Locking students out and imposing a contract on teachers will not fix our education system, fair bargaining will - Nova Scotia Federation of Labour
“Teachers would never put any kids in jeopardy and their safety was never at risk and for Education Minister Casey to suggest otherwise is bewildering.

Nova Scotia Federation of Labour President Danny Cavanagh says that the Liberal Government’s decision to close schools and lock kids out of the buildings and their education is as foolhardy as their plan to impose a contract on teachers next week.

“Teachers would never put any kids in jeopardy and their safety was never at risk and for Education Minister Casey to suggest otherwise is bewildering.

“It’s even harder to fathom that teachers will be in schools and children won’t because of a government decision. So much for the claims from Minister Casey and the Premier that students’ education comes first. This Liberal government’s choices will see all taxpayers pay a hefty price for these bad decisions if it imposes a contract on the teachers. The recent BC Supreme Court decision was a clear victory for BC’s teachers, when it declared as unconstitutional and invalid the legislation that stripped teachers of collective bargaining rights in 2002.

“We have trusted our teachers for more then 100 years in this province when it comes to our kids, their education and safety and this government must start listening to teachers, parents and students – the only way to improve the conditions in classrooms and our education system is to return to the bargaining table and work out a solution,” says Cavanagh.


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Inability to Cop Satin Valentino Jawns

The Federal has gotten some dooooope press recently. they were on that tom cliché show, then voted best biscuit in America, now IM WRITING ABOUT THEM. What a year guys, congratulations, now you’ve made it.

This is definitely one of my favorite places to eat in Miami hands down. I went to brunch and brought a few friends along. You can try SO many more things when you got the team so always take advantage of your friends. Though, I’m totally that creep who loves to dine alone. Usually you’ll see me at that table in the corner creeping on all you with some large, oversized Celine shades on and a wildly inappropriate restaurant outfit like this look here. You won’t be able to see my eyes at all. Then I’ll be like, taking all sorts of calls on my apple watch while I’m situating some eggs Benedict for the most perfection gram of all time.  You’ll see this and get sort of mad at yourself for your lack of Internet skills and inability to cop satin Valentino jawns.

The Federal Food & Drink Provisions

Tip: Get a biscuit, they’re huge and amazing.

Tip: make a reservation, wait times are wild.

Tip: $19 endless mimosas at brunch tho..

Pricing: jumbo biscuit ($6), wings n waffle ($19), bbq’d braised bacon ($14).

When to come here: brunch, for amazing bbq, dinner, family style situations, before going to Wynwood.

Where: 5132 Biscayne Blvd Miami

Times: Monday: closed Tuesday-Friday 6pm-11pm Saturday: 10:30am-3pm, 6pm-11pm Sunday: 10:30am-4pm, 6pm-9pm.

Phone: 305 758 9559


Indigenous Women March in Peru

The National Federation of Campesinas, Artisans, and Indigenous Women of Peru organized a march on October 18 to commemorate the U.N. International Day of Rural Women. The march included different Indigenous nations, Indigenous campesinas from the coast, mountains and the jungle regions of Peru.