The Fall of the Damned, conversely known as The Fall of the Rebel Angels - Peter Paul Rubens
ca. 1620
Oil on canvas
286 cm × 224 cm (112.60 in × 88.19 in)
Alte Pinakothek, Munich

Rubens, fleuve d'oubli, jardin de la paresse,
Oreiller de chair fraîche où l'on ne peut aimer,
Mais où la vie afflue et s'agite sans cesse,
Comme l'air dans le ciel et la mer dans la mer;
C. B. 



Word just don’t cover how amazing this moment is. For the casual viewer it’s just another moment of Dean being a little troublemaker and rebel. It’s so much more than that though. Especially in the context of this entire episode. And it’s just so so endlessly telling how the shot of the angel getting tipped over by none other than Dean Winchester, is followed by the literal angel standing right behind Dean. That very angel that later on in this episode will choose to disobey and with that choice falls. And who for? Right, none other than Dean Winchester.