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OMG, what if when she was Mels, she didn't like celebrating her birthday because no one knew the true importance of it, so she always dreads her birthday because it makes her feel alone. But once Rory was determined to make the day truly special, and actually succeeded!!! And then after that, every year he'd have Mels recount her bday to him, so he can see whether or not she's had a good birthday. If not, he had something special surprised for her, and even if she did, he still had it. THE FEELS

Ow ow ow yess!! He’d make sure Mels had the best birthday, and rope Amy in his plans. Usually its she who makes plans for the trio, but Mels’ b'day is when Rory is the one calling shots.

Mels isn’t big on birthday parties, so they have a small birthday breakfast at Williams’ place, courtesy Brian, and a little gift that he made himself. Amy and Rory pool money to buy a present for Mels. Apart from this, Amy makes her a card, and manages to convince her aunt to let them have a sleepover. There is also an ‘icecream cake’ with a side of fish fingers and custard. (In the rebooted timeline, Augustus entertains the girls with lame jokes and Tabetha makes a small cake for Mels)

And some times, there are little surprises. Like a picnic with just the three of them, or a rare book on ancient history because he knows she loves history. Some times it’s just the two of them, doing something completely mundane with Brian, like may be cleaning the attic and cracking over all the junk there.

It’s pretty much always the same - only the gifts vary - but it’s always special for her. And every time Rory asks her if she’s had a good b'day, she tells him it was the best.

Imagine if Rory and Amy woudn’t went,and after River went to library what would Doctor say to her parents Rory and Amy..How can he would say their daughter died to save him and he knew that will happen ? That would be so hard if they blame him to death of his wife he wouldn’t stand it..but I think after think they would understand Doctor had no fault..maybe they all would go to the library and can speak with her..And now he couldn’t went to amy and rory He will never say that.. they don’t know what happened to their daughter just waiting for her and they will always hope never stop waiting..the girl who waited and the boy who waited will waiting for their daughter until end of their lives now..And Doctor feels more guilty about it..

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