Nice Enough(to Love)

When you held the seas in the palm of your hand
It was easy to lose sight of those who swam in it
But now you’re cursed and everyone thinks the worst
So how can we find you true love?

You’ve got to learn to be
Nice enough to people
Lots of fish in the sea
And they are all people

You’ve been top witch for so long
Now that life you had is gone
But I think that though you were wrong
You can learn, you can grow,

You’ve got to learn to be
Nice enough, not good, not changing
Who you are, just be nice enough
Nice enough to love

With me by your side we can find a way to set you free
And you’ll return to the beautiful sea witch you’re meant to be
Loved and loving and lovely
You’ll be more than you were before

You’ve got to learn to be
Nice enough to people
Who you are is good to be
Just remember that you can be
Nice enough
To love

@justanartsysideblog @feynites please consider making mythal anglerfish-ex seawitch x olwyn lionfish-mermaid be a thing?  Here’s a disney-style song that Olwyn sings to Mythal when they begin their journey. MERMAID AUs ARE THE BEST!

Taylor Swift has the right to be upset about being called a bitch by a misogynistic asshole, regardless of whether you feel like he told her during the phone call or not. At the end of the day, even if he did, it does not matter whether or not that realization struck her during the phone call or after the song was aired to the entire world. She should be allowed, just like any of us, the ability to process her emotions at whatever pace she needs to process them. 

Imagine all of the women (and men) who sit back silently, or over-enthusiastically, support an abuser in their life. “Maybe if I’m nice, he/she won’t be so mean to me. Maybe it will be different this time.” THINK ABOUT IT.

Kanye showed Taylor that it, in fact, wasn’t different this time. If Taylor feels violated in any way, at any time, who are we to judge that reaction?? And now we have the world trying to tell her to shut up because apparently she “condoned” the behavior by trying to be “cool” with him on the phone. Apparently she has waived all right to be offended/hurt/betrayed and is only allowed to experience those emotions within a certain window of acceptability.

Remind yourself of Kanye’s past behavior and how utterly abusive and damaging he has been, not just with regard to Taylor, but the terrible, degrading, abusive messages he has conveyed through his “art”. While you’re at it, you should also think long and hard about why Taylor might have wanted to “play nice” with him on the phone so that she would no longer be on the receiving end of his bullshit. 

 All that being said, you are lame af if you’re trying to judge her or police her emotional response (delayed or otherwise) for something that you could not fathom going through yourself. 

larryappreciation replied to your post “I really want to bury this Taylor Swift topic once and for all. But……”

harry and louis literally wrote a song about pr relationships and shading taylor specifically and her fans still think hes okay with her… RIGHTO

Her fans defined this


They constantly say that Taylor never said anything wrong about him and that she was ‘nice’.

Haylor shippers even think Harry told Liam their ‘story’ so Liam wrote End of the Day about them. I shit you not. Why? Because it talks about being ‘on fire’ (they think Happily is about her…???????) and it mentions going to the hospital (him getting stitches). Obviously, they leave out Louis from this theory because they know he fucking despises her.

Some Taylor fans are fucking ridiculous. Out of this world absurd.

This was submitted by Song Anon!!! It’s John singing to Alex :) 

I did not throw away my shot
I did not throw away my shot
I was just like my country
I was young, scrappy, and hungry
But I did not throw away my shot

Alexander, my friend
I’m sorry it had to come to this end
I’m sorry I hurt you like this
But I helped you like this

Alexander, my friend
I never told you in the end
But I loved you more than anyone
I was jealous that Eliza had all the fun

I did not throw away my shot
I did not throw away my shot
I was just like my country
I was young, scrappy, and hungry
But I did not throw away my shot

Alexander, my dear
You have no need to fear
I’m here if you need me
I’ll always be here
For you

Alexander, my dear
You were more than my peer
I envied Eliza for being with you when I could not
And now I know, it was all for not

I did not throw away my shot
I did not throw away my shot
I was just like my country
I was young, scrappy, and hungry
But I did not throw away my shot

Alexander, my love
I hope you look forward to the doves
Flying above
As I watch down on you from my place in the clouds

Alexander, my love
You should know this isn’t your fault
I didn’t want you to blame yourself
So put your shame on the shelf
You have somewhere to be and someone to be with
Who isn’t me

I did not throw away my shot
I did not throw away my shot
I was just like my country
I was young, scrappy, and hungry
But I did not throw away my shot
Alex, I did not throw away my shot
Alex, do not throw away your shot

Good lord look at how my bullet journal turned out
On the left is my spread for today including my habit and a little to do list.
On the right is my general things to do, mainly I’ve got a list of songs I want to learn by the end of the month and TV shows I want to complete. At the bottom is all the reminders I need.

I don’t know if this is how a bullet journal is meant to look and this is just a draft so I don’t know if I’ll stick with this, but I do realise how different it looks from most of the ones I’ve seen on here. I was just trying something new.

Feedback would be nice haha

Alright here is what I think happened.
Taylor wrote TIWUCF for Calvin.
She decided to keep it a secret so he gets a credit & she doesn’t overshadow him.
They break up. It is mutual and amicable
Taylor dates Tom
Calvin loses the plot. Goes on a fuckboy bratty tirade
The last straw is when he does that Q&A on Instagram saying Taylor and her team manipulated everything
No more miss nice Taylor
Taylor and her team decide to blow the cover & say she wrote the song, knowing that it would take away the glory from him
He loses it and goes nuts
The end


Streetlight Manifesto last night was amazing. They performed a few of my favorite songs. It sucked at the beginning because this guy kept like smashing me I to the barricade, but he eventually realized it was super nice and had my back until the crowd shifted. The, some handsy douche nugget ended up behind me, my little brother and the girl next to me were helpful during that. Over all the show was so worth feeling sore. Their music is so uplifting and I needed that.

Breaking Rule(r)s

Everyone who has ever followed me is going to H A T E me for this, and I’m ready for it. This piece is just a variation of what we usually see come of Grester fic timelines, because the same thing gets old, you know? Get ready to feel. Also, context is important, so here is Climbing Out Of Love which is referenced a lot. So if you don’t know the song, I’d suggest listening. And if you do know the song, well, it’s always a nice listen.

2800+ words|SFW|Angst and some bad language as well as FWB talk. 

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NCT #127 - First listen/reaction

Here is my first listen/reaction/mini review of NCT 127 first mini album! I’m a huge fan of this group and I’m so excited to finally have an album! So let’s go. 

1. Fire Truck: I love how hype this song is! It’s more of a live performance song than one you can just listen to (if that makes sense). The trap beat is great especially near the end. I don’t have much to say about this one since I’ve listened to it 50 times already. 4.5/5 

2. Once Again: They perform this one on music shows so I’ve already heard it. A great summer song that’s chill and laid-back. It’s nice to hear some vocals from Taeyong. Taeil really stands out for me here. The harmonies are tight as well. 5/5 

3. Wake Up: YES FUCK IT UP!  A great EDM track. The beat drop kinda reminds me of Exo’s Lightsaber (not in a bad way, don’t come at me). NCT are coming to take over the world. 4.5/5 

4. Another World: YES YES YES! This goes hard. The chorus is great! SM is really bringing it with these EDM/Hip Hop bops. 5/5 

5. Paradise: I was waiting for this! Another excellent summer song. I just love the overall vibe. So far this is my favourite. 5/5

6. Mad City: FALSE ALARM THIS IS MY FAVOURITE. THIS IS SO GOOD I STARTED CRYING! THE RAPS ARE 10000/10000. I’M BALD. This might be my favourite boy group song of the year. I’m a new person because of this.100/5 

7. Switch: Am I dreaming? We actually got this on the album. Bop of the century. That beat drop made me give birth. 5/5

Overall: I’m so proud of these boys. They really delivered with this one and they’re only going to get better. 

art by indiefoxtail

366 Days of Vocaloid: Day #179

You know, this song is way to slow for me. Like, it’s not my kind of thing at all, but I like this, somehow. I’m not a huge fan of Miku’s tuning either, but it just sounds nice still. I really like the sound of the rain, so maybe that helps.

Wow, okay, and the song picks up at the end too. If anything, it’s too short, but I like this one.

366 Days of Vocaloid: Day #180 

I have a pretty bad feeling about this song based solely on the channel it’s on.

Hmm. Well, this isn’t as dubstep-y as  I was expecting, but it still has traits of that kind of music. I just don’t really like it. It’s okay though.

366 Days of Vocaloid: Day #181 

MMmmmm. Yeah. This just isn’t for me. Sorry.

anonymous asked:

concept: laying in fresh clean white sheets, the sun shines through the window, biscuit curled up in a ball at the end of the bed, luke is the shower, you can hear him singing, his singing love songs, changing the words to fit you, you smile, he is dumb, you are happy

he’d waltz back in pretty confident you didn’t hear him changing words to songs until he’s pulling on some sweats and you start singing the words he’d made up in the shower and he spins around like ‘shit…’ but you just grin and keep singing as he rolls his eyes and kisses you to make you stop :-((( this is so Nice

The movie has launched!

[originally posted 6.18.16]

Good evening!

It’s been gloomy lately  (´・_・`)

But! To blow all that away, the movie

“Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger the Movie: The Heart Pounding Circus Panic”

was finally launched yesterday  ( ^ ^ )/■

Zyuoh men!!!

There was a new Takatori Hideaki-san song,
and tasty food, so it was fun!

Nice work

to all those who gathered!

is what I wanted to actually say at the end of the movie filming.

A half a year after Zyuohger started,
the movie began filming.
Time goes by so fast…

The director trains us,
but there’s still so much more to learn so

I think it’s important to spend every day well.

He’s been the director since episode one,
and also for the movie: Director Takayuki!

He has such a gentle face but he’s so scary…  (´・_・`)

but of course I’m joking haha

He’s always putting thought into the smallest details, and for me you can feel that love in Zyuohger and that’s what’s wonderful about him.

Please continue guiding us!

The premiere is on 8.6!!

This summer let’s all awaken our instincts~!!!!

DAY 25
Music has always played an important role in my life, just like Queen ^^ I’m a drummer and I used to take drums lessons, my teacher was a nice person and he’s such an amazing drummer! On June my music school used to organise an exhibition, during which all the students played a piece.
During my second exhibition I played “The Show Must Go On”. It was the first time that I played a real song in front of an audience and I was very nervous, but also looking forward to do it ^^ I played the song and people really enjoyed it and they clapped their hands so hard at the end of the song!
Moreover after a few exhibitions they announced the winners of a scholarship given by the music school, and they called MY name for the “percussion instruments category”! I just couldn’t believe it =D
That was a special day for me ^^

I don’t really have time or energy to draw lots, but I try my best to still think about doing that and spending at least a little on doing that.

This took me around less than 2 hours, so it’s not that great. But hopefully, you will enjoy it, even a little!

Let me know what is your favourite song in this moment. I need something new! I’ve been listening to Parov Stelar again.

heromacadamia  asked:

top 5 memes that deserve to be resurrected

1. sneople this one was unique because it had 2 extremely similar versions that were made seperately somehow and it ended up getting the one ronaldo su blog to clarify that theyre supposed to be snakes and not snails

2. little grey cat HOLY fuck this was a good meme there were lots of little grey cats and they were small yet knowing also they had zelda songs that wa,s nice

3. grumpy cat it was a cat that was grumpy also im pretty sure its name was the r slur but the owners said it actually meant tartar sauce that was fucked up

4. mm whatcha say it died but nobody ever played the song when it died so we need to bring it back so we can give it proper justice

5. darude sandstorm Actually this one was already replaced by home - resonance so disregard this comment 

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i know you said to not post any more messages and I know it's easier said than done but try not to let it get you down honey- just chill and out your fave songs on and watch a film idk, I believe that fate always does good in the end, time will tell bub:) lmao I'm so bad at this hahahahha I'm just a gal tryna cheer you up..... I can't sleep so I'm just scrolling through your very amazing blog xx

i said “aw” out loud when i got this…so thank you very much, you’re very kind :-)


So I had another request on YouTube. This time for ‘Give Me Love’ by Ed Sheeran. Thank you to Maya for the request, I enjoy doing these as it passes the time when Robron are not on screen and if I draw a blank on what songs to use. I love their old clips as well as the clips from since the reunion so it’s nice to be able to mix them up. I also love the sequence of kisses at the Oakwood hotel, Robert really wanted to get it on so had to end it with that :)