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Some fans are so delusional it’s unreal. A fan means supporting your bias/favourite group. You don’t get a say in who or when they date. Do you actually think you’ll end up with your oppa? That he’ll marry you and start a family? Some fans are so delusional. Like where do you some of you even get this idea from? I repeat. You. Are. Just. A. Fan. If you actually think an idol will go out with a fan then you’re crazier than I thought.

taylorswift if you ever see this post I want you to know that I am a non-binary/transgender fan of yours, I use they/them/their pronouns and I get worried if I ever meet you that you won’t understand my gender stuff and that would be heart breaking. So I hope you know that you have lots of trans/non-binary fans who love you and hope you support us as much as we support you. <3 


I’ve been a bit behind on Patreon sketches because of work and back-to-back conventions, so I’m posting these with a bit of an announcement. 

I’ve officially put in my two weeks at my retail job and am switching to doing art full-time! I’ll have all the more hours to devote to Artist Alley work, as well as to work on my comic projects and open up commissions more often in the future.

To celebrate this, I’ve expanded a bunch of my Patreon tiers! If you’re a fan, want to support my work and keep me fed, and get some sick art in the process, CHECK IT OUT. Alongside the monthly sketches as featured here, there’s gonna be a lot of progress shots, tutorials, and sneak peaks of projects I can’t necessarily post publicly. Plus, everyone who’s pledged (even at the $1 amount) gets a constant 20% discount on my Etsy shop!  Short of me coming to your house and baking you a cake, it doesn’t get much better than this.

I’m excited for this next step in my life, and I hope to work harder than ever. Thanks as always for your constant support!!

“I love that you ship!”
“I love all my ships!”
“I love that you ship, it shows how passionate you are”
“I love all my fans”
“I support all my ships!”

I’ve head and read these lines multiple times from JMO, Lana, Adam, even Josh Dallas and I’m sure many others I don’t remember right now.

And yet, there’s some idiot out there who believes that “real fans ship C$ and 0Q”!

You’re not only wrong, you’re also being extremely disrespectful toward the actors you say you love.


I love you so so much and you’ve helped me grow so much and made college worthwhile because you’re my biggest fan and are always supportive. I miss you so much because you went home and now I’m all alone in the apartment where we live together, which was a great decision. Every one thinks we’re great together and I agree with them

omglooknoone asked:

Your writing is fan-flippin-tastic and I just love how genuinely supportive you are of not only korrasami of course but everyone else's work; it's evident from one glance at your blog. Keep doing what you're doing how you're doing it :D

I don’t know how to handle all this niceness!! Lol. Thank you, I do all I can to make sure that my tumblr experience is positive and the people that follow me get that as well. This fandom is full of so much talent, in so many areas, it’s insane. I love it and everyone has been so sweet and outgoing. Thank you for this lovely message ;)

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I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!! :") glad you're an amazing fellow Hailang 😀😀❤❤ and you were able to support him through thay beautiful event~fans like you make me proud!

Awwww thank you so much, I am a proud mama panda bear right now. Seeing the pix of him last night made me so happy, he looks so happy and healthy with those chubby cheeks it makes me content.

And of course all the HL who helped make it possible are AWESOME. My hero’s for letting the international fans participate, hopefully there will be more projects in the future!

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you're not a trap

Wow, I dunno if I should be excited since this is my first random anon hate, or disappointed that maybe it’s true and that’s why it took so long to receive something like this.

You’re right tho, I use the term because it’s a pretty popular search term, but I’m not a trap. I don’t trick or lead anyone on. Actually, I find the insinuation of trap kinda shitty, and have yet to meet someone deceitful that cross-dresses, gender-bends, or identifies as something they weren’t DAB. 

Regardless of this mail, I feel lucky to have an inbox that is overwhelmingly supportive, and for some of my stuff to get likes and reblogs from some 10/10 ladies and guys on here. So to my fans, thank you for the love and support (and for asking me where I’ve been the last 6 months). You guys have really helped me feel more positive about myself, to the point where something like this doesn’t upset me like it would’ve a year or two ago.

And to anon, you might want to avoid my upcoming Bridget set xD

I think I'm one of those cool EXO fans who supports every members decision, respects their privacy, doesn't spread crazy rumors about them, loves them all the same, and is happy as long as they are happy. And that makes me proud, and I love all EXO-L who love the members unconditionally but are still respectful. Thank you to those fans who supported every member, thanks to those who didn't spread pictures of Jongin at the airport, thanks to those who supported Baekhyun when it was discovered that he has a girlfriend, and thanks to those who stayed in the fandom despite the hardships. I'm truly grateful for you all.
SPN Spinoff Pitch: Wayward Daughters

Dear thecwtv and thecwspn,

By now, you’ve hopefully heard of Wayward Daughters: a fan-supported concept for a spinoff from Supernatural, ideally starring adults Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) and Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster), and the teenage girls in Jody’s care, Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton) and Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen). It’s a concept with a lot of traction in the predominantly female Supernatural fanbase, not only because it capitalises on a compelling setup that’s already established in canon, but because it perfectly embodies one of the most prominent themes of Supernatural - the idea that, to quote Bobby Singer, ‘Family don’t end with blood’ - and applies it to a complex group of women, each of whom has her own unique history with the world of angels, demons and hunting. 

With Supernatural now approaching its eleventh season, we’re at an optimal point for The CW to consider new spinoff concepts, and given how poorly the backdoor pilot for Supernatural: Bloodlines was received, it should carry some weight that Wayward Daughters already has support within the fandom. Just as importantly, however, it’s also an excellent fit with The CW as a network, both in terms of your target audience and existing lineup. Given the success of shows like iZombie, The 100 and The Vampire Diaries, it’s clear there’s an eager audience for female-driven fantasy programming. Not only would Wayward Daughters capitalise on the existing Supernatural fanbase, but it would arguably increase Supernatural’s own audience in much the same way that the 2005 reboot of Doctor Who attracted established fans of the franchise while simultaneously serving as an entry point for newcomers. 

Just as importantly, it would also contribute to the continuation of the #SPNfamily, not only in terms of constituting a powerful, positive engagement with Supernatural’s fans, but by securing the legacy of a beloved, popular show. After ten years on the air together, the cast and crew of Supernatural have become close enough to embark on a multitude of different projects in partnership with one another, many of which relate directly to Supernatural itself, and which have arguably lead to increased fan engagement. Kevin’s Continued Winchester Gospels, created by Osric Chau, is one example of this; as, indeed, is the affectionate Supernatural parody recently produced by the hillywoodshow - in which almost every key Supernatural actor participated to some degree - as well as the forthcoming Kings of Con series, produced by Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr, which was successfully crowdfunded to 280% of its initial goals.

Not only does this demonstrate the Supernatural family’s capacity to support its members in both fannish and professional endeavours, but it also proves that the fanbase is not only willing to adapt to new modes of storytelling, but is keen to endorse their creation. The level of respectful, positive engagement between the actors and writers of Supernatural and the fanbase is, if not unprecedented, then certainly remarkable, and is therefore materially relevant to the concept of Wayward Daughters. 

Throughout its decade on air, the criticism most consistently levelled at Supernatural has concerned the show’s treatment of women: not because it has ever lacked for compelling female characters, but because the slash-and-burn nature of the early seasons in particular, coupled with the tight narrative focus on the Winchester brothers, has frequently left their full potential unexplored. A female-centric spinoff would not only help to redress this historic imbalance, but would perfectly compliment the original show without compromising fan investment in the franchise. 

Similarly, and to address the specific network fear that a successful TV show in any genre can’t be headlined by a woman in her forties, which was at one time raised as a concern about Kim Rhodes, the recent critical success of shows like How to Get Away With MurderHappy Valley and The Killing - starring, respectively, Viola Davis, Sarah Lancashire and Sofie Gråbøl - would seem to suggest otherwise; as, for that matter, does Gillian Anderson’s recent casting in the forthcoming X-Files Revival. The related fear that a show aimed primarily at a younger audience might suffer for having an “older” woman in such a prominent role is further mitigated in the case of Wayward Daughters by the presence of multiple younger cast members in positions of equal prominence. One need only look at other successful shows with similar multi-age dynamics among its female cast members - such as the role of Abbie Griffin (Paige Turco) in The 100 - to see that this need not be a barrier.             

As of Season 10 of Supernatural, Sheriff Jody Mills is introducing Sheriff Donna Hanscum to the world of hunting while fostering two very different teenage girls, both of whom have been orphaned by a combination of monsters and magic. In addition to this quartet, the Supernatural universe boasts a number of other female characters - such as Krissy Chambers (Madison McLaughlin), Josephine Barnes (Megan Danso), Linda Tran (Lauren Tom) and werewolf Kate (Brit Sheridan) - who could easily fit within the framework of Wayward Daughters, either as season regulars or cameo appearances, in a way that both serves as homage to the original show without requiring new viewers to have watched it.

Whether as a one-off webseries or as an ongoing show in its own right, it’s clear that Wayward Daughters has enormous potential as a concept, and I sincerely hope that both The CW and the creators of Supernatural consider making it a reality.                                      

An Open Letter To Jared Padalecki

Jared, you don’t know me, but you’ve done more for me than you’ll ever know. You and Sam pulled me back from some of the worst times of my life and I owe you so much for that.

I’m not pretending to know what you’re going through right now but I want you to know that you deserve, and have, all the love and support and kindness in the world.

You have inspired and supported us – your fans – for many years with your kind, compassionate words and courageous views. Please just know that because of you, there are so many of us who are still fighting, who will in fact #AlwaysKeepFighting

Please do whatever you have to, to get through whatever darkness you find yourself in now. I hope you’re with your family now and that they will help you as you have helped us.


people who hate on jiyong and kiko but support taeyang and hyorin need to reevaluate your whole lives like why the fuck are you so fucking salty if you’re a real gdragon fan you would support his relationship, not be a bitchy whiny asshole about it fuck yall

REQEST EXO REACTION when you perform at an award show

Anon: Could you please do a reaction when you do a surprising performence, lets say the Mama awards, where you sing “U&I” from Ailee with all the dancing and Show. And you are Kind of better then her (lolz its Not possible but lets pretend) but he didnt know you could sing at all.

I’ll try my best, lovely Anon ^-^



He would be partying hard and enjoy your performance as much as he can. Later on you’d see a fancam of him supporting you like a little fan-boy that he is.


He’d be completely paralized and would stop everything he was doing previously. Like in some kind of shock he just watches every little movement of yours.

Chen (imagine you’re Chanyeol)

Just as you were about to give an backstage interview after your performance, Chen comes running to you and applauds you non-stop not caring that he’s being filmed and interrupting you.


As you keep complaining about your performance because you think you cound have done better and should have practice more:


You practiced your dance routine together with Kai so as you show your performance he can’t help but to dance along. You guys always made sure to support each other and this is what he does.


“You know, now that I saw you, I want to perform that song too. Give me the lyrics and that dress you’re wearing and I’ll kick you from your throne in a second.”. Shortly after:


He’d be completly zoned out and only focusing on your performance. Everytime is like the first time he saw you on stage. He’s totally amazed and falling in love with you more and more.


I’m not being too obvious, right? I mean, I look like every other fan with a camera in my hand filming (y/n). Oh man who am I kidding. I’m sitting in the VIP-Lounge with a dozen of other idols and I’m the only one with a camera in my hands..


Not knowing what he’s doing he randomly stands up from his seat, eyes focused on you, everything else is blurred. Like in some kinds of trance he just watches you with a slight smile on his lips.


‘little school girl-mode on’ “Do you see how she swings those hips? And those high notes? And that sexy look? And how she-”

Sehun:”Suho hyung, will you shut up now?”


He was blown away by your voice and he couldn’t handle his feelings. Back at home you wouldn’t sing seriously and more like an over-dramatic old woman. So to hear you sing like that shoked him just like everyone else in this room.


He wouldn’t want to miss a thing so everytime his band members were talking he’d start to complain. “Would you guys stop? I can’t hear anything!”