In widest-reaching decision yet, federal judge grants temporary block on Muslim travel ban

  • A U.S. District Court judge in Seattle has granted a temporary restraining order against Trump’s executive order blocking refugees and travelers from seven majority-Muslim countries.
  • The Guardian reported that the block, effective nationwide, was issued by Seattle-based U.S. District Judge James Robart, who was acting in response to lawsuits brought by Washington state and Minnesota.
  • Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed the lawsuit Monday, calling Trump’s order “illegal.” Read more

Don’t you think it ever crossed my mind to want to know other men? That I wanted to lay up somewhere and forget about my responsibilities? That I wanted someone to make me laugh so I could feel good?

Fences (2016) dir. Denzel Washington


Gorsuch called Trump attacks on judges “demoralizing” on live TV. The White House denied it.

  • White House press secretary Sean Spicer fired up the spin machine Tuesday night after Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch publicly said again he finds attacks on judicial integrity — including by the president — “disheartening” and “demoralizing.”
  • “When anyone criticizes the honesty or integrity, the motives of a federal judge, well, I find that disheartening. I find that demoralizing, because I know the truth,” Gorsuch said.
  • “Anyone including the president of the United States?” Sen. Blumenthal asked. “‘Anyone’ is anyone,” Gorsuch said.
  • Still, Spicer took to Twitter to attack an Associated Press bulletin on Gorsuch’s comments as fake news. Read more (3/21/17 8:34 PM)

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Frank talking about “satan cat” and something about a big lake - Frank Iero and The Patience at Rock n Roll Pub, Irkutsk, Russian Federation - March 20th, 2017

Donald Trump’s budget would cut public broadcasting, drug programs, arts endowments

  • President Donald Trump’s first budgetary proposals would axe nine major programs from the federal government, targeting institutions that currently do everything from fighting drug addiction and providing legal aid to funding artistic grants and public broadcasting.
  • On the chopping block, according to the New York Times, are the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (which supports PBS and NPR), the Legal Services Corporation, Americorps, the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities, the Office of National Drug Control Policy, and the Export-Import Bank, among others.
  • Cumulatively, the cuts would save around $2.5 billion — a relatively small slice of the government’s $4 trillion annual budget. Read more. (2/18/17, 5:43 PM)

Fuckin ancap memes infiltrating my tumblr because  American conservatives are reblogging them…

Alright, the ancaps can believe whatever dumb shit they want, I don’t care. But as a shoutout specifically to my American followers this meme is 100% anti-constitution. 

Section 8 (of the US Constitution) 

1: The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

There you go. If you want to live in the United States and have your rights protected by the US military you best believe you’re gonna pay federal taxes. So get the hell over it. 

I can’t believe I had to make this goddamn post.
Magnetic hard drives go atomic
Physicists demonstrate the first single-atom magnetic storage.

Chop a magnet in two, and it becomes two smaller magnets. Slice again to make four. But the smaller magnets get, the more unstable they become; their magnetic fields tend to flip polarity from one moment to the next. Now, however, physicists have managed to create a stable magnet from a single atom.

The team, who published their work in Nature on 8 March1, used their single-atom magnets to make an atomic hard drive. The rewritable device, made from 2 such magnets, is able to store just 2 bits of data, but scaled-up systems could increase hard-drive storage density by 1,000 times, says Fabian Natterer, a physicist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, and author of the paper.

“It’s a landmark achievement,” says Sander Otte, a physicist at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. “Finally, magnetic stability has been demonstrated undeniably in a single atom.”

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