Writing Challenge

So, after thinking it over, I’ve decided to do a challenge! The theme is home, and there are prompts to be picked! 


1. Starts July 25th, ends September 2nd. 

2. Pick a pairing. Marvel, Supernatural, Merlin, Jurassic Park/World, Once Upon a Time. It can be a character fic, or a fic involving the actors. If there’s something you want to write for that I don’t mention, shoot me an ask.

3. Tag me in it, and with Fall Writing Challenge and Angel’s Writing Challenge.

4. Writing must be 400 words, minimum.

5. Angst, smut, and fluff are accepted. 

Prompts and tags are below the cut:

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Kingsman Go
  • Merlin is the gym leader at Kingsman. No one can beat him.
  • Eggsy is convinced that Merlin hacked the game to stay on top.
  • Merlin will never admit that he did.
  • Harry mainly uses a Ponyta. He loves it and named it Spitfire. 
  • Eggsy is convinced that Harry loves the damn fire horse more than him.
  • Eggsy aptly chooses an Exeggcute to be his primary pokemon after he catches it.
  • He nicknames it Eggsy.
  • Daisy laughs at him.
  • Roxy carefully levels and evolves a Vulpix to get a Nine-tails.
  • She beats Merlin’s cheating arse when he’s not paying attention and becomes the new gym leader.
  • Merlin makes a new gym and becomes it’s leader.
  • All of Kingsman knows that Merlin is a sore loser.
  • Eggsy ends up keeping a lot of the cute pokemon for Daisy to look at and whenever a Clefairy shows up he lets her try to catch it.
  • He has 37 Clefairys. He has been told by Daisy that he cannot turn them into Clefables and he cannot get rid of her individually named Clefairys.
  • All the Clefairys are named after My Little Ponies since Harry won’t let Daisy name his Ponyta or Rapidash.
  • Percival collects a whole team of Dittos while Roxy collects all the Eeveelutions available.
  • Merlin has to send out an agency wide ban of Pokemon Go after a handler is distracted while instructing an agent about incoming enemies
  • The handler agrees he was in the wrong. But Psyduck bro.
  • Another agent stops in the middle of a mission because he finds a Snorlax. 
  • It was Eggsy.
  • Merlin has to assign each agent with a Kingsman issued phone without Pokemon Go for missions.
  • There is actually almost a rebellion when agents find out.
  • Merlin then points out that six of them have almost died trying to catch a fucking Magikarp. 
  • All agents turn in their phones before missions and take their Pokemon-less phones without a word.
The end of Merlin...?

Been reading people’s posts. Is it true? Are they really unsheathing their swords simply to drive them through the soul of the best series of all time, and consequently through the hearts of its fanbase? Why? How could they let such a programme, that exists purely so that teenage girls have something to fantasize over on a Saturday night end?

And about the latest episode - Alfie Stewart is supermegafoxyawesomehot. WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIEEEE??? AND there was only one shot of Mordred AND IT WASN’T EVEN IN FOCUS!! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?

Kiss it all better

This is inspired by Kiss It All Better by He Is We

Tagging @breathtakinglybrutal for her angsty needs :P

Harry covered his face with his hands and took a shaking breath. His hands were freshly washed and smelled of cheap soap, but his dress shirt’s cuffs were still red from the blood they had soaked up earlier. He had contemplated taking it off, just as his coat, but he couldn’t bring himself to move. He just wanted to sit here and never move again.

Memories and pictures from a few hours earlier filled his head and he could feel tears starting to burn behind his eyes again. He didn’t try to suppress them and let them wet his palms.


Harry’s hands were shaking and covered in blood as he was pressing his flat palm to the wound. The cuffs of his dress shirt were stained red from soaking up the blood and some drops found their way onto his trousers.

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Eggsy starting to dance and lip-sync/sing along to Taylor Swift’s Shake it off every time it starts playing somewhere, no matter where, tho

And the other Agents finding it funny to start playing it around HQ all the time, especially bc Eggsy points at Merlin while singing ‘to the fella over there, with the hella good hair’ every time and it irritates Merlin to no end

anonymous asked:

Im terrifyed. Im partway through series 4 of merlin and have heard lots of hints that it ends terribly. I saw one where it says merlin comes and leaves with nothing. This is not good what do i do.

This is probably a pretty unpopular opinion, but I really like how the show ends? I mean, it’s sad and tragic, but it’s more bittersweet than anything. I definitely wouldn’t call it terrible - it showcases the full circle of Merlin and Arthur’s relationship, and recognizes the level of their relationship that goes beyond friendship. And saying that Merlin comes and leaves with nothing is a pretty nihilistic view of the show - Are ten years of experiences and memories nothing? And there’s still a layer of hopefulness to it even within the tragedy.

I wouldn’t be afraid. The finale is one of my favorite episodes. It’s definitely tragic, and you will cry, but since the ending is so ambiguous, you have the choice of how to feel toward it. You can believe that tragedy is how it will always end and Merlin’s life is truly nothing, or you can believe that there is hope for the future, for Camelot, for Gwen and the knights, for Merlin and Arthur, and for Merlin’s life full stop. There’s so many possibilities for what could have happened both before and after the finale fades into black; why think that all of it has to be terrible?


“I want it.”

“You just want a happy ending.”

“Merlin, Agatha, don’t you?”

“No! I don’t! I want to be someone’s right now, Simon, not their happily ever after. I don’t want to be the prize at the end. The thing you get if you beat all the bosses.”

“You’re twisting everything. You’re making it ugly.”

She shrugs again. “Maybe.”

“Agatha…” I hold my hand out to her. The one that isn’t holding Baz’s handkerchief. “We can fix this.”

“Probably,” she says. “But I don’t want to.”

I can’t think of what more to say.

Omg no but an AU set in Shakespearean times where Merlin is an actor and Arthur is a nobleman who sees him perform and he’s so infatuated that he dresses as a peasant and auditions for a play he knows Merlin is in and gets the part. Long story short Merlin ends up playing the female lead and Arthur the male lead and it’s hard for them to separate their stage romance from real romance.