waveringbriar  asked:

Your outfit in that Bats Day post is positively divine. May I ask where you found the various components?

Aww, thank you! 

  • The hat is one of my standard summer hats. The trick is to find a wide brimmed black hat and decorate it. Here’s my previous post with tips!
  • The skirt is one of the standard “25 yard cotton skirts” that a lot of belly dancers wear. Here is an Amazon link to the one I have. BE WARNED: the seller uses a slur in the product name and description. Sadly, a lot of sellers who offer that type of skirt use that slur. 
  • The dress is a rayon black lace dress, worn over a cotton tank top. I altered the dress to knee length and added lace trim to the hem. While I have a stockpile of these dresses (made by Starina and Nostalgia in the late 90s/early 00s) Holy Clothing makes the same dress now!  Yes, it’s $50, but that’s a better price than the resellers on eBay and Etsy want for vintage ones. 
  • Speaking of summergoth dresses: here’s a previous post about where to find them.

PS4 [ Code : Realize ~Saikou no Hanataba ] 

  • This title will consist of the First and the Fandisc version of the Code : Realize

To be released 2017