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(1/?) If they ever did make a show about Achilles/Patroclus kinda like Merlin and it goes through their meeting and ends with A/P dying in Troy--I would need like an episode where Patroclus tells Achilles off. Because I feel like they would Patroclus kinda like.."Oh well, it's okay. You're a prince." But I feel like Patroclus even before he and Achilles get together would call him out

(2/?) Like, Achilles is bullying one of the servant boys by going really hard on him while they spar and laughing at him and Patroclus just like walks away because he can’t believe someone is that rude. And so in Achilles’ bedchambers, Patroclus is rolling up the small mat and Achilles is like, “Where are you going?” Patroclus says, “Back to the servant’s quarters.” And Achilles is just like ??????
(3/?) And at first Patroclus doesn’t want to say anything but he just goes off, he’s like, “You’re a bully and no one has the guts to say it to you because they’re afraid of you but I’m not. You treat everyone around you as if they’re nothing and you’re already a god on Olympus when you’re not. You’re not even a king. What gives you the right to be as cruel and vicious as you are.”

Dang straight Patroclus doesn’t put up with any of Achilles’ shit!  He’s never understood why being a prince makes you better than anyone else. He was a prince, and yeah, he wasn’t the most gentle person in the world back then, but he wasn’t cruel.  He doesn’t know how someone could be so cruel.  

He avoids Achilles for a whole week.  It’s hard, but not impossible.  He’s nice to everyone, and even though they’re a bit jealous that he gets to be Achilles’ favorite, they like Patroclus just fine.  So they help him out.  When Patroclus is with the boys and Achilles approaches, they all throng around Achilles, delaying him and giving Patroclus a chance to run away.  When Patroclus is by himself, there are always servants around some corner who are willing to tuck him away in an empty room or closet for a little bit until Achilles is gone.

But after a week, Achilles finally catches up with him.  He’s not paying attention one second when wandering the grounds, and Achilles manages to sneak up behind him.  “Hey,” Achilles says, scaring Patroclus half to death.

“What do you want?”  Patroclus asks coldly.  

“I’m sorry, I should have…”

“Did you apologize to the boy you were making fun of first?  Or did you come to try to get me back into your room?”  Patroclus refuses to even look at Achilles.

“I apologized to Archeus that day.  I shouldn’t have been so mean, you’re right.  They can’t help they weren’t born to a goddess.”

Patroclus rolls his eyes.  “Not being glorious Achilles, you mean.”

“It seems that recently not being goddess-born is actually better.  Makes you a better person and what not.”

“No, not acting shitty towards other people makes you a better person and what not.”

“Look, Patroclus….”

“Shut up.  Go do your secret drills or whatever.”

“But Patroclus, I….”

“Go Achilles, I’ll see you tonight.”  He hasn’t completely forgiving Achilles for being an ass, but hey, at least Achilles is trying.


“Red was chosen for the Camelot heraldry.” Charlotte Morris on the Merlin costumes. Even in the pilot episode of Merlin, Morgana’s dress bears the distinct Pendragon red and matches with both Arthur and Uther’s outfits.  The dress leads to remarks on Morgana’s appearance of royalty, and implies that she is either destined to marry Arthur, or is a Pendragon already.  However, it is only in season 3 that red becomes pervasive: her lips are stained red, her dresses are red, and even her hands are red with the blood of her victims.  Her clothing is a conscious reminder of her lineage and the power she wields in Camelot.

“Thank you" 

Arthur’s last words.  Thank you, there are so many meanings in this phrase, of course; "Thank you”, but also “I love you”, “you are my best friend”, “I will always remember you”, and “I’m sorry”, followed by a few moments of silence, loving silence, silence that never needs words to explain, silence showing the past, present and future, silence showing the progress and change, the men they’ve become… short lived silence… 

“Thank you” perfectly explains our feelings as fans.  Thank you Merlin for 5 series of beautiful, hilarious, tearful, meaningful moments, with characters we are sexually attracted to, and characters that we wish we could throw into a pit of man eating crocodiles, and everything in between.  Thank you for allowing us this final moment between the two men we love most.  Thank you, thank you for Merlin 

One of the most important things I learned from watching BBC Merlin is that knowledge of your future does not help you in any way. In fact, because you’re so scared of what’s going to happen, you end up making all the wrong choices.

If Merlin had stopped going to Kilgharrah every single time he needed help, or if he had refused to look into the prophetic crystals in The Crystal Cave, the horrifying events that unfolded could have been avoided. Every single time he went against his instinct, he fucked up.

In short, Merlin relied way too much on advice, no matter where it came from (the dragon, Gaius, the druids etc.), and didn’t have enough faith in himself to follow his own (correct) intuition.

Besides, if you already know that everything is going to end in tears, you might as well do whatever you want.

alternate ending to kingsman: after eggsy kills valentine merlin says, “harry would have been proud.” which is followed by harry (somehow) communicating through their glasses and saying, “yes. i am. now can someone come and get me out of this dreadful hospital?”

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For the 5+ thing: Morgana never went evil and Merlin helped her with her magic control


  • When Morgana finally lets the word fall from her lips, with her eyes wet and frightened and desperate, Merlin stops breathing. He tries to shake his head, to say that he can’t say anything, can’t do anything to help. He hears Gaius’s warnings and the dragon’s dire prophecies ring in his ears, but all that is overshadowed by the sight of Morgana trembling in front of him, pulled taut like a bowstring and ready to snap. And he nods. Morgana’s gasp sounds like the first breath of a woman drowning and he knows he did the right thing and damn the consequences.
  • It’s a few more days before Merlin works up the courage to confess his own secret. He’s been avoiding Gaius as much as possible and ignoring the dragon’s insistent calls, focusing instead on the way Morgana’s pale face brightens whenever she catches sight of him in a room, the way she stands a little straighter and holds her head a little higher when she knows he’s there. He sneaks into her rooms one night after Gwen has been dismissed and he tells Morgana in halting sentences that don’t really make a whole lot of sense but they get the point across, and his hand is shaking when he conjures a flame in it. Morgana’s grin is brighter than the sun and Merlin can breathe free for the first time in weeks.
  • They spend many nights in Morgana’s rooms, the doors magically locked so no one can barge in and catch Merlin where he is very much not allowed to be doing things he is very much not allowed to do and have him hanged for one reason or another. They sit crosslegged on Morgana’s bed with Merlin’s spellbook between them and he teaches her the language, helps her form the words to shape her magic, bring it under her control. Morgana’s first successful, intentional spell manages to light all the candles in the room (without catching anything on fire this time, thankfully) and she is so thrilled that she launches herself into Merlin’s arms and hugs him tight. It takes him a moment to get over the shock and hug her back, but he can’t deny that he never wants to let her go.
  • The two of them fall asleep there, still dressed and sprawled out across her bed after a night of spellcasting. Merlin wakes up to the sound of Morgana whimpering in distress. She thrashes, clutches at the bedsheets, whips her head back and forth, and Merlin sees a glimpse of gold in her rolling eyes. When she wakes with a scream, eyes distant and wild and terrified, Merlin doesn’t hesitate to pull her into his arms, to stroke her hair and murmur reassurances and kiss her forehead. He tells her that it’s alright, she’s safe, they’re all safe. He tells her that whatever she saw isn’t definite, that it isn’t the whole story, that there’s always a way and they’ll find it together. She clings to him until the panic subsides and the shaking stops. She thanks him with a kiss and the two of them stay awake all night, trying to find a way to sneak Merlin out of her rooms before Gwen brings her breakfast.
  • Arthur finds out eventually, of course. About everything. Gwen finds out about the two of them together first, but the magic comes out to them both at once, when a hoarde of bandits looking for ransom material crash into a quiet picnic in the woods. With Arthur disarmed and pinned down and Gwen with a bandit’s knife at her throat, it’s Morgana who doesn’t hesitate to sling the first spell, but she’s only a novice and she doesn’t have the strength or the stamina to fight them all off. Merlin catches her as she faints, exhaustion taking her over, and he finishes what she started with a wave of his hand, sending the remaining opponents fleeing into the trees. When Merlin finally takes a moment to look at Arthur, he isn’t sure what had truly shocked him more – the display of magic from the two people he trusts most, or the way Merlin cradled Morgana to his chest and placed a gentle kiss on her lips when she came round. When they got back to Camelot, Arthur did a lot of shouting and Morgana shouted back until Gwen stepped in and asked if they wanted to alert the whole damn castle and get Merlin and Morgana both killed. That had sobered Arthur dramatically and driven Morgana into Merlin’s arms as they waited for Arthur’s judgment. When Arthur made a joke about Merlin staying away from Morgana’s chambers, or at least not getting caught there (because really how many executionable offenses do you want to commit??), they both heaved a sigh of relief. Until, of course, they confessed that Merlin actually did spend a great deal of time in Morgana’s chambers and Merlin had to start ducking goblets.

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