this christmas ; chase brody

 inspired by @thedarkenedkeeper ‘s post on anti and chase . please don’t hate if i do the ‘lowercase aesthetic’ wrong, i am just doing this for fun! 



“hey chase!” jack smiled. chase just got the news saying he was going to see his kids on christmas day, which is two weeks away. 
“hey, jack!” chase grinned. he fixed his cap as jack sat down. 
“how are you doing?” jack asked, tucking his legs underneath him. 
“i’m great! so excited to see my kids.” chase nodded happily. 
“you?” he looked back at jack. jack smiled. 
“i’m good, anti hasn’t come around for awhile, though. it’s concerning.” he frowned. chase shrugged. 
“take up the opportunity. record while you can.” he said. 
“good idea.” jack nodded in agreement. chase rubbed his nose and left the room, getting some tea. 

“̶h̨ello, ch̢áse̶~̀”̷  a familiar glitchy voice chirped. chase jumped, turning around. 
“oh, hello anti.” he smiled sheepishly. anti played around with his knife, smiling evilly. 
“w͡h̴at,͝ n̵ót goin̛g ̨to͝ ͏t͢a͞l̸ķ to̧ me?“ queried anti. chase took a deep breath, and nodded. 
“what would you like to talk about?” he asked, putting water in a tea kettle. anti frowned. 
“i͡'̸m ̷n̛ot g̨o͡i͝n͜g͏ t̢o̡ ̡pl͟ay͞ ̕y̸o͟ur litt̡le̛ ̀ga̵m͠e,̕ t̷h̨er̡e ̷cha͞se͢y ̷boy͝~” he grumbled. chase looked at him, puzzled. 
“what? i’m not playing any games.” chase assured him. anti rolled his eyes. 
“̷i ҉wan̸t to ţa̛l̴k abo͡ưt͜ ͞y̛o̕ur fr̡ie͏n̶d thèr̀e̴,͏ ̷s̷c̴hneeples̡t҉e͝in͡~̸" chase froze in his tracks, remembering what happened four months ago. 
“don’t you dare!” chase snapped. anti smirked. 
“͜h͠it҉ ͝a̸ n͝e̷rve͡,̛ d̛i̕dn̸'͜ţ ̷i? ̷you̡ k͢now, he d̨i̷d d̛e̸s͝erve͠ it̢.͘ ҉a͝ft̷er̛ all͢,͠ h͘e̶ ͏faiļe͏d͟ ҉t̛o ̕save͢ ͡h̵i̡m.“ anti pointed to jack, who was watching television, smiling and laughing at times. chase narrowed his eyes at anti.
“you need to go. i don’t need the memories of you murdering my friend! he was like a brother to me.” he growled. 
“í did̴n̨'̕t ̧mu̕rd̡e͡r͠ ͡h̵im̧.̵ ̷h̵e̶ ̷s҉im̀ply͟.̶.. ͏wal͠ke͘d̨ in̢t̕o m̴y̶ ̸k͜n̢i͝f̴e̕."͡ anti joked. 
“go.” chase warned. 
“̵wha͢t͡ a͞r̀e҉ y̸ou ͟g̛o͡i̡ng ţo ͘do̧?̨ y͠o̴u'r̕e ̛a͏ father̢.̧"͠ anti growled. chase ignored him, jumping when the steam started hissing. he took the kettle off, making his tea. 
“̡fin͞e.̕ s̵u͏it ͢y͞o̸uŗself̷~́"͞ anti went to glitch away, but thought for a moment. he smirked. 
“hav҉e͞ fun on ch͜rist͘m̵as d̸a̛ý~͘” he left before chase could react. chase sighed, going back into the living room with his tea. 


alright! that is the first chapter. yes, i know, i leave it at a bad ending, but i don’t usually write like this. so yeah, have fun reading this. 

‘Annabeth smiled. “I don’t know the ocean very well, but my boyfriend does. I think it’s time you met Percy.”’

If those aren’t some of the most exciting words in Uncle Rick’s books…

Some shit’s gonna go down, but Mango Cheese and Persassy get to meet.
Hella exciting.

Top Ten Awesome Fanfics *

* yep, not “all-time favourite”, because I cannot choose in all objectivity only ten fics. This list is a list of ten fics* chosen in my five main fandoms that I love and feel like they should be read, but it could have been ten others … It’s very hard to choose. One day I’ll do a real masterpost fic rec …
* yes, I’ve cheated. There are waaaaay more than just ten fics here … Sorry not sorry.

The lovely @justkeeponthegrass had a brillant idea : to make a collection of our favourite fanfics to show writers just how much we appreciate, respect and admire their work. I personally owe a great deal to fanfic writers, especially in the Merlin fandom, for they helped me get through a very hard period of my life. Fanfic writers have been and are constant companions of my life, whether I’m sad, happy, tired or feeling excited, they always deliver, they are amazing people who do an amazing work just because they like it. I admire the hell out of any of you, and the following ten titles, plus the special and honorable mentions, are me trying to tell you how much you mean. Very, very long post incoming …

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concept: chase accepting that he’s not going to be with stacy and knowing he can be happy without her and find love elsewhere. chase getting partial custody of the kids and taking them to get ice cream and picking them up from school and eating cereal with them in the morning and tucking them into bed at night. chase meeting someone and starting to feel excited about love again. chase not crying or feeling heartache or sadness anymore. chase being happy !! 

I love those hc’s about the marauders’ animagi animals traits and behaviours coming out when they’re in their human form.

- Sirius will accidentally do puppy eyes.
- Like he’ll want something and he’ll get this fucking heartbroken look on his face and he’ll stare longingly at what he wants with these big, soulful eyes and not even realise it until one of the others sighs loudly and gets it for him.
- which is a bit difficult sometimes but James is surprisingly strong and even if Remus tends to kick when he’s startled, a few bruises ribs are worth it.
- but it’s not just things he wants.
- if there’s a strange noise coming from outside the dorm room then you can bet that you’ll find Sirius standing in the middle of the room, all tensed and focused on the sound that it takes saying his name at least three times to snap him out of it.
- he needs to touch his friends ALL THE TIME as a way to mix scents and reiterate their pack bond.
- it’s super subtle and casual but if you watch close enough you can notice it.
- small shoulder touches and arm brushes.
- leaning up against them when they’re standing around
- hair ruffles and elbow jabs.
- sitting so that their side’s are all pressed together.
- but then there is the not so subtle touches.
- leaping onto one of their backs for an impromptu ride.
- squeezing himself into the space behind one of his friends and the back of the couch (this is totally a dog thing too)
- throwing himself at them in excitement.
- pressing his forehead against a chest and resting there for a moment in affection (another dog thing)
- And the other doggy thing that make the other marauders laugh
- getting excited when they go outside
- chasing fast moving objects
- his collection of large sticks that he’s taken from the forest and proudly keeps underneath his bed (I MIGHT NEED THEM PRONGS! BESIDES I FOUND THEM AND THEY’RE MINE AND DO you think Remus thinks they’re impressive? STOP LAUGHING.)
- sometimes when he gets too hot he starts panting
- James swears his hair bristles just a little when he’s angry or threatened.
- I have a lot of feelings about doggy Sirius…

- James is most certainly the ‘king’ of his 'herd’
- arrogant git that he is 😂
- he carves his initials into every single desk that he sits at like a stag will mark trees
- he turned vegetarian after becoming an animagus
- You can fite me on this
- he just can’t find it in himself to want to eat meat anymore, it feels wrong
- stamping his feet in anger became a thing as well
- it just feels so satisfying
- sometimes he’ll startle at loud noises and feel this inate urge to just bolt away
- which is unacceptable
- once he was spooked so bad by an exploding cauldron in potions that he actually dashed out of the room in panic.
- the others never let him forget it
- they’ve also caught him scratching his back against trees with a blissful look on his face.
- coming up behind him is a bad idea because he WILL kick you.
- he’s also a touchy bastard as well
- when he feels threatened in his 'place’ within the marauders he’ll get super uptight
- he’ll glare with his head lowered slightly as if preparing to charge
- he’ll scuff the carpet in the same place almost obsessively (I just NEED to do this okay? I just… fuck off.)
- he’ll spike his hair up even more to make it look bigger
- but he can also get very peaceful
- he could stand in the same place for a very long time just thinking
- just standing close with his herd makes him feel better if he has a shitty day
- he likes the smell of green things and so buys a lot of plants that smell nice

- Peter, physically looks the most like his animagus after the change
- but he also inherits a few traits as well
- he will ALWAYS finish the good on his plate. In fact, wasting food is like kicking puppies in his book. It’s blasphemy.
- he hates bright lights. They make him feel exposed and vulnerable.
- sometimes his nose will twitch if he gets too excited or nervous.
- if there is a large open space he’ll scurry across it very quickly, they make him nervous.
- In fact he always seems to be nervous after the first change.
- loud noises
- too many people
- not enough people
- people he doesn’t know very well
- people he DOES know very well
- especially them
- there’s also a new found sense of competitiveness in him
- it’s not a need to win, it’s a need to survive, he needs to have the best food, the best spot on the couch with the best escape options, the best desk in class that is the most out I the teachers sight
- he’ll run off and hide when he feels threatened
- James put a firecracker in his bed one time and he hid himself in the closet for eight solid hours. The only reason he can back out was for the cookies.
- also
- side note
- I fully believe that one of the reasons he betrays James is because of an innate selfishness and need to out his survival first that comes from his rat side
- also hes a coward


For although Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire were about to experience events that would be both exciting and memorable, they would not be exciting and memorable like having your fortune told or going to a rodeo. Their adventure would be exciting and memorable like being chased by a werewolf through a field of thorny bushes at midnight with nobody around to help you.

Bahorel & Courfeyrac friendship:
  • Shopping and being dashing™ together
  • Going out partying together
  • Dragging all their friends along to go out as a group because “come oooon guys it’ll be FUN”
  • Courfeyrac vanishing into large crowds because he is Small and Excitable
  • Bahorel chasing after him and the entire group being like shit, now we’ve lost them both
  • But then there’s a squeal from somewhere in the crowd and Courf pops up above the sea of heads accompanied by a shout from Bahorel going “Found him!” as he comes charging back with Courf slung over his shoulder
  • Singing along to every song in the car
  • Courfeyrac sitting on top of Baz’ car while he lies under it to fix something (“Of course I’ll hand you the thingamajig. Here. What do you mean that’s the wrong one they are literally all the same shape”)
  • Cooking together
  • Disappearing together and texting back “we’re on an adventure” when asked where the hell they are (the adventure is getting ice cream and eating it in the park, even highly energetic people need afternoons off)

Reblog if you know that astrology includes all the planets and not just the Sun so those who don’t can find out. 

Sun Sign: What makes us happy to be alive.

Moon Sign: What makes us comfortable.

Mercury Sign: How we think (which influences how we speak)

Mars Sign: What excites us and how we chase that which excites us. 

Venus Sign: What we desire and value.

Jupiter Sign: How we learn best.

Saturn Sign: How we’re restricted in life.

Uranus Sign: How we rebel against restrictions.

Neptune Sign: What our fantasies and dreams are.

Pluto Sign: What we feel to be ultimately true. 

Your sign influences how each of these planets acts, and everybody is more than one sign. 

Kang Daniel // Highschool!AU
  • kang daniel: the school’s treasured, handsome football quarterback
  • literally has a group of girls that sit at the front row of the bleachers for every one of his games… it’s wild
  • he’s quite popular among students, teachers, janitors, etc…
  • honestly people who don’t know him very well get the impression that he’s just a jock that get what he wants because he’s the star player but those people are immediately proven wrong by everyone else
  • everyone and their mother agrees that daniel is one of the most genuine and kindhearted people in the school
  • honestly he’s just a silly guy who spaces out a lot and talks to himself in class abt what he’s going to get for lunch
  • he’s always finding something to laugh about, whether it be seongwoo’s usual antics or jisung’s never ending list of things to complain about
  • all in all, he’s a pretty simple guy with simple tastes… but there’s one thing that only his closest friends know about
  • daniel loves cats. (i bet you saw that coming.)
  • most of the guys on the football team know he owns two cats but it’s only his friends that know the sheer amount of LOVE he has for them
  • daniel’s not exactly afraid to tell anyone about it, it’s just that no one asks so he doesn’t really bother (even if he really wants to tell the story of how he had to climb up a tree last week because peter got too excited while chasing birds)
  • obviously you know who daniel is… he’s the topic of every conversation at school after a game the night before
  • you never really interacted with him because, to put it simply, you had no reason to
  • none of your schedules aligned and you never saw him in the halls so honestly? it seemed like he was just a myth to you. an entity that existed only by word of mouth
  • you weren’t exactly someone who was into sports… although you had to admit football games sounded fun, you would just rather spend time in the warmth of your own home, not on some cold metal bleachers in the chilly season of fall
  • that, and you were the president of a club that didn’t seem to be very popular with the student body… animal welfare club
  • no matter how many posters you made, how many announcements you submitted to be said on the intercom, how many classmates you’ve tried to recruit, nothing changed the dwindling members of your club
  • really, they weren’t even active members… they were just kids trying to join a club to place on their college applications and pretend they actually did something while in high school
  • however you’ve refused to give up… you just wanted people to be as passionate as you were when it came to the protection of animals
  • moving the storyline along, there’s this one day when football practice is cancelled because the sprinkler system messed up and turned on during lunch. as a result, the grass didn’t have enough time to dry and was too dangerous to play on
  • daniel doesn’t really know what to do seeing as seongwoo is his ride home, but he was currently occupied with cross country practice
  • he’s wandering the halls, wondering what he was going to do until seongwoo was done when he happens to stop in front of a poster for animal welfare club
  • daniel never really pays attention to the flyers and stuff due to constantly being surrounded by people, but now that he’s alone, the cute little clip art of a cat caught his eye
  • he skims over the flyer and realizes that a meeting was actually going on at that point in time, and with time to kill, he heads over to the classroom
  • meanwhile, you’re setting up a powerpoint with the other members apathetically skimming through their phones, just wanting to get things over with
  • you’re having some trouble so you look up to ask someone to help you with the tech, but your eyes widen when you see a really tall,,,,,,,,, really cute guy,,,,, poke his head into the classroom
  • he looks over the class quickly and makes eye contact with you and to be quite honest, you were positive your soul left your body
  • he then SPEAKS and you almost fall just from hearing how deep this guy’s voice is
  • “is this… the animal welfare club? i hope i’m not too late…”
  • everyone’s attention immediately goes to the door and they’re staring in disbelief n talking under their breath like……. oh my god is that kang daniel in the FLESH
  • and when you realize who it is, you almost had a heart attack bc he’s????? real????? kang daniel is handsome and real?? and he’s at your club meeting????
  • daniel takes everyone’s silence as a yes and makes his way into the room, where he literally sits at the front, center desk. right in front of you
  • you get super flustered because oh my god why is he so close why did he choose that seat of all seats this is practically an empty classroom and he chose THIS ONE
  • and in the midst of you freaking out in your head, one of the members in the back of the class lets out an irritable grunt
  • “can you hurry up? we all have places to be.”
  • this happens a lot and you’ve just learned to keep your mouth shut and let them complain but this time…. someone speaks up for you
  • daniel turns around in his seat and says “they’re trying their best. you shouldn’t rush them when they’re practically running this club on their own.”
  • and his tone isn’t menacing at all but it still manages to strike fear into that one kid and shut them up immediately
  • and when you finally get the powerpoint to work, you look up to see daniel smiling and giving you his full attention while everyone else is just on their phones
  • you basically give the weekly presentation to daniel (who actually asks you questions and nods along) and the second you end the meeting, everyone but him is out the door.
  • even when you’ve finished shutting down the projector and putting back all the tech, you see daniel still sitting in the same seat just scrolling on his phone
  • you’re unsure of what to do seeing as you just lock the door and leave most of the time, but you were still grateful that he spoke up for you earlier…
  • so you muster all of your courage to gently tap him on the shoulder and when he looks at you, you almost want to turn around and RUN bc…….. he’s so handsome up close hnsjsksbdj
  • “i just wanted to say thank you for earlier… you didn’t have to say anything, really, but i still want to express my gratitude”
  • and then he gives you this grin that almost makes your heart jump out of your cheST and says “it’s no problem! i’m glad i decided to come here… i think i’m going to come back more often”
  • and you rlly cant believe that star quarterback kang daniel.. wants to join your club
  • there’s like.. this awkward silence bc you’re still in disbelief about the turn of events when he suddenly asks “oh, am i keeping you behind? i was waiting for my friend to get out of practice but if you need to leave i understand –”
  • and you honestly aren’t rly in a rush to leave.. so you’re like “oh it’s fine!! i can stay here and do some homework while you wait”
  • and daniel is at first insistent that he’s keeping you back and he keeps making attempts to leave but you’d feel bad to just shoo him out so you essentially force him to stay by just plopping yourself in a desk and taking out all your work
  • daniel stares at you for a second before bursting into laughter simply bc of how stubborn you are abt having him stay… and you can’t help but laugh either bc of how ridiculous the situation is
  • in the end daniel takes a seat beside you and the next thing you know, all your work is forgotten and you’re talking abt whatever happens to come to mind..
  • at some point you ask him if he has any pets and you see his whole face light up like an excited child while he tells you about his cats peter and rooney and it’s so cute you that you need a moment –
  • and you guys end up talking for so long that daniel gets a call from seongwoo asking where he is… and that he’s been waiting in the parking lot for half an hour
  • daniel sheepishly apologizes to seongwoo and tells you that he needs to go… you think he’d just say bye and leave but this boy actually helps you pack up your stuff and lock up the class and you’d be LYING if you said your heart wasn’t beating so fast…
  • you end up walking to the school parking lot with him and he asks for your number and you’re like ??????¿??????¿¿?
  • with fumbling hands you manage to put your number in his phone and once he leaves you’re still staring at the text he sent you to make sure it was the right number like… you can’t believe you met the faceless entity kang daniel, got him to join your club, AND got his number all in one day???
  • that night you’re just lying in bed with the message from daniel still open… and part of you wants to ask him how he’s doing or if he ate yet… and you don’t know why you keep on thinking about him but realistically, you eventually conclude that that he only did it to be nice… there was no point in texting him or whatever. so you just close the message and go to sleep
  • a week goes by and daniel never messages you.. you knew it was bound to happen bc he’s a busy guy but wow.. reality hurt.
  • you think he’s just joking when he says he’s going to come back to your club meetings… like you weren’t dense, you knew football practice always occurred during the club meetings
  • but alas… it’s the next week’s club meeting and you’re setting up the powerpoint when a familiar figure sits himself down in the front center seat. it’s daniel.
  • at this point you don’t know what to do, so you just ignore him and start the meeting, only acknowledging him to answer whatever questions he had to ask
  • as usual, everyone is out the door the second you end the meeting but daniel sticks around again… you’re purposely putting things away really slowly in hopes of him leaving but alas… when you’re done he’s still in the same seat, on his phone
  • he notices you’re done and looks at you with a smile n is like “hey, you never texted me?”
  • and you just ???????? he was???? expecting a text from you???
  • and he continues like “i seriously thought i had the wrong number or something… but you’re probably busy so i understand if that’s why!”
  • and you’re like “HJFKSHJ NO No it’s not that… i just thought that maybe you were busy and i didn’t want to bother you”
  • daniel lets out this cute chuckle and he’s like “i’m never too busy to have a conversation!!”
  • and you let out this breath that you didn’t notice you were holding and then you realize… “don’t you have football practice?”
  • daniel shrugs n is like “yeah but i told coach i had a club meeting n he let me go… i have to be back for the rest of practice tho”
  • and you’re like “!!!! what are you doing still here then?? go to practice!!!”
  • he gives you this small frown and is like “but i don’t want to leave you to lock up alone…”
  • and you nearly dIE BECAUSE????? HFSJHJFSHJHJFKW????????? WHY IS HE SO THOUGHTFUL AND CUTE????????
  • and it’s because of that interaction that you find yourself laying in bed once again.. staring at his contact name…… and finally mustering the courage to send him a quick message asking if he’s eaten yet
  • and to your surprise, he replies almost IMMEDIATELY and the next thing you know it’s 3 am and neither of you want to go to sleep
  • eventually it’s daniel who falls asleep on you but it doesn’t change the fact that you have butterflies in your stomach and you’ve acknowledged that hey… you might actually really like daniel
  • even if you never see each other during school hours, he’s literally always texting you (even during class, which results in you telling him to focus LMAO). and of course you still see each other at club meetings and he always takes the time to help you lock up.. even if you don’t know that his coach actually yells at him for coming in late
  • and one day you get a text from daniel telling you that he won’t be able to make it to the club meeting bc of a really important practice for the last game of the season
  • and you reply like “oh no i understand! good luck at the game!!”
  • and daniel is like “actually… i was wondering if you wanted to come? i can get you a ticket for free and everything”
  • and the game is on a friday night and you have nothing better to do… so why not? you accept his offer and he says he’ll give you the ticket the day of
  • it’s friday and you’re sitting with your friends at lunch when you feel someone tap you on your shoulder and it’s daniel with seongwoo and jisung
  • he hands you the ticket with a smile on his face and he’s like “i’ll see you there?”
  • and you return his smile and nod.. you then turn around to continue your lunch but like your friends are literally staring at you like omg…………………. kang daniel rlly just gave u a ticket to the game?? HE WANTS TO SEE U THERE?? OMG DOES HE LIKE YOU?????
  • and you feel yourself blushing at the possibility but you profusely shake your head like “as if he’d like me…”
  • your friends are like sure lmao okay whatever and they drop the topic but you can’t stop thinking about it like? does daniel really like you?
  • and the game rolls around and you’re on the bleachers still stressing over the idea that daniel could like you.. but also he can’t bc he’s daniel.
  • like he’s nice to you? but he’s also nice to everyone… and he probably has multiple people he’s texting like?? you’re only thinking realistically… and realistically it’s not going to happen
  • you look over at the crowd of girls cheering for him and you feel your heart drop a little bc at the end of the day… you’re probably just like one of them to him.
  • you decide to just forget about whatever feelings you have about him and focus on the game.. and turns out football games are just as fun as you thought. you find yourself shouting school chants with everyone around you and cheering for the various players like.. wow? why haven’t you gone to a football game before
  • and when the game is over and your school wins, everyone’s celebrating and cheering and your jumping out of your seat in excitement and before u realize it.. you’re cheering for daniel
  • and he’s celebrating with his friends on the field but somehow? he looks up at the bleachers to see you and he possibly the BIGGEST smile on face.. he runs up to the wire fence that separates the bleachers and the field and he’s calling you down
  • at first you don’t realize it’s you but you notice he’s ignoring all the girls sitting at the front row showering him with compliments.. his eyes are only on you and he’s repeatedly shouting your name and telling you to come down
  • in the moment of excitement, you completely forget about what you were thinking about earlier and you run up to the fence and you’re telling him good job and how well he did
  • and he’s just grinning and nodding along at you while you continue to go on and on about how cool he looked on the field
  • when you finally finish talking you realize that his gaze has been switching from your eyes to your lips
  • and before you know it… he’s kissing you through one of the gaps in the wire fence. it’s messy n he probably tastes like gatorade but it completely takes you by surprise
  • and you tense bc you can feel people staring at you and daniel seems to notice this so he pulls away.. he’s looking at your face trying to read your expression but it’s unreadable
  • and you want to say something so badly but you’re starting to hear those girls from earlier whisper things and daniel’s smile from earlier is completely gone n has been replaced with confusion
  • daniel opens his mouth to speak but all you can manage is an “i’m sorry” before you just… run away
  • daniel’s calling your name for you to come back but you ignore him and you just leave
  • you don’t know this but daniel’s standing there completely unsure of what to do… and probably for the first time in his life… daniel isn’t smiling and he doesn’t have anything to laugh about
  • you’re at home and you’re curled up in your sheets and you honestly don’t think you can ever face daniel ever again… like he probably only kissed you in the heat of the moment it was probably an accident or smth
  • you end up deleting all your past conversations with him and cancelling club meetings for the next two weeks just so you don’t have to see him again
  • little do you know daniel is DEVASTATED and he thinks everything is his fault
  • he’s constantly telling seongwoo and jisung that he scared you off and that he shouldn’t have kissed you and that you probably hate him now
  • jisung is like “daniel it’s not your fault… i’m sure it just took them by surprise” while seongwoo on the side is like “WHO ARE THEY ANYWAYS?? THEY’RE MISSING OUT YOU DON’T NEED THEM!!”
  • seongwoo and jisung are doing everything to try and cheer up daniel again but.. nothing is working. not even cute cat videos work
  • daniel’s now spacing out in class more often… and to everyone’s shock he’s even ditching practice and just sitting in the student parking lot waiting for seongwoo to finish practice and take him hime
  • it’s been a month since you’ve last seen daniel… and you think you’ve put aside your club for too long. if you were going to see him then you might as well suck it up
  • so the next weekly meeting come and you’re setting up your powerpoint and… daniel doesn’t come
  • you don’t know why part of you is disappointed but you just push those thoughts aside and start the meeting
  • once it’s over and everyone’s gone, you can’t help but realize how lonely it is without him there… like you’ve been doing it alone months before but now? it’s just so…. lonely
  • just as you shut the classroom door behind you, you see a tall figure approaching you from the other end of the hall.. but it’s not daniel. it’s seongwoo
  • he doesn’t seem to have a pleasant expression on his face and you think he’s just going to walk past you but he stops in front of you and is like “daniel’s in the student parking lot. he’s not acting like himself, so go talk some sense into him.”
  • and you’re just like “but why do i need to do it?? it’s not like i mean anything to him.”
  • and seongwoo would’ve smacked you upside the head if it wasn’t for the fact that daniel was smitten with you n he’s like “are you dense??? the guy likes you so much and you’re just out here breaking his HEART!!!”
  • seongwoo lets out this huff of frustration and just leaves you standing in the hall dumbfounded like… he rly… he rly does like you??
  • and your feet end up taking you to the student parking lot against your will and like seongwoo said, he’s just sitting on one of the parking blocks beside seongwoo’s car
  • the voice in your head is telling you to just turn around and leave but… you find yourself stepping over the parking block and sitting next to him
  • daniel doesn’t really say anything and he kind of just… ignores you to the best of his ability until you finally say something
  • “i’m sorry i ran away from you.”
  • but he just says “if you hate me you can leave. i get it.”
  • but the thing is he doesn’t sound hostile at all.. he just sounds hurt
  • “but.. i don’t hate you, daniel.”
  • and hearing you say his name, he finally looks at you and is like “then why did you run?”
  • and you just let out this sigh and you say “it’s because… you’re daniel.”
  • and he’s just sitting there like ???? what’s that supposed to mean
  • and youre like “idk you’re rly cool and popular and everyone at school likes you.. meanwhile i’m just a forgettable person who runs a failing club”
  • daniel sits there in disbelief like “listen…. if you were forgettable… i wouldn’t have spent the past few months spending as much time with you as i can after meetings. i wouldn’t be sitting around waiting for you to text me and immediately replying when you do. and i wouldn’t be constantly thinking about how you’re doing… also i wouldn’t have begged seongwoo for his game ticket to give to you.”
  • “so… does that mean you like me?”
  • and daniel finally cracks a smile that makes your heart melt and is like “was it not obvious before?”
  • and you smile at him back and this time you’re the one who kisses him.. and neither of u run away :’)
  • also seongwoo scares the two of you by turning on his car alarm. thanks seongwoo.
  • now that you’re dating daniel… word gets out QUICK
  • the football team is like “god he FINALLY got a significant other… he finally put those muscles to use…”
  • jokes on them. u love him for his big goofy grin and his cute laugh and his cute face and his cute love for cats!!! the muscles are only an added bonus!!!!
  • jisung is constantly cooing over you two like “ah… young love rly is the most beautiful thing to exist…”
  • seongwoo was a bit hesitant at first bc of what happened before, but he soon gets over it and is constantly complaining abt how you stole his soulmate from him… his bromate.
  • daniel still spaces out in class but now he’s just talking out loud like “i wonder what class they’re in rn… i hope they’re having a good time…. maybe i’ll buy them lunch today..!”
  • and the students around him are trying to focus but they gotta admit… it’s kinda cute :’)
  • daniel goes out of his way to find you during school and walk you to your next class, even if his class is on the other side of the building. he’s also v insistent on carrying all your books for you
  • there was this one time after you closed up the club classroom and you just made a small remark like “i’m kinda tired”
  • daniel straight up said “ok. get on my back”
  • “what”
  • “get on my back i’ll carry you to the parking lot and ask seongwoo to take you home.”
  • “daniel i was just saying –”
  • “get on my back”
  • also………… he gave you his football jersey n you wear it as pajamas
  • you guys facetime before bed and he noticed you were wearing it and he almost LOST IT
  • told you to send him a selfie in it and now its his home screen dhsvdhdbfhfu
  • he’s always super sleepy and you tell him to sleep earlier but he refuses like.. 1) he wants to talk to you and 2) he has no other time to read his comic books….
  • ends up falling asleep with a comic book in his hands while facetime is still on. u learned that he talks in his sleep… and one time u heard him say he loves you and you almost died
  • also did i mention dates to the animal shelter to volunteer and take care of the cats?
  • anyways… daniel refuses to say it out loud bc its embarrassing but he finally has something he loves more than cats… and it’s you
  • Me: I really hope they don't make Lotor obsessed with Allura like he was in the original, like his love for her was completely unnecessary.
  • Me after season 3: okay but why didn't Lotor and Allura meet??? Why isn't he in love with her yet??
When Lightning Met Sally

most material (like books etc) that talks about their relationship always talks about how good sally is for lightning, why he likes her so much and i’m like ‘okay, #tru, i will never tire of hearing about how lightning dropped all his shit for her like a hot potato within 48hrs but what about sally’s side????’


  • Sally dated back in LA but never really had any proper serious relationships
  • She had this ‘live fast, work hard, play hard’ life where most of the people she met for dates and stuff were those she either met through work or socialising in her ‘fast lane life’ and just not really suited to her at all tbh after a couple dates
  • Seem super charming at first but mostly fuck boys 
  • When she first meets Lightning and he’s doing his #terrible ‘stand there and let me look at you B)’ thing she’s just like “OH GOD ANOTHER ONE.” 
  • but let’s be honest she did think he was kinda hot 
  • But she’s like “no, no, he’s a dick, he’s one of those flashy cars with the personality depth of a dead leaf”
  • Until she sees him with Mater and how he’s obviously not thrilled about it (at first) but he talks and hangs out with him even though Mater’s a rusty ol’ hillbilly like “oh no, he’s sweet” 
  • He intrigues her because at first she thinks he’s just a flashy racecar who thinks he’s better than everyone because he’s fast and she wants him to fix the road he broke to teach him ‘hey, no, you’re the same as everybody else’ (and also partly because none of them would’ve been able to pull Bessie if he got off scott-free). But then she sees this other side to him and she wants to know if he’s a nice guy who tries too hard and has developed a spoilt attitude recently, or is he really just a dick who occasionally is nice
  • So she offers him that drive and she’s hoping so hard she’s right on her hunch that he is really a sweet guy who just a bit spoilt
  • They go for that drive and tbh Sally really does like a little bit of excitement. She chased that fast lane lifestyle in LA because she mistakenly thought she wanted excitement all the time but it ended up being so draining. 
  • She has a good engine, she like to go fast and zip around sometimes and she has such a good time with Lightning with the playful racing. Like he really could’ve zipped way away of her if he really wanted to (although he would’ve gotten hopelessly lost eventually let’s be honest) but he chooses to take in the scenery and race with her 
  • And he’s genuinely so interested in Route 66 and the origin of the town like he’s not faking it just to get a date out of her he really wants to know and she’s just so touched 
  • When she thinks he’s left after finishing the road she’s so disappointed because she was just starting to get to know him, he was just starting to get to know her, and he’s just gone?
  • She really started to fall for him when he winks at her in Luigi’s

this gettin’ long i’mma continue this in another post later!

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PRE-timeskip: Ace briefly meets Sabo, they don't recognise each other even though they both get this super uncomfortable feeling that they should've.

The tavern was filled to bursting – a good thing, Sabo thought, given the fact that he wanted to blend in as much as possible.

The fake beard itched, and the sunglasses sat awkwardly on his nose. Koala had told him he looked ridiculous, but it was all he’d had at hand, and it was either the ugly, fake beard, or stay behind at the safe house. And he’d been cooped up there two days already – and he’d told her as much when she’d pursed her mouth and put her hands on her hips, but she’d relented after she’d pinched his ear and made him promise not to get caught.

He wasn’t going to get caught. So it wasn’t the best disguise, but it wasn’t like anyone was paying him enough attention to notice.

“Oi. What’s with the getup?”

…damn it.

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Something Unspoken Part 2

You guys, Part 1 is my most popular post so I have to say than you so much for the feedback it means the world to me. I hope you guys like part 2 just as much, and let me know if I should make a third, and most likely final part!


Something Unspoken Part 2

I have to wait a few days before I can see what Peter has planned for our date. The day after our little encounter we had to speak with the Nova Corps about another mission which takes about a week before we’re finished, and even after we take a few more to ourselves; our energy completely wiped from the consecutive fighting. I had to get involved at one point, fighting off a band of rouge officers that had been a larger group than expected meant Peter had to reluctantly hand me a gun in the middle of battle. I still remember the look on his face as he opened the secret door underneath the hull of the Milano as he came to fetch me.

“We need every person we can get out there. Can you do it?” I remember him asking.

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