I’m really pleasantly surprised that I haven’t been dropping followers like it’s hot for essentially liveblogging absolutely nothing

i’m not even really mad about metal gear survive because, let’s be real, i gave up on the series as soon as kojima left. i’m just impressed that they’ve managed to make something so spectacularly awful looking on their first try. like i thought they’d at least put out some half assed remakes or something first. but no. straight to a zombie game that essentially has nothing to do with metal gear

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could u explain your post about being open to energies etc but still hold onto ideals and how that makes u suffer?? it's very interesting to me and would love to understand more

Perhaps you are referring to this quote I posted: “Be yourself–not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.”

Another quote that reminds me of your question is: “Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.”

I think an essential concept to bring up here is something called basic ground. Who you are isn’t really a “who.” It is a basic ground. That is existence, your existence. 

The Buddhist teacher Chogyam Trungpa described it in a beautiful way. He said: “Imagine that you are sitting naked on the ground, with your bare bottom touching the earth. Since you are not wearing a scarf or hat, you are also exposed to heaven above. You are sandwiched between heaven and earth: a naked man or woman, sitting between heaven and earth.”

This is your basic ground. You are in touch with the earth. Here that means a kind of rootedness, a solidness to you. You are also in touch with the sky. Here that implies a vastness or expansiveness–a lightness of sorts. 

Thus, your basic ground is a combination of these two things: rooted and vast. This is your existence. Before the story of who you take your life to be, before the identities of who you take your body and personality to be, this is your basic ground, your essential existence when stripped of everything extra. 

From this basic ground, nothing needs to be accepted and nothing needs to be rejected. This is the mind that is open to everything and clings to nothing. This is who you are when you are not contriving yourself to ideas of identity. 

If you seek yourself in the wrong places, if you lose touch with your basic rootedness and vastness, then you will start to experience forms of suffering that are unnecessary or “unreal,” samsara. 

Practices like meditation and mindfulness are meant to take you back to this ground, to recognize it within. 

For more about such things, I’d highly recommend the book The Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa. 

Namaste :) 

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omg these gifs of stefan pushing de are ridicilous. like they dont show the fallout and reprecotions of the hooks ups between the characters and this as well?and it looks like deep down elena knows that she's making the wrong choice in damon thats why shes not willing to fight for him and being jealous of stefan. and they do the same shit with sc as with de. elena,alaric, damon, lily all have to talk to stefan about caroline otherwise he wouldnt notice her. stefan being happy for de is just no.

honestly, i thought this was a really telling moment when it comes to delena:

because it feels like elena is saving face, like she made a choice and now she has to stick with it because she has to prove that she knows what she’s doing, that she can make good decisions.and she wasn’t wrong to choose damon. because her natural inclination is always to go to stefan.

and yeah it takes a freaking army to keep steroline together and elena does nothing about damon without essentially stefan’s blessing, it’s like, so maybe you guys don’t work.

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So I am confused. What happened on SNL? Why was Anna terrified?

I think Kendrick was just commenting on how much she admires Leslie with how she’s maintaining her composure while doing the show/handling interviews and just essentially life, while this entire shitstorm of hate is swirling around her because people are racist bigots who try and take down anyone who is successful and not white. 

As for Kendrick stating she was terrified on SNL, I think she was just making a point about how nerve-racking it is to be on the show in general, and essentially she had nothing else to worry about, whereas Leslie is balancing a million things and still manages to be fabulous 

If you seek prayer attentively you will find it; for nothing is more essential to prayer than attentiveness. So do all you can to acquire it.

- Evagrius of Pontus, On Prayer

In keeping with my commitment to support small business, especially those committed to using natural and renewable resources, I submit my review of the forthcoming Gypsy King beard salve/balm. Having normally only used oils, using a balm was a little different for me, but I’m happy with the result. Gypsy uses nothing but 100% natural beeswax, Shea butter, and essential oils, and the smell is amazing. I found that applying the more solid balm was less messy than oils, and was easier to distribute through my beard. The beeswax holds the oils in the beard, so it retains its scent all day, as well as helping my beard retain its shape better. Washing it out is easy with warm water or in the shower. I’m super impressed with this, and I’m excited to see it offered on the beard product market. Stay tuned.

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Curufin’s return to Valinor is not a happy one.

Being one of the darkest sons of Feanor, and the one that resembles him the most in personality and appearance, people are wary of him.

Many elves speak ill of him, even his former kin. They stay away from him, deny him aid and food, which is hard given he is essentially has no true support.

However, nothing has fallen to ruin more than his relationship with his son, Celebrimbor. Despite their past, he still feels there is a chance to make up with him, but he could not have been more wrong. When he shows up to his son’s home to repent, he is cast out not only by Celebrimbor but the kin close to Celebrimbor as well (mainly those from the House of Finarfin) . He has not a chance to speak or explain himself (though there is really nothing to explain), he is chased away and banished from those lands and his kin, his son included

Curufin is hurt, but he understands fully and accepts his banishment. He continues life in Valinor alone for some time, seeking out Celegorm and Aredhel but never finding them. He opens his own blacksmith shop away from his old home. His skill is not nearly as revered as it was years ago, but he makes due with what he has. He wanders in the woods sometimes, hunting or just walking, not looking for anyone or anything.

He slowly disappears from the mouths and minds of those who knew him. His very existence becomes a memory; it is as if he never returned to Valinor.

And Curufin greatly appreciates the silence surrounding him. He is happy to have vanished.

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Can I admit that I'm not happy at all how the story immediately after Shattered World is essentially an adaptation of Sonic 1 and 2? We've had nothing but a very poor adaptation of Unleashed for three years within the comic which also didn't allow most of the characters proper development and action (Cream and Antoine most particularly) and once that's finally over we go back to the past? Like, we already have Mega Drive for nostalgia and anniversary

I’m inclined to agree. I get that you had to have the obligatory nostalgia trip, but like you said, we have Mega Drive for that. I just wanna explore the world Unleashed actually set up and get to work developing everything and expanding upon subplots and shit, not retreading old ground. At least Universe is doing new things, but I’ll have to wait until next year for anything new to happen in the main book and that’s just dumb

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So far from Homeworld, and yet… So free. It was kind of frightening, Sapphire would admit. She had always lived to serve her diamond just like any other Gem would. In spite of that, she had saved Ruby’s life and made it so they were essentially on the run. Nothing was going to change that, either, she supposed. She’d been thrown off the track of fate. Did Sapphire mind, though? Not really. Ruby had shown her that things could change, and she actually kind of liked it.

At the moment, she sat in the little cave she and Ruby had found and was admiring the rain that came dripping down from outside. Earth was such a strange, yet beautiful planet. Before, she said she wished she could have seen more of it. Now she could. Before that, though, she wanted to get to know the Gem who’d saved her a bit better.


Sapphire parted her bangs, mostly so Ruby could see her eye, and looked away from the rain long enough to look at the other Gem. She already had a feeling about where this would go. Future sight and all that did make that much possible. That didn’t stop her from speaking, though.

“Now that we’re here, together,” Sapphire said, “I was wondering if it would be possible for you to tell me a bit about yourself. Not just about you being a soldier, either. I already know that.”

There is a huge difference between learning about...

There is a huge difference between learning about truth and experiencing truth. Touch the source. Your mind can take in endless pearls of wisdom, and your mouth can repeat them, but until you have essential experience — you only have noise. Talking and listening are nothing without understanding. We only truly understand what we experience. When people have understanding they tend to be quieter and seek quietness. Consider the possibility that many of the things you hear and say are utter nonsense and meaningless repetitions of noise. Cut it all out. Quit getting your information second hand. Take any concept, lesson, story, book, quote or conversation and look for a way to touch its source of origin — which is always through direct experience alone.

— Bryant McGill

The Book:

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There was an intruder in Aperture. He’d known something was wrong the moment he heard the central AI’s voice ooze it’s wat into the back areas. Since the girl had escaped for good GLaDOS had had no reason to use the facility wide intercom. Not much of what she was saying came through, but the phrase “Black Mesa thief” was loud and clear enough to penetrate the concrete walls of his den and bounce around until it was ringing in his ears.

Ordinarily, he would have ignored it as an attempt by GLaDOS to flush him out, or what he thought might have been. But the clanging and banging noises that followed convinced him that, real or not, danger was danger and he should leave while he still had the chance. He grabbed cube, nothing else was essential, and shimmied into the open grate.

Lying flat on his stomach, Doug was able to see through the slats in the vents. He was expecting to see a stray core, or even one if the testing bots sent out on another Ill fated mission to capture him. He didn’t expect to see another human.

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Yo, forgive me for reblogging your posts like crazy. I couldn't resist because...well I am also JJP trash and you have so many gems of our precious babies. Have a wonderful day!

There’s nothing to forgive! My blog is essentially a filing cabinet of all my favourite things, #jjp being one of said things. May you have a wonderful jjp filled day too!

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M!A Kurt is happy, forever.

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That would be boring and uneventful. This blog is essentially nothing without its personal, interpersonal, exterior and, interior conflicts. while the conflicts are pretty tame as of right now the blog will eventually start to rely more and more on them as kurt grows, changes and, becomes more aware of the world around him and how it effects him and the people he cares about. 

I haven’t been on here much lately. my head’s in a pretty fucked up place right now.

My dad has been ill since the end of April and we’ve been told that he has, essentially, a terminal illness. there is nothing that can be done for it - it could take decades to go downhill or it could be a couple of years, if it gets aggressive. 

and truthfully, I really am not coping well with it. some days are better than others. some days, I feel like I’ve been hit with a fucking truck and it’s all I can think about. He is doing ok at the moment. but it’s a fucking awful thing, to contemplate losing a parent. so much quicker than anticipated.

This news, as well as losing my Gran and my Uncle recently, have just taken their toll on me I think. coupled with the fact that I’m desperately unhappy at work too, I’m just getting no respite from anything right now.