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Why are you so defensive with Robin Hood? We all know Adam and Eddy are gonna kill him off or make him stay with Marian. Outlaw Queen is actually a stupid ship. It's forced and rushed. There is nothing interesting of that man. Even Hook is better than him.

Because Robin Hood is : 












A great father

A great friend

A great leader 

Wow I have so many great things to say about him. I love him. I feel like he compliments Regina completely. They are two broken souls that are healing each other. I don’t believe Adam and Eddy are going to kill him off honestly? The whole OQ fandom would go nuts. We have learn to love Robin so much just like we love Regina. Because for the first time Regina left her guard down and we could see the potential of happiness. Outlaw isn’t stupid, rushed nor forced. It’s actually quite beautiful. We see this two people that had gone through hell when they lost the one person they loved. Why can’t people see that? Robin has so much potential and I really want for the writers to explore more of him because I really want to see how low did Robin reach before surfacing again. 

I love how Robin could see through Regina. How easily he go through her defenses and make her feel safe. This isn’t just about their sexual tension (which is there) but is about the potential of true love and happiness they can experience.

Robin and Hook are different in every aspect and I for one i’m glad that is that way. I am not a fan of Hook for reasons I really don’t want to explain. Robin is the better person. 

Personally I have come to love Robin to such a degree that I really hope he gets a happy ending with Regina or better yet a happy beginning. A happy ending implies not getting more new memories and moments whilst a happy beginning can provide an endless supply of joy and happiness. Why have and ending when every day can be a new beginning together.