Art History Meme - 7/9 Paintings

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Fall of the Rebel Angels, 1562, Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels

In depicting this scene from the book of Revelation, Bruegel works very much in the tradition of Hieronymus Bosch. While this fantastical scene full of grotesque monsters does not appear to have much in common with genre paintings he is known for, it is easy to see the same commitment to intricate detail shown here in his paintings of daily peasant life.

The Fall of the Rebel Angels, about 1430, Tempera colors, gold leaf, gold paint, and pen and ink on parchment
Leaf: 24.8 x 17.9 cm (9 ¾ x 7 1/16 in.)
The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

BTS "WINGS" Parallels Theory

Source: jaenim99 (me) - don’t use w/o credit

 To start off, I think it comes down to this - Jin is Abraxas (the balance), Taehyung is Lucifer, Rapmon is Michael, Jhope is Gabriel, Suga is God, Jimin is Adam/Humanity, and Jungkook is Jesus. The painting in the beginning is “The Fall of the Rebel Angels” by Bruegel, which alludes to the whole Taehyung-Lucifer situation. While everyone else is happy and messing around, Jin is the only one that’s sad and he’s frowning at the painting. No one notices him - Jhope notices THE PAINTING, NOT JIN. Meaning that, since Jin represents good and evil, everyone is ignoring “Evil” and pretending that there is only good in the world. Except Jhope. Jhope knows that something is off, but he’s looking through the binoculars, so he doesn’t see the big picture. He doesn’t know the scale of the issue.

Note how happy Suga and Jimin are, representing the happiness between God and Adam before he ate the fruit of knowledge. It’s also important to note that the art have meaning: the fall of the rebel angels, the statue of jesus and mary, and the statue with the wings.

There are three parallels: the fall of Lucifer, the fall of Adam, and the “fall” of Jesus. For Lucifer, Taehyung killed/betrayed his father like Lucifer did to God, meaning that he’s a symbol for the first fallen angel. He did it because of his sibling (his sister) while Lucifer also did it because of his sibling (Adam), but it is important that they were for very different reasons - so there is a hole in this theory. Taehyung was wrathful to protect his sister while Lucifer was wrathful because he was envious of humanity. When the white puppy (meaning innocence) ran away from Taehyung in the teaser, it meant that he had lost his “wings”/purity and had fallen. Meanwhile, Rap Monster is Michael because he was Taehyung’s protector but failed to protect him and Michael was Lucifer’s favorite brother, but failed to stop him from falling. Michael eventually had to hunt Lucifer down and destroy him with his celestial sword, so I think that RapMon was the reason that Taehyung was arrested/defeated. We don’t know how Taehyung was arrested, so it’s very likely that RapMon, who couldn’t make it into the telephone box when Taehyung needed him played a part in it.

And plus in the book, Sinclair is the main figure for sin while Demian is a parallel for Abraxas because Demian is a grey character - he’s good and evil, just as Abraxas represents good and evil. As for Jin being Abraxas, you see Taehyung having the most contact with him through the MV. He’s the one that waits behind when Jin lingers in the back, etc. So he’s the one toying with the balance of good and evil. Everyone in the beginning is “good”, meaning that someone has to balance it out with “bad” - which will eventually become Taehyung. At the end, before it is revealed that Taehyung has lost his wings, Jin kisses the statue with black wings, giving it “the Kiss of Death” - which is a biblical allusion to the kiss that Judas placed on Jesus to indicate to the Romans who the son of God was so that they could kill him. Hence it correlates to the “fall” of Jesus. I’m still not sure how Jhope fits into this, but I’ll figure it out soon.

Moving on to the fall of Adam, Jimin is Adam/Humanity, who God blindfolds to protect from the evils of knowledge - the knowledge of the reality and pain of the world. In the bible, God forbids Adam from eating from the fruit of knowledge because it would kill him, but what if it meant that his innocence would die instead of his physical body? As for Suga, his song is actually really important because Adam - as he was made in God’s image - was God’s first love. And in real life, the lyrics are about how one person supported him through all this time and he always talks about how Jimin was his biggest support when they were trainees (which ties into his mixtape but I have a completely different Yoonmin theory for that for another time).

Jimin/Taehyung fit into two parts of the same whole in Adam/Lucifer because in the end, the winged statue cries from the left while Jimin cries from the right, meaning that it’s the same symbol. Both indicate the fall of something. The reason Jungkook, as Jesus, doesn’t fit into it is because Jesus never “falls”. He comes back to life after being killed, which would explain why Jungkook is suspended on a swing. He’s neither this nor that. But he’s also a symbol of balance because SWINGS, just like Jesus is a symbol of both mortality and divinity. This also plays into the whole Jin is the God Abraxas because in the end, when the statue of the Virgin Mary explodes, so does Jin. Jesus has two parents, Mary AND God. Oh and the german quote? It’s from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who wrote about the dichotomy of good and evil.

The Fall of the Damned, conversely known as The Fall of the Rebel Angels - Peter Paul Rubens
ca. 1620
Oil on canvas
286 cm × 224 cm (112.60 in × 88.19 in)
Alte Pinakothek, Munich

Rubens, fleuve d'oubli, jardin de la paresse,
Oreiller de chair fraîche où l'on ne peut aimer,
Mais où la vie afflue et s'agite sans cesse,
Comme l'air dans le ciel et la mer dans la mer;
C. B. 

How to care for your Rey™

Ya know… people talk about Rey and how her even being around Kylo “diminishes her story” and I’m like… what? Excuse me? A woman can’t interact with a man in any meaningful way or else her story is null and void? Leia interacted with two men (sometimes romantically), one of them wasn’t exactly an angel by any means (Oh noes, she was only in the story to change Han into a respectable human being, FEMALE CHARACTER WASTED!!!11!), and sometimes she commanded whole fleets of rebel men, was her story null and void? Women can’t hold positions of power because they might get within two feet of a man? Men are bad for women and must be stopped? Women can’t fall in love along their heroine’s journey or else she is a horrible role model? (Oh noes, Leia got married and had a baby, she is a horrible woman, strong women don’t fall in love or have kids, love makes them weak!!!111!!)


Stop and think about this for a minute. Rey doesn’t want to be alone. She wants a family. She wants to be around people who love her. I’m sorry if you think her potentially falling in love is poisonous? Or that her falling for Kylo is bad in this context but falling for Finn is not? The hypocrisy is strong with you. Quit acting like women are these fragile creatures who can’t decide anything for themselves and every man they meet is going to derail their purpose in life. You are infantilizing women and it’s honestly embarrassing and extremely offensive. Yes, I’m honestly *offended* that you would say anything like this about Rey when she has already shown SEVERAL TIMES that she can hold her own against the villain and even BEST him at his own game. If anyone’s plans are going to be derailed, it’s Kylo’s. Perhaps these two characters will have “an interesting relationship going forward” and I think you should just wait and see how the story goes rather than just shit on either of them for having the gall to interact with each other.

I’m quite tired of Rey being victimized and I’m tired of Kylo being called “the fucker who will ruin Rey’s story” because OH MY GOD that’s not going to happen. Rey is the strongest willed character in this trilogy, she will triumph in the end because of her own strength and intelligence. She takes care of herself. She’s not a child. She’s been on her own for 15 years, she had to grow up fast. Stop overreacting and belly aching that her being around Kylo in Episode VIII is the worst thing in the universe. Their relationship is meaningful to her in some way, THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN ESTABLISHED.

So please, haters of the world, you really need to stop and examine your behavior. Hating male characters isn’t going to help the issue of pushing female agency to the side (RIP Padmé) instead let’s be EXCITED about a story like Rey’s where she is bringing the villain to his knees and perhaps making him rethink everything he knows. Her strength is what moves the story forward, her determination is encouragement and her stubbornness is a force to be reckoned with. That’s what I want to see, and I think you’re crazy if you don’t want to see that. Rey is imo the best thing that ever happened to Star Wars to be quite honest, and if she in any way motivates the last Skywalker to redeem himself? So that Leia can have her son back? So Kylo can be free of his canon abuser? So the First Order can be stopped forever? Bring it. I’m ready. I’m SO ready.