dammit clara you broke her


As strategies go for finding love, essentially saying “Hey, I’m attracted to you because you remind me of someone else” is a risky approach at the best of times. Throwing in an element of “Hey, I’m attracted to you because you remind me of someone else if they were a bizarre human / animal hybrid” is just showing off.

(credit for the “Neil from the Inbetweeners / Giraffe terrifying bastard chimera with glorious hair” letter goes to Doorknob Consortium over on Twitter - thank you!)

I just want to make a public apology about my lack of replies to all your messages

it’s funny bc i’VE BEEN HERE FOR WEEKS BEING SAD BC I ALMOST NEVER GET MESSAGES so i barely check my inbox but now i did and scrolled down a bit 


there’s messages from weeks back that i never saw bc i was never notified of them/tumblr delivered them several days after their actual publication 


anyway, if you messaged me in the past weeks and never got a reply; i’m sorry, tumblr has messed up my inbox. I will start replying to everyone over the coming week i sWEAR ON THRANDUIL’S EYEBROWS

have some cute lee pace for your troubles and i hope your day has been amazing so far!!

everytime I think about johnlock it’s either… 

omgomogmog I’m so excited! they are so inlove!!! and it’s going to be canon!!!! and they are going to kiss and they’re gonna be so happy!!!! and everything would be worth it!! because their love is too strong!!! 


fdsfipjxfprjf I hate this, I hate this show, I hate mylife, what did I ever do to deserve this, I’m so sad!!! why this hasn’t happened yet??!!! they deserve to be happy already ffs why are they taking so long?!!!! 

there is no inbetween 

I really feel like crying - it’s stupid - and I’m choking up now as I’m writing - I don’t know what’s the matter with me - It’s not the tour that’s so different from other tours - I mean I’m having lots of laughs (you know the type hee! hee!) but in between the laughs there’s such a drop - I mean there seem to be no in between feelings. Anyway I’m going now so that this letter doesn’t get too draggy. I love you very much.
—  John Lennon pouring his heart out to then-wife, Cynthia, in a letter home. August, 1965.

Throughout the last couple of days we received quite a few messages from people asking if they’re ‘gay enough’ or simply expressing they don’t feel ‘gay enough’ to be part of the LGBT+ community. We thought this video should help the people who feel like they don’t belong, the people that feel like they’re ‘inbetween’ and not quite accepted by the community as a whole.

You’re not alone, and very much accepted by us. Group hug time!