Okay can I just say, the idea of writing a book has NEVER been original. It’s the content of the book that makes it good, and I think we can all agree that Dan and Phil are nothing if not superb at making great content.

It’s okay that they’re not the first ones to do something, and giving them shit for thinking “oh hey, that sounds like a good idea” then making something FOR US is not okay.

You don’t have to get the book, but if you’re a fan of theirs you will support them as they start these huge creative processes, like publishing a book or going on tour. Personally, I feel sort of like a proud parent.

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Won't even give an explanation? What kinda man are you? After all the years fans like us supported you guys you're just drop with so much as to at least explain? cool shit man not gonna support whatever future trash you're in ✌️

"My dear,
Find what you love and let it kill you.
Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness.”

okay i honestly don’t give a fuck if the only reason he continued to do it was for the fans. He put in jackshit effort to even make it SEEM like he gave a damn. He mumbled his way through all his solos and didn’t know them and he was dead on stage. If he did it for anyone, he should have done it for the four boys he was in a band in from the time he was seventeen. He should have done it for the boys he spent the last five years of his life with. The boys that helped him get to where he is now. I genuinely don’t think he gave a shit about the fans or the other boys, because if he did care about them, he would have not left mid-leg, when there were only four shows left until a two-month break.

And now to have him throw all that away? That’s rough. I’m really mad at him for this, and I honestly will continue to be for a really long time. 

“its been commercial hell since pinof 6″ ok but do you remember dan plugging his danosaurs stuff in his manchester videos

no one fucking SHITS on one direction or bastille or ariana grande for doing things like this even though theyre overpriced as fuck (cat ears for $20!?!?!?!?! a shirt for $70!?!?!?!?!) but when youtubers do it its wrong bc they were supposed to be FREE 

thats the charm of youtubers: theyre free and much more accessible than actual celebrities but when they need to survive and start something of theirs costs money ITS SACRILEGE AND YOU FEEL BETRAYED OH WOW 

what im getting here is if you dont support the book youre a hater and youre not a real fan but if you support the book you are all for the gimmick and youre naive and you are willing to swallow anything that dan and phil throw at you 

but the thing is if you dont support the book you have to stop being so defensive that youre still a fan but you hate the book bc of whatever reason like its not free content on youtube or whatsoever anymore like in 2009-2014 bc u are coming off as a twat to those who are actually supportive and all for it its toxic
and if you support the book you should realise that the people who arent supporting the book kind of have a point that we do seem to kind of too far in dan and phil’s asses and they probs know that im not accusing them of anything but they are making money off us but the thing is we love them and we’re willing to do that

but we can never ever really have full disclosure like this within ourselves — dan and phil are having a live show on sunday 7pm london time on and we can only get our answers from there 

yall acting like toddlers who grabbed the doll and think its free and youre confused why the security system went off when you walked out 

a parting statement: money makes the world go round.


Doesn’t help I’ve been drinking tonight as well.

Blog Request: Zayn leaving One Direction

1.       Remember that it’s just Zayn leaving; it’s not the end of One Direction.

2.       There may be a reunion tour.

3.       Appreciate the time he contributed to One Direction, and don’t focus on             the time that he isn’t going to.

4.       He might do some solo projects.

5.       You have other fans out there to support you

6.       If you really want him to be happy, accept his decision

Phan ❤

Im so disapointed in a lot of the
Phandom right now.
You should be happy for Dan and Phil.
They are continuing to get so many great oppertunities and they do all this because they care about their fans more than anything.
I don’t even have the chance to meet them and probably never will unless they come to the US and who even knows if they will come to my state.
Anyways, just be proud of them and support them if you are true fans.
I understand why so many are upset but lets just be good fans and try to support them. This is Dan and Phil guys. Please remember that. ❤❤❤

I love you all, my directioners.

I love my one direction family so fucking much. I am crying. You all are just so amazing. You are supporting each other. You all are keeping all the fans together. I’m so fucking happy to be a part of this fandom. And even though, we have lost our bad boy, our goofing around buddy, our smiling-with-his-tongue-rolled behind-his-teeth guy, our high notes boy, YOU GUYS ARE KEEPING US SANE. We’re all feeling the same and it just sucks and feels good at the same time. It feels good in a way that we understand each other. We know how this feels. I haven’t cried since i heard Zayn quit. Because I still feel like this is some shitty April fool’s joke. but now i am. Reading all these preferences and you guys telling each other to not cut Zayn out of it is making me so emotional. I cant even explain it.

It’s a bad time for all of us, for all the directioners around the world and only we can undersrand what all this means to us. We need to stick together through this and hold each others hand to get through this together.

I love you all directioners so fucking much. I’m so happy to find a fandom like this. We’re a family and we’ll go through everything together and support the other four forever.

@ phandom

I don’t understand why people are so upset when YouTubers release books? Face it, YouTube has changed. It’s not a small community anymore, it’s pretty much an industry now. YouTubers are starting to be more accepted in the traditional media outlets, and YouTubers get more opportunities i.e book deals because of this. Is it really that hard to be supportive of people? Are we not going let them be proud and happy and enjoy the fact that they’ve created something they’ve most likely worked hard for (I mean, we’re talking about Dan and Phil here, they do radio shows, live shows, actively communicate with their fans, release merch and consistently come up with creative video ideas, they’re probably some of the most hard working YouTubers imo.)? As Dan and Phil’s fans, let’s be supportive please even if you feel like YouTubers don’t deserve things like this.

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Okay, I understand you're not coming to South Dakota for this tour, but please come sometime. I want to be able to meet you and thank you in person for saving my life. Plus, I got like four people obsessed with you guys.

Yes we will definitely try to tour the rest of the states as soon as possible! We want to come meet all of our amazing fans like you and thank you as well for supporting us and sharing our music with your friends <3 xx

The overreactions to Zayn leaving One Direction have gotten ridiculous

 Before anyone criticizes me for this… I am a minor fan of One Direction. But I don’t idolize them. The fact of the matter is: bands are made of people and people have their own ideas and goals. This said, the whole “#cuttingfor1D” thing is ridiculous. Just because you are a fan of a band doesn’t mean you harm yourself. You support a members decision if they decide to leave or even if the band breaks up. Yes, when My Chemical Romance broke up I was heart broken. They helped me through a lot. But other bands who are still together still do. What about fans of Flyleaf? They got a new lead singer but they are still amazing. My point? It’s simple: Stop acting like the world is ending and thinking that he will come back if you do something harmful. If he wants to pursue his own path musically that’s great. I’m all for it. So stop going over the top! Fall in love with other bands, grow up, and find a reasonable way to deal with this because the songs will always be there.

We will face the future stronger, better, TOGETHER. 

I’m so happy for this official pair! And Even happier for everyone who supports it! It’s not my OTP (whatever it is is probably obvious) but I’m a huge fan and support it myself haHAHAHHA 

Dished this out in light of Bryke’s confirmation and I couldn’t stop smiling like an idiot for 10 good minutes. Also I watch too many Korenovelas.



#5yearswith2NE1 ♡

There is no other group like 2NE1. I’m confident about that. Each member has their own color, and we have this taste that other groups don’t.” - CL

“A team that is always fun with witty sense of humor. We help each other around a lot and help push each other to be better.” - Minzy

2NE1’s music is not just about our “essence” or our new looks, they’re also songs where a person will be able to remember once you hear them, and these songs bring joy to others.” - Bom

"While listening to the cheers of our fans, my body tingles. during those few moments, I feel like ‘I am the Best.” - Dara


31-32/50 favourite tweets by band members x