You were never really good at it, you know. There was a naiveté to you that none of the ugliness could stain, as if you never truly believed in evil. It was what I liked best about you.

The Fool, Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb. 

I realised today that the precious cinnamon roll of this fandom (Beloved) has their own precious cinnamon roll (Fitz), who to the fandom is actually more like a piece of well-intentioned yet chaotically messy rhubarb crumble that someone, unfathomably, has put ketchup on. 


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-Traspié Hidalgo (Fitz Chivalry Farseer) de la Trilogía del Vatídico (The Farseer Trilogy).

-Reference pose: Male Seated Reference 1 (thanks to posevault)

-References for Wolf: a lot of photos of wolves hahaha.

Robin Hobb ©

“This cannot be right. It simply cannot be right. The Prophet and the Catalyst, and you are scarcely more than boys. Green to manhood, untrained in Skill, full of pranks and lovesick woes. These are the ones sent to save the world?”

The Fool and I exchanged glances, and I saw him take a breath to reply to her.
But at that moment, Starling snapped her fingers. “And that is what makes the song!” she exclaimed suddenly, her face transfigured with delight. "Not a song of heroic strength and mighty-thewed warriors. No. A song of two, graced only with friendship’s strength. Each possessed of a loyalty to a king that would not be denied. And that in the refrain … ‘Green of manhood,’ something, ah …”

The Fool caught my eye, glanced meaningfully down at himself. “Green manhood? I really should have showed her,” he said quietly. And despite everything, despite even the glowering of my queen, I burst out laughing.”- Assassin’s Quest, Robin Hobb
same Kettle, can’t believe these two are going to save the world

RotE Alternate Trilogy Titles

The Farseer Trilogy, or, Nobody Likes Bastards But Hey, Wolves Are Awesome

The Liveship Traders Trilogy, or, Slavery Is Evil And Everyone Is Dragons Somehow

The Tawny Man Trilogy, or, No Witted Ones, No Hom- Whoops, Nevermind ilu

The Rain Wild Chronicles, or, Everything Is So Much Gayer Than Anyone Thinks It Is (all bigots to be eaten)

The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy, or, No One Knows What The Hell Is Going On But It’s Not Looking Good


2015 book challenge: a trilogy

Stop thinking of what you intend to do. Stop thinking of what you have just done. Then, stop thinking that you have stopped thinking of those things. Then you will find the Now, the time that stretches eternal, and is really the only time there is. — The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb


This collection has been my life’s work since September. This is why I haven’t been around for so long!

“Fatzafices”, a costume collection based on The Farseer Trilogy by realrobinhobb and directed by Le Septieme Duche on Facebook. You’ve all been so wonderful! I’m so happy, I feel like I’m floating!!

Please, enjoy. I had a blast.

Photographer: Justin Garner Photography
Fitz: Michael Bittley
Molly: Gabby Csutor
Kettricken: Nicole Massey
Verity: Johnathan Boustead
Regal & Fool: Craig Dundas

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No but witted people and the mannerisms they pick up from their witbond. We don’t hear very much about what Fitz gets from Nighteyes, except the not meeting people directly in the eyes in certain situations and that thing about going really still when he wants to avoid being seen. 

But come on they were bonded for nearly twenty years right? So Fitz is going to have way more little things than that. And there’s a bit somewhere (too sleep-deprived to find now) when Nighteyes is deliberately baring his throat to Fitz which is described as the ultimate sign of submission and trust for a wolf. So what if Fitz does this a little? Like, Chade and Kettricken and Verity always thought he was just being bitchy when he submits to an order (particularly one he feels strongly about or involves putting a great deal of trust in the order-giver) and lifts his chin a little.

Because they think that he’s lifting his chin in defiance but actually he’s baring his throat in submission though tbh for Fitz those two things are in no way mutually exclusive.

Also Beloved thought the same until being connected to Nighteyes, and after that point he starts putting the pieces together.

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense. Am running on two-and-a-half hours sleep.