The Fandoms On Tumblr
  • Sherlock: We need season 4!!!!
  • Supernatural: We got a gif for that.
  • Harry Potter: New movie, new movie,...
  • Star Wars: BB-8!
  • Shadowhunters: Thank god for our show not being canceled like the 2nd movie.
  • Game of Thrones: everyone keeps dying...
  • Divergent: last movie, hahaHAHAHA, nah we're fine
  • Doctor Who: a Tardis for everyone
  • Percy Jackson: fuck movies and fuck official art
  • The Fault In Our Stars: *still sobbing*
  • Lord Of The Rings/Hobbit: *literally only Thranduil*
The romance is real! *Simon Minter*

-What’s up guys and welcome to a video with Y/N, my best friend. We are reacting to a video that we have been tweeted called “YourShipName is real”. It’s a movie trailer for a fake film or whatever. Your best friend, Simon says, as he starts to record a new video.

-Someone literally made this, for us. I mean, we’ve known each other for years and nothing ever happened, why? You laugh.

-Are you ready?

-I don’t know if I am but just go for it.

He presses play and the fake trailer begins. Along with the pictures and videos of the both of you, the sounds of another film in the background when THE picture shows up on the screen you immediately press pause.

-NO NO that one’s fake! Practically screams Simon.  

-Yeah there was a girl between us, someone photoshoped it and now I see it everywhere. You say as Simon presses play again. That one is real. You continue as a picture of him kissing your cheek shows up.

-This is just so weird. Who are the people talking?

-It’s The Fault In Our Stars Si. You still haven’t watch it? You ask.

-No and I’m not counting on it, especially after that. He smiles.  

As the video continues, you start to drift off. You start to think about what it will be like if you dated Simon. Not a lot, you think, when someone meets us they always think we are together. And it’s not like he was the most unattractive man on earth.

You realized the video was finished when Simon waved his hand in front of you.

-Was it that weird? He laughs.

-No, well yes but you know what, we should make the fans happy. You smile as he raised his eyebrows and wait for you to answer. We should make out.

He just laughs as his cheeks got a bit more red.

-What? You don’t want to make out with me? You continue with your little joke, not thinking he would do it because he only loves you as a best friend.

-No, it’ll just be weird. You’re like a sister to me it will be like, incest or something. He laughs harder.

-Oh, my god! It’s the first time a guy doesn’t want to make out with me. I can’t believe it. You act like you are fake hurting in front of the camera but deep down, it hurts a lot.

-I’m sorry Y/N. He smiles and he takes you in his arms for a hug as you are fake crying.

-No, I don’t want to talk to you anymore. You continue with your little act but you just stop. I’m thankful that you pushed me into taking acting classes now. You laugh but you stop when you see his serious face. You okay?

-You know what? Screw it.

When he says that, he just takes you face in between in hands and presses his lips to yours. You were shocked at first but you quickly react and start moving your lips against his. Your hands went up to his hair and his went down to your hips. He gently lifts you up and make you straddle him. The kiss got hotter and hotter when you realized the camera was still recording.

-You’ll have to edit that out. You say against his lips.  

-Only if you become mine. He says with a little smile, his lips brushing against yours.

-I have always been yours.


I hope you liked it!

If you have any resquest, I’m here for you. x


fandoms in a nutshell
  • Supernatural: here you go, another funny gif that way we dont reveal how broken we are
  • Sherlock: still on hiatus
  • Star Wars: Disney is in charge, so we're doomed
  • Homestuck: Its my fandom and I still dont know whats going on
  • Hetalia: you has some yaoi, i has some yaoi, WE ALL HAS SOME YAOI!!! YAY!!!
  • Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On Titan): FUCKING TITANS MAN
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: If people can ship countries, we can ship inanimate objects! HEHEEHEHEHEHE!
  • Lord of the Rings/Hobbit: for once, the movies are better than the books
  • The Fault In Our Stars: STILL NOT OKAY! D':
  • Percy Jackson: The last book.... its coming.... we shall all die....
  • Doctor Who: aliens... they're real man....

The Fault in our Stars:

And it’s always like this. Things go wrong, plans change course, we get hurt, then we blame the heavens and the earth. Like the stars are responsible for the things we get and we don’t get, for the things we are and we are not capable of.

Palagi na lang tayong naghahanap ng maituturo at masisisi.The funny thing about us is that we always give the so-called ‘destiny’ full credit when our life turns into bullshit.

On the other hand, we forget about the world when we are about to shout out loud for our self proclaimed achievements. Yun bang basta pag may mali, siguradong hindi yun dahil satin.We always drag life into the rocky road when struggles and hardships take turns onto us once in a while. Like we cannot carry our own loads and we don’t care whether life would have some scratches and wounds as we drag it along the way or not.

Life is never fair and so we are. We always end up chasing the world for our own faults. Siguro nga, baka nga hindi naisulat ng mga butuin ung eskatong pangyayari na gusto mong mangyari, pero ano bang ginagawa mo? Ano na nga bang nagawa mo?

We tend to chew and spit the granular spices of life by just complaining and grumping, without moving and fighting. We always rely how this so called ‘destiny’ would write our life. That, it seems being happy and escaping from life’s brutality is unattainable,that life is but unforgivable.

Giving up and letting go must never be one of our options. The stars might go wrong dictating ‘destiny’ in writing chapters of our life, yet we are still the masters of our heart, mind and soul. And that we are beyond capable of altering every single day and moment that has already been written.

Maybe it could be the fault in our stars, but we can still fight like nuts tho you’re from Venus and I’m from Mars.