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Love is one of the most powerful things, in our known world.  Not only as an emotion, but what that can lead to - passion, inspiration, rebellion.  Love can leave the most logical and resolute men and women stumbling in the ground, concussed by feelings and thoughts that overwhelm their own intuition.  Love has saved strangers, built monuments and named the constellations.

When I was still living in Florida, my girlfriend, Keiko, was in the same city as me.  At the time neither of us realized how much we truly cared about each other.  We had both been friends for years and had become closer with each other than with anyone else.  So, when she moved back to South Florida, before moving to New York, I felt the powers of love.  I would find myself driving three hours every couple days, just to spend time with her.  I’d stay with her family and show up with nothing more than a backpack filled with essentials and crash for a couple days. We’d spend every minute together and when I would have to leave to go to work, I’d still find myself hanging on and delaying that three hour drive as long as I could.

It’s only natural to remind the ones you love how you feel on certain benchmark days.  It’s a big deal to make it through your first month as a couple, and to celebrate your first Thanksgiving or Christmas with someone you love.  And to make it around to Valentine’s day, it always feels like a competition against the world to do better than the next guy.  

I’ve partnered up with ALEX AND ANI this Valentine’s Day to share some of my favorite pieces from their collection and why it’s more than just an accessory.

I was asked to choose some pieces that really stood out to me, that I could give to Keiko.  To this day, I’ll never say I truly know what she wants or likes - I think that’s the way it is for a lot of guys.  But the spirit of Valentine’s Day is for all of us, and It’s about finding that piece of jewelry, or that gift, that speaks to You, for your partner.  

The ALEX AND ANI collection is wonderful, to me, because of the quality and the thoughtfulness that went into it.  Everything is American made, with a price point that won’t break your bank.  The collection was also based with varying styles in mind, with more classic items that are perfect for the professional woman, and then their, more whimsical pieces that can be worn by a woman with an edge.  

I really loved the Rose Quartz Chain Station necklace, for its beauty in simplicity, and the Heart and Arrow Ring Wraps for their playfulness.  The Love Set of 3 bangles was also a great addition, since I felt that Keiko could wear it anywhere, with almost any outfit.

There is a lot of thought that goes into Valentine’s Day.  I think this collection is a great way to simplify things and get something your partner will love.  For everything else, good luck!


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tbh is grah//amfield REALLY even platonic in canon?? to me its always seemed more like... warren Leave My Ass Olone

this will probably lose me a follower or two but honestly warren seems like he’d be one of those guys on okcupid who would send you ‘hi :)’ at 6:46 PM and then when you don’t reply immediately sends ‘fine, ignore me, you look like a stuck up bitch anyway’ at 6:47 PM

i like him better when he’s someone who starts to grow the fuck up after being rejected and supports max anyway without expecting something in return because if you choose to “”“romance”“” him in the game he basically learns nothing and is essentially rewarded for creepy behavior towards max and shitty treatment of brooke. also, the ship is REALLY boring, and i’d still think that even if he weren’t a boundary-crossing stain on the bottom of max’s shoe.


MARS - Episode 1 

Re-watching this again before the second episode. 

I haven’t read the manga, I know little about the story, essentially watching this with no expectations. Therefore, I know nothing about how the characters should look or act, but I do know about Fujigaya’s abilities since watching him over the years in various roles - and some I have liked, others not so much. As for Kubota well he can do no wrong (jk). Will I  keep watching this? probably the answer is yes even though this is a genre I don’t particularly care about.

 I need to watch more episodes before I give an honest answer. 

Also this is third drama in a row that Maeda Goki and Kubota have co-stared in the same project. Flowers for Algernon, Death Note and now MARS. 

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How do you feel about existentialism and nihilism? I respect you a lot and I'm really intrigued by your opinions.

well both theories approach the same issue, aka the meaning of life.  while i agree with both principles in the respect that yeah, life has no intrinsic meaning b/c god didn’t put us on earth and the universe doesn’t care about your goals, i think that the nihilistic approach is overly defeatist.  human beings are subjective creatures, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make your own subjective meaning; it’s your life and you’ve only got one.  you’re living it on earth as a human being no matter what, and to essentially give up because “nothing matters” is a cop-out. 

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Was Poe sweating or crying or both when Kylo Ren is inside his mind?

[rubs hands together] this is the kind of shit i like to receive

let’s start with poe and ben’s relationship and the fact that we know nothing about it except the wild speculation that fandom is so fond of. they’re close in age (poe: 32, ben: 29-30) and we know that poe’s mum and luke skywalker went on a mission together, resulting in them both having little force trees to look after (which is an adorable thought all in itself and is, in fact, expanded on in this MINDBLOWING fic that just about killed me). this means essentially nothing, though, because we have no idea how ben grew into the person he’s become.

poe, however, was born 2 years before the battle of endor and grew up primarily with his grandparents until he and his parents moved to yavin 4 when he was 4 years old. his mother taught him how to fly at age 6, and she died when he was 8. there is no mention of any connection to the skywalker’s other than his mum’s mission with him, so we don’t know if he ever met lil ben. but it’s not too far of a reach to think that they might have had a few play dates here and there

ben, we know, was sent away to train at luke’s school (???) and presumably at around this time poe was going through academy training to be a pilot in the ‘fleet. in before the awakening by greg rucka, poe unexpectedly loses a member of his squad on a mission and then goes and disobeys orders to find out what was so important that his friend had to die, and stumbles across the first order being all menacing and looming far larger than he’d been led to believe by the new republic. cue: leia recruiting him into the resistance and poe and his remaining amigos jumping ship to become rebel fighters. the book leads us to believe that this is poe’s first time meeting leia, so maybe he and ben didn’t have play dates when they were kids after all

so the torture scene can be played out one of two ways: ben and poe know each other or they don’t. i just typed out a lot of words to get to this point but bear with me, please, because if they know each other it just makes the whole thing exponentially worse. just think about it. honestly, the potential for angst here is crazy.

that being said, it’s more likely they don’t know each other, and so your ask takes a more personal route into who poe dameron, darling of the resistance and best pilot in the galaxy, truly is. the poor boy has obviously been beaten up or has tried desperately to escape that weird medieval torture chair because he’s bloody and bruised. he’s sweating: he’s anxious, scared, and his body’s been through a lot of physical exertion. enter: kylo ren and his magical force powers of evil

imagine what it’s like to have your inner thoughts and memories rifled through. it’s almost impossible, because we know next to nothing of how the brain works, but the thought itself is repulsive. we recoil because it’s private. on top of that, poe really truly believes in the resistance and is loyal to it to a fault, resulting in him desperately not wanting to give up any information. he probably would have been fine if it were simple torture (she says, having never been tortured herself, but whatever it’s fiction) but this is off the charts. this is horrific. he tries so. hard. and we don’t see it but kylo exits the room with the information that bb-8 has the memory chip. poe gave that information to him.

do i think he cried? yes. i think he cried.

I was checking out at Walmart and some dude was panhandling for free shit. He came up to my cart and was like “hey man can I bother you to b-” and then looked at my cart, which had nothing but bare essentials (bread, rice, chips, and soda) in it. He just kinda looked at me and went “never mind man” and kept going

I just got burned by a beggar about my financial situation this is a new low for me


Odilon Redon and colors… 

he chose charcoal as an alternative to daylight and as a defense against impressionism which he rejected. He called these “les Noirs”. He could not bear a blank piece of paper. He said about black to Emile Bernard: “ black is the most essential colour and must be respected. Nothing prostitutes it. it does not please the eye nor awake sensuality. it is the agent of the spirit…”

thr discovery of color became later and he wrote again to Emile Bernard: “i leave more and more black. I must admit that it exhausted me a lot. I do believe it takes it’s source in the very depth of our body”

much to say about color but I must go to work …

Salmon: The Essential Fish + Quick Recipe

Nothing fishy about salmon

We all know fish is important to a healthy diet, but why is that?

Fat fishes, in general, contain omega-3 fat acids and other vitamins and minerals. Salmon, particularly, is one of the best, containing two omega-3 fat acids (EPA and DHA) and in large quantities. Salmon is also ideal for weight-loss because omega-3 fat acids decrease cholesterol and help to burn your fat. In addition, it positively affects your cardiovascular system, blood pressure, skin, bones and brain activity. 

Other health benefits

Vitamin B —> decreases cholestrerol, supports the creation of red blood cells, one the most important vitamin for your skin. 

Astaxanthin —> beneficial for cardiovascular system and, based on the latest research, one of the best antioxidants.

Selen —> protection of human cells.

Ways to prepare salmon 

- raw (sushi, sashimi) 
- on the pan (circa 2-3 minutes on each side)
- in the oven  (circa 200 °C)
- grilled 

One inspirational recipe for you - Salmon with dill 

What you need

- 1 fillet from Salmon 
- butter 
- salt 
- lemon juice 
- dill 


1. Preheat the oven 200 degrees and place the baking paper on the tray 

2. Season the salmon with salt, lemon juice and dill 

3. Place the salmon on the tray and put a bit of butter on the top 

4. Bake for 10-15 minutes (depends how much you want to let the salmon raw)

Serve with baked kale chips or potatoes + a bit of dressing from greek yogurt and dill to enhance the taste. Enjoy!

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I have a question!! we know everyone finds out about William in 415.. would we see more William and baby mama in future eps? or with all this drama (kidnapping and such) make baby mama not want oliver around her son?

I would not be surprised if William is taken that Samantha refuses to let Oliver see him. So, Oliver will have lost Felicity and his son… so the lie was essentially for nothing. I could be wrong though. I think Samantha is sticking around so it would be wise of the writers to make her more likable. Allowing Oliver to see William even if he’s kidnapped would be a good way to do that. Maybe even have Samantha try and smooth things over with Felicity.

|| Extended Family verse | When Everything Stays

An AU where Gaster never ended up Core’d.

With their friendship retained, Fyne doesn’t lose hope and age/die herself. This also means that the skelebros and Undyne essentially grow up together, becoming friends sooner and nothing hurts.

(Consider Undyne wanting her mother to train her but it’s not to become a royal guard like her, but because ‘I want to protect him, mom’.)

Trans Man Abroad: Preparing and Applying to Study Abroad

When I first realized that my university offered a study abroad program that wa pretty accessible I got really excited but also nervous because I didn’t know how I, as a trans person,would be able to do that. I looked online and found essentially nothing. 

It’s important to note that as a passing trans man my situation is different than others because I can live “stealth.” Still, being trans and living abroad is still a little scary. Things are different than your home country. Whether they are “better” or “worse” doesn’t matter because the fact of the matter is that its going to be different and that is always hard. Here are some things I did to make the process easier. 

Research, Research, Research 

I knew I was going to England because my degree is in British and Irish history. I know that England is legally accepting of trans people but I needed to ensure wherever I went was socially accepting as well. Despite being stealth I still think its important to be somewhere that is more accepting than not. 

Find Resources

I’m still undecided if I want to access any of the trans resources/groups in the city or on campus (probably not on campus). Even if I never need them it’s good to know they are are. Its better to not need something and have it than need something but not have it. 

Getting Enough Testosterone 

Pharmacies don’t generally give you more than one vial at a time. Since I’ll be gone for at least 4 months I needed more than one and was kind of worried. It actually ended up being pretty easy. My endocrinologist wrote on my prescription that I needed a “vacation supply” with a bunch of refills so I was able to get three vials at a once which will definitely last me. 

Papers, Papers, Papers 

Aside from all my visa and study abroad papers I also brought a bunch of papers to ensure that there was no problems with my identity or carrying testosterone or anything. So in my carry on I brought my letter from my endocrinologist saying I can carry testosterone and needles, my change of name certificate, and my birth certificate. I didn’t need any but it was good to have it. 

Let me know if you have any questions about studying abroad. I will be writing posts throughout the semester on different aspects of this experience.

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you've done a lot of fucked up things. i'm not gonna deny that. but if you manage a reset, you can change. everything can change. even if just a little bit. i don't know how the memory ripple effect works in your timeline, but whatever the case, it'll essentially be like nothing ever happened. a cleaned off slate, despite having a few deep marks, so to speak.

I know. That’s one of the things that my twisted little “plan” (Ugh, I feel sick just thinking about it) banks on. With no one around to remember the resets other than me, then maybe, just maybe, things’ll be able to get back to some level of normalcy.

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Difference between book Izzy and show Izzy?

Oh my gosh there are so many, some are great, some are not-so-great

Book Izzy is jaded and mean and selfish (at least in the beginning, and especially towards Clary) for reasons book readers know that they aren’t including in the TV show. She kicks ass and breaks hearts and doesn’t care about people who she doesn’t think are worth her time. (again, this is early Izzy. later book Izzy is still hard and selfish and scary, but she is also openly adoring of her brothers and she loves Clary and Simon and her friends.)

TV Izzy is kinder than book Izzy. She openly welcomes Clary into the shadow world and encourages her and becomes her friend. She’s also seen primarily as a sex figure (I mean, kind of. She still kicks ass but for some reason literally every outfit she wears is either a really short dress or a bra and pants, essentially. Which, there’s nothing wrong with that for a human, but Izzy is a shadowhunter like everyone else, she needs gear too.)

For the most part, Izzy is still the kickass girl we know and love from the (later) books who uses her whip in an incredibly amazing way, cares about her family more than anything, and even rolls her eyes at mundanes. She’s just a softer, kinder version of that. And for her relationship with Clary (and her likability as a character) it’s a good thing. Mostly.

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Thats a very valid argument, but I'm actually not a religious person so I struggle to see it in such a way. In a circumstance where an unborn child, essentially nothing more than unknowing cells, could destroy a human life, I value the human life more than the "life" of the foetus. There are a lot of reasons to abort, and I would hate to take the option away from someone. : (

Let’s break this one down a bit.

To start, although I view it from a Biblical worldview, it is, by no means, exclusive to that. This doesn’t just affect Christians, it affects everyone. And, although I strongly believe that a nation drifting away from Christ is the primary cause of such a polar mindset, sanctity of life is not singular to any one religion.

You referred to the unborn child as “nothing more than unknowing cells”. That’s a bit of a broad and undefined term. While not all parts of their memory may be fully developed, they are still very much aware of pain within the stages where abortion is considered legal. In regards to memory and “knowing” a young infant out of womb does not possess the cognitive capabilities of a fully grown adult. No one remembers their first step or word as a child, but does that mean at a year of age that child should be able to be killed? Ended? Aborted? Certainly not! The rate of development is irrelevant, life is sacred at EVERY stage, in every age.

Another comment was that you “value the human life more than the ‘life’ of the fetus”. I cannot stress this enough: the unborn child is every bit as human as the mother bearing it and it is SO VERY MUCH alive! That tiny baby’s heart is beating, it’s fingers are curling, it’s growing bigger by the day and it is ALIVE! From the moment of conception - the very MOMENT! - that is a human being just as much alive as you or I.

The audacity and vanity that I should call myself more valuable than another life. Am I more important than that toddler on the playground? Am I better than the elderly man walking down the street? Can I say my life is worth saving more than that of my neighbor? My brother? My mother? Certainly not! It is not mine to choose who is to live and who is to die.

Now, I understand that, in part, you may be referencing cases where the mother is at risk. HOWEVER. It is very important to understand that that is a sliver of a percentage and, in those rare cases, a doctor will do everything to save both the child and the mother. It is never necessary to kill the child, and, that said, abortions themselves often do a significant amount of harm to a women’s reproductive system.

There may be a lot of reasons to abort, but none of them - NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM - withstand the truth that life is precious and ending it is wrong.

I really appreciate you talking about this with me, it is an extremely important topic and imperative that one know where they stand :)