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F - Faded by Alan Walker

R - Rollin’ In The Deep by Adele

A - All The Way by Schmoyoho (I still love this Irish smol bean’s song)

N - Novocaine by Fall Out Boy

Z - Zayn Malik (the only artist because I don’t know any songs that start w/ Z)

F - Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

R - 

I - If I Never See Your Face Again by Maroon 5

E - Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! At the Disco

S - Space Is Cool by Schmoyoho (I also love this cause Markiplier is so adorbs)

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C: “Coming of Age”- Foster the People
E: “Every Other Freckle”- Alt-J
L: “Like or Like Like” - Miniature Tigers
E: “Emperor’s New Clothes” -Panic! At the Disco
S: “Spaceman”- The Killers
T: “Tear in my Heart”- Twenty One Pilots
E: “Everybody Talks”- Neon Trees

anonymous asked:

I guess so. It's just so disbelieving that at this moment in time, people can continue to come up with some easily dispelled b.s. and people still think it's true. All of the Larrie theories from 2010 until now are so easy to poke a hole through and I think that those of us who have never been Larries will never understand the mindset because we saw the whole picture. It's why ex-larries talking are so important. You guys get it in ways we never will.

It’s the Emperor’s New Clothes thing.

They are so aware someone can just yell out how Larrie isn’t real and none of this makes any sense and that it’s been 6 years and not a single one of their 503959320203 page theses about contracts or management has changed anything and that literally nobody fakes a baby, so they have to try and harass and shame people from wanting to voice these things and to never consider leaving or abandoning them because the only way you can believe the Emperor has clothes on anymore is if enough of you are still prepared to reblog that he does.



the WHOLE fucking this is gospel video right, they’re fucking making u think Brendon’s fighting against people trying to kill him, but then theres the flatline at the end and 

HE FUCKING RUNS INTO THE LIGHT and now with the emperor’s new clothes video where he fucking walks into heaven then falls into hell–they’re not trying to kill him; they’re trying to save him. he’s not fighting against death; he’s fighting against life

“if you love me let me go” shit dude i’m not okay IM NOT CRYING YOURE CRYING