Prompt: Bumblebee.

Harry’s never been much of a talker, his slow drawl preventing him from getting much out before he gets distracted anyway but it’s like the very first time he sees her, any words he’d dreamt of saying had been snatched from his throat.

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more sigils for ur blog!

in light of recent events, i’ve made some more sigils to put on your blog for protection!

i will not be suicide baited: this one is what i’d call an “essential”- repels people who apparently have nothing better to do than harass people; and keeps them from suicide baiting you.

to put this on your blog, copy and paste the following code into either ur description, or wherever else u want!

<a href=“”><img src=“”></a>

i will not get gore in my inbox: pairs well with “i will not be suicide baited,” repels people who will try to send gore to you.

to put this on your blog, copy and paste the following code into either ur description, or wherever else u want!

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people will read my “before you follow”: if you’re like me, and are made uncomfortable when people don’t read your byf, and you end up having to block them- this is for you!

to put this on your blog, copy and paste the following code into either ur description, or wherever else u want!

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MARS - Episode 1 

Re-watching this again before the second episode. 

I haven’t read the manga, I know little about the story, essentially watching this with no expectations. Therefore, I know nothing about how the characters should look or act, but I do know about Fujigaya’s abilities since watching him over the years in various roles - and some I have liked, others not so much. As for Kubota well he can do no wrong (jk). Will I  keep watching this? probably the answer is yes even though this is a genre I don’t particularly care about.

 I need to watch more episodes before I give an honest answer. 

Also this is third drama in a row that Maeda Goki and Kubota have co-stared in the same project. Flowers for Algernon, Death Note and now MARS. 

anonymous asked:

also the way he shock his head when asher told wes that whisky helps probably strengthens that theory

Yes, I agree with that. Some people get too emotional when they are drinking. And using alcohol to self-medicate doesn’t help ever, but it is especially dangerous for people who are trying to hide secrets. If you’re emotional and your guards are down, it’s more likely that something will slip out at the wrong moment. Like when Asher was drunk and rambling on and on about how people stage murders all the time. Like, he didn’t spill the information about Murder Night 2.0, but it did definitely piqued Oliver’s interests. And Connor’s facial expression at the moment was like omfg. 

And yes, maybe Asher believes that someone killed his father because it’s easier for him to deal with that outcome instead of him having something to do with his father killing himself. It’s easier for him to live in that denial than to face the truth. Especially since his mother has essentially disowned him and wants nothing to do with him. It’s upsetting and sad, and he’s choosing this outlandish theory, especially in the light of finding out that the murder quartet killed Sam and Annalise and Co. helped cover it up and how they covered up Emily Sinclair’s death for him. He’s in that world now and with that knowledge, his brain is choosing to believe something like that happened instead of the truth. 

These poor kids. All they wanted to do was go to law school and get this internship with THE ANNALISE KEATING and now look at how fucked up their lives are.

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tbh is grah//amfield REALLY even platonic in canon?? to me its always seemed more like... warren Leave My Ass Olone

this will probably lose me a follower or two but honestly warren seems like he’d be one of those guys on okcupid who would send you ‘hi :)’ at 6:46 PM and then when you don’t reply immediately sends ‘fine, ignore me, you look like a stuck up bitch anyway’ at 6:47 PM

i like him better when he’s someone who starts to grow the fuck up after being rejected and supports max anyway without expecting something in return because if you choose to “”“romance”“” him in the game he basically learns nothing and is essentially rewarded for creepy behavior towards max and shitty treatment of brooke. also, the ship is REALLY boring, and i’d still think that even if he weren’t a boundary-crossing stain on the bottom of max’s shoe.

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I don't think anyone should respect Abby because she truly has never earned that respect. BUT the Quinn's are essentially saying that they have posted nothing but civil comments and questions about Abby regarding the show. I was pointing out that it's not entirely true. They weren't bashing her, but they have been shading her a lot.

Abby deserves every ounce of shading she gets. And lucky for her It’ll be super shady inside her jail cell too

Alex And Ani

Love is one of the most powerful things, in our known world.  Not only as an emotion, but what that can lead to - passion, inspiration, rebellion.  Love can leave the most logical and resolute men and women stumbling in the ground, concussed by feelings and thoughts that overwhelm their own intuition.  Love has saved strangers, built monuments and named the constellations.

When I was still living in Florida, my girlfriend, Keiko, was in the same city as me.  At the time neither of us realized how much we truly cared about each other.  We had both been friends for years and had become closer with each other than with anyone else.  So, when she moved back to South Florida, before moving to New York, I felt the powers of love.  I would find myself driving three hours every couple days, just to spend time with her.  I’d stay with her family and show up with nothing more than a backpack filled with essentials and crash for a couple days. We’d spend every minute together and when I would have to leave to go to work, I’d still find myself hanging on and delaying that three hour drive as long as I could.

It’s only natural to remind the ones you love how you feel on certain benchmark days.  It’s a big deal to make it through your first month as a couple, and to celebrate your first Thanksgiving or Christmas with someone you love.  And to make it around to Valentine’s day, it always feels like a competition against the world to do better than the next guy.  

I’ve partnered up with ALEX AND ANI this Valentine’s Day to share some of my favorite pieces from their collection and why it’s more than just an accessory.

I was asked to choose some pieces that really stood out to me, that I could give to Keiko.  To this day, I’ll never say I truly know what she wants or likes - I think that’s the way it is for a lot of guys.  But the spirit of Valentine’s Day is for all of us, and It’s about finding that piece of jewelry, or that gift, that speaks to You, for your partner.  

The ALEX AND ANI collection is wonderful, to me, because of the quality and the thoughtfulness that went into it.  Everything is American made, with a price point that won’t break your bank.  The collection was also based with varying styles in mind, with more classic items that are perfect for the professional woman, and then their, more whimsical pieces that can be worn by a woman with an edge.  

I really loved the Rose Quartz Chain Station necklace, for its beauty in simplicity, and the Heart and Arrow Ring Wraps for their playfulness.  The Love Set of 3 bangles was also a great addition, since I felt that Keiko could wear it anywhere, with almost any outfit.

There is a lot of thought that goes into Valentine’s Day.  I think this collection is a great way to simplify things and get something your partner will love.  For everything else, good luck!


I was checking out at Walmart and some dude was panhandling for free shit. He came up to my cart and was like “hey man can I bother you to b-” and then looked at my cart, which had nothing but bare essentials (bread, rice, chips, and soda) in it. He just kinda looked at me and went “never mind man” and kept going

I just got burned by a beggar about my financial situation this is a new low for me

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I have a question!! we know everyone finds out about William in 415.. would we see more William and baby mama in future eps? or with all this drama (kidnapping and such) make baby mama not want oliver around her son?

I would not be surprised if William is taken that Samantha refuses to let Oliver see him. So, Oliver will have lost Felicity and his son… so the lie was essentially for nothing. I could be wrong though. I think Samantha is sticking around so it would be wise of the writers to make her more likable. Allowing Oliver to see William even if he’s kidnapped would be a good way to do that. Maybe even have Samantha try and smooth things over with Felicity.

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you've done a lot of fucked up things. i'm not gonna deny that. but if you manage a reset, you can change. everything can change. even if just a little bit. i don't know how the memory ripple effect works in your timeline, but whatever the case, it'll essentially be like nothing ever happened. a cleaned off slate, despite having a few deep marks, so to speak.

I know. That’s one of the things that my twisted little “plan” (Ugh, I feel sick just thinking about it) banks on. With no one around to remember the resets other than me, then maybe, just maybe, things’ll be able to get back to some level of normalcy.

Fuuuuck my brother hit someone and he doesnt have a license or insurance so he had to bribe the ppl and we had to spend 1k of our tax refund which essentially fucks us over and im really yired of being homeless fuck!! Nothing can go right can it

|| Extended Family verse | When Everything Stays

An AU where Gaster never ended up Core’d.

With their friendship retained, Fyne doesn’t lose hope and age/die herself. This also means that the skelebros and Undyne essentially grow up together, becoming friends sooner and nothing hurts.

(Consider Undyne wanting her mother to train her but it’s not to become a royal guard like her, but because ‘I want to protect him, mom’.)