Saying "I'll pray for you", "Sending Prayers" etc. is a Cop Out.

Been thinking about this a lot lately, particularly on Facebook and social media, when someone is suffering due to a death in the family, an injury, loss of employment. Religious folks are so quick to all chime in, one after another, with this sentiment. What percentage of them actually go kneel by the bed at night(or however) and take the time to mumble some prayers and follow up on this? I suspect very, very few.. Not to mention the fact that it does essentially nothing. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if people didn’t have this easy way out? Wouldn’t people be more compelled to actually DO SOMETHING? Cook them a casserole, or give them a referral for a job? Even rack their brain just a little bit, to see if they can actually help in some way? I’m sick of it, how could you possibly bring this up to a religious person without insulting them, or somehow bring attention to this?

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Maya is with zig not miles

I know. I just meant that at the time it felt like the writers were pushing Matlingsworth down our throats instead of giving the Triles relationship a fair shot. But given what we’ve seen of 14b, it appears the hard on was more for inserting Maya into every single plot than the Matlingsworth relationship itself. And in my opinion that makes what they did far worse. Because at least if they were angling to reconcile Matlingsworth, even though I may not have liked it, I would have understood it. But clearly that wasn't the case, so they essentially destroyed the Triles relationship for nothing. 


“- the shotel was a true sickle-sword once used in ancient Ethiopia. Its shape made it extremely difficult to block with another sword or even a shield—shotel would just curve around it to puncture the defender. Despite that and its vicious appearance, it was almost universally considered useless.

The hilt was too small for a large, scythe-shaped blade, which made it an unwieldy weapon to hold or aim properly. Fighting with a shotel proved quite difficult. Because of the shape of the blade, even drawing it from its scabbard was somewhat awkward. Scabbards stretched a foot longer than the swords themselves and were worn pointing behind the owner, which meant drawing it with the blade facing the correct way required a large bend of the wrist. 

European accounts of the weapon were extremely negative, and even the Ethiopians themselves considered shotels little more than ornamental. They had a saying about the shotels that essentially deemed the weapons useful for nothing more than impressing women. We suppose some weapons were just meant for a different kind of battle.” 

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Please right a fanfic where Claire is taking a bath then Owen sneaks up and suprises her then they have a little water fight! Ahh that would be so cute

Home is whenever I’m with you…

Tranquil days ceased to exist for Claire Dearing, although it never did in the first place. Ever since Jurassic World, her life had been set on fast forward. She couldn’t even remember the last time she had taken the time to unwind and focus on herself for just a few moments. Today would be the day, and nothing could possibly ruin it.

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Unless you have investigated a problem, you will be deprived of the right to speak on it. Isn’t that too harsh? Not in the least. When you have not probed into a problem, into the present facts and its past history, and know nothing of its essentials, whatever you say about it will undoubtedly be nonsense. Talking nonsense solves no problems, as everyone knows, so why is it unjust to deprive you of the right to speak? Quite a few comrades always keep their eyes shut and talk nonsense, and for a Communist that is disgraceful. How can a Communist keep his eyes shut and talk nonsense?

It won’ t do!

It won’t do!

You must investigate!

You must not talk nonsense!

—  Mao Zedong

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dont understand why formerly colonized countries are prone to corruption. we're finally free then we're not. being cheated by my own countrymen bums me out tbh. i want to leave for the west but the west is shit too :/

When you’re left stripped of your resources, all past progress left in vain, devastating insecurities and self-hate that ruins morale, broken kinship, and an economy in ruins, it makes it easier for corrupt politicians to climb their way up. You’re essentially starting from nothing. Less than nothing. 


hey. so my names jasmine. idk if anyone’s gonna take the time to read this. and idk if anyone even cares but i just wanted to share that i recently lost a big part of my life. actually the most important person to me. June 8, 2015 my father passed away of natural causes (ruptured aneurism). My father was in Emory Undergoing numerous surgeries and procedures to try and save his life. He was in the hospital for an entire week. He was in a coma the whole time and I never got to speak with him while he was on his death bed. When he passed my entire family came together and had a beautiful memorial service for him where we all contributed to the funds. My father was cremated and his ashes buried. He has no headstone though. It only costs $1500 and if my family were to come together again to pay for it, it’d cost essentially nothing. But they’re not trying to do that. My mother and father were never married so me being his oldest child I am next of kin. I inherited everything that was his though it wasn’t much. I also inherited his hospital expenses which left me millions of dollars in debt at only 18 years old I was forced to file bankruptcy. All I want, and my 15yr old sister want is for a simple headstone to mark where my fathers ashes lie. He is buried right next to his mother who also passed 25yrs ago by the same cause. I wants fathers name on a headstone next to his mothers so people can visit him and so I can visit him and so people don’t forget my father. I made a gofundme because I have run out of options. I hate to ask for handouts but there’s nothing else I can do. If you’ve taken the time to read all of this then you have already given me all that I ask of you. The rest is up to you but I am already thankful that you’ve given me your time. If you’d like to help furthermore here is the link to my gofundme. ( Thank you.

50¢ or $50, anything helps and is greatly appreciated A simple reblog would be equally appreciated.

you know just because the Gems are essentially ageless there’s nothing that really says they can’t look wrinkly and stuff

tiny old lady gems

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A little boy puts on a princess crown. Trans activists: "SHE'S A LITTLE GIRL NOW." Radfems: "or he just put a chunk of shiny plastic on his head and that is symbolic of nothing." Transactivists: "NO. IT'S A LITTLE GIRL."


—Mod Neo

There’s some people claiming that Pearl is incredibly guilt-tripping and abusive but what they don’t seem to understand is that whilst Pearl isn’t exactly flawless, she is at heart a good character, as are the rest of the cast.

Sworn to the Sword gave a lot of people the wrong idea of Pearl, I think. She instills a really self destructive mindset into Connie, and everyone recognises that it’s wrong and tries to fix it. She also confuses Steven for Rose, but I think that these are not intentionally ‘abusive’ acts but are unintentional products of her grief for Rose’s death. They’re also evidence of her own self-hatred, and are the result of a selfless choice to help Connie learn to swordfight. She is not a manipulative person, but her own lack of self esteem causes her to see Connie as herself and essentially call herself nothing, or worthless. She’s speaking to herself in Do it For Her, not Connie.

It’s clear that Pearl wouldn’t even dream of abusing Steven or Connie, or the other Crystal Gems. She makes mistakes, but at heart cherishes Steven and his friends, being fiercely protective and loving of Steven as the good thing that came out of Rose’s death, and recognises and appreciates him as an individual as opposed to simply 'another Rose’. She can be really mean to Amethyst, but cards about her at heart and most of their fights are simple bickering at worst.

Pearl is clearly not over Rose’s death. It clouds her view of life and the people around her, but it does not make her a completely heartless being. Fans have a tendency to twist her actions to the worst degree because they are most visibly wrong, but she’s not the only guilty party, and her flaws are vital to her character.

All of the gems are flawed. They’re meant to be flawed. They’re not meant to be perfect. They all do bad things along the way, not just Pearl. Amethyst can be rebellious and prone to starting fights and messing up, and Garnet can be arrogant sometimes due to her leader status and cast away the other gems at times when they need to act as a team. The gems aren’t supposed to be hated for their mistakes, though. They’re supposed to be equally likeable characters.

Sure, what Pearl has done in the past cannot be excused, per se, but you can’t just call her a terrible character and cast her aside just because it’s easier to pick out her flaws.

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Alfred is a bro and when Bruce has a partner over before and after he is with Clark .He sets up all the essentials and restocks the lube and condoms. Needless to say Alfred has some military grade ear plugs when Bruce is gonna frickle frackle.

Alfred is just so great. I love him so fucking much like, Alfred just needs a show all to himself. If he can, with a straight face, get the essentials for Bruce during and after the frickle frackle, then he is nothing other than a saint. He is amazing and perfect and I love him.

And I bet Bruce’s bum appreciates him as well.

- Clone cultures vary between company, especially if the commanding Jedi tries to include their men in their native culture

-Every clone is a brother (not necessarily in terms of gender) and they consider each other to be very close. They’re more than just friends but the relationship is nothing romantic/sexual (essentially QP relationship)

-There’s a term for the closest brothers (that I have yet to come up with, but I like brothers-by-choice [from reulte]). They have a QP relationship and are as close as two clones can get.

-Being a brother means more than just that person being a clone. It also means one would provide moral, emotional, or physical support or give their lives for their brothers.

-On that note: “disowning” one’s brother is when you brake all bonds you’ve formed with that person. It means you would not risk your life to save theirs or provide emotional support for them. It does not have to be mutual, but in most cases when a clone is disowned, it’s returned. Disowning a brother is not taken lightly, and shame is normally put on both parties.

-Clones have their own language. Each company has their own “dialect” and certain words can vary between them. There are Basic words (i.e. clankers, Ahsoka’s use of the word “tinny”) and then there are words they make up.

-There’s the base language that is rumored to have started on Kamino, and as each battalion spends time away from each other thye form the dialects

-The Command Clones get together every once in a while to figure out the differences in the languages

-The clones have their own hierarchy of most important to “least” important clone outside of standard rank. The medics are at the top because they never divulge information and are always open to listening. Command clones are second and then closes brothers are third and tertiary.


-Again, Religion varies between companies.

-However, most clones believe there is an afterlife for them, no matter what they did or didn’t do during the war. They believe they will see their brothers and live happily with them for eternity.

-There aren’t any “gods” per se, but some clones will hope (they don’t say pray often) to whoever’s listening that they’ll make it through a battle with their brothers

-Some will hold onto something special from another brother, and that would almost be like a prayer/offering that they’ll make it out alive (likely because they have to go and collect their item from the other clone).

-Clones believe they’re bonded through souls, and the clones with QPPs are guaranteed to see each other in the afterlife.

-They also believe clones with these relationships can feel each other’s emotions, even when they’re sleeping. This is supported by the fact that one Commander had a nightmare and woke up, and right after that his soul-brother (?) woke up and tried to comfort him. The first hadn’t made a noise.

-Some clones were known to adopt the religions of their generals.

For some reason the other day I was thinking of being a fan of Courtney Love and of Kathleen Hanna and how they had this whole “rivalry” thing going on. Although this has essentially nothing to do with the actual rivalry and more about people who perpetuate it. So I’m just writing my thoughts down to get them out of my head.

And I was just sort of thinking about the difference between the way both of them do feminism. Because despite what people who dislike one or the other say, I do think both of them are feminists.

I think Kathleen’s feminism is more along the lines of “educate oneself, be very aware of the discourse and the literature, and use it as well as using your own experiences/desires/ideas to rebel against misogyny and violence etc etc.” She does feminism in a “confront and challenge the system and call out the bullshit no matter what.”

I think Courtney’s feminism is more anarchical, It’s more along the lines of “do what the fuck you want or need to in order to get what you want, and don’t give a shit what other people think.” I think she’s more in the lines of use the system to cheat the system when you need to, otherwise fuck it do whatever, call its bullshit and challenge it or do what you want.

 I dunno, I just feel like their versions of feminism almost complement each other? You have Courtney, with her raw anger and her emotional ways of talking about sexual issues and drug issues and things like that, her hyper-feminine appearance contrasted with everything else which is very “you thought I was this weak little girl well joke’s on you asshole.” Courtney’s feminism, I think, is impulsive. It’s very crude and raw and emotional, confronting things in a way that feels like it comes right from the gut, which is sometimes really what you need. Then you have Kathleen, whose music I think is slightly more “brained,” if that makes any sense. Her music is still emotional, but I think it takes that emotion over sexual and drug and feminist issues and uses the literary and activist discourse to talk about it, or at least as a very clear base for it all. She’s blunt in a different way, in a way that uses bluntness without the hyper-feminine “disguise” (which is an incorrect word for the way Courtney uses it but I can’t currently think of a better one). Kathleen’s band was the one that started the “girls to the front” movement. I think her feminism as words and actions were more thought out, more calculated.

 I just feel like Courtney’s feminism comes from a place that’s more sudden and emotional and almost impulsive or just sort of from anger at many different issues at once that feel intertwined in her art, and sometimes are only just an impression that is still sent across to the listener without being explicitly explained. Kathleen’s feminism comes from a place that’s more thought through, like she’s seeing things that are wrong and the anger comes through at each specific thing and those things are named and pointed at pretty clearly. Both of which are valid, I think.

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If the legend rule were to be abolished, what would Brothers Yamazaki and Mirror Gallery actually say on them?

I don’t know. We’ve made rules changes that have essentially made cards do nothing before.

My grandmother is essentially dying. The doctors have determined there’s nothing they can do as the cancer has spread too far into her abdomen. She’s been sent home to be taken care of there until she passes–which how long is anyone’s guess.

Talked to my dad tonight and he insists that my grandmother doesn’t want me rushing back there and for me to focus on what’s best for me and my family but it’s still hard. I hope that she doesn’t pass before we move back but I know it’s been hard on her. I’m just sad that she barely got to know her great grandkids.

I’m going to get my crying out tonight. She wouldn’t want me to wallow in sadness and I’m not going to but I will allow myself tonight to get it all out.