Lucas being dead. Riley seeming so depressed and everyone fighting the first week of high school? Had nothing to do with them all feeling a hole in the group where Lucas used to be and feeling guilty that they’re starting high school without him, no, it was all some stupid seniors making them fight for cheap laughs. Maya having an identity crisis and getting caught for vandalism? It’s the triangle, it’s always this stupid triangle’s fault, it totally can’t be because she blames herself for Lucas’ death and she’s reacting negatively. Zay hanging around more often than usual? They just finally bonded, that’s all, totally not like they’re all clinging to him and he’s clinging to them just because they all knew Lucas and they all miss Lucas and Lucas feels like he’s fading more and more every single day. Hell, Farkle’s subconscious is even willing to let his girlfriend flirt with Lucas as long as it means Lucas is there! Don’t lie to yourself, ever since Texas this has seemed more and more like the Lucas Show, despite the boy barely doing anything, ever. Most assumed that was because the romantic drama of the triangle kicked into highkey time, and since the show is in Riley’s POV, that’s what’s going to get focused on more. That’s what the writers wanted you to assume, to focus on, meanwhile we’re getting force fed perception vs reality lessons at every turn! Farkle’s mind is perceiving every little problem that occurs tracing back to a triangle he invented, rather than the reality of everyone around him acting like they do because of grief and mourning and growing up in ways Lucas never will. We hear more and more about Farkle’s insecurity issues, and how they even relate to Lucas, and what happens after Texas? Farkle gets less and less screen time, less lines, becomes someone who watches and observes more than anything. Farkle was always, always a main character in Riley’s life. He was in every single episode, he always had lines. But this is a view from Farkle’s life, and he’s so insecure and focused on keeping that friend alive that Farkle becomes a mere side character in his own ‘show’ (he’s still ‘perceiving’ it as Riley’s show, however, because he doesn’t want anything to really change) .  And from one side you might wonder how that makes sense, how can Farkle’s mind justify him not being a main character in his own mind? But Farkle is broken and sad and sick, and he was never prepared for any minor inconvenience at all, let alone the harsh reality of death, and he’s never felt important next to Lucas anyway, and right now keeping Lucas alive is the most important thing, so who cares about the nerdy sidekick? Of course, on another level at the same time, Farkle probably realizes that if he says too much, if he lets people know he’s hallucinating Lucas, his dream is going to have to shatter and he’s going to have to face the facts. For the first time in his life, Farkle doesn’t want facts.

Everyone around him knows Farkle hasn’t been handling the death well, he’s taken it very hard and he’s responding to grief a lot differently than they are. But they don’t know HOW BAD it is- they don’t know he’s all but been living in an intricate hallucination for almost a year and a half. Sweet Sixteen is when they finally find out, all those hints about ‘not paying attention’ to Farkle, taking Canada for granted, even hallucination-Lucas dubbed him “Mt. Farkle-Uvious” because somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew he couldn’t hold it in much longer. All those “Farkle will explode” speculations that having been flying around tumblr left and right come to fruition in this episode, finally. The episode is titled Sweet Sixteen because it’s what would have been Lucas’ sixteenth birthday- and everyone is understandably upset and in mourning. But as the episode plays on, Farkle fails to notice or understand everyone’s sad moods, because he can’t notice or understand them. So he asks them if they were planning a surprise party for Lucas’ upcoming big day, asks them if they have any ideas what he could get the cowboy for a present, the usual birthday talk. At first, the group thinks he’s joking, Zay gets really mad at him, but as they notice Farkle being genuinely confused by what they’re upset about, the friends realize how far gone their friend really is over this whole thing. They all spring into action because, shit, they’ve been ignoring their friend too much but ohmyGodtheycan’tloosehimtoo. Riley takes this harder than everyone, I think, because Farkle’s always been a rock for her emotionally and this is making it dawn on her that she was never there for him in the same way. They have a very touching scene together, if you’re a riarkle shipper get the tissues ready! Maya tells Stuart about this and he’s horrified that he’s been so busy he missed obvious signs of his son’s mental health declining, and tries to help. Cory goes as far as to call his sister Morgan into town, as she’s a child psychologist. The episode consists of everyone dealing with the news of Farkle’s hallucination in their own way, and dealing with all the pain of Lucas’ death all over again, and of trying to piece together the ‘storyline’ that Farkle created to keep himself safe. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, the ‘game changer’- everyone sitting Farkle down and telling him that Lucas died in Texas, that he’s made all this up and they wanna help him and he needs to deal with this. The next episode, the season finale, is when the true ‘explosion’ happens- Farkle completely breaks down. Because he doesn’t want to believe this, he can’t believe this, but the curtain has already been drawn back, the glass is breaking, his hallucination falling apart, and shit, he’s remembering the bull ride and the ambulance and the hospital and the funeral and he doesn’t want to remember it! He doesn’t want to have to lose his friend all over again!

The episode continues on around this, and honestly, it’s a real tear jerker so get ready. Maya can’t stand to see Farkle break like this- she was already blaming herself for Lucas’ death, and she was just starting to maybe move on from it, but now her best friend of 9 years is so broken because of it and obviously this has to be her fault too. Stuart’s in full worried parent mode and Topanga and Shawn try to help him figure out what to do about Farkle- Cory is so heartbroken and angry at himself that he didn’t notice how bad this was, this is Farkle, one of his favorite students, the kid who’s at his dinner table three times a week, the one he’s been seeing on a daily basis for almost a decade. He became a teacher because he wants to help people, have an impact on them the way Feeny made an impact on everyone he knew. He ends up calling Feeny for advice because he can’t believe he let Farkle’s struggles slip through his fingers like that. Smackle, bless her, is upset and all, but doesn’t really understand how emotions alone are having such a profound effect on Farkle- she spends most of the episode trying to get Zay of all people to explain it to her, because he doesn’t really want to be near Farkle right now and she feels he’s more in tune with emotions than she is. Riley spends most of the episode with Farkle (and Morgan and some others) as he tries to work through the past year, tries to figure out what’s real, if anything’s real or if he’s been living completely in a bubble the past year and a half. It’s some really emotional stuff, very deep and heart wrenching and you can feel everyone’s emotions so clearly.

And the way they tie it all together? Truly amazing! Like these writers do not get enough credit, guys. The hints for this whole thing are so obvious once you know it’s all in Farkle’s head, so many things from Texas onwards make sense! The fact that Lucas was so indecisive in the triangle, and Farkle not understanding how he could choose but simultaneously wanting him to choose, it all makes so much more sense in this light. Of course, in the “reality” of the situation, the girls were deeply upset and dealing with it in maybe-not-so-good ways because someone they deeply cared about died. But Farkle was only seeing “girls are very hurt” and it tied automatically to the triangle his mind invented. The mind will literally go out of its way to make sense of some things- so while the triangle couldn’t end in a realistic way without Farkle being suspicious of his subconscious, he wanted it to end because it appeared to be hurting the girls. This poor boy’s mind was literally at war with itself! And oh, God, that whole thing in Legacy where Farkle asks the teacher if emotions are stronger than science? Or any scene where he implied not knowing his own emotions? It’s because a part of him knew that if he let go of this world he created, his emotions would consume him entirely, they’d kill him, because he just wasn’t ready for this. He’s been so scared without even understanding it, honestly? #SaveMySon2k16. Oh God, what else ties together with this? Have you noticed how tired Farkle’s been lately? He went from a hyper little ball of love to Doooonnnie Baaaaarnes mellow, but even after that he’s crashed way down. He always seems so exhausted, so agitated, so…not Farkle-y. That’s because ever since Lucas’ accident, his mind has literally been working overtime to keep him protected. There’s barely space or time to focus on anything else, he can’t beat Smackle in school because he doesn’t have the energy to focus, he can’t sleep properly, he can’t do anything properly, which makes him feel even more inadequate than he already did, which pushes him even more into a suffering silence, and of course, the more unhealthy he is, mentally, the stronger the delusion is going to get! And even in some upcoming episodes- we know in The Other Side, Lucas says he only really likes Riley when she’s all sunshine and giggles and glitter and smiles. Which isn’t a realistic way to look at any person, ever, but Farkle and Lucas never had a real legitimate talk about how great Riley is before he died, so he’s never seen Lucas see any other side of the girl, so obviously this is the only side his mind can let Lucas acknowledge. That whole thing in Bay Window where he and the girls just momentarily turned back into six year olds and performed a musical number while Lucas stayed 15? Yeah, because that’s realistic. There’s so many other tie in’s, this is getting too long, message me about them if you must.

Honestly, though? 11/10, amazing episodes, arc, and character work. Great acting to expect from it, too! This whole thing was so well thought out and well executed, and I can’t wait to watch more upcoming episodes and sit there and pick up on all the clues pointing to the fact that this isn’t real! It’s so exciting! This truly is the greatest show, with so many layers to peel back and to pull a game changer like this on the audience is honestly admirable. I’m so inspired by these writers, tbh. I really hope we can get a fourth season out a Disney so we can see where else this amazing storyline takes us!

Girl Meets I Do; (May contain spoilers if you haven't seen)

A/N: OKAY! So I got a lot of requests about GMID and I’d love to individually do them but I don’t want to be repetitive so I combined them all in some ways ! I hope this is okay! Also to all the anons that complimented my previous work it genuinely means a lot to me!! Thank you so so much :) 

I altered the episode a little as you’ll have noticed just to make it work! If the rest of the clique six were going to be at the wedding I wanted the Matthews family AKA Shawn’s family to be there too!! 

♡ ♡ ♡ 

In the early hours of the morning a doubtful Maya drags Riley out of bed and into the bay window. Her mother was set to marry Shawn the following evening, this is everything she’d be hoping for but she was worried it would fall apart at any moment. Maya believes good things don’t happen to her so why should she expect this would be any different. 

After all attempts at waking the deep sleeper Maya went for the romantic approach. 

“Riley, it’s me Lucas, I want to be a veterinarian and I want to kiss your face” Maya puts on her Texan voice. 

Riley kisses the air with a smile and Maya can’t help but grin herself, “ew.”

Rattling on the fire escape gives Maya a fright and her sudden jolt knocks Riley over and she hit the ground, finally waking up.

“What happened?” Riley groggily gets up.

“Your boyfriend and his boyfriends decided to pay you a visit!” Maya pokes her thumb at the window and their three guy friends are standing by waving.

Riley opens the window and whispers, “What are you guys doing here?”

“Smackle is here too!” She raises her hand up making herself known, she was lost behind the boys. 

“Shh!” They all turned to hush her.

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Because I love your headcanons Eric Matthews and riarkle but like also Shawn Hunter and riarkle in whatever way you interpret it 👍


  • Okay so Eric adores Riley alright
  • He helped raise her for the first 5 years of her life, she’s very important to him and he’s very protective of her
  • Even after he moves like 6 hours away to St. Upid Town (will forever love that joke) he still calls her all the time and stuff
  • So he’s heard about Farkle right…And while I *do* think Riley had a fetus crush on him (even in a bit of season 1 tbh), it’s not like she was running around professing it to people. The people around her had The Bet running because they saw how the two of them interacted
  • Eric didn’t actually meet Farkle until the kids were like 9 tho, so the phone calls didn’t really clue him in on a crush. Like sure, she talked about him A LOT. But Riley had exactly two friends, so of course he’d hear a lot about them
  • Anyway so when they’re 9 the Matthews are having a tad of a scheduling emergency
  • They told Stuart and Jen that Farkle could stay with them for a week because the Minkus’ had a trip. But then Cory remembered he had a 4 day long work retreat, and Topanga landed her biggest case yet and needed to put all her effort into it
  • Auntie Nebula (#reviveher) offered to watch baby Auggie while all that was going on, BUT Riley and Farkle got picked for a music video job out of everyone in their dance class, and you can’t exactly bring a baby on set for a week.
  • So they’re freaking out but Super Uncle Eric Matthews took it upon himself to drive down to NYC and babysit his niche and her friend for a week
  • So he meets Farkle and the kid is really shy and doesn’t want to say anything but Riley’s her bubbly self as he’s driving them to the video shoot
  • And he’s there allllll daaaayyy loooong watching them dance around which was obviously a bit boring for him, but he could see Farkle loosening up and having fun goofing off with Riley
  • By the time they get home for dinner the kids are both bouncing off the walls and he’s seeing them interact very similar to how he remembers Cory and Pangers acting when they were younger, but he convinces himself it has to be nothing. His niece cannot have already met his future nephew-in-law
  • By the time the second day of this gig is over he calls Cory like “WHAT THE F U C K” and Cory immediately is like “I KNOW WE ALL KNOW SHAWN’S RUNNING A BET DO YOU WANT IN”
  • He puts $50 down for the winter of 10th grade
  • And he spends the rest of the week taking them out to arcades and parks and stuff like that and he’s feeling a little conflicted because he always imagined meeting the man who steals Riley’s heart at a dinner party when she’s 26 and a successful doctor and the man has a watch more expensive than Eric’s house and is the 37 year old CEO of a major production company who has a house in the Hamptons and they bring a disgusting fruitcake that no one at the party eats and the man is polite but also very cold to the family and Eric will cry at the wedding and live out the rest of his days thinking that no man is actually good enough for his little Niche, no matter how impressive his mustache is or how many sports cars he owns
  • But this is just a cute, dorky little kid with an unfortunate bowl cut who just wants to talk about supernovas and black holes and stare at Riley like she’s everything good in the world
  • By the end of the week he decides he definitely likes this kid
  • The years go on, he sees Farkle every now and then since he follows Riley everywhere like a lost puppy
  • By the time they’re like 14 he knows Farkle well enough to emotionally adopt him as a nephew and give him his own joke nickname (robot, duh)
  • Okay like I wanna make it clear I think he only does ‘Niche!’ and ‘COUSIN AUGGIE’ as jokes, he’s embraced the funny uncle title, and he wants to make them laugh. I also think this absolutely applies with him always getting Maya’s name wrong- we know the Matthews brought her everywhere and everyone else considers her part of the family, so Eric brought her in on the nickname joke thing he does. I say that because he looked a little upset when he realized Maya genuinely thought he didn’t know what her name was- that, to me, said he genuinely considered her family and was worried he had hurt her feelings/didn’t view him as family back. Anyway, he now seems committed to calling Farkle ‘robot’, and did not come up with a nickname for Lucas, so I’m using this to assume he views Farkle as an honorary part of the Matthews Clan.
  • Anyway moving on okay so after he puts together the Dream Team for his senatorial run, he starts seeing a lot more of Farkle
  • Because Farkle is a lot more into this than the other 3, he seems to have a very genuine interest in politics and how elections work and stuff so he’s basically the one in charge of the little staff they put together
  • And after he wins, he uses all 4 kids all the time to make little videos to explain his plans/ideas and get better coverage online/get the youth more involved in politics. So he’s seeing Farkle a lot now because he really wants to help in anyway he can
  • And he genuinely does like this kid
  • And as much as it pains him to imagine Riley even holding hands with a boy, he’s kinda starting to wonder what’s taking them so long omfg
  • He knows Riley has a crush on Lucas (he knows alllll about the triangle bs), but he doesn’t think that 7 years of obvious feelings for someone can change in once subway ride
  • He also is so confused how Riley can be throwing goo-goo eyes at Lucas but is always clinging to Farkle
  • And then??? Farkle has a girlfriend???
  • Eric does not miss being a teenager as much as he used to, holy shit
  • So then, one innocent Valentine’s Day, he and his baby brother Josh decide to take his Weasel out to dinner like GOOD BROTHERS
  • They jokingly text Cory the whole time, but they didn’t realize he thought they actually thought he was being a bad brother by not breaking his reservations
  • They realized that after Cory and Topanga turned up at their restaurant like halfway thru the meal lmao
  • So the five of them have a great time and Topanga invites everyone back to the apartment for some wine (”Yes, Joshua, you can have a glass if your parents never find out”)
  • And everything is good and fine until they open the door and
  • Riley is shirtless and in shorter than short shorts and is on the table and Farkle is shirtless and has his arms wrapped around her waist and his face pressed into her stomach o h G o d n o
  • He can feel blood rushing to his head holy shit suddenly all he can think about is when she was 3 years old and insisted on dressing like Wendy Darling every day for a week and he took her to the park in her little costume and she asked him if Peter and Wendy were in love and she wanted him to tell her all about love and when she’d fall in love and she had a little lisp and her glasses were too big for her and kept slipping down her nose and he’s pretty sure he said something cliché like “you shouldn’t even look at a boy until you’re 40″ and it made her giggle for like 10 minutes and she called him silly
  • And now only a brief 13 years later she’s half naked with a BOY who is half naked and he can hear himself shrieking wordlessly but he doesn’t know how to stop himself from doing that
  • Suddenly Farkle yells “I’VE BEEN DATING RILEY FOR 2 MONTHS’ and now Eric needs to grab onto the arm of the couch to stop from falling over and he’s pretty sure he’s still screaming o h m y G o d she’s a little girl why is this happening
  • Cory and Topanga leave the room and Eric’s still not sure he’s not gonna pass out, he can hear Josh crying and why is Morgan clapping??? Is she trying to use a loud noise to scare the predator away from their clan’s young???? Not a bad plan
  • Part of Eric thinks he’s acting unreasonably because he remembers how he was when he was 16, but a stronger part of him remembers 5 year old Riley insisting on giving him makeovers so he could be a princess with her and NOPE THIS NIGHT CANNOT BE HAPPENING
  • He’s calling Feeny for help before he even realizes what he’s doing
  • He hears himself yell at the older man “FEENY MY NICHE HAS BEEN VIOLATED BY A ROBOT” and he really hopes that sentence makes sense to someone other than him
  • Suddenly the apartment is filled to the brim with other people and everyone seems to be yelling about something different he can’t help but yell for Feeny to help and tweet out his confusion and shock on this whole thing (he’s gotten really into twitter during the course of trying to Stay Hip For The Youth Of The Nation thing he was working with)
  • And suddenly it’s quiet and Riley’s angrily explaining that this was all a misunderstanding, she was just checking Farkle for injuries because he fell off a forth floor fire escape, and he can feel himself calming down, his heartrate returning to normal, every thing in the world is right again
  • Until Robot makes some dumb comment about ‘trying to break in to surprise her to be romantic’ and Cory’s chasing him out the door same Cory same
  • Panger’s is going to follow in the car and he and Shawnie Hunter make eye-contact and know that if there’s ever a place he both need to be, it’s in that damn car. He make a war cry and charge into the night
  • Eric’s live tweeting the chase because it’s helping him calm down a little and honestly the sight of it is pretty hilarious, also he quickly realizes Cory’s not as mad as he appears to be
  • By the time they get in the car the poor kid is shivering from being barefoot and shirtless in February, and even Cory’s coat and the blanket Topanga gives him aren’t warming him up. He’s looking pretty exhausted from running nonstop for almost an hour, and he still very clearly needs to go to the hospital because of that fall. Eric is finding all his anger rush out of him because he honestly just feels bad for the kid now.
  • And once he realizes he won the bet and is now almost a thousand bucks richer, it’s a little easier to move on
  • But not all the way
  • Oh no
  • Eric isn’t going to give them shit for this relationship but he is absolutely going to do everything in his power to make sure his niece is safe and happy
  • He is absolutely not above sending some of his bodyguards after them to spy on dates
  • He is not above giving Farkle little man-to-man chats about Riley’s happiness every time he’s alone with the kid
  • But ultimately, overall, he can see how happy they are together and that the really love each other, so he’s gonna be a big boy and not complain or think of ways to sabotage it
  • He was REALLY surprised when Riley got pregnant though
  • Like…He had already had the sex scare so he didn’t freak out like that twice. But the pregnancy was really unexpected
  • He couldn’t let himself get angry about it though because he was sure literally everyone else in their lives already yelled at them
  • So he just lets Riley know he’ll do absolutely anything he can to help out and hires Farkle to do odd jobs around his office bc the kid obviously should start saving up money since they wanna keep it
  • And sure maybe he pays Farkle a little more than he should considering he’s mostly getting coffee and filing papers and holding calls but he doesn’t want his Niche and future Great Niche to suffer or anything
  • Hormonal Riley comes crying to him about a lot of problems in her life but none of them involve Farkle doing anything to upset her so the kid can continue living
  • Honestly as stressful as the whole pregnancy is…he’s pretty sure they can pull through everything and make it work
  • They’re even more determined and crazy about each other than he even remembers Cory and Topanga being, and he’s actually almost jealous that he hasn’t found something like that yet but they’ve got it so young
  • He always sees Riley as a little girl no matter what but the more he gets to know Farkle and see how determined he is to make everything work out and provide for Riley and the baby, he has such a hard time associating him with the shy little kid that had a bowl cut, tap shoes and a book about dark matter
  • Like he may have knocked up Eric’s niece, but he’s actually like, proud of him? And glad that he knows him? It’s a weird feeling for Eric
  • And as the years go by and the kids manage to get on their feet and everything works out more and more every day, he’s really proud of both of them. Like, his niche is gonna be an Astrophysicist, for crying out loud! He tells everyone he meets! 
  • And now Eric is holding his Great Niche who looks just like Riley did when she was little, and they’re watching Riley and Farkle sharing their first wedding dance to some song about Neverland, and he remembers seeing two 9 year olds giggling and dancing and shooting each other adoring glances, and he’s remembering Baby Riley who was always waiting for Peter Pan to come in her window and whisk her away on an adventure filled with fun and love,
  • And he can’t find it in him to be sad because she’s almost living her own dream and he almost wishes he could’ve found a way to time travel and tell baby Riley that instead of the clichéd comment about staying away from guys till her 40′s
  • Because maybe things could’ve happened a lot faster if he had told her that sometimes Peter Pan likes to disguise himself as a robot and sometimes Wendy’s the one who leads them to the second star on the right
  • He’s pretty sure he claps louder than anyone when they finish the dance.