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consent awareness month

I learned lots, you supported the effort lots.

As the month of april starts to turn into may, Jx and the Badwells will be slowing down its focus on consent awareness efforts. 

Thank you to everyone who speaks up and is reblogging the consent selfies, that took a lot of courage.   This campaign for consent awareness has gotten bigger than our small town band.  If this is our biggest splash we make, well, we could not be more happy about it. 

Nobody thinks I’m pretty so I had to earn what little respect I have.

I, Jx Badwell, as a human being who at least most people call big, tough and ridiculously outspoken about whatever is on my mind:  

I have seen the face of rape culture, personally.  
I have hide behind closed blinds as the intimidators of rape culture circle my home, I have stood frozen in a shower until it ran cold raging at the frustration of feeling powerless to stop predators who have affluence of a family name, I have been spit on by the casual friends of business owners that sell lies to protect the hunting ground of predators and sponsor victim shaming.  I know what it is like to face the day trying to protect my sanity from douchebag people that don’t hesitate to hide behind good people to bury their dirty secrets.  In this time the age of right now, nobody in the world, should know these indignities.  

This campaign has helped me heal a little more from the irrational pain of rape culture.   When everyone in our society just accepts that YES MEANS YES & NO MEANS NO, there will not be so many bullshit conversations about how some attacks are grey area semantical rape by a victim that was asking for it.  

Those that learn to speak out on consent before they become victims are statistically safer than people who won’t speak out.  Rapists look for silent victims.  The more people who learn to support consent, the more good people who will be watching out for good people before they learn about rape culture first hand.

In may, Jx and the Badwells will release the single “I’ll Never Forget”.

During every one of our concert and festival performances this year, we will be speaking out by playing “Dream Come True” and “I’ll Never Forget”. We don’t explain our songs and don’t try to educate from the stage, we are going to do our best to just lay down some Good Time music and let our audience forget about everything that just ain’t fun.  

Seriously each time I go on stage, I will think of all the great people on tumblr who accept us even though they know the backstage stories and that Jx and the Bawells are all just beings trying to be humane. 

I just don’t care what the haters say, We are going to carry this love from our fans close to our hearts each and everyday. <3 

I’m going to miss Ray’s laugh whenever someone fails in a Let’s Play.

I’m going to miss Ray’s “I mean Yolo right?”

I’m going to miss Ray’s awesome sniper skills in GTA.

I’m going to miss Team Better Friends, Team Lads, Team R & R connection and Team action news. 

I’m going to miss Ray’s brown cars in GTA.

I’m going to miss Ray’s bitter comments from time to time.

I’m going to miss Ray. 

Good luck in your future streaming and know that every fan love and support you.

Love you Brownman.

Try Again? PT:2 (A Nate Maloley Fan Fiction)

AN: thank you for all the support so far on the story! It means so much! This part is a little long so beware😂 let me know what you think!

“Momma?” I heard farmiliar voice. My head snapped up. Nate.

“You…have a son?” Nate asked staring at him in disbelief. “You already moved on?” He turned to stare at me now. “Nate what do you mean already? It’s been three years! Three years since you left me, what was I supposed to do? Wait all my life for you? I’m sorry Nate but I’m happy now.”

He gave me a week smile.

“I’m happy for you lil mama,” the nickname sent chills down my spine.

“Well I gotta get going, see you boys later?” I looked to Johnson and Gilinsky, “Do you wanna hang out with us tomorrow? Little mans invited too.” Johnson smiled.

“Oh no I can’t.” I shook my head. “Please YN, I’ll be like old times sake!” Gilinsky whined.

“Yeah lil mama, you should. The boys have missed you.” Nate pressed. “Momma, Jack said he’d give me ice cream.” “He did?” I looked at Johnson, “Not me,” he held his hands up.

“Well we’ll see baby.” I saw Nate flinch as I called Lucas that. “Heres my number, give me a call whenever.” I smiled as I handed Gilinsky a piece of paper.

“Bye boys.” I smiled as I turned on my heel. “Bye YN!” Lucas waved as we walked away.

“Baby you can’t be walking away from me.” I started to scold him.

——-Nates Point Of View——-

I saw the boys talking to a really beautiful girl as I started walking up to them. Woah. It’s YN.

“Momma? Momma I’m hungry.” I heard the little boy in her arms say. She has a kid now? I really have missed the last three years of her life. She’s moved on now? Wow.

“You…have a son?” I asked staring at him. “You already moved on?” I turned to stare at her now. “Nate what do you mean already? It’s been three years! Three years since you left me, what was I supposed to do? Wait all my life for you? I’m sorry Nate but I’m happy now.”

I gave her a weak smile.

“I’m happy for you lil mama,”

“Well I gotta get going, see you boys later?” She looked to Johnson and Gilinsky, “Do you wanna hang out with us tomorrow? Little mans invited too.” Johnson smiled.

“Oh no I can’t.” She shook her head. “Please YN, Itll be like old times sake!” Gilinsky whined.

“Yeah lil mama, you should. The boys have missed you.” Lie, I missed you. “Momma, Jack said he’d give me ice cream.” “He did?” She looked at Johnson, “Not me,” he held his hands up. I chuckled at her reaction.

“Well we’ll see baby.” I flinched at her calling him baby. I missed hearing those words directed to me. “Here’s my number, give me a call whenever.” She smiled as she handed Gilinsky a piece of paper.

“Bye boys.” She smiled as She walked away “Bye YN!” I waved to Lucas. Damn that kid was cute. Lucas waved to me and smiled.

I continued staring at them until they were out of view.

“Nate.” Gilinsky chuckled.

“Yeah man?”

“You totally still love her.”

“I know.” I sighed.

“I wonder who the father is though.” I shook my head.

“Yeah it’s a real mystery.” I heard Johnson mumble.

“What was that?” I raised an eyebrow.

———–YNS point of view——-

“Come on honey, it’s time for bed.”

“Momma I don’t want to!” Luke whined.

“Remember, we’re hanging out with the jacks tomorrow! You’ll get a special treat.” I cooed. He smiled and closed his eyes.

“That’s my special boy.” I kissed his forehead before I walked out of the room.

I walked into my bed room and sat on my bed. I put my head in my hands and sighed. “Why now? Why does he have to walk into my life now? I was just starting to get over him and he walks in and calls me lil mama? Really? I can’t believe this.” I thought outloud as my chest tightened.

I crawled under my covers and shut the light off. About five minutes later I heard little feet padding across the floor.

“Momma?” I heard Lucas whisper. I giggled and answered him.

“Can I sleep with you?” He whisper shouted.

“Of course you can baby.” I pulled open the covers and he crawled in. The moonlight illuminated his face. I smiled at him before I kissed his cheek.

“You’re my only boy baby, I love you.” I pulled him closer to me.

“I love you too momma.” He hugged me as he drifted to sleep.


I woke up to my phone ringing, “hello?” I answered half asleep. “Hey, are you still coming over today?” Johnsons voice rang through the phone.

“Only if you want us to?”

“Yeah of course we do! I really wanna hang out with little man today.”

“Okay, text me the address, we’ll be over soon.” I hung up the phone and got out of bed.

“Lucas?” I called out for him as I walked into his room. He was half dressed in a plaid shirt with one of the sleeves not on, and he was wearing duck pants with it. I giggled at how he wanted to be a big independent boy.

“Baby, you need a shower first.” He groaned and followed me into the bathroom. After we were both were washed I got into a bathrobe and walked Lucas to his room.

I got him dressed in Khakis and a sweater with his grey vans.

I let him into my room and sat him on my bed while I got dressed.

I wore my black skinny jeans, with a matching sweater and my grey vans. “Momma! We look alike!” His smile beamed. “Yes we do baby!” I picked him up and spun him around.

I checked my phone to look at the address. It’s quite a walk from my house. I called up one of my friends and asked them for a ride.

“Hey Justin?” I called.


“I was wondering if you could give me and Luke a ride somewhere today?”

“Yeah of course!”

“Thank you so much! I owe you one!”

“It’s no problem YN, I’ll be there in five minutes!”

Ten minutes later Justin pulled up. I grabbed my purse and Luke’s coat and Justin came and picked Luke up for me. He buckled Luke into the car and I got into the passenger seat.

It took 15 minutes to get to Gilinsky and Johnsons house. Justin helped me to the door with Luke. I knocked on the door and Nate opened it.

Johnson came running up and greeted me.

“Who’s this?” Nate asked coldly, pointing to Justin.

“I’m Justin,” he stuck his hand out for Nate to shake. Nate looked at his hand and walked away.

“Sorry about him.” Johnson apologized.

“It’s fine.” Justin chuckled. “Well by YN, bye buddy, I’ll see you guys later.” He kissed Luke and handed him to me.

“Bye Justin! Love you!” “Love you too!” He called as he drove away.

I walked inside and set Luke down. He ran over to Gilinsky playing the play station.

“What’s up little buddy?” Gilinsky laughed.

Nate was seated on a single couch playing on his phone.

“What are you playing?” Luke asked Nate.

“Luke, leave him alone please.” Luke sat in Nates lap. It’s like he knows that’s his father, he won’t stop gravitating towards him.

“Here, wanna play?” Luke’s face lite up. He yelled yes excitedly and Nate chuckled.

“Was that his father who dropped you off?” Johnson asked as I sat next to Gilinsky.

Nates head snapped towards me.

“No, but he could be considered the father in Luke’s life. He helped me through the pregnancy and still helps take care of Lucas today.” I smiled as I fiddled with my fingers.

Nate frowned hearing that. He picked up Luke and sat him down on the couch.

“YN? Can I talk to you in the kitchen please?”

“Nate are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“Please.” I nodded and followed him to the kitchen.

“YN, I miss you. I miss us.” My eyes widened as I stood in front of Nate.

“Nate. You told me you didn’t love me anymore, how can I trust you now? You weren’t happy with me, you even said it yourself.”

“YN, I never stopped loving you. I got signed to a big record label and they told me I couldn’t have a girlfriend, I know it was wrong to hurt you. But it hurt me too. I regretted it the second I said it. I missed you, I really have. I still love you YN.” Nate stepped closer to me. Trapping me between him and the kitchen counter.

“Nathan, I can’t. I just don’t feel the same way anymore.” Lie. I wanted to jump into his arms. I missed him. I missed his touch. But I can’t have him hurt me or Luke.

“I’ll wait for you YN. I’ll wait for you forever.”

“Momma?” I heard Luke feet padding across the floor. Nate chuckled and stepped back from me.

“Hey little man, want some ice cream?” Nate asked Luke but looked at me for reassurance. I nodded and made my way to the Jacks.

“He really does love you YN, he never stopped talking about you.”

“Then why didn’t he come back for me? Huh Johnson?”

“He thought you deserved better. He would always talk about how he didn’t deserve you.” I sat in silence at his answer.

“YN! Shit! I don’t know what’s happening!” Nate yelled from the kitchen. We all ran to see Nate holding Lucas. His face was red and he wasn’t breathing.

“What the fuck Nate?! What happened?”

“I don’t know we were eating ice cream! That’s it!”

“What was on it?!”

“Syrup, cherries, and peanuts!”

“He’s allergic to peanuts! Oh fuck! I don’t even have his epipen!”

“Nate drive them to the hospital now!” Johnson yelled.

He grabbed Lucas and ran him to the car. I followed close behind him. I sat in the back with Lucas as Nate drove.

“Fucking hell YN, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know!”

“I’m sorry Nate I should’ve told you, just please hurry.”

We soon pulled up to the hospital and Nate carried Luke inside.

“We need a doctor!” He yelled. A nurse rushed to Luke and asked what was wrong. Nate explained what happened and she rushed him off to the back.

“We need to collect some information for your son.” A nurse came up to me.


“January 16th”

“Insurance company, and Social Security?”

I answered her questions.

“Okay last one…what’s his full name?” Oh shit. I hope Nate wasn’t listening.

“Lucas Carson Maloley.” I saw Nate take a step back and turn his head towards me.

“Okay thank you, a doctor will see you in a moment.” She smiled and walked away.

“Lucas Carson Maloley?” Nate asked in disbelief.

Bruce Jenner - The Interview

I am a woman. I had the story. We’ve done 485 episodes over 8 years. And the entire run, i kept thinking to myself, “The one real, true story in the family was the one i was hiding. The one thing that could really make a difference in people’s lives was in my should and i couldn’t tell that story.” - Bruce Jenner (The Interview)

We love and support you Bruce; we, as a fan base, are so proud of you, watching you throughout the last few years of our lives, grow and finally let yourself be free and to be whom you truly are. 


Stereo Kicks UK Tour - April 2015

Can we please talk about this tour? I know everyone is so excited about the single #LoveMeSo but this tour was amazing too. Stereo Kicks did a 9 cities (they didn’t post a picture for Birmingham) tour around UK and every venue but one was SOLD OUT!! They also had another show in Milton Keynes in the middle of the tour and then Jake got ill and had to miss the Manchester show. They were so professional and played 6 shows in a row with no days off. I’m just so proud of the boys and they don’t even have a single out yet.

This was just a small tour but we got everything from it. I didn’t even get a chance to go but from all the videos I’ve seen, it felt like I was there at every venue. Can you imagine what the boys can do in the future? When they have an album out or a bigger stage to run around on? I can’t wait for that to happen.

Okay, so here a reminder for tomorrows trend for Kat Graham. 

Things to remember: As I said in the previous post, the first idea was to do something for her new music with a Bamon twist.This is still going to happen sometime later, along with other trends for both of them but for now we are focusing on sending her some love but it doesn’t mean we have to forget her music so if you can add this #Buy1991 while you are tweeting for the trend.

What you should tweet:

As usual Important Info:

The first letters in CAPITAL. (nothing but that Pls) don’t use ❌ bamon fans support kat graham❌ or  🚫Bamon fans support Kat Graham  🚫 or ❌Bamon fans Support Kat Graham🚫 

Bamon Fans Support Kat Graham ✔ 


I really hope you have you tweets schedule, if not here are ways to do so. Helps if you can’t be here during the trend. Here are a list of where you can schedule your tweets and how to draft them.

You can find a detailed tutorial here. In case I missed something let me know.

1. You can use drafts on Twitter app. Works on Mobile

2. Tweetdeck for scheduling the tweets. Works on PC

3. Futuretweets for scheduling the tweets. Works on PC

4. Hootsuite for scheduling tweets. Works on Mobile and PC

And lastly once again the time. Time is essential.

New York (U.S.A. - New York)             Friday, 10 April 2015, 16:00:00   EDT  UTC-4 hours    
Augsburg (Germany - Bavaria)             Friday, 10 April 2015, 22:00:00   CEST UTC+2 hours    
Milan (Italy)                            Friday, 10 April 2015, 22:00:00   CEST UTC+2 hours    
Podgorica (Montenegro)                   Friday, 10 April 2015, 22:00:00   CEST UTC+2 hours     Paris (France)                           Friday, 10 April 2015, 22:00:00   CEST UTC+2 hours     Québec (Canada - Quebec)                 Friday, 10 April 2015, 16:00:00   EDT  UTC-4 hours     Rio de Janeiro (Brazil - Rio de Janeiro) Friday, 10 April 2015, 17:00:00   BRT  UTC-3 hours     Athens (Greece)                          Friday, 10 April 2015, 23:00:00   EEST UTC+3 hours     London (United Kingdom - England)        Friday, 10 April 2015, 21:00:00   BST  UTC+1 hour     Delhi (India - Delhi)                    Saturday, 11 April 2015, 01:30:00 IST  UTC+5:30 hours Houston (U.S.A. - Texas)                 Friday, 10 April 2015, 15:00:00   CDT  UTC-5 hours  
Sydney (Australia - New South Wales) Saturday, 11 April 2015, 06:00:00 AEST UTC+10 hours   Los Angeles (U.S.A. - California)        Friday, 10 April 2015, 13:00:00   PDT  UTC-7 hours     Corresponding UTC (GMT)                  Friday, 10 April 2015, 20:00:00  

well actually…

this is me right now

I am just so absolutely proud of JYJ and I am immensely happy for them. We know the pain and struggle they had to endure to get here and it was all worth it because now they have made history and I feel so proud and honored to be their fan.

Always here to love and support you. JYJ Fighting!!!

Important Reminder

Fellow Oncers. Please be aware there is a branch of the fandom (shall not be named but you know who they are) that will be boycotting tonights episode in attempts to lower the ratings.  Why?  Because they don’t like Robin Hood, Sean, or Outlaw Queen. Stupid? Yes.  But that won’t stop them.  

I firmly believe if you are a true fan of a show, you support it. You don’t have to care for the episode, characters, ships, whatever.  But boycotting is flat out childish.  My message to those people:

You want people to respect you? Then learn how to show some respect.

To everyone else, if you have the ability to watch live tonight, please please do. We can’t let these children have any reason to start throwing the “point proven” statements around.  Watch live. On TV. Streams do not count towards ratings.  If you aren’t in the US and want to help ratings (or you are and want to help even more), please be sure to live tweet during the EST and PST air times using #OnceUponATime and #QueensOfDarkness

Also! PLEASE be sure to send @AdamHorowitz positive feedback for the episode! And please send @sean_m_maguire your love and support tonight. The poor guy is gonna get a lot of hateful messages tonight, so let’s blow those out of the water with LOVE and SUPPORT! <3

Paul “I hurt my arm trying to touch Gwen Stefani”
Fan: “Did you get to at least?”
Paul: “I touched the security guard”

Paul to Ian: “I know how we can spice things up here, I think you should crowd surf”

Paul’s favorite part of being on TVD, is the support from all the fans.

Fan: “How do you fake, biting people’s necks on the show?”
Paul: “Oh we bite”

Paul to fan: “What’s shaking?”
Fan: “My legs”

Paul and Ian are sad they demolished The Salvatore House

Fan: “You’re Polish. Can you polka for us?”
Paul: “I don’t know how, show me..*fan dances* Oh I always thought it was a group dance”

First time Paul met Moke, he broke out from allergies. Paul to Ian about Moke: “He has so much hair bro”.

Paul’s not so secret obsession is cats: “God is playing a joke on me by making me allergic to cats”

Paul thinks the best intro/theme song of a TV show is the one from “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

Paul wants both Stefan and Damon to take of their rings, walk off into the sun when TVD ends.

Paul hopes the next episode he directs is named “GFY”.

When directing, Paul likes prepping, but he also likes making decisions and adapting to unforeseen things when getting to set.

Paul hates the words “moonstone” and “siphon”

Ian: “I know everyone is bored with Damon now”
Paul: “Yeah I’m bored”

Fan: “What advice would you give your 16 year old self?”
Paul: “I have no regrets. I’m perfect.”

Ian on Damon’s next love interest: “Stefan. Keep it in the family.”
Paul: “Why go across the street, when you can go across the hall?”

Fan: “I’m nervous.”
Ian: “I know. I’m nervous too.”
Paul: “Ian touches me inappropriately.”

Fan: “If you weren’t an actor what would you do?
Paul: “Ever seen the movie Magic Mike?”

Ian talking about Tom Avery: “Tommy. Wasn’t that his name?”
Paul: “It was Tom.”
Ian: “Well excuse the hell outta me.”

Ian: “People don’t want to be home at 9 to watch.”
Paul: “We’re on at 8! You don’t even watch!”

Paul and Ian want to do a Represent t-shirt together

Paul: “I gave Cat to our makeup artist [he’s allergic] I get daily photos of her now, she has siblings now.”

Fan: “Your hair is perfect.”
Paul: “I know right.”


happy 100 days with gfriend!

these girls made a strong debut with glass bead and worked so hard for these few months. i hope as a fan that we get to see more of gfriend as performers, dorks and just awesome girls! thank you to all the fans who has supported them since their debut and those who became fans recently!! special thanks to gfriendunited​ for the amazing cake <3 #100DaysBeingMyGFRIEND

more of that roommate stuff that i was talking about

my headcanon is that sakura and ino are the first ones there, but sakura dragged her over early in the morning, so ino ends up napping. shikamaru is now questioning whether he should have came early and took a nap too