Secretly Sick

Summary: You hate being sick, but you also hate being fussed and waited on by others more. Bucky has his work cut out for him, trying to care for you

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Sick!Reader

Word Count: 2361

Warning: the reader being sick, brief mentions of death (comparing it to fainting) general fluff and maybe a piece or two of angst

A/N: This was requested by a lovely anon (again, thank you) and it was a really cool idea. I had a lot of fun writing this one :) 

Drop me a request, anything SebStan or Marvel based :)

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You knew, as soon as you woke up, your next few days would be Hell. As you lifted your head from the pillow, your brain swam with pain, the feeling making you slightly dizzy as you groaned. Oh, how you regretted getting caught in that storm now.

Your nose remained partially blocked when you rose from the bed, making you groan before collapsing into the cold, wood-panel flooring. You could sense your body temperature rising and a headache forming.

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“I’ve only watched DM and I won’t watch any of the spin-offs because they are just imitations and they look stupid”/“I watched this spin-off and it just childish and ridiculous, how can anyone think that crap is as good as DM” - bad, rude, may your feet feel uncomfortably cold for eternity

“I don’t plan on watching the spin-offs because I don’t think they look very interesting”/“I’ve watched this spin-off but it wasn’t my thing and I have these reasons to think DM was better” - understandable, that’s cool, have a nice day

This has been a PSA

Cosmic Child [pt 4] (Jason Todd X Reader)

A/N: I took some painkillers and a nap so I’m feeling a little better! I’d written ¾ of this before my surgery so I decided to finish and post it! I had too many good ideas running through my brain for this series so I really wanted to write them out regardless of my bleeding gums HAHA. So here it is!

Jason Todd woke up with you in his arms. You were clutching to him firmly, your face nuzzled into his chest. He hoped his pounding heart wouldn’t disturb you as you slept.

It’d only been three weeks since they found you in their front yard but there was an undeniable attraction Jason felt towards you regardless. You were so naive and innocent, so interested even in the most mundane aspects of human life; but you were also extremely intelligent, your knowledge of the galaxy was so great and the pace at which you picked up on human behaviour was quick.

Jason glanced at the clock and noticed it was still extremely early, he knew no one in the manor was awake yet. Deciding to get a few more hours of sleep, he held you closer to him and fell asleep promptly.

“Todd, Alfred would like to know if- what the-” Damian was about to knock on his adoptive brother’s door only to discover that his doorknob had been destroyed; as though it had been melted but since has cooled down. He frowned in disbelief before pushing the door open with surprising ease.

The youngest Wayne walked into the room casually before letting out a gasp at the sight before him. “Father!” He yelled, waking both you and Jason up, as he scrambled out of the room.

You’d woken up with a start before recalling the incident that happened hours ago. You found yourself engulfed in Jason’s arms, your cheek pressed against his chest. He was warm and comfortable; you had no desire to leave your little cocoon of happiness.

“Good morning,” Jason said, his voice raspy. “Thank you for… everything,” he continued, looking at you with tired eyes.

“You’re welcome,” you responded with a yawn.

A moment passed with neither of you moving away from each other; both Jason and you were unwilling to leave the comforting presence of the other. However, eventually, Alfred’d called everyone down for breakfast so you had to break away from him.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Jason said as he stood by his bedside and stretched, his shirt lifting up to reveal his bare stomach; a sight that made you look away and blush. “Dick, his friend and I are going out for dinner later, do you want to join us?”

You felt a rush of excitement, realising that you hadn’t stepped out of the manor ever since you’d arrived on Earth. You then nodded in response, a joyful expression on your face.

Unfortunately, your excitement as short-lived as Bruce was extremely against letting you leave before discovering the full extent of your abilities. After Damian’d informed him about the doorknob, he instantly contacted the League, updating them on your now much more dangerous status.

“I’m sorry (Y/N) but I can’t let you leave unsupervised until we discover the extremity of your abilities,” Bruce said during breakfast, feeling a tinge of guilt once he saw your crestfallen face. He knew it was unfair to keep you indoors for so long but he couldn’t risk you hurting yourself or others with powers you didn’t understand.

“But she won’t be unsupervised,” Dick spoke up from across the table, mouth full of cereal. “Jason and I will be with her the entire time.”

“That’s not very comforting, Dick.”

“C'mon Bruce,” Jason said, looking at your disappointed expression, “it’ll just be for a few hours. Look, we can even get her some new clothes since all she has now are from Babs and Steph.”

“… Fine, but only for a few hours. Tomorrow I’ll bring (Y/N) to the League Watchtower for some tests.”

After breakfast, everyone went ahead with their respective plans, leaving you alone with nothing to do.

You sighed in boredom as you sat on the couch in the empty living room. All the others were in the Batcave, discussing some recent crimes that’d happened in Gotham.

You’d known about their vigilante personas just a few days after arriving on Earth, they’d decided to spill the beans after you discovered the Batcave by accident. You had walked in on Dick and Tim changing out of their respective outfits. It was an embarrassing moment you’d never forget; since it was technically your first embarrassing moment.

Out of sheer curiosity, you decided to go to the Batcave, hoping that you could observe how the boys did their jobs. It was rather fascinating to you, this idea of secret identities and vigilantism.

As you entered the underground lair, you could see Dick sparring against something humanoid but not exactly human. You walked closer, joining the rest of the men by the side who were watching the fight. It was a robot that, from what you could tell, was totally destroying Dick.

“What is that?” You asked your adoptive human father, standing between him and Jason.

Without taking his eyes off of Dick and the robot, he replied, “it’s something Alfred and I created. We’ve implemented all the fighting styles we could come up with into the robot. It’s virtually impossible to defeat but it’s really good for practice- end match!” He yelled at the end as Dick fell to the ground, bruised up quite badly. The robot responded instantly and stopped moving.

As he left the arena of sorts (a large square of safety mats on the floor), Jason went in and took his place. Your heart started to race, but for what, you didn’t know. Was it excitement? Or fear?

Regardless of what you felt, you watched the fight anyways. He did rather well, a lot better than Dick actually, but the match had just begun and you spoke a little too soon.

A good seven minutes passed and you could see he was faltering, he was good but not good enough. He was valiant, though, just like Dick, and kept fighting.

“He seems to be doing a lot better than last time,” Bruce Wayne commented, side glancing at you, “I wonder why.”

Bruce then turned to Tim and whispered something to him, you could’ve heard it if you wanted to but you were too focused on watching Jason. You did notice, however, Tim walking over to you. He looked rather nervous but before you could do or say anything, he hugged you. He was a little taller than you, so your view of Jason was suddenly obstructed. However, you could hear him suddenly grunting and gasping a lot.

He was distracted; but why? You managed to catch a glimpse of him, he was on the ground, about to get punched in the face by the indestructible robot.

Running purely on instinct, within a split second, you’d managed to escape from Tim’s grasp and shielded Jason with yourself.

You could feel time slow down as you held your hand up and starlight emitted from your fingers. This time it was much brighter and felt much more deadly. The metal hand collided with yours and it disintegrated into dust instantly. The dust looked familiar to you; it was the remnant of stars after they died- stardust.

Everyone in the room froze.

Jason was still behind you, on the ground, eyes widened at your sudden appearance and what you’d done. You were breathing heavily, hand still glowing with pure deadly energy. Dick, Tim and Damian’s expressions all looked the same; shocked and slightly fearful. Bruce Wayne simply smirked.

“Let’s end today’s training,” Bruce finally spoke, ending the silence. He gestured at Dick, Tim and Damian to go back up to the manor before he, himself, walked towards you and Jason. He kneeled down, taking a bit of the dust and rubbing it with his fingers. “This isn’t metal, not anymore,” he looked at you, “what is it?” He didn’t look angry, as you’d expected, but rather very intrigued and… impressed?

“It’s stardust,” you replied, throat suddenly very dry, “it’s what happens to a star after it dies.”

He nodded before standing back up and offering a hand to you, you shakily accepted his assistance as he helped you up. Jason got up, as well, an indescribable look on his face.

“I’ll talk to you about some stuff later,” Bruce said to his second oldest son, “but first I’ll need to tell Alfred his robot just lost a hand,” he chuckled. “No hard feelings, (Y/N),” he patted your shoulder. Then he left, leaving you and Jason alone.

Jason coughed to clear his throat, “so,” he said as you turned to face him, “you saved me, again.” He referred to the night before. He looked happy, staring at his feet, but also a bit… awkward.

You stepped closer to him before hugging his torso, you were still shaking with shock and nervousness. You were dangerous; you scared yourself. He wrapped a hand around you, you shuffled a bit closer, brushing against his upper thigh, when he scrambled backwards.

“Are- are you alright?” You asked, fear rushed through your veins, did you hurt him? Was he scared of you? You could feel a moistness in your eyes; your heart constricted painfully. “Did I hurt you? I’m sorry, I didn’t-”

“No, no!” He replied, his face was now contorted with worry, “you didn’t hurt me. I’m fine, I just-” he struggled to choose the words he wanted to say. He sighed before approaching you, “I’ll just be brutally honest… I was turned on by what you did and now I have a problem I need to fix with an eternal cold shower.”

Taking Care Of You

♥ Hi Guys, here is a quick little, fluffy imagine with Bucky. I hope you guys enjoy. This one is especially for the lovely @ididntasktogetmadedidi I hope you enjoy it as well. Feel free to leave some feedback, drop an ask, send me a message or a request. I love to hear from you guys! Deutsche Version wird in der nächsten Zeit noch ergänzt!

  • Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
  • Summary: Imagine Bucky takes care of you while you’re sick.
  • Warnings: throwing up, and fluff
  • Words: 983 

Exhausted, your eyes fluttered open, immediately you wrapped your fluffy blanket tighter around your body, making sure to move as less as possible, so you won’t irritate your sensitive stomach any further. You closed your eyes again, fatigue and exhaustion were keeping you company since this morning, along with nausea, headache and dizziness. To say it hit you bad was an understatement! When you got up this morning, you had already felt a little dizzy, but you had ignored the annoying feeling.

As you went for training with Bucky and Steve things got worse, after a few minutes of sparring with Steve, your view became blurry again and your vision slowly faded into darkness. You could hear Bucky calling your name before you finally lost consciousness.When you first woke up, you found yourself wrapped up in your bed, and immediately a wave of nausea had hit you, as fast as you could, you ran into the bathroom.
You nearly spent an eternity on the cold floor, throwing up until your stomach was completely empty, clenching in pain, your chest aching from heavy breathing, and your face was tear strained.
You sat trembling, next to the toilet on the ground, and tried to calm down a little, you avoided moving to much fearing you might need to throw up again.

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thejaegerbootyforlife  asked:

Hi! Do you think you can do a drabble with ereri and number 32 and 27 if you can! Plus i love all your drabbles and their so adorable!!!!

Hey there! I’m so glad that you like my drabbles omg they’re just like a lot of fun to write

I already did #32 so you can find it right over here and I’ll do #27. I hope that’s okay!

#27: “I’m pregnant.”

“It has to be wrong,” Eren muttered to himself as he stared at the plus symbol on the pregnancy test. He was shaking, breathing becoming shallow and everything was starting to be dizzy. He sat on the edge of the bathtub, head in his hands. 

He did the test multiple more times but each one came out the same. 


He was pregnant.

Before he knew it, he was crying and his chest was racked with sobs as he moved to sit on the floor. He was terrified. Levi was going to leave him. Eren was pretty sure that Levi didn’t even like kids. How was he going to react finding out that his boyfriend was pregnant? And the fact that they weren’t even married — Eren was a mess. 

Pulling out his phone, he dialed for the person he knew he could trust the most in that moment. 


“Armin,” he sobbed, hiccuping into the phone as he whimpered. 

“Hey, Eren, what’s wrong? What happened?” 

“I-I…” he could hardly get the words out and his breathing didn’t make it any better. “I’m pregnant.”

There was a stiff silence before Armin spoke up. “Where are you?”

It made Eren a little more relaxed that Armin sounded as though he was already going on his way to make it to Eren. “M-my apartment.”

“Okay, I’m going to call Mikasa and I’ll be there in five minutes.” Eren whimpered as a response and hung up but clutched his phone in his hand anyway. He rocked back and forth on the floor, mind reeling with fears about what was going to happen, where he would have to go when Levi kicked him out and broke up with him. 


“Bathroom,” he croaked quietly and he heard footsteps before the door was pushed open and there stood Armin and Mikasa. He started crying again, Armin rushing to pull him into his arms to comfort him while Mikasa looked at all the tests that Eren had taken to try and make sure that it was for sure. 

“Does Levi know?” She asked once they had moved him to the living room and Armin went to grab him a blanket and walked into the kitchen to heat up some hot water for some tea. 

Eren shook his head, curling up into the blanket. She sighed, running her fingers through his hair softly. He relaxed a little, giving Armin a quiet thank you when he brought in tea and sat next to him.

The room was quiet, Eren comforted by the company of his friends. 

“You’re going to have to tell him,” Armin says after a while and Eren nods. 

“I know. I’m just… scared.”

“There isn’t any reason to be,” Mikasa says and lays her head on Eren’s shoulder. “It’ll be okay.”

“What if he breaks up with me? What if he kicks me out?” Eren’s voice cracks and Armin and Mikasa hug him tightly almost immediately. 

“Then he’s garbage and I’ll beat his fucking ass,” Mikasa stated promptly and pressed a gentle kiss to his hair. “He doesn’t deserve you or this baby —that is if you keep it— if he kicks you out. Shit happens. Life happens.”

They’re there for hours, holding Eren and comforting him, reassuring him that everything will be okay. But he still can’t shake the dread in the pit of his stomach as the time moves closer to when Levi usually arrives home. 

He jumps when the door handle jiggles and Armin and Mikasa look at each other and then Eren. They stand up, Mikasa placing a kiss on Eren’s head once more as Levi walks in. 

“Babe, I’m home— oh. I wasn’t expecting to see you two here otherwise I would have brought home more food.” In his hand is a bag of take-out Chinese and Eren smiled a little.

“No worries,” Armin waves a hand. “We were just leaving.” He gives Eren a small nod and a reassuring smile before they leave and suddenly Eren feels alone again. 

Levi walked over to him, kissing him softly a couple times before joining him on the couch and pulling out the food. Eren simply picks at it, appetite gone after the excitement of the day and he gets lost in his thoughts as Levi complains about his work day. 

“Eren, baby?” A hand is waved in front of his face and Eren turned to glance at Levi. “Are you okay?” His eyebrows narrow in concern and Eren forced himself to look away with a small nod. 


“No you’re not.” Levi took his food and set it on the coffee table, noticing the tea cups and he turned to Eren once again. “You never drink tea unless you’re upset. What happened?”

Levi voice is so gentle and caring, laced with worry and it makes Eren start to cry again. “I’m sorry,” he sobbed, hiding his face in his hands as he wrapped the blanket tighter around himself. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would happen. I should have been more careful and I’m sorry.”

“Eren, love, why are you apologizing? What did you—”

“I’m pregnant.” 

He hadn’t meant to blurt the words out but now they were out there and his eyes widened, terrified. Levi blinked at him, face empty of any kind of emotion and it scared Eren even more. The silence was almost painful and Eren hiccups. 

“Y-you’re—” Levi stopped, his hands reaching up to rub at his temples. “You’re… we’re…” He cant’ form a correct sentence and Eren was about to have a mental breakdown. “Pregnant.” Levi finally stated and their eyes meet. 

“I’m sorry.” Eren’s voice cracks and he started crying again. What he didn’t expect was for Levi to pull him into a tight hug as he murmured gentle things into his hear and rubbed his back until Eren finally stopped crying. 

“Don’t be sorry, sweetheart.” He placed a kiss on Eren’s forehead. 

“You don’t even like kids.” 

“Darling,” Levi smiled and kissed Eren again, “it’s okay. It’ll be okay. We’ll figure it out. Don’t worry. I still love you.”

“You do?”

Levi snorted a little. “Of course, my love. There’s nothing that you could do that could ever make me stop loving you.” Eren swallowed thickly and gives a weak smile, and leaned his head on Levi’s shoulder. 

They stayed there like that for what seemed to be an eternity, food getting cold but Eren couldn’t care less. “We’re gonna need a bigger apartment,” he finally says and he felt Levi smile against his skin. 

“Anything for you, my angel.”

Mikasa was right. There wasn’t any reason to be scared. Eren was almost excited to start this new chapter of their lives together, even if they were doing it out of order.

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Robert Capa     Truman Capote, Italy      1953

“Just remember: If one bird carried every grain of sand, grain by grain, across the ocean, by the time he got them all on the other side, that would only be the beginning of eternity.” Truman Capote, “In Cold Blood” 1965

There is God

As we succumbed just a flicker of an eyelash ago
In the beginning we did it only once
Just some distant ghosts remembered
And mourned us in oblivious silence
Death is but a dream
We made the sky and the ocean fall apart
You was Jesus I was Moshe
We are drowning, sinking, dying bleeding
Three hundred deaths
Three hundred deaths
It was beautiful eternal and cold
We heard a thunder whispering as
We made the sky and the ocean fall apart

The thunder’s gone out
The thunder’s gone out

There are romantics singing
There are books reading
There are toes fidgeting
There are angels dreaming
There are demons weeping
There is God crucified saving us all

In Olympus you can see magic nymphs counting comets
among Hermes wings and penguin feathers

caliborn was initially meant to be an expy of shylock, including direct references to dialogue from “the merchant of venice”

the song “eternity served cold” was briefly listed on mspa’s credit page as “eternity’s shylock” but when it was released on the cherubim album its name was changed. there was definitely pushback from the fandom when [S] Caliborn: Enter was first posted along with the song’s original title; for those unfamiliar with the play, shylock’s entire character is an antisemitic stereotype

that particular facet of caliborns character was dropped after that, and canon didn’t reference it again. no one ever made any sort of statement about it or anything, but i think it’s interesting to see how things can be handled gracefully and quietly compared to how the caucasian/peachy debacle went down