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Do you know the paintings in the MV?

The fall of the Rebel Angels by Bruegel

Jpn ver

Kr ver

A fresco on the ceiling of the Saint Nicolas cathedral by Giuglio Quaglio, the painting doesn’t have a name (and it took me literally one hour to find it bc I thought it was a painting from the Renaissance ad it’s obviously Baroque eziohgozigh I’m so stupid) 

Jpn ver

Kr ver

Landscape with the fall of Icarus 

Jpn ver (behind Namjoon)

Kr ver (behind Taehyung)

and I think that’s it for the paintings in the jpn ver!

The Fall of the Damned, conversely known as The Fall of the Rebel Angels - Peter Paul Rubens
ca. 1620
Oil on canvas
286 cm × 224 cm (112.60 in × 88.19 in)
Alte Pinakothek, Munich

Rubens, fleuve d'oubli, jardin de la paresse,
Oreiller de chair fraîche où l'on ne peut aimer,
Mais où la vie afflue et s'agite sans cesse,
Comme l'air dans le ciel et la mer dans la mer;
C. B. 

Art History Meme - 7/9 Paintings

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Fall of the Rebel Angels, 1562, Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels

In depicting this scene from the book of Revelation, Bruegel works very much in the tradition of Hieronymus Bosch. While this fantastical scene full of grotesque monsters does not appear to have much in common with genre paintings he is known for, it is easy to see the same commitment to intricate detail shown here in his paintings of daily peasant life.

i love how simple and totally uncomplicated and absolutely non headache inducing bts music videos are like in the blood sweat and tears japanese version namjoon is just a fallen rebel angel who tries to make jungkook also see the truth by forcing him to drink absinthe but jungkook cant really handle the truth initially so he throws it up but when it finally kicks in he rejects yoongi who is trying to keep jungkook safe and away from the truth which he also does to jimin when a version of jimin bites the (forbidden) apple and sees the truth and runs away to try to find the version of himself who hasnt bitten the apple and is just sitting there contemplating if he should when he is in a place that while absolutely dull and uneventful is also safe and comfortable but when he does find that version of himself yoongi manages to cover his face and he never gets to let that version of him know the truth and he ends up juxtaposed with hoseok who is the “boy” who meets “evil” and he struggles to reach out to the heavens while yoongi covers jin’s eyes as well from the vision of “the fall of the rebel angels” but when he gets into a fight with taehyung who is a representation of both lucifer and icarus and taehyung wins the moral high ground that he has taken against the rest of them ends up crumbling and he falls and breaks the same way that they did 

how simple and uncomplicated and totally not headache inducing