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Admit defeat, and defeat will surely admit you into permanent custody


Otherwise known as The Beret Girl, Mocha is a mysterious poet who is often performing at coffee shops. She may seem quiet and seductive at first but that doesn’t mean she won’t stand up fo her friends.


Moira goes by Mo and at first glance you probably think she’s stuck up and too cool for everyone else. While the deep, mysterious girl is very cool, she isn’t stuck up. She knows what she is talking about and often is preaching about it through her poetry. Mo is almost always at Mad Hatter’s. Drinking her weight in coffee and performing at their poetry nights, she might as well live there. She is fairly guarded. Wearing her heart on her sleeve in the past got her heart broken so now she has her walls built very high. Will using poetry help her get over the heart break or will she be hiding behind her fear of being broken again forever?

anonymous asked:

top 5 disney sequels

…I’m guessing you mean the dtv stuff??

weeps because I’ve seen way too many of these things

1. Cinderella III (Aside from the opening, it’s pretty damn awesome and Cindy is badass and Anastasia is precious and has the best arc and the animation is nice, even beautiful at times)
2. the Aladdin sequels (Yes, I count Return of Jafar because even though it’s cheesy af, it still has its moments and I can’t help it, the nostalgia is too powerful)
3. The Lion King 2 (Zira is cooler than Scar tbh, fight me)
4. An Extremely Goofy Movie (I am always here for Goof feels and while Roxanne randomly disappearing made me sad, Sylvia and Beret Girl are my queens and it’s still pretty groovy, as Sylvia would say.)
5. Mulan 2 (Yes, it is terrible and fanfic-y on many levels but it’s such a guilty pleasure and I do genuinely like the princesses and feel bad because their story could’ve been so much more but it got shoved aside for some ooc Mushu bullshit and Shang’s face, just Shang’s face)

Bruh, it’s wild how in A Goofy Movie half the story was Max tryna talk to Roxanne and finally talkin to her then you literally never see or hear about her in An Extremely Goofy Movie