But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you

Once a man loved a spirit, and a spirit loved a man, and for a while they were happy.

or, a Perc’ahlia fairy tale AU

Title from “When You Are Old” by W.B. Yeats


Once, a man fell in love with a forest spirit. And he was terrible and charming, and a better man than he believed. And she was wild and free, and she loved him too, but he was a man of walls and stone and iron, and she as the wind in the trees and leaves upon the ground and the hidden paths of wild beasts, and theirs was an ill-fitting love, but it was strong and true.

(He was smoke too, you see, winding free through the sky, and she was deep roots in the mountain, and they were not so different as you might believe.)

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It still doesn’t feel like autumn here; perhaps we can bring the parasol back? 

Jugend, 1896, No 33 & 34
-Rebecca B.
Jugend, München : G. Hirth’s Verlag.
MU Ellis Special Collections Closed 053 M921  1896  

So I watched Disney’s Descendants with my baby sister, and because I’m Fairy Tale trash, it’s got me thinking about a Swan Queen AU.

      Princess Emma White Charming, the teenage daughter of King James Charming and Queen Snow White, is poised to take the throne. She offers a chance for redemption to the trouble-making teenage kids of the defeated villains, that were sentenced to live in exile in a remote place called Wonderland. The villains’ kids have been granted permission to attend Storybrooke Prep school, in the kingdom with the Enchanted Forest heroes’ kids.

      Among the villains’ kids is Regina Mills. The daughter of the worst villain of all, Cora the Queen of Hearts. Her mother sends Regina off to Storybrooke with a mission: to get the Blue Fairy’s magic wand and use it to free her from her imprisonment. Regina and the rest of the villains’s kids work on a plan to get the wand while also trying to not get caught.

      But the more time they spend at Storybrooke Prep, the more distracted they get from the mission. Regina finds herself enjoying her freedom, however short lived it may be. And soon, she starts to question whether or not she should go through with her mother’s plan. Things get even more complicated when she realizes that she may have fallen for the insufferable Charming brat.

Japanese folk tales #13: Umibozu

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Once upon a time, in a small village upon the sea of Japan, lived a fisherman and his only son. The man was old and stern and the young man very shy. Like all their neighbours, they were both very poor and had to work very hard to get their fill.

Everyday, father and son left their home before sunrise, pushing their tiny boat on the deep blue seas and hoping for the best.

And every evening, they sat together in their modest house, to mend their nets and creels before drifting into sleep.

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New Patreon project:

☆*・゜゚・* Christina Rossetti’s THE GOBLIN MARKET *・゜゚・*☆

For a while now, I’ve muttered to myself about how much I’d love to illustrate Christina Rossetti’s poem, THE GOBLIN MARKET, and I finally sat down and figured out how I want to tackle the project.

In my art, my interests are split between comics, illustration & sketches, and I find that whenever I get exhausted working in one area, I simply need to change tracks to one of my other foci for a bit and I’ll get my mojo back.  So this will be the illustration project that I will work on when I am exhausted in comics or sketches.

I don’t have a timeline for this thing; I’ll work on it when I can.  Similar to what I’m doing with OXYGEN BURN, I will post the pages only to my Patreon until I finish the project.  After that, I plan to sell it, both digitally & in print.

I’m so grateful for everyone’s support, here & on Patreon & elsewhere!  I hope that you have a beautiful start to the week!  (´ ▽`).。o♡

~ Aud

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I have a half-finished ficlet about the secret never-before-uncovered Middle Earth origins of the story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”

featuring 3 different versions of the story from 3 different nonexistent historical eras and a long tangent on that late-4th-age hyper-masculine revolution during which the gender of Goldilocks was switched because the name was deemed too girly for a man, even if he was an elf, though elves don’t exist anymore, in fact they probably never existed, except for all those records in old books, some of which got burnt because they might give people strange ideas

am I doing this right

( Another one from @neonthesprite )

If we’re just talking about baby wood sprites (which are endearingly called sprouts), they nurse from their mothers or maybe a wet nurse, if needed. When they are a little more developed, they can have soft fruits if they’re mashed/chewed a bit for them first, much like a human infant. The important part is making sure they eat enough. Their little wings remain curled up in their little leaf bud shapes while they’re young, so they don’t get very much from the sun. Wood sprite mamas fuss about their babies getting enough energy most of the time.