Dear Kent,

I’m being forced to write this by my therapist. She thinks it’s a good idea. A healthy way to process my feelings. I don’t know. I feel like this is kind of stupid, actually? But I guess it’s important. So. She told me I should write ten things I appreciate about you. I’m essentially writing a love letter…oh well. Here goes nothing.
1. You’re the fucking captain of the aces!! How dope is that!!!
2. Your

I’m kind of having trouble thinking of things.

Update: I had another session with Mary and we worked on ideas together for what to write.

2. You take care of your family first and foremost. You love them so much. I really love that.
3. Dat booty tho
4. You might not know how to take care of yourself very well but you fiercely defend and advocate for your friends.
5. You never drive drunk (haha loser you don’t even have a license) Update: Mary said I shouldn’t call you a loser even if it’s meant lovingly.
6. Your toes are like little breakfast sausages and that’s cute.
7. You don’t get into fights on the ice unless someone is being homophobic, how cool is that?
8. You can juggle!
9. Great taste in music, honestly.
10. You always try to do your best and not care about what other people think about you. Fuck them. You’re amazing no matter what.

Ok. I mean. I feel like I have a better understanding of what Mary was talking about. I do feel better. Self love is no joke…


The Signs and Enneagram types

Aries: Type 8, Type 3

Taurus: Type 5, Type 8

Gemini: Type 7, Type 3

Cancer: Type 2, Type 9

Leo: Type 3, Type 7

Virgo: Type 5,  Type 1

Libra: Type 9, Type 2

Scorpio: Type 8, Type 5

Sagittarius: Type 7, Type 8

Capricorn: Type 5, Type 6

Aquarius: Type 4

Pisces: Type 2, Type 9

Description of the types below.

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there will come the day that you can breathe again. not just because you’re able to, but because you will. you will, you will, even after the smoke has rot-smoldered your cells into darkness you thought couldn’t be rebuilt. you will, with your eyes drinking in the sky until cerulean hums in your neurons like a symphony from hundred years ago, you will with your nails out like claws and dry lips that have tasted fire but still, you breathe, breathe, in and forward and out. there will come the day where your old veins fall into their components, when carbon and oxygen snap into new bounds, ions chasing your blood.

maybe it takes time to get your lungs used to the new scars on you. but they’re made from you, after all, woven from cells and born from your dna, and nothing could be more essentially you than that. breathe, and know that you are.

So you fucked your way to the what?

This is Marissa Mayer, current CEO of Yahoo! It appears that she will be is getting the boot very soon. She’s had 4 years at the helm of Yahoo! and her tenure has been an unmitigated disaster, even despite all the fawning media attention that she got simply because men all over the planet want to cum in her.

This is Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos CEO and the world’s first self-made Billionaire. Well, she was a billionaire. According to Forbes, after Theranos was found to essentially, her stake in the company is worth essentially nothing. She took a company with a valuation over $10 billion dollars to absolute ruin - again, despite the fact that she was the subject of many media profiles because, again, she’s the rare CEO that men want to fuck.

This is Ellen Pao, former Interim-CEO of Reddit and current laughing stock. In less than a year as CEO, she nearly destroyed the entire website before turning in her resignation in utter shame. Even with the press at large supporting her simply because she was a woman, she was unable to hide her monumental screw ups. Oh, and she lost some absurd discrimination lawsuits in the process.

So why is it that women who find themselves in true positions of leadership so often end up being failures? Well, the key is in The Peter Principle and how it effects women differently from men.

The Peter Principle says that “employees within an organization will advance to their highest level of competence and then be promoted and remain at a level at which they are incompetent.” Simply put, people get promoted until they are promoted to a job they can’t accomplish. It affects men and women, but with one crucial difference: Sex.

The obvious fact is that, as women, we can suck our way up corporate ladders and fuck our way through business deals. We have a (not so) secret weapon and the only thing that stops some of us from using it is a lack of ambition. The ironic part is that these skills are most valuable in “male dominated” industries - a higher percentage of men means less competition and more available men to service with your unique skillset. As a woman, you can fail and fail and fail and still be confident in your job security - all it takes is the right blowjob for the right guy and not only will you keep your job, but you can even improve your job, assuming your incompetence doesn’t also apply to sucking cock.

This means that attractive women don’t simply rise to positions of incompetence, they use sex to rise to positions that leave them completely and utterly out of their depth, drowning in a sea of complexity that they simply can’t handle. Rising to a position of mere incompetence will result in inefficiency that can be hidden and swept under rugs with good PR.

But rising to the sorts of high risk/high reward/high visibility positions that Marissa Mayer, Elizabeth Holmes and Ellen Pao? That’s how a relatively intelligent woman can quickly and efficiently make herself appear to a bimbo. When results are expected and the numbers start coming in, there’s no cock to ride to fix your fuck up. All you can do is sit there on the conference calls, hoping that it ends soon and that maybe you can score another puff pice in a Chick Mag about how totally rad you are for being a kickass chick in the business world(!!!)

Do I actually know Marissa Mayer sucked and fucked her way to the top? Of course not. That’s just what she would have done if she was being efficient - the simple fact that she was an attractive female in an environment that is lacking in women means that the men who are around her want her.  It’s not a coincidence that supposedly “empowered” women in the business world like Marissa still dress in high heels and dresses. They know that they need to, at the very least, arouse the men around them if they want to make it anywhere. And once you see how effective that is, spreading your legs for a leg up (Pun intended) isn’t really much of a stretch (Pun also intended.)

In the end, your worth and what advantages you can ply will always come down to how much time men spend either thinking about fucking you or actually fucking you.

The lesson is really the same as always: Know your place as a woman. Certainly you’re more capable than some men, maybe even most men - but all men? Don’t be absurd. Just because the media is impressed by your legs doesn’t mean you deserve anything resembling a CEO position. Don’t let pressure from feminist ideals lead you to humiliating yourself. And certainly you should be as much of a cumslut as you want, but don’t use that little Work Place Cheat Code to jump too many levels ahead - otherwise, you’ll end up like poor little Marissa here:

(Not pictured: All the jizz stains on her dress.)


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Just curious, but do you have any theories on the Clique Six's names? In particular: Farkle? I've been researching and only managed to come up with a dice game, but I feel like there's a reason for his name and not just the uniqueness and weirdness of it. I know Farkle was originally his last name before they changed it to Minkus, but I really want to know why they decided on Farkle in the first place. Do you have any ideas or know any one who does?

Did you know that “Farkle” and “goose egg” mean essentially the same thing? No score, aka “nothing.” I think Farkle is eventually going to defy what his name suggests in regards to his relevance to the story…

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Do you know much about Taylor Swift's team? I know her label is Big Machine, which is distributed by Universal. She was the indie label's first signing, her dad owns a stake in the company. I wonder if that means she has less contractual restrictions as compared to other pop artists her age?

She has WAY fewer contractual restrictions with Big Machine than most artists do, in fact I’d guess that when it comes to image, she essentially has nothing dictated to her. Besides her dad owning a stake in the company, she handles her own management instead of being signed with someone else.

What you see with Taylor Swift regarding PR and her image is all on her and her family.

i have started to buy plums with the intention of eating them because i saw the bucky plums post which said that plums help memory and my memory is FUCKT!!!!! so i thought that if i eat nothing but plums maybe i would remember essential details like, you know, my address more often but the thing about having shitty memory in this situation is that i keep forgetting that i bought fruit the day before so i forget about it, buy more the next day, come home to see that i have double the amount of fruit that i need, and then i forget about it for a few days and end up not eating it because i forget that it’s there

my desire enters the den where it has been awaited from all eternity in the shape of the object that I am, in so far as it exiles me from my subjectivity by resolving of itself all the signifiers to which this subjectivity is attached. Naturally that does not happen every day, and perhaps even it only happens in the tales of Hoffmann. …The subject only arrives at, only accedes to, his desire by substituting himself always for one of his own doubles. It is not for nothing that Freud insists on the essential dimension which the field of fiction gives to our experience of the unheimlich. It is too fleeting in reality and fiction demonstrates it much better, produces it even in a more stable fashion because it is better articulated. It is a sort of ideal point, but one very precious for us, since, from that point on, we are going to be able to see the function of phantasy. This possibility, articulated repeatedly in a work like the Devil’ s Elixir
—  Lacan

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If you're still doing that character thing, I'm going to give you a curveball: Dagda.

Ahhh, I am! And goodness, but you’re right to call this a curveball…!

Why I like them: For better or worse, Dagda plainly adores Marianne and Dawn. He makes the mistake of trying to show that love through some very misguided actions (pushing Marianne to take Roland back), but it comes from him honestly wanting Marianne to be happy and to not be alone. It’s a mistake a lot of parents make, and it hammers home the Parents As People trope. 

Also, I love writing his character development in my fanfics. It’s such a treat =)

Why I don’t: Again, Dagda honestly wants his girls to be happy, but he essentially ignores Marianne clearly telling him that she wants nothing to do with Roland, and seems all too ready to trust Roland over his own daughter. He clearly is discomforted by Marianne being a “unique girl” and having to deal with the ramifications of that/raising her. I read that as him wanting her to be happy on his terms, not hers.

And then along with that, there’s his attitude over Sunny and Dawn being together…yeah, he just has this tang of Rich Old White Man that just rankles me.  Again, this is why I love writing him in my fanfics, to see how far he has come…

Favorite episode (scene if movie): His conversation with Marianne while she is training. Also, when he faints when he sees Dawn and Sunny kiss, just because it makes me laugh and be all vindicated at the trope of the Rich Old (And Racist) White Man getting horrified

Favorite season/movie: Trick question! 

Favorite line: *sad sigh* “I don’t want you to be alone…” 

How Alfred Molina delivered that line was just perfect. He just wants his girl to be happy and loved…

Favorite outfit: Again, trick question. I wonder if Dagda would actually be able to fly if he didn’t have to worry about heavy armor onto of his weight…

OTP: Dagda/Unlearning Problematic Behaviors And Ideals


Head Canon: Dagda married into the Fairy Kingdom Throne - Marianne’s mother was the Crown Princess, and he was a Knight from one of the noble families. It’s one of the reasons why he supported Roland so much, he saw a lot of himself in the dashing young Knight.
Unpopular opinion: He’s still gonna struggle with his problematic attitudes in regards to Sunny and Bog. As such, he’s never gonna have a close relationship with them. (Don’t really know if this counts as unpopular???)

A wish: He falls head over heels for all of his grandchildren and he publicly strips Roland of knighthood =)

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Um, he comes up with a legit reason for Marianne/Bog and Sunny/Dawn not to be together??? I don’t know, this is why I am so thankful that we don’t have to worry about a sequel that might dabble in such malarky…

5 words to best describe them: Misguided, Old Fashioned, Fatherly, Well Intentioned and Prejudiced.
My nickname for them: Gosh, I don’t really have any for him! Let’s go with Daddy Dagda and Old Rich White Man. 

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I am aromantic, asexual, and agender. All three essentially mean the absence of something. Therefore, I am nothing. I am Neil Abram Josten.

this is good thinking i am Proud 

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I'm going to tatinof aus with a parent who knows nothing about dan and phil. Is there anything essential they need to know about them before seeing the show? Specific videos I need to show them? (no spoilers pls)

I would say go over what you think is common Dan and Phil knowledge. I won’t give anything specific to avoid spoilers, but whatever you feel is basic knowledge to the average d&p fan is stuff they should know. Maybe even let them go through tabinof, if you happen to own a copy. That way they at least get the gist of who they’re seeing.
I hope this isn’t too vague, but I didn’t want to give anything away! Good luck and we hope you have a great time!

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Not that you have any problems with it anyways, but, ignore the anon (and off-anon) haters, love. You're beautiful in what you do. They give people with financial trouble a bad name. (Believe me, I know what it's like to have financial trouble. I've a father who continuously doesn't do his job to support us because he's essentially a radical Christian. I've nothing against Christians, heck, I am one. But it grows more and more crazy as time goes on.)

They do. And it’s been shown that scammers cause people to be hesitant to donate or even buy from people offline. I’ve had several people who ask a ton of questions before buying from me, just to make sure I’m not a scam.

dfbm #87 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. III

Songs of Wild Nothing is the series for all the weird and wonderful, old and new tunes I come across. Be it old-timey gospel or hillbilly tunes, bedroom pop, psych rock - I’ll find a way to stitch them together. It’s starts with an short accapella piece from some jesus folk band. Nothing essential, but a good opener to set the stage for Electric Bardo, a raga rock trio with Ben Kunin on electric sarod. Ben Kunin released in 2002 a wonderful album with solo acoustic gread full post

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