“The End of Wong Fu: A Christmas Story - The Ghost of Chris takes Phil on a journey to the not so distant future when Wong Fu Productions, NO LONGER EXISTS!! Let’s hope WFP never goes down this path.


2014 Year End Recap

Happy New Year! Let’s take a look back at 2014 and the moments that made it the best year ever! Thanks for watching!

Is it Creepy vs Romantic:
Friends vs More Than Friends:
Wong Fu’s Making a Movie:
We Built a House in the Jungle:
Accidental Racism:
You Won’t Believe What Happens in This Video:…
This is How We Never Made Up:
A World Away:
The Other Side of Yesterday:
Job Expectations:
Best Third Wheel in the World:
Making Our Movie:
ISA! Variety Game Show Season 2:…
After Us:
Wong Fu Weekends Season 8:…
Wong Fu Presents “A Thousand Words”:
Kina Grannis - “Write it in the Sky” Ken Loi Remix MV:
Wong Fu in Tokyo:
Awkward Animals Animated Episodes:…
Santa is Real:


Best Christmas video ever.

The End of Wong Fu: A Christmas Story