When Kathryn left, we agreed to meet again when Voyager returned from the Yaris Nebula. I waited at a cafe in Venice for her to arrive. I wanted to make it official and propose. She didn’t show up.

- The Eternal Tide, Kirsten Beyer.



I reread this often and just die all over again

She’s back now; is he still going to or….??


i’d never normally make a post like this but.

an ex-mutual of mine who cut off ties with me 6 months ago because i didnt agree with their ace headcanon for a character. when i called them out for subtweeting and talking shit about me where they knew i could see over something so pointless and argumentative, they publicly called me abusive and “acephobic” and refused to speak to me again or apologise for the things they had done not only to me, but several of my close friends. they have repeatedly lashed out at close friends over nothing and then excused it with things that are happening in their own lives, they use their mis to justify abusive behavior, and they are a person i dont feel safe communicating with.

they are also in procession of over $400 belonging to me that they are refusing to give back.

every time i have tried to get the money back in the past 6 months, they’ve thrown a fit and deactivated their account to try and make me feel guilty for ever asking. i’ve had several friends approach them about it and each of them have been met with excuses about problems with their account, problems in their personal life, before eventually being accused of attacking them and being blocked. i have no idea how to get this money back, they live in america and i do not and i dont have any way of forcing them to give it back short of trying to file for legal action and i just cant do that.

i know there are so many much more deserving people on this website and i would never ask you to give anything to me that you could instead share with someone who needs it more. but please if you have even a small amount to spare if you could send it to my paypal i would be so eternally grateful, just to tide me over. i would get anything you send to me back as soon as i possibly good, hopefully from the $400 is i ever fucking get it back.

if you could even just reblog this it would mean so much to me. this is what ace discourse looks like irl ahaha. love and appreciate you all so much


“I haven’t been alive much longer than you have, but in that time I’ve traveled through the multiverse, met and interacted with countless beings, many of them beyond your comprehension, and in all that time, I only made one friend.” “Who?” Icheb asked, curious. “You, you idiot.” Q smirked. - Star Trek: Voyager: The Eternal Tide

Nine Knots Charm

Seven shells, a raven’s stone, and two old weathered bones,

Nine knots to bind the wind, or so the story goes.

Each knot holds a secret key, sung on the ocean waves,

an old leather strap has caught the wind, as sure as deadmen’s graves.

We raise the leather to the sky, and call out the sacred names.

We call three times for each knot, three times we do exclaim:

“Where sea and sky do meet, the water is our soul.
Where cloud and waves are one, the salt our tears extol.

In our blood a fire is eternally quenched,
By the tides that drive the wind over the open fetch.”

With our tears and breath we bind that spirit’s hastening air.

To be unleashed at our command these words we must declare:

“Spirits of the wind, come forth from untied knot,
Bring on the coming gale for which this spell is wrought.
Spirits of the air, your ancient dance is called anew,
Unleash your frenzy like a storm on darkened seas untrue.”

Tears of pain and tears of laughter work in equal parts,

to hold fast the wind in knots you’ve tied with subtle cunning arts.

To ask the spirits to subside, to call off that quicken’d air,

Call out three times these baneful words and never do despair:

“Lay the Air, let it lie, quite spirit wind.
Quell the storm, Gale subside, my tears I do rescind.”

8 Mun Questions Tag

Last movie I watched: Pete’s Dragon, it was sweet and touching.

Last song I listened to: Starbound OST - Hylotl Theme: “The Eternal Tide”

Last book I read: Magician’s Gambit (The Belgariad #3)  - It’s not bad. I’ll go on to #4 after I finish Homeland

Last thing I ate: Pistachio and Raisin biscuits I saw Gordon Ramsay make. They came out pretty okay. 

Where would you want to travel to?: I would really like to see London and Paris; it’d be an achievement to experience some of Europe.

Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: I’m going to go bizarre and say Patsy Stone. Because a day would be more than enough. Shopping, spot of lunch, just fabulous things. And then somehow survive.

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: This sounds really lame but right now I’d like to be at home. Work on some projects there for myself.

Thank you, @meandering-mind ! ^_^

haruspicus  asked:

Also, how do you feel about (the later) Ultima games' morality system, where it encourages you to choose between which virtues you value the most, rather than a generic good/evil or law/chaos system?

Never played Ultima, but I did like Pillars of Eternity and the tide system in Torment, Tides of Numenera, as certain characteristics were consistently chosen and people would react/you’d get more options as your character’s personality was fleshed out by your choices. I know you’re not a fan of the new torment, but I liked it and its system, making people’s nature a variation of colors rather than a binary which you dislike

'A thousand paces'

I walked a lonely path one night.
A thousand paces to Devil’s cliff.
The moon cast a haunted glow;
an angry sea beckoned below.

Waves smash against the rocks.
My nostrils burn from salty spray.
Temptation lures me to the ledge.
Daring me to step, over the edge.

Eternal tides batter the shore.
Suicidal winds whip at my back.
My lifetime of experience gone;
another lost soul has moved on.

Velusos, Tide of Eternity

The Fourth Titan. He who appears as a great tsunami, washing over the landscape, restoring mana to the dead planes consumed by Ulamog. Vesulos rebuilds reality layer by layer, slowly erasing the work done by Kozilek, until the plane is unrecognizable from what it once was.

The cycle is nearly complete, and the Tide of Eternity prepares His departure, as the Fifth Titan makes Her descent…

Based on @the-foxwolf‘s theory of The Eldrazi Stewards.

Commissions are available!

of the sea,
each night
you wash yourself
and wake
by eternal dawn,
wed ceaselessly
with sky, with air,
with sea wind,
by the rhythmic
contractions of the tide,
clean as fingernails
m ocean
At night
I gaze at you,
of the sky,
fresh, newborn
from the waves,
and I sleep
beneath your limpid,
shining sphere,
universal clock,
white rose.
and to your fresh
eternity of silver
and tides
my heart owes
its leaven.
—  Pablo Neruda, from “Ode to the Moon of the Sea,” Selected Odes of Pablo Neruda (California Press, 1990)