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*curtsies and goes back to floating in the air* Hello Duke! I was wondering, what would you say is/are your favourite/s fairy tale/s? (and which version)

*curtsies and scratches you behind the ears because apparently you’re the cat who lives in the Night Vale community radio station* I don’t know that I really have favorite individual fairy tales (unless you want to count Peter Pan as a fairy tale; technically there is a fairy), but if you want to go off the beaten path a little bit I highly recommend looking into some Romanian folk and fairy tales. I read a bunch of them while I was in Romania and working to reorganize an elementary school library and they’re charming and dark and lovely.

Just got home from seeing Chris at the Portland TLOS event. A good crowd of around 300 people, probably 2/3 of them kids, came to see him and the kids were so excited it was hard not to be charmed. And of course Chris was his usual sweet and engaging self.

He read part of the Blimp Boy chapter, then did costumes (a 7y.o. Red Riding Hood with Shirley Temple ringlets was the winner.), Trivia, raffle numbers for the meet and greet, the Q&A, then he read the intro to the upcoming Classic Fairy Tales book. It lasted about an hour overall but felt faster.

Highlights were a little girl who blasted out the first trivia answer without waiting to be called, which cracked Chris up. “Well, that hasn’t happened before!” Another girl who asked about his Speech and Debate days and asked permission to use Struck by Lightning for her piece. Chris said that’s how SBL originally started, so it was going full circle. And he loved the kid who entered the costume event as a farmer from the RRH kingdom.

Good fun overall, and while I like the face to face signings a bit better personally, I could see that Chris really enjoyed this new format and had plenty of energy left at this, his last tour stop, so no complaints.

The Fairy Book,
The best popular fairy stories selected and rendered anew by the author of ‘John Halifax, Gentleman ´
Illustrated by Warwick Goble.
MacMillan and Co., Limited
St. Martin’s Street, London.

Beauty and the Beast

The beast opened his eyes : “You forgot your promise, Beauty, and so I determined to die ; for I could not live without you. I have starved myself to death, but I shall die content since I have seen your face once more.”

Exciting news!

I have a book coming out next year!!!!!!

From Publishers Weekly:

Flatiron Lands Snow White Update

In a world rights preempt, Sarah Barley at Flatiron Books acquired Melissa Bashardoust’s [THAT’S ME!!!] Girls Made of Snow and Glass. The YA novel, which the publisher called a “feminist reimagining of the Snow White fairy tale,” follows both of the central female characters from the original story: the young princess and her stepmother. The book, which weaves between the past and present, Flatiron said, “traces the relationship of two young women doomed to be rivals from the start.” Meredith Kaffel Simonoff at DeFiore and Company represented the author, and the book is set for fall 2017.


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Reading Books.

Today I have the writers urge,
a host of words to splash and splurge,
to write of blood  and history,
to write of love and mystery.

I can tell you of the Chinese wall,
of  the Mongol
 Empires rise and fall,
how Caesar ruled the streets of Rome,
and was stabbed to death upon his throne.

Of Dracula and the  blood he takes,
and Van Helsing and his wooden stakes,
Frankenstein, and his lightning bolts,
and the beauty on which  this monster dotes.

We can read some Dickens and his Christmas frights
or Wilky Collins and his Lady in White,
of Heathcliff’s ghost upon the moors,
of headless bodies on  rains-wept shores.

We can go to space and reach the stars.
have lunch upon the lakes of Mars,
and when tiredness makes us nod and swoon,
we can rest awhile upon the moon.

We can dive beneath the sea, so deep,
we can capture Fairies and watch them sleep,
we can dig up tombs, with tales untold,
and find the Leprechaun’s pot of gold.

At night time we can close our eyes,
we can fly our way to Paradise;
but there is no single, we must return,
until our work down here is done.

I could go on, and on, and on,
writing this is so much fun,
so please my friends, pick up a book,
it will do harm to have a look.  

Books can take us anywhere,
no passports or expensive fare,
just sit you down and nestle in,
and feast upon the words within.

Ambrose Harte
Scattered Thoughts.