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It doesn't matter if Josh confessed or not. The police report clearly states that the victims lived with their parents Jim Bob and Michelle.

Yeah it’s essentially confirmed they were his sisters (I think 4/5 were) but nothing has been officially stated by the family.

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Obama the Zionist, Part II

Back in 2008, I wrote a post noting how then-Senator Barack Obama was one of the few non-Jewish politicians who seemed to really “get it” with respect to Israel – articulating the interest Jews have in an independent and sovereign homeland in language that resonates with how Jews understand our own situation. This is what convinced me that Obama was obviously a friend of Israel and a friend of the Jewish community, and nothing that has happened in the ensuing seven years has shaken that feeling.

Now, Jeffrey Goldberg recaps an interview with the President that reaffirms my instincts in stark terms. There is essentially nothing the President says here that I wouldn’t endorse. Iran is indeed a radical anti-Semitic regime – but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be engaged with and contained using the normal tools of statecraft. Netanyahu’s warnings about the “horde” of Arabs voting in the elections was despicable and an abdication of the principles underlying Israel’s founding charter – and the President here does no more than echo Israel’s own President. And he’s right about this:

“Do you think that Israel has a right to exist as a homeland for the Jewish people, and are you aware of the particular circumstances of Jewish history that might prompt that need and desire?” he said, in defining the questions that he believes should be asked. “And if your answer is no, if your notion is somehow that that history doesn’t matter, then that’s a problem, in my mind. If, on the other hand, you acknowledge the justness of the Jewish homeland, you acknowledge the active presence of anti-Semitism—that it’s not just something in the past, but it is current—if you acknowledge that there are people and nations that, if convenient, would do the Jewish people harm because of a warped ideology. If you acknowledge those things, then you should be able to align yourself with Israel where its security is at stake, you should be able to align yourself with Israel when it comes to making sure that it is not held to a double standard in international fora, you should align yourself with Israel when it comes to making sure that it is not isolated.”

These are the words of a man I’m proud to call an ally. A much better friend and ally, I’d say, then many others whose loud words about “supporting” Israel aren’t grounded in concern about preserving its democratic character, much less in any general commitment to self-determination and political equality. As I observed quite some time ago, “Part of being an ally means sometimes taking your friends aside and telling them when they need to chill.” That is a role that matters more, not less, because Israel is in a “bad neighborhood” and faces genuine dangers (and a not-insignificant number of people who think that there shouldn’t be an Israel at all). Obama gets that and has done, in my view, a very good job in a very tough situation (including dealing with a Prime Minister who he clearly dislikes and who clearly dislikes him back).

So thank you, President Obama, for being a friend under a tough circumstances. Which, after all, is exactly when friends are needed the most.

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Daniel Pinkwater's Mrs Noodlekugel, a kids' story that's as silly and pleasurable as ice-cream

Daniel Pinkwater, a much-loved living treasure of children’s literature, published Mrs Noodlekugel in 2012. It’s a simple, silly pleasure that feels like the end-product of a lifetime of telling children’s stories, carefully removing all the elements that are extraneous to young readers’ enjoyment until nothing but the essentials remain. I like to think of Pinkwater’s books that way, a kind of skeletal Jenga tower, every extraneous block removed and used to make the structure taller.

Nick and Maxine live in a high-rise apartment building, and one day they discover that one window overlooks a tiny, old fashioned cottage in a small green between their tower and several others. The building’s janitor tells them that this is Mrs Noodlekugel’s house, and when they quiz their parents about it, they are forbidden to go there.

So they go there. And Mrs Noodlekugel is a sweet old lady who has a talking cat and four nearly-blind mice who get the crumbs from their tea-parties, and she is perfectly pleasant and tells them they’re welcome the next day for a gingerbread baking project that the talking cat is undertaking. When the kids tell their parents about this, their parents reveal that they knew all about her, and that she is their new babysitter, and the kids realize they’ve been tricked.

But they don’t mind. They’ve got Mrs Noodlekugel and the baking. The mice help. And the gingerbread mice – which the real mice roll around on – come to life when they come out of the oven. Everyone’s delighted by this, and then the crows eat them. But that’s OK. They were only gingerbread. And besides, it would be unsanitary to eat cookies that the nearly blind mice rolled around on.

The End.

Adam Stower’s illustrations are just a little old fashioned, enough to make them seem, you know, a bit classy, but without losing any of their kid appeal. And Pinkwater is, as always, the Fred Astaire of weird, making the fantastic seem effortless. Reading Pinkwater as a boy made me the happy mutant I am today. Reading Pinkwater today keeps me happily mutated in the face of the world’s relentless insistence on normalcy.

Mrs Noodlekugel

You know what I love?

It’s that the kiss didn’t happen until everything was out in the open between Pythagoras and Icarus. That Icarus knew Pythagoras had seen him save the lives of him and his friends and had been shot out of the air for his trouble. That Pythagoras knew that Icarus would rush head-long into something so long as it meant protecting the people he loves.

That Pythagoras knows Icarus MEANT what he said, that he did mean everything to Pythagoras. That Icarus knew when he caught sight of Pythagoras that he DIDN’T mean what he said, that despite being angry and hurt he couldn’t hold a grudge forever, that at some point the feelings would return.

And this is why the kiss happened. Because it was a promise and an understanding and an apology and a forgiveness all wrapped up into one action and it wouldn’t have happened any other way at any other time. It happened then because there was nothing left to be said. Icarus essentially proved to Pythagoras he would do anything to protect him - which is what Pythagoras feared wasn’t the case, that he didn’t mean as much to Icarus, that his life was expendable so long as Daedalus was safe. Pythagoras had to be the one to lean in and initiate the kiss the second time because it was him who backed off due to his anger and hurt the first time. Him leaning in signalled that he’d let go of his negative emotion, that he had accepted that he was falling too.

And yeah this turned into a nonsensical babble but it’s Pythacarus and I just adore them.

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What do you think the Scepter 4 entrance exam consists of?

Written test, followed by practical exam, as Fushimi said in drama CD “Year-end’s Party” (script by GoRA Yellow). The most important is interview, since Munakata won’t keep someone who doesn’t meet his standards in Scepter 4.

The practical exam shouldn’t be too specific. If it’s seriously testing battle skill, applicants like Akiyama, Benzai, and Kusuhara can handle it, but ones like Camo (chef), Eno (computer geek), and Gotou (neet) would have a hard time. 

Those recruited by Munakata himself should still need to pass the exams. From how Fushimi talked about it, he also did (even if it’s after he accomplished his first mission). Formality is essential for Japanese. Being “favored” is nothing compared to being “incapable of passing the exam but got in with disreputable means”, which would stain even Munakata’s reputation. Having merely middle school diploma already made him frowned upon, as he told Aya.

BTW, Scepter 4 members are also civil servants of Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau. The minimum academic requirement for civil service of Japan is high school graduate. So Fushimi might need to take some sort of scholastic assessment test. Well, if he can get a high school degree in 3 days instead of 3 years, then why not? ;)

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100% agree with you about Hawke. Meredith and Orsino would have still been at each others throats with or without Hawke. besides that during the entire game, Hawke helps people best they can right, but they are only one person. they killed a dragon that was plaguing a highly populated working mine for gods sake!

right??? it just makes me so mad that people  talk shit about hawke because there was really nothing that could be done, but hawke did essentially turn the tide of history at the end of the game and help ignite a chain of events that set the new social/political tone throughout thedas in inquisition. tbh i’m actually really pissed that unlike ME, DA makes you change heroes constantly so you never really see their story play out the way it should??? like i’d much rather have hawke as a protagonist over the course of the entire series and go through their story than change heroes constantly because frankly i don’t feel attached to my warden or my inquisitor at all. also because i want full control of my hawke’s personality because i was really pissed that bioware overwrote whatever you wanted your hawke to be in inquisition with their own canon.

Max’s birthday is next week and we’re doing, essentially, nothing. Last year we had a big party with 40ish people, which I know sounds crazy but we live close to a lot of family so a small party isn’t really a thing. Like, a “just family” party is already 30 people. At that point you might as well invite some friends, too.

This year I’m nearing 8 months pregnant and the idea of planning a big to-do just did not sound appealing. I decided instead to just celebrate with our regular playgroup crew during the week and then have a little cake on his birthday, just the 3 of us.

Later this summer, in August, we plan on having a big barbecue with lots of friends and family so people can meet the new baby. Hosting one big party this year feels like plenty to me.

HOWEVER. Now that his birthday is getting close I feel a bit regretful. I kind of wish I’d just sucked it up and planned a real party. Having our family get to see him run around with his little pals would have been so fun. And I just feel kind of bad for not making a big deal out of his birthday, which I know is so silly. He’s 2. He does not care.

Oh well! They’ll get to see he and his friends in August I suppose. At least then I’ll get to have a beer at the party.

Smoak Industries

Am i  the only one who thinks that Ray Palmer, basically handing over Palmer Industries as a present, is a bad idea?

I mean…she does not even work for it. She essentially just gets it. For free.

Billions of Dollars.

For doing nothing

And it completely derails everything Ray was working for. At the beginning he tried to rebuild the company and the City.

And never did we see any of that.

So yeah.

Ray palmer was there so Felicity Smoak becomes a Billionaire.

Thats pointless isn’t it?! 

thank you to the hundreds of friends, comedians, investors and now ::gulp:: 3 million odd fans for letting us run whatever this is for three years on essentially nothing.

if and when we ever make money (and do it the right way without compromising our ethic) I’m repaying lots of debts, hiring the best people I can find and putting the rest back into her.

thank you!

Barn X. This is where disobedient cows go to be punished. This cow was caught sucking on a fellow cows teats while they slept. This is essentially stealing. Now she is nothing more than an anal fuck toy for our young farmers.

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My body wasn't feeling a run today, and normally I go on a Tuesday (run Sunday, work Monday so run Tuesday) and I'm feeling so guilty as I would of done nothing essentially for two days if I don't run today. I'm trying to get from my CW: 44.6kg, wanting to be 39kg. do you think I should just stop being a lazy so n so and just run? even if it's 1 mile or 2? you're beautiful and have a lovely body yet you run 5 times a week. I envy you so so much. I wish I had the energy to do that (I manage 3/4)

First of all, you’re body is NEVER going to look like mine. You can eat exactly the same food and do the same exercise as me and our bodies will still not look the same. Ever.
That’s why you should not compare yourself to other people or want to look like someone else. We are all individuals and everybody is completely different. Different metabolisms, body composition, etc etc.
So get that thought out of your mind.

Secondly, I really hope you are either twelve years old or only 140 cm because 39kg is not a healthy weight for an adolescent or a woman. Even your current weight seems scarily little and isn’t healthy for someone my age, even if she’s significantly smaller.
I weigh SIXTY kilograms.

If you don’t have the energy to run, pleaseee do not do it. But eat more! Exercising a lot and burning lots of calories but not feeding your body enough food makes you unhealthy, unhappy and look scary.

This is just an assumption, and I might be wrong, but if you have an eating disorder or a problem of that kind please seek help for it. All of what you said sounds very unhealthy.

Songs in the finale

So, with “Running on Sunshine” and “How to save a life” we’ve had not one, but two songs in the season 11 finale that have already played a pivotal role in 7x18 aka. the music episode.

I like to believe that this has to hint at Calzona in some way. Because after essentially nothing happening for them in this episode, I need something to hold on to. 

The music was pretty subtle. At first I almost missed it and thinking about it now, I can’t even name the scenes the music was used in in tonight’s episode from the top of my head. Almost like it didn’t necessarily have any meaning in the scenes.

So… you could think the writers were subtly hinting that next to everything else that is happening the episode… that there is something going on that we don’t see and that isn’t important… for now.

Idk, I’m reaching.