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For ghoul grumps, what if Arin or Jon did their tiger/bear transformation for the first time in the style of the first half of Panic! at the Disco's "Emperor's New Clothes" Music Video

I had to look up the song bc ive never seen it ( or heard of it) but oh god hearing the bones popping out eww

I feel like it wouldnt look as painful bc they transform voluntarily? I dont know about the video, but the way everything twists and snaps reminds me of someone transforming against their will like maybe a full moon transformation or maybe a spell or potion?

You gonna make me look for an animation similar to what i have in mind lol

I…might try to draw it myself who knows? Thank you for the nice example though!! I think this actually works very well with @moss-likes-stuff ’s myth grumps au ;> They have werewolf!arin who has to do a pretty gruesome transformation every full moon so this would fit in nicely :0