SU: Cry For Help

You know, I keep seeing a lot of the same sort of discourse abut this new episode. So. First of all, Pearl was just transmitting static not Peridot’s message, so all the people saying “Peridot’s message could have gotten through to Yellow Diamond because of her” are wrong – either it did or didn’t when Peridot originally sent it. We also don’t know that Pearl was sending the static anywhere but the TV in the temple, which was all that’d be required for her purposes.

Additionally, regardless of their stance on the issue I think a lot of people are missing the way Pearl’s actions in this episode fit into the narrative of the show itself. Not that what she did wasn’t wrong, it was – especially given Garnet’s recent trauma with the gem shards – but that outside this episode it’s clear that a lot of characters on the show have made the same sort of mistakes, and that this is a recurring theme for a reason.

Greg did it when he pretended Steven’s healing powers hadn’t worked, because he wanted to spend more time with his son. Sadie did it when she hid the warp pad so she and Lars could spend some time together. Amethyst did it by taking Steven to the kindergarten without telling the other gems because she wanted him to understand her better. The gems did it collectively when they built that impossible-to-fail obstacle course for Steven. And I think Garnet’s future-vision fiasco is a viable example too.

They all meant well – none of them intended to hurt anyone by their actions – and though what they did had consequences that had to be dealt with, they were eventually forgiven. The people they hurt looked at their motivations and apologies, saw past the mistake to the person they cared about beyond it, and decided it was worth it to forgive them. Pearl’s not an exception to that; she did a bad thing, she’s not a bad person, and I’m sure she’ll find a way to make it up to Garnet. Even when people really love you, they still screw up and hurt you sometimes – it’s what makes the characters of Steven Universe believable. I come from a fairly healthy family situation, but that doesn’t mean that – whatever their intentions – my parents haven’t messed me up a little. It doesn’t make them bad people, it makes them fallible. Hurting someone requires an apology and reparations, but it’s not the same as a cycle of abuse.

Feeling unnecessary or unwanted is one of the main threads of the Steven Universe story, and its creators aren’t afraid to show that good people do bad things when they want to feel strong or loved or useful, but that they can fix things and be forgiven. That they, and consequently we, are worthy of being forgiven – and can become better people because of it. And if you don’t find that validating, well, I guess we’ll just agree to disagree.

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