Happy Endings Sentence Starters Part 3
  • "We were spending 5 grand a month on of the month clubs."
  • "That girl's so whack, her first name should be knick knack paddy."
  • "Two things you should know about me, I'm selfless and I have moves like Jagger."
  • "Man I love the workplace, fluorescent lighting, stale coffee and the sweet sound of men quoting classic comedies."
  • "I was an investment banker. That's like one step below tonight show bandleader."
  • "You think a Bar Mitzvah gets hyped in this town without me knowing about it?"
  • "All that's in here his travel Guess Who and a terrifying amount of condoms."
  • "Alright enough with the showboating you tiny hooligan."
  • "Henceforth, I will now be known as "has or deals with clams."."
  • "We are just like two rabbits...doing it all the time...there's so much sex...and it's all hetero."
  • "I need some hand sani for my face."
  • "If I don't show up with a sack of clams I'm gonna look like a real dope!"
  • "She's like Crazy Stupid Love crazy, not like people who loved Crazy Stupid Love crazy, I mean she's not a psycho."
  • "This helmet wasn't just protecting my head, it was protecting my heart."
  • "I don't know what the two of you are up to, I think it's amazing, I want no part of it."
  • "Are you calling me a trophy wife because that's awesome!"
  • "He could be your soul mate, your kindred spirit, your One Tree Hill."
  • "So you and the guys wanna go check out some porno? Get some eyes on some thighs? Some peepers on some creepers? Some rods and cones on some bras and thongs?"
  • "A fist bump is a sacred contract between the fists of men."
  • "I still can't believe you lied to me about your birthday. I thought you were older than me. I thought I was married to a MILF!"
  • "Always start with your high end meats, skip veggies they'll only fill you up with nonsense."
  • "I'd storm out right now if my love for funeral food wasn't greater than my hatred for two selfish jerks."
  • "Get paid to have sex and eat free food, You beautiful broomstick I love it."
  • "He said I broke the glass ceiling. That's right, I'll climb that corporate ladder in a skirt and I don't care who looks up it because I keep my yard tidy!"
  • "Wow, that's what 275 pounds of lonely looks like."
  • "I don't know why I'm surprised, I once saw you put sunscreen on a grape because you didn't want it to become a raisin."
  • "I like tough chicks. Really tough. Tough and hairy... Dudes."
  • "Clearly you've never had a Jewish mother try and set you up."

anonymous asked:

Is part 3 going to be the end of neighbors or are you going to continue it? I really hope you do continue :)

I was planning on continuing it, but there weren’t many likes or feedback on the series so I didn’t think it was very popular. If there are enough followers that want to read another part, I will definitely write more for them!

Let me know what you think❤️

Page 42. In which Goat Mom runs like a coward and cries as the human walks right past her, on a mission perhaps? 

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“Saranghae-yo” bonus part 💕