You know what I’m really hoping for? And not just because of Swan Queen, although that plays into it a lot…

But I am hoping that all this shit with Henry going on about Emma and Neal getting back together is actually setting up for a scene where Henry has to have a little lesson about reality.

He keeps pushing, and Emma keeps trying to let him down easy, and finally she just has to bluntly inform him that just because they’re both single now, and just because they made him together, does not mean that they are going to be a couple again, and that not everything plays out like in his book because that’s not how real life works.

johannamanuela  asked:

Did you see the promo for 'The Evil Queen'? I'm sitting here, facepalming how the writers could make Regina say such stupid lines. As if she was still that delusional. >___<

I think it’s supposed to be that she is that desperate, not just delusional. The fact that they’ve released that scene and based on what we already know about the finale leads me to believe that there’s more than meets the eye, or something will change her mind or, I don’t know. It seems to me like there’s more to it than appears.