hey friends! i hate to ask again, but i could really, really use some help. my girlfriend and i are currently living on only her birthday money that she got last week, and when that runs out, we’re essentially going to have nothing until towards the beginning of april.

this wouldnt be too much of a problem but we have to pay for her hrt tonight and we have a few bills coming up soon in the next week or two that need to be payed as well, which will leave us with almost no money for food or bus passes (for me, because i cant walk the long distances without being in pain for the next few days) or anything else, not even my eventual hrt prescriptions.

we’re essentially living in a money limbo right now until i either get approved or disapproved for disability in the next few months, so anything would be an amazing help.

you can donate to my paypal through the pic above (or the food link on the top of my blog) or directly to !!! any amount would be so amazingly appreciated seriously!!!

thanks so much for even reading this thank you!!! if you could signal boost this i would be superbly grateful and just… thank you all so much!!!



What’s wrong with death, sir? What are we so mortally afraid of? Why can’t we treat death with a certain amount of humanity and dignity and decency, and God forbid maybe even humor?

Patch Adams (1998)


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Act 34

Imagine your favourite character is the Dangan Ronpa Mastermind and they kidnap you because they want you to feel despair.


Quinn, nervous for more than one reason, said, “This isn’t me dogging you or anything, Sam, but brah, if you really do have some kind of magic, you need to be figuring out how to use it.” -GONE by Michael Grant

Petition to make it a requirement that anyone attempting to analyze or critique Final Fantasy VII on any level, satirical or otherwise, is banned from using phrases like “despite looking like a girl,” “even though he wears girly accessories,” or “looks like a faggot” as though gender and sexual preference have anything to do with your ability to kick ass and take names.


              Very little has been written about the history of Irish dance costumes.  I was googling around last night and finally found the only good theses written on the topic.  If you are familiar at all with Irish dancing in the 21st  century, you may ask yourself why the costumes look so wack. Essentially nothing about the modern day solo costumes have anything to do with any irish design, production, nor handicrafts.  The newer looks not only reflect a vastly different mode of production than in the past (chinese production vs. cottage industry), but also a change of identity. Those who appreciate the newer designs, do so because they view the traditional velvet costumes, colors, and designs as a static and overly rigid interpretation of the irish tradition.
      The Scottish highland dancing costume (pictured last, for comparison) (Yes, scottish dancing is a thing.) has been more preserved from the past, as has the kilt. Those dancers don’t wear wigs or fake tan. But anyways, what does that tiny dress you see Irish dancers today have in common with the past?  Irish dress & culture were actually banned in the 1500s. During the cultural revival of the late 19th century, the Gaelic League  and other cultural leaders wanted to revive & preserve what they saw as a disappearing indigenous Irish culture.  The “celtic costume” is the top image.  This was in vogue with Gaelic League members in the first two decades of the 20th century. Gaelic League leaders rejected an idealized peasant costume, but looked back to the pre-16th c. ancient past.  The “celtic costume” has fallen out of favor, but some aspects of the “celtic costume” + the scottish kilt were used to create the dress shape we see as institutionalized in the irish dance world since the 1950s.  Irish dance schools would have all their dancers dress in matching costumes. 

Eventually production has moved offshore, materials and modes of production and styles have changed.  It’s a universal story you all know. 

 I understand that people can be sick of the past and want to change, or have room to express themselves.  But personally, all those garish designs and colors mortify me.  Today the Irish dancers get made up like pageant girls.  They even all have spray tans.  Which seems crazy, because if you are representing irish culture…shouldn’t you be okay with your pale skin?