When Kathryn left, we agreed to meet again when Voyager returned from the Yaris Nebula. I waited at a cafe in Venice for her to arrive. I wanted to make it official and propose. She didn’t show up.

- The Eternal Tide, Kirsten Beyer.



I reread this often and just die all over again

She’s back now; is he still going to or….??


Will you marry me, Kirsten Beyer?

I’m finally getting around to reading “The Eternal Tide” and I just cannot tear myself away from this book!! The last Voyager novel I read was “Full Circle” because I couldn’t bear the thought of reading the books without Captain Janeway… though, to hold my own in the tumultuous world of fandom I do know the basic plots. I’m sure they’re excellent, however, as I’ve loved Kirsten Beyer since “Isabo’s Shirt” in the anthology “Distant Shores.”

ANYWAY. Everyone - everrryyyone - needs to read “The Eternal Tide” and lose themselves in the wonderful, intriguing storyline and fabulous happy ending for the JCers out there.

Aaah. Love love love.


Fuck yeah Kirsten Beyer!!!!!! She’s…



“I haven’t been alive much longer than you have, but in that time I’ve traveled through the multiverse, met and interacted with countless beings, many of them beyond your comprehension, and in all that time, I only made one friend.” “Who?” Icheb asked, curious. “You, you idiot.” Q smirked. - Star Trek: Voyager: The Eternal Tide

darktemplar84 replied to your post: “oh no, I can’t have imaginary sex with those…

Some of the best games I’ve ever played (story-wise) either didn’t have romance option or romance content was reduced to bare minimum. I wish game studios (looking at you Bioware) would return to quality story >number of characters you can have sex with policy.

Indeed. A romance might be a nice feature, sure, but if somebody wants it to be a main plot device, they should probably stick to visual novels in a medieval fantasy setting (you can still have quests and kill monsters, but… well, flirting with your party members and having some “special bonding time”, is the main aspect). I know, “to each their own”, but I’ve read a couple of posts here on tumblr (and in certain forums of a couple of tactical rpgs), saying they won’t play that game, because there’s no pixel sex - and calling the creators names for not implementing such a thing, which is unfair…?

I mean, I’m more fond of creating a custom party and venturing forth, discovering nice items, having some unique interactions depending on the class / skills / talents / attributes of my members and overall creating my own story with said party (like the “basic” Etrian Odyssey or Legends of Grimrock series). That’s more “my style”, but I’m not hating on any game developer because they create a game with defined and unique characters? Bioware certainly did a nice job with the first instalments of Dragon Age and Mass Effect, in which romance was somewhat important but not the main focus? (At least it didn’t feel like it, but that might be the nostalgia speaking.)

Again, not hating on anybody who enjoys romances, but don’t demand it to be the main point in an rpg… and don’t hate on the creators.

Ideal Ablaze

I walk and dance on roads of roses
Celebrating my existence with such force it is barely perceived
I am a being straddling a world and and a sea both swelling with eternal tides
I am on a ride in every moment
Gender grasping to define me
Relax darling I am greatness
Just like you and every person whose soul beats with the rhythm of our heart
Welcome to my spiritual treasury
A place draped in discourse that nurtures the soul
I have come here from some place older than time
Wrapped in a the eternal gift of blackness that taught me the magic of the earth beneath my feet
The blackness that gave me a rhythm to set me free
That beat that moved my feet in an ancestral step
Mined gold from a soul that was blind to it’s value
I became my light illuminated
I touched fire in the cavity of my chest
Can you feel the warmth?