The Great Metropolis Theory

The Chase Suite is set in 2719, as stated in the trailer

But on “Locked Inside” on The ArchAndroid, Cindy cites the year as being 3005.

Some possibilities immediately present themselves.

  • Nearly three hundred years pass between The Chase Suite and The ArchAndroid. While this would seem perfectly possible for Cindi, her lover is human, and there’s no mention of humans being able to extend their lives at all, let alone quintuple a current average lifespan.
  • Cindy, for reasons unknown, is being metaphorical and/or exaggerating on “Locked Inside.”
  • Monáe didn’t think the specific year was as relevant as the idea of the distant future, and used a specific number which fit the occasion. Thus, in The Chase Suite she was paying homage (2719 is a numerical anagram for 1927, the year Fritz Lang’s Metropolis came out), and in The ArchAndroid she was looking for a year to fit in the rhyme scheme (both the cadence and to rhyme with ‘genocide’). 

I assumed the last for a while. Then Q.U.E.E.N. dropped.

In the music video for Q.U.E.E.N., the video-guide specifies the frozen figures are ‘rebels that time travel.’ 

Of course, in a saga like this, time travel makes sense. 

It makes the most sense if, instead of Monáe and Cindi being alter egos, or one being a cinematic representation of the other, Monáe is Cindi. Literally, as well as in every way. In support of this idea is the fact the museum time counsel member / curator lists the ‘rebel that time-travels’ not as Cindy Mayweather, but as Janelle Monáe. 

In which case, none of the above are the reasons for the 300 year discrepancy. Time travel is, and it goes like this:

When the Metropolis Saga ends, Cindi will be destroyed and/or time travel back to 2007, when The Chase Suite was released. Or possibly 2001, when Monáe arrived in Atlanta. Or also potentially 1985 when Monáe was born. (A future god sending a baby version of herself to the earth to save humanity? The only way Cindi-as-Christ-figure could be made more explicit would be if the future cyberpolice crucify her on a neon cross.) Cindi. a time-traveling droid, has come back from the future to save us, and she is Janelle Monáe. 

She defies every label, and She’s come to save us all with love and music.