idk I just love how we Young People Today use ~improper~ punctuation/grammar in actually really defined ways to express tone without having to explicitly state tone like that’s just really fucking cool, like

no    =    “No,” she said. 

no.    =    "No,” she said sharply.

No    =    “No,” she stated firmly.

No.    =    “No,” she snapped.

NO    =    “No!” she shouted.

noooooo    =    “No,” she moaned.

no~    =    “No,” she said with a drawn-out sing-song.

~no~    =    “No,” she drawled sarcastically.

NOOOOO    =    “No!” she screamed dramatically.

no?!    =    “No,” she said incredulously.

There’s two kinds of people who’ll tell you to follow your dreams; those who’ve managed to achieve them, and those who’ve spent their time wishing someone had believed in them. And though it’s easy to dismiss any odd dreamer as an airhead, it is our duty as humans to help the fellow members of our species reach their full potential before they’re dead. Once that heart stops beating, anything that has been kept hidden within the mind and body vanishes. And as dreams are often beyond the status quo of current situations; beyond the reality of now, rather existing in the future, one might say that any life not lived to its full potential is a crime towards human evolution. So let’s help each other out on a minor scale. Often all it takes are some small words of encouragement. But small as they are, they will make a difference considering the evolution of our species in the long run. After all, the reason why we’ve gotten atop the food chain is because of the dreams and ideas that arose in our heads, and the social competence of our species that gave these dreams and ideas a platform. We have already evolved beyond the limitations of basic instinctual needs, and as time goes on our existence will become more and more complex. So will our dreams become more complex, and sometimes even seem surreal. But reality is in a constant state of change. That’s why we must remind ourselves that we are above all well equipped to change with it for a reason: the peak of our species is not homo sapiens sapiens.
—  To be human (24), by M.A. Tempels © 2017

the dark side of evolution

we dig into our heritage

the eternal search for answers

why, how, what

we are sure to know a lot

about the evolution of our species

we are not all that different

yet some find other species

far less important

we are willing to ignore them

for different reasons:

to make money; ‘cause we need food ,

for entertainment

-who doesnot want to laugh in the circus-

to make clothes

the list is frightfully long

on top of that there are those

who keep their eyes closed

out of misunderstanding

or pride:

the I know better attitude

so sad indeed

wachtuiltje 2017🗿


«Да зачем оно мне нужно?», «В жизни мне это не пригодится.»

Вам следует навсегда забыть эти вопросы, если Вы хотите прогресса в своей жизни.

Вас просят выучить новый язык, пройти БЕСПЛАТНЫЕ курсы? Отличная возможность развиваться, расширить круг своих знакомых, друзей.

Заставляют учить математику? Подумайте, насколько Вы будете глупо смотреться в глазах своих детей, не зная, что такое корни и с чем их едят.

И так с каждой возможностью, предоставленной Вам жизнью.

Позвольте себе развитие. 

Автор: @entrobrod13