okay so im sure I saw a post about mermaids having their own form of sign language bc sound doesn’t travel underwater, but what if they’ve just evolved without hearing at a certain point? in or out of the water, they have to sign to understand one another. (sorry 

and maybe a girl who’s deaf or hard of hearing is in a shipwreck, and while the others are shouting for help in a cold and soundless sea, the girl is frantically signing. she knows its useless, but her panic flies through her fingers as she falls deeper and deeper into the ocean. the mermaids watch, unmoved, as the rest of the sailors drown, but they recognize that her hands are making words, though they dont have the same language. 

when the girl wakes up, she finds herself on a tiny spit of land, waterlogged but alive, and surrounded by sharp-toothed fish people whose fins shimmer darkly beneath the surface. it takes a bit of doing, but once she realizes that they don’t want to eat her, the girl begins to learn their signs, and vice versa. they feed her and teach her to fish, and she teaches them jokes and sleight of hand.

what im saying is mermaids adopting a deaf or hoh girl as one of their own, and moving their colony closer to the surface in order to be near her and them being a weird fishy/human family and living in their own silent and lovely world

I can’t possibly begin to say what this means to me. I got this news while I was on the way out the door to celebrate my 10th anniversary with my fiancee (which is one of those things that, if it happened in fiction, would be totally hard to suspend belief on, you guys), and I actually cried with joy. It’s so, so incredible to me that my first book was this well-received and I’m still more or less incapable of finding the words for it.

Congratulations to all the other winners and runners-up as well*, and please know that so much of the joy I feel is for you too.

In celebration of their placing authors, my publisher, Less Than Three Press, is holding a sale until midnight on December 9 where all the placing books are on sale for just $0.99. That of course includes Beauty and Cruelty, which is a full $6 savings. Please check it out—along with all the others, naturally! You can see the details about Beauty and Cruelty, along with my other books, on my Books page.

Thank you so much to the Rainbow Awards judges for this honor.

*At the time I put this link  up, the URL directs to the contest-hosting page, but it should shortly be updated with the full list of winners as announced on Elisa Rolle’s blog and Twitter.

“‘I don’t remember that being here before,’ Tarmin said.

"The statue was made of stone that was as weathered as the fountain had been; moss and lichen encrusted its lower half. The statue was an angel with her wings drawn up behind her. She held her face buried in her hands, as if she was weeping.

”'Perhaps she’s sad to see what’s happened to the gardens,’ Izmay said.’“

— "The Garden of Statues”

Just borrowed this book from the library today; pretty good read if you’re interested in both Doctor Who and fairy tales. The above quote is an original story (as far as I can tell), but the rest are classic fairy tales with a science fiction twist (a wormhole instead of a beanstalk, for example).

So my friend Monica recently opened an etsy account for her paintings – and she’s absolutely amazing. She focuses on Grimm’s Fairytales. She’s selling prints and calendars in time for Christmas, so if you or someone you know likes bohemian, whimsical art, definitely take a look at her account. If you enjoy what you see, please reblog to support this local artist! She is exceptionally talented.

anonymous asked:

I just reread your knb fairy tale AU set (because it's 1:30am and it's not like I have homework due tomorrow or anything) and I just wanted to drop a message to let you know I love them! I just think the way you clearly draw on the original stories but also adapt them and weave them into your own, interconnected narrative is a) super super impressive and indicative of a lot of skill, and b) so so fun to read. So yeah, they're fantastic and I can't wait to read the next one!

Thank you so much, anon-friend!! I am so glad that you are enjoying the fairy tale AU! That was such a lovely thing to hear!

I keep hoping to start that MuraMuro one soon…I thought I had it more or less figured out but it turns out I don’t…I’m still thinking it through though, I should have something soon…sooooooon…..

Thanks again!! I hope you enjoy the next one (whenever it is that I start it :P)!!

(Also, good luck on your homework! I am very glad you enjoy reading and rereading my stories, but homework is important!!! So is sleep. Sleep is also very important. Perhaps more important than homework but ssshh don’t tell anyone I said that.)