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Hey could I request an RFA+V+Saeran headcanon where they shower with MC but it's all cute and fluffy and definitely SFW😊

I love this T w T


  • This happens really often
  • He likes to pamper you and himself so.. 
  • Most of the time is like a spa or beauty session. 
  • You two would get in the small tub in his department with face masks on and bath bombs, strawberries with chocolate and everything!
  • Sometimes when it’s a special occasion he would open a bottle of champagne there (but that sht is expensive so.. rarely)
  • He would get in first and you sit between his legs so he could massage your back and his favorite part is washing your hair


  • You two would do this whenever is possible (thanks to Mr. Han, she wakes up really early, so not always)
  • She would help you wash yourself and you help her
  • Normally she bathes in 5 minutes max, but when she’s with you it takes a lot longer.
  • Cuz bath conversations are everything.
  • You two would talk about anything that comes to your mind and both found it super relaxing. 


  • Most romantic everyday baths
  • He has a tub but not always use it
  • And, the opposite of Jumin, he has all the essentials, nothing more, nothing less.
  • He would definitely use the same shampoo as you on purpose so he could smell you all day long. 
  • You two would make each other laugh and he would constantly tell you how much he loves this and how beautiful you are to him


  • I bet that the first time he did this he thought it was going to be the same as when he and V bathe together when they were little. 
  • He barely used the jacuzzi in his bathroom until you started using it together. 
  • e v e r y t i m e you two got in, he’d open a bottle of wine (sometimes more than one)
  • And talk about things important for you, and things important to him
  • He’d prepare everything, so there is everything you could imagine, from really expensive bath salts to snacks.
  • He likes you washing his hair, he doesn’t let anyone else do it. 


  • At first he would be so embarrassed of just being naked in front of you, but he came to accept it.
  • He also have a little micro tub in his apartment, but he loves it, because he likes water
  • I’m sorry, but you two would constantly have fights, water fights. 
  • And the bathroom would get all wet, and both hated to clean up later.
  • He would use the same shampoo as you, he likes fruity scents to start with.  
  • You usually shower at night because time, and Yoosung loves cuddling afterwards and falling asleep.


  • It would be so hard for him to start doing it, but lowkey loves it.
  • b l u s h i n g
  • -//////- 
  • he equally loves taking care of you and you taking care of him.
  • He would be sooo calm, like just hugging you under the shower brought him so much peace. 
  • Sometimes he forgets that you should actually be cleaning yourselves intead of just hugging or stroking each other’s back


  • this is such a mess.
  • When he’s tired or stressed, he’s so much like his brother.
  • But when he’s not, you two just play in the water. 
  • Loves shampooing your hair and doing wierd hairstyles. (and let you do the same)
  • You both have soo many bath time pictures and stories. 
  • Sometimes when he has a lot of work, he doesn’t shower, so you’d get him really dirty on purpose. 

i’ve been getting quite a bit of asks and messages about bullet journaling, so i figured that it would be better to make a helpful post about an intro to bullet journaling. i’ve compiled the basics + terminology around bullet journaling as well as some brief explanations and advice.

this got long, so i decided to put it under the cut! click “read more” to learn more about the basics of bullet journaling :)

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What if the Ishtar siblings told Kaiba digging for the Millenium Items was going to bring troubles and Kaiba told them essentially to fuck off, nothing was going to happen that he wasn’t expecting and just let him do his thing and they were like “fine, but don’t ask for our help when shit happens”. And after DSOD went down Kaiba got an email that said “told you so” and an attachment of the Isthars putting up their middle finger

Facticity is both a limitation and a condition of freedom. It is a limitation in that a large part of one’s facticity consists of things one couldn’t have chosen (birthplace, etc.), but a condition in the sense that one’s values most likely depend on it. However, even though one’s facticity is “set in stone” (as being past, for instance), it cannot determine a person: The value ascribed to one’s facticity is still ascribed to it freely by that person. As an example, consider two men, one of whom has no memory of his past and the other remembers everything. They have both committed many crimes, but the first man, knowing nothing about this, leads a rather normal life while the second man, feeling trapped by his own past, continues a life of crime, blaming his own past for “trapping” him in this life. There is nothing essential about his committing crimes, but he ascribes this meaning to his past.

However, to disregard one’s facticity when, in the continual process of self-making, one projects oneself into the future, would be to put oneself in denial of oneself, and would thus be inauthentic. In other words, the origin of one’s projection must still be one’s facticity, though in the mode of not being it (essentially). Another aspect of facticity is that it entails angst, both in the sense that freedom “produces” angst when limited by facticity, and in the sense that the lack of the possibility of having facticity to “step in” for one to take responsibility for something one has done also produces angst.

What is not implied in this account of existential freedom, however, is that one’s values are immutable; a consideration of one’s values may cause one to reconsider and change them. A consequence of this fact is that one is responsible for not only one’s actions, but also the values one holds. This entails that a reference to common values doesn’t excuse the individual’s actions. Even though these are the values of the society of which the individual is part, they are also their own in the sense that they could choose them to be different at any time. Thus, the focus on freedom in existentialism is related to the limits of the responsibility one bears as a result of one’s freedom: the relationship between freedom and responsibility is one of interdependency, and a clarification of freedom also clarifies that for which one is responsible.


star trek species on tunglr dot hell
  • humans: memes. all the memes. just want to make friends and have no idea what they’re getting into.
  • klingons: opera appreciation + long-winded discourse over what it means to have honor or be a warrior. will expose your IP address if you send anon hate.
  • romulans: the trolls and sarcastic anon-hate senders. take political discourse way too seriously.
  • vulcans: the ones who hijack shitposts for lengthy descriptions of factual nuance that no one asked for in the first place. never touched the anon button in their lives.
  • andorians: the perpetual shitposters. can never tell if they’re serious or not. constantly vague about vulcan tumblr.
  • betazoids: relationship advice blogs, aesthetic blogs, and studyblrs. very approachable and friendly, never start shit with anyone.
  • bajorans: proud sjws. take shit from no one. constantly engaging in callout posts, particularly of cardassian bloggers. only ever leave tumblr to observe religious services and holidays.
  • cardassians: anti-sjws that attempt to justify bajoran hatred. post primarily alt-right memes and whine about “political correctness” ruining the internet. 
  • tellarites: start discourse over literally nothing important ever. can never tell if they’re bots or trolls or not. 
  • changelings: vaporwave and nightcore aesthetic blogs. would never guess they actually have a huge superiority complex until messaging them.
  • vorta: celebrity idol blogs. brag about their encounters with changelings, and whoever has the most is put on a pedestal in their community.
  • jem’hadar: overly-patriotic blogs that are essentially nothing but military propaganda. 
  • denobulans: the science side of tumblr. have multiple posts about intimate biological details of specific species that no one ever wanted posted in public. 
  • orions: run the porn blogs. everyone has them blocked so they can’t ever interact with other species. 
  • ferengi: the promo4promo side of tumblr. no one knows what their actual blogs are supposed to be about because every other post is an ad. 
Steve Rogers and the Father-In-Law of Doom *x Reader* 1/5

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Summary: Your whirlwind relationship to engagement with Steve Rogers, left little time to meet family members. With yours and his work, it left little free time, till now. Chicago, where your father resides. Dr Henry Walton Jones Jr and Steve Rogers go way back. 
Characters: Steve Rogers, Indiana Jones, Sam Wilson, Howard Stark, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Peggy Carter, Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff
Pairing: Steve x Reader

Note: This was inspired when I watched Indiana Jones, the first movie was set during WW2 and figured, he’d know Peggy and stuff if universes collided. I’ve had to change Indy’s age a bit, to fit with Marvel universe, so things are kind off. Don’t question it too much, go with it. - Rosalee

We all have @juliagolia87 to thank for this!

Chapter One

Exactly six months ago your life had changed for the better. Some would call this a whirlwind romance, a fleeting moment of passion, not you, this was something you were holding onto with every fibre of your being. So, it’s happening faster than normal romances, you’ve read romance novels that were only 268 pages long and had much more happen in them than what you’re currently going through.

You had met Steve, your now fiance, at a Stark Gala back in the spring. You were introduced by Tony, knowing you’d both have some things in common; it was meant to be a joke but it turned out for the best, for everyone. You’re an archaeologist, in the short term, you like looking at the study of human activity through the years. In Tony’s terms, a lot of old cool shit, hence the joke. Steve, on a whim, asked for your number and you happily gave it to him, you didn’t hear from him till a week later, mind you. Since the first date it kind of cannonballed, you had moved in with him after three months and by the fifth month, he had proposed.

There was essentially nothing stopping you both from just getting married as soon as possible.

Except for your dad.

During your relationship, due to him with Avenger commitments and you travelling the globe for your work, you hadn’t exactly had the time to tell your dad you were in a relationship let alone engaged. You had no doubt that they wouldn’t get along, it’s just that, your father is a hardass. If Steve isn’t good enough, to him, then he would make it known and wouldn’t approve… and guess what, that’s what Stevie wants. Approval.

“I understand us going but them? I don’t get,” You nodded to Tony, Clint, Sam, Bucky and Natasha piling into the van also. “This is meant to be you getting to know my father, not a vacation for the Avengers.”

Steve sighed gently as he got into the passenger seat. “Tony insisted on tagging along, Bucky doesn’t like being without me and the rest, I guess vacation.”

You let out a small sigh and decide to not question it further, hopefully, the added moral support will help calm your nerves. You drive to Chicago, where your father resides, currently. It’s a long, horrible, tedious drive but you make it. He lives just outside of Chicago, actually in, Blue Island, on Grove Street, Illinois.

You pulled up to his house, smiling as you stepped out, it had been a while since you last saw your dad. Steve takes hold of your hand as he looks directly at the red painted house, a timid smile of his own. You could hear yelling from the backyard, glancing at the others with a grin, you nod from them to follow as you walk to the side gate. Your older brother’s voice, plus the stern one of your father through the old wooden gate. You unlatched it, letting go of Steve’s hand and pushing it open to reveal the small yard, a BBQ trying to be set-up by the Jones’ men.

Steve followed behind you, nerves erupting in his stomach at the disciplinary voice, it had an edge of familiarity to it but he tends to hear that tone in his own voice. The yard was small, not too small, well-kept grass that must be fake. His eyes drifted to the two men, an older gentleman and one not a few years younger than Sam. Dark hair and black leather jacket, he looked a little like you except, well, a man.

His eyes drifted to your dad and Steve frowned.

He knows him, well, knew him. His blood ran cold the more he looked at him, the colour draining from his face, if there was one person that scared both, Steve and Bucky, it was your dad.

London, England: 1941

“What do we know about this tesseract?” Steve asked Colonel Phillips, staring at the map he had accurately pinpointed the Hydra bases.

He received a long sigh. “Not a lot, virtually nothing, Stark and his team are still running tests,” his stern voice as he looks over files that Lieutenant Lorraine brought over.

“Stark actually has called in a favour to a friend who may know a little more on the Tesseract.” Agent Carter smiled at Steve, who nodded back, “He’s here now, best if we meet him before he runs off.”

Steve and Colonel Phillips follow Peggy through the S.S.R base. Being led to where Stark does most of his experiments, his team all bustling around the area, papers flying around and off the tables to the ground when someone walks past. Steve frowns when he sees Bucky walking towards him, raising an eyebrow in question to his best friend.

“Stark, had some tech for the guys to look at but they’re all too drunk to look at it,” Bucky shrugged as he shoved his hands into his missions pants, he hadn’t changed out of them since yesterday when they returned from taking out a Hydra base. “Why are you here?” Bucky muttered.

“Howard has some guy coming in to talk about the Tesseract!” Steve shrugged lightly and nodded to where Peggy and Phillips had walked over to; the soldiers following shortly behind.

Once walking to the table there are old parchment papers with cryptic writing; images of the Tesseract also. Steve’s eyes glance up to the man who is stood beside Howard, also dressed in Military uniform, a bright smirk upon his face as he shakes Peggy’s hand. He looked roughly the same age as Steve, maybe a little younger. Dark sandy hair, tanned skin from being out in the sun a little too long, must be part of his work. 

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“Captain Rogers, Sergeant Barnes, meet Doctor Indiana Jones.” Howard smiles, Steve raises an eyebrow at the name but shakes the man’s hand nonetheless. “World’s greatest Archaeologists.”

“Pleasure to meet you,” Steve smiles at the man who nods. “Airforce?” He looks over the uniform on the man in question.

Indiana chuckles, “No, I had this from a job I did over in North-America and thought, I’d fit in better here if I wore this. I’m usually more casual than this,” Steve nods awkwardly.

“Doctor Jones, what do you know about this Tesseract?” Colonel Phillips asks looking at the papers on the table, picking one up and looking it over till it’s plucked out of his hands, he gives an unruffled look to Indiana.

Indiana puts the paper he’s holding down, “These papers are thousands of years old,” he states to Phillips with a unimpressible look. ”There’s only mythology on the Tesseract, up until now it was all legend and myth, much like everything else.” Everyone listened intently to Jones. “It was created by these four beings,” he moved a piece of old cloth that had drawings of four, tall, figures with the Tesseract above them. “It then came into contact with what Norse mythology calls, Odin, their God, of such. He brought it down to Earth and left it here; its energy sustained their lands and helped their warriors, so it’s told. Now it’s being found in a Church up in Tønsberg,” Indiana shrugged and crossed his arms.

“Is there anything else we should know?” Peggy asked.

“Yeah, you should have left it in that Church!” He bitterly remarks, “It’s power, whatever it is, only brought destruction to Vikings that wanted to find it. It shouldn’t be looked or touched by men,” he was already packing up his papers into a brown, old briefcase, the initials ‘H.W.J.JR.’ inscribed onto a gold band.

Colonel Phillips and Peggy left to go over the new information, Indiana had already given his best opinion to Howard about the power of the Tesseract provides to the weapons Hydra have. Bucky raised his eyebrows as Steve walked over to Indiana who was clipping his case up, also giving a questioning look to Steve who stands beside him.

“What exactly is it you do?” Steve questioned as Bucky sighed, shaking his head at his friend’s curiosity.

“You heard Stark, Archeologist,” Indiana repeated with a nonchalant look to Steve. “What’s it to you?”

“I just- I just think you know more about the Tesseract than you have admitted,” Steve shrugged with one shoulder, trying not to show how intimidated he suddenly is.

Indiana narrowed his eyes at Captain America. “Listen, I’ve given you all the information you need to know, there are some things about that cube that are better left unsaid. You got it, spright?”

Steve nodded instead of answering, Indiana sarcastically grinned and gave a half glare to Barnes who instantly looked away, something about Indiana made both of the men feel a little uneasy. 

It didn’t help with the fact, Howard insisted that he stayed a little longer and help, meaning Steve saw Indiana a few times in the base. Each, and every time, it was just as awkward and intimidating as the last. He overheard Indiana talk of his expeditions, his adventures and the people he encountered along the way, it was safe to say; Indiana Jones was a man that no one should mess with, not even Nazi’s.

Present Day

“Engaged?” the enraged voice pulled Steve from his thoughts and back to reality, “Engaged! Are you hearing this Mutt?” your dad asked with disbelief to your brother who only shrugged as a response to him. “Why am I only just hearing about this?”

You sighed gently, “Dad, I’ve been busy and so has he, it kind of just happened.” You tried to explain but only received a cold stare back from your father. “Please, be nice. He’s really nervous,” you grab your dad’s hand in the hopes of reassuring him or calming him down, it didn’t work, he only grumbled.

Lightly pulling your dad to the group that awaited you noticed Steve and Bucky’s wide eyes, almost shock-horror, you frowned but looked at your dad who was already nodding at Stark; your dad knew the Starks, it’s how you and Tony are friends, grew up with one another.

“Dad, these are my friends, guys this is my dad, Henry Walton Jones Junior.” Your dad stiffly nodded at them all, eyes sweeping the line before stopping on Steve and Bucky, he didn’t look shocked but you noticed his fists clench. “Dad, this is Steve-”

“Don’t you say it.”

“-My fiance,” you finished with a frown as he yelled ‘Goddammit’ into the air. “What’s wrong?” You look to Steve who looked slightly terrified and flustered.

Your dad huffed, “Him? Really? You’ve been in a relationship with Captain Fucking America?” You nodded, “he’s older than I am, almost.” You rolled your eyes at him, “Don’t roll your eyes at me, young lady!”

“I met your dad back during the war, he helped, gave information about the Tesseract,” Steve mutters to you and you sigh gently; your dad hadn’t changed much since his youth, still a hardass and stubborn idiot, no wonder Steve looks terrified, probably thinks your dad is gonna gut him. “It’s nice to see you again, Doctor-” Steve turns back to your dad who is marching down the end of the yard towards the shed, you widen your eyes.

“Oh no.” You breathe and run after him, your brother chuckling to himself as he stands back and watches your dad unlock the shed. “Dad, get out here, right now.” You yell from the other side of the old, worn, door.

Shuffling and banging happens before the door is shoved open, “I just had to get somethin’” Your dad appears holding a gun, specifically, a shotgun in his hands and an untroubled look on his face. “I hear, he can survive a bullet wound, let’s see if he can withstand a Mossberg 590 special purpose shotgun blow.” He racks the slide of the shotgun.

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“You can’t kill him!” You stress to your father.

“I’m not gonna kill him,” he exhales, “I’m gonna maim him.” He steps around you swiftly and you groan, turning and walking slightly behind him, glaring as Tony and your brother laugh on the sidelines.

You stand in front of Steve who is currently edging himself behind Bucky, “Dad, stop right now. Put down the gun, you’re gonna hurt, someone.”

“That’s the point of the gun, sweetie.” He dismisses you, his eyes dead set on Steve, he lowers the gun when he looks into your E/C eyes, looking just like your mothers when she was angry at him.

You take the gun and pass it to Natasha, “if you don’t behave I’ll leave.” You warn to him and his eyes soften and nod once.

“You’re here now, me and you will discuss this later but I don’t approve of him, he knows that and my mind ain’t changing.” You sigh as he walks around you.

He passes Steve and Bucky, giving them both glares before walking through the sliding back door, not even sparing another glance to you or anyone. 

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Shit I've Heard In Class (Part Six):
  • "They're not looking for me because I don't look like a felon—but I am."
  • "I reserve the right to change that by tomorrow."
  • "What did him and the girl do?"
  • "He said 'I'm gonna make a million dollars,' and he did."
  • "I'm essentially a ghost nihilist."
  • "Nothing changes unless you change it."
  • "They have too much time on their hands."
  • "I think they think we're stupid—and the worst part? We are."
  • "I can't wait until you and yours are dead."
  • "Yes, I am not lying."
  • "I put a meme on the Facebook the other day."
  • "It's just whatever."
  • "People who need money work."
  • "Don't be doing that stuff, it's bad."
  • "You're Satanic."
  • "Your face is naked."
  • "Only because I said so."
  • "Damn you're hot—I'm not gonna hit on you, but you're still hot."
  • "I'm gonna be your dad now: don't be doing that stuff."
  • "I might just be describing myself."
  • "I'm not allowed to play this at home."
  • "Uh-oh, you had six gay thoughts, now you're gay."
  • "I didn't move on to bigger fruits."
  • "But what does she listen to at night? K-pop?"
  • "Committing a felony does not make one Satan."
  • "I am not encouraging this kind of behavior before finals."
  • "You appear to be insensitive."
  • "Stop talking like that, you're making me feel bad."
  • "Oh my god just fail the quiz already."
  • "I'm just gay."
  • "He actually does think you're a bad person if you like pepperoni."


hahah trust me i didn’t forget about this gem~ neither did ani ;)

Summary: After the Conclave blew up in everyone’s face, the whole world went to shit. Lance didn’t know what to make of it, but there was no way he would join the Inquisition to become their tool. Sure, he could close the rifts now, by some miracle - accident in his humble opinion - and he was doing his best to close them on his own. Trouble was, they were getting worse as time went on. After being tossed by a shade, he was seriously reconsidering doing this by himself. Needless to say, he got lucky that a cute Seeker came to his rescue after getting caught in a dragon’s nest; the only problem was that cute Seeker was trying his damnedest to recruit him into the Inquisition.

Word Count: 5477

Chapters: [-1-] [-2-]


When Lance came to, his ribs felt like they were on fire, searing with pain. Maker, this was the worst he has ever felt next to receiving the mark.

He groaned and blinked his eyes open. The stone above him glowed and flickered with the light of a fire that he was laid down next to. Everything felt heavy, every inch of him was begging for him to visit the Fade and forget about what had happened a few hours before.

“So, you’re alive after all.”

Lance winced and turned his head slowly. The knight from before sat on the other side of the fire, eyes boring into him with a fire of his own.

“I’m assuming thanks to you,” he rasped.

The knight thinned his lips and looked away. Lance took stock of what exactly hurt and what was simply sore from lying on the ground. His ribs were obvious, but when he shifted to sit himself up, he felt the bruises on his back protest, ranging from his shoulders down to his hips.

His chest was bandaged, and his shirt had been slipped off of his shoulders, left to pool around his waist. He sucked in a breath and forced himself to an upright position. He leaned on his right arm and panted, the other lying in his lap. A quick look told him that the Mark had burned off the palm of his glove, yet another repair he was going to have to do when he returned to his hut.

The man that had saved his life watched him warily. “You’ve been the on closing the rifts.”

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Ok so seeing as dazai zoomed off to atsushi’s group’s rescue as soon as he learned higuchi was part of the port mafia, I think it’s safe to assume he did not mean for akutagawa and atsushi to meet the way they did. But for shin soukoku to work they’d have had to meet eventually. So now I’m curious: how on earth was he planning on introduce the two in a way that didn’t involve lots of death? And seeing as dazai clearly did not plan the guild war–if that hadn’t happened, what was the plan for getting them to work together gonna be? Dazai also dead ass didn’t know about the mafia hunting atsushi, the bounty, or the guild when he took atsushi in. He had to infiltrate the mafia to find out. He didn’t even know atsushi could regenerate until the accidental meeting with akutagawa. He knew essentially nothing about atsushi when he brought him back. His mouth says “I’ve been planning this” but his actions say “I might have adopted a sad baby tiger with half a formed thought in mind and am lucky I was able to bullshit it so well thus far”. Which tbh I’m pretty sure 99% of his “plans” are just that. Like you’re a mess stop trying to look cool.

House Essays - 2nd house

The second house is where one can see what an individual spends their money on, as well as what they treasure and what they prioritise when getting a list of items. 
2nd house in Aries: These people may like sexual or dangerous objects, they might own a weapon collection they like adding to when they have enough to get some more items. Because of this, the might restrict from getting a lot of items at one time - this is self explanatory.
2nd house in Taurus: These people like pretty looking things, and enjoy indulging on the more romantically used products (can include candles, dim lights or room decor. They tend to buy in bulk, but they do buy for themselves rarely.
2nd house in Gemini: These people are the types of people to be very concerned with studying, and get supplies for doing so (notebooks, highlighters, pens etc.). These people buy at a reasonable pace for each product, meaning some are more often than others bought.
2nd house in Cancer: These people may prefer buying for their loved ones rather than themselves - this way is how they show they love these people they buy for. They’ll buy gifts for a birthdays and other occasions. 
2nd house in Leo: These people have a keen eye for the more expensive products - make up, lingerie, technology etc. This being said, they aren’t normally the richest, so they go for the brands that have the same values as the requested item, but at a bargain price.
2nd house in Virgo: These people have priorities similar to those with Gemini in 2nd house, the only difference here is that as well as having their studies being a priority, they also prioritise their health (more so than the studying really). They will either go more into the fitness routine, or they will make people get them healthy food products (natural fruits, vegetables etc).
2nd house in Libra:  individuals with this placement tend to to be similar to Taurus in 2nd house wise of motivation for purchases. However, they don’t get decor for other rooms, but they usually get flattering clothes, make up and other accessories which help compliment someone’s looks to balance out the negative sides.
2nd house in Scorpio: exactly the same as Aries, and also goes for ritualistic items e.g. Pendulums, spices, crystals.
2nd house in Sagittarius: this person enjoys purchasing the more adventurous variety of items. They do like spiritual things, similar to Scorpio, but they don’t like kinky things.
2nd house in Capricorn: individuals with this placement tend to be those who don’t spend a lot of money full stop. They get the essentials and nothing but the essentials, meaning they don’t normally go for expensive products, but rather cheap rip offs of the product.
2nd house in Aquarius: these people enjoy getting the stranger objects mankind has to offer. This can include items which are made of delicate or rare materials with a very deep or strange meaning. Probably the ones who get crystal dicks, not for pleasure but for decor.
2nd house in Pisces: probably the individuals most likely to get addicted to drugs that are easy to get, given the person is old enough (alcohol included). The types of people to pay for everyone else’s drinks!

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following only the witcher 3 game, yennefer IS selfish. I haven't read the books so idk. but i'm just saying

“following only the witcher 3 game“ 

So you admit that you essentially know nothing about the character. Got it. Even given that point. She practically spends the entire game doing everything not for herself, but for Ciri. Please back your accusations with facts and examples.

the left wing in this country needs a gun culture….like ideally America wouldn’t have such a gun fetish but given the situation, I feel like the only way we on the left can, at this time, combat the NRA and its allies is to develop our own gun culture

cuz like, the whole thing is that the right sees the left as trying to “take away” guns from people and trying to restrict their freedoms, and that is a fallacy completely perpetuated by the NRA.

And I feel like we’d have far more credibility if more of us + more left wing leaders were gun owners/users while also advocating stronger gun control. Like it’d lend us a sense of ethos.

Because if the left had a gun culture, the NRA would essentially have nothing to stand on. They wouldn’t be able to argue that we’re trying to take anything away from anyone because gun control laws would also affect left wingers.

A liberal/leftist gun culture could be one that mimics car culture in that It would emphasize gun safety and gun education above all. In addition, I would propose requiring licenses in order to purchase a gun, and gun licenses would be obtained the same way that car licenses are.
Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman review – nice dramatic narratives, but where’s the nihilism?
With its chatty gods and gentle giants, Gaiman’s good-natured version of the mythos lacks brutal tragedy at its heart
By Ursula K Le Guin

Ursula K. Le Guin, one of my favorite writers, reviews the new Neil Gaimen interpretation of “Norse Mythology” and gives it an honestly brutal treatment.

“For the Norse myths, we really have no original, only interpretations. Most of the material was first written down by a single monk a century or more after Christianity had outlawed and supplanted the “heathen” religion of northern Europe. Later came scholarly attempts to translate and present the stories so as to glimpse what the lost original versions may have been.

Then came use of elements of the mythos in drama and opera, free adaptations for modern readers, and the appearance of increasingly familiar tropes in books for young children, cartoons, graphic presentations, animated films, and so on. A luxuriant growth indeed from the few, fragile stems of medieval manuscripts, one of which lay hidden for several centuries in a barn in Iceland.

Their survival is remarkable, for the Norse tales are about as un-Christian as you can get: no all-powerful creator deity, no human virtue rewarded but courage in battle, and on the Last Day, no salvation for anybody. Their fascination for us may be this near-nihilism: a world created essentially by nobody out of nothing, an existence of endless warfare and the rivalry of brutal, dishonest powers, ending in defeat for all. In contrast, the classical myths retold to us through centuries of splendid verbal and visual art can seem pallid. The stark cruelty and essential hopelessness of the Norse stories suits the artistic taste of the last century, our hunger for darkness.”
“Gaiman plays down the extreme strangeness of some of the material and defuses its bleakness by a degree of self-satire. There is a good deal of humour in the stories, the kind most children like – seeing a braggart take a pratfall, watching the cunning little fellow outwit the big dumb bully. Gaiman handles this splendidly. Yet I wonder if he tries too hard to tame something intractably feral, to domesticate a troll.”
“What finally left me feeling dissatisfied is, paradoxically, the pleasant, ingratiating way in which he tells it. These gods are not only mortal, they’re a bit banal. They talk a great deal, in a conversational tone that descends sometimes to smart-ass repartee. This chattiness will be familiar to an audience accustomed to animated film and graphic narrative, which have grown heavy with dialogue, and in which disrespect is generally treated as a virtue. But it trivialises, and I felt sometimes that this vigorous, robust, good-natured version of the mythos gives us everything but the very essence of it, the heart.”

Prayer request 5/3/17

Please pray for a 4 year old little girl named Bella who has been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. They can’t remove the tumor, and the cancer is already spreading to her lungs. There’s essentially nothing they can do for her. I’ll be starting a St. Jude novena for her today, so feel free to join me in that.

Mary our Mother, St. Jude, St. Joseph, St. Peregrine, St. Rita, St. JPII, St. Francis and St. Gemma, please intercede for the miraculous healing of this little girl. In the Holy Name of Jesus, I pray, amen.

Thank you!


Oh boy

Well I posted earlier about my closer quitting this morning. This has been a very long day.

So I start the shift agonizing on moving people around trying to find a place for three people that don’t know how to do drive thru.

We are slammed of course, and someone took eight minutes to order in the drive thru. We have a deal for like half the price it would normally be for a little lunch box type thing. You get a bottled water, a piece of fruit, a bag of chips, and a little sandwich or salad or what ever we happen to have in our cooler. A couple weeks ago we had a deal where you could get a fruit smoothie thing in a bottle instead of the water.

Those juices are 5 bucks a pop. Now this lady gets to the window and my poor cashier informs her hey this discount is no longer valid so you can either pay full price or we can do the waters instead. Oh she was not pleased. I happened to be near the window so I have took over just saying loudly enough for them to hear to the cashier that, essentially, there is nothing we can do.

I realize she’s not gonna take it so I go over to explain.

“So You’re not gonna give me the discount?”

“No, sorry, that deal is no longer valid and there is no way we can ring it in.”

“Well aren’t you a manager?”

“Well, no, I’m a supervisor.”

“Okay well then give me the discount.”

“I have said there is no way to ring it in.”

“Well I know it says limited time only but you should honor it give me the discount.”

“There’s nothing I can, do. Sorry.”

I walked away she muttered she wanted the corporate number so I wrote it down and she tried to argue it was the store number. I explained nah it is absolutely not.

Dumb bitch. God damn. Really? You acknowledge it says short time sale and you won’t accept I can’t give you the discount. Fucking shit bitch. Go away.

For just a moment I thought about ringing it through and charging for the waters which would lower the price significantly but then I thought, no. No I’m not rewarding your behavior.

She can call and complain, I stood by policy, and all of the four people with headsets and the three people by the window witnessed me handle her the most calmly I have ever dealt with a customer. So she can Fuck right the hell off to corporate.

As for the rest of the day, I had a guy get angry with me for accidentally making a larger size tea. Dude do you know what every single other customer has ever said when I accidentally did that? Oh shit man a free upgrade cool here’s a tip! So Fuck you.

Fuck the woman that let her kid run behind the counter so I almost whacked him with a tray full of dishes (our door to the back is right at the entrance so). Like he’s eight or something he needs too get that he can’t do that.

Add to that just steady stream of assholes who couldn’t understand why it was taking more than thirty seconds to make five blended drinks. Hold your fucking horses Jesus.

Just. Ugh. I’m tired, I didn’t get a break today and my knees are swollen and my shots and heels hurt.

I’m hungry.

Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Homosexuality

[This is the final post in my series on Strangers: Homosexual Love in the Nineteenth Century by Graham Robb. Previous posts can be found here.]

Dearest friends. Dear sweet ones. Dear softest lambs. Prepare yourselves.

Originally posted by sherlockspeare

Robb’s last chapter is on literature and literary references to homosexuality.

And he chooses to talk – at length – about Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

He writes:

The following observations are not a sly attempt to ensnare the great detective in the elastic web of gay revisionism. Everyone already knows, instinctively, that Holmes is homosexual.

Well then.

If there is one post you read from this series, it should be this one.

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