As the 12th Anniversary of 9/11 Looms, Is Obama Making Bold Moves For A More Peaceful Future, by Bluffing For More War? | The Everlasting GOP Stoppers

“And what if you’re in your 2nd term, and won’t face re-election, and what you’d really like to do is make it harder for the next President to lie us into a war the way our last President did, while avoiding getting involved in this war, but also while putting an end to the chemical attacks?  Indeed, what if you’re ambitious enough to actually dare to hope to use this opportunity to rid the world of the largest cache of chemical WMD’s in existence, with the cooperation of the very tyrant who has been using these horrendous weapons?  And, what if you were a Constitutional Lawyer before you were a politician, and wanted to reset the precedent, so future Presidents would be more likely to abide by the Constitutions provisions for declaring war, in ways no President since FDR has?  In fact, what if you were even audacious enough to hope you could somehow restore not only some semblance of the way the Founding Fathers wanted America to declare war, but also could alleviate the international pressure on the United States to be the world police, which seems to be what drags us into war after war, by helping to restore the power of international law?  And what if you wanted to give it all extra historical significance to make the new precedent more likely to stick?”