First haul from Oblivion! I’ve really only been playing Morrowind for the past month or so, so it was a bit difficult to get readjusted to full voice acting and havoc physics. Hence the small haul.

I managed to get havoc physics to play nice so I could position these lifted items, but soon after this screenshot was taken everything flew everywhere. Oh well.

All of these were lifted from the Imperial City market district.

Tan Linens: 2 Septims

Burgundy Linens: 2 Septims

Thick Cowhide Shoes: 1 Septim

Russet Felt Outfit: 2 Septims

Total Savings: 7 Septims!

Am-Ejiar Perision’s family are travelling fishmongers, and throughout her childhood and teenage years she helped prepare the numerous soups and condiments, also assisting in the smoking and preserving of fish. She clearly didn’t like her job - and was quick to move out into Skyrim when of age!

Skyrim: Naming Resources/Inspiration

Hi everyone,

like probably everyone else and their mother, I got myself The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! And what can I say? I loved Morrowind, I had so much fun with Oblivion, and Skyrim is just so cool and…epic. Simply epic. The soundtrack, textures, design, world-building, amount of quests and tasks, the amount of freedom the player has…stunning!

But, with the setting comes - for me, at least - the problem of naming one’s characters. I like to stay as close to the ‘roots’/'setting’/'vibe’ as possible, which is why I put a lot of consideration into naming the characters that I make. Because of that, I compiled some sources and resources on names for 'Skyrim’-characters. Mainly I researched names suitable for a Nord, but I also have some general sources and tips.

The list(s) may be interesting for those like me, who like to chose their character’s name(s) according to the mood of a game, or those who simply want some inspiration for their characters’ names.

General tips

-> If you can, look at past games for inspiration. If you do not possess any of the previous games, or aren’t willing to look/re-install etc, check out the various 'Elder Scrolls’-wikis:,, etc. You can either

a) Just copy the exact name of a minor/major NPCs of a previous game of the same race and sex/gender; that way, you can be sure it fits 100% to the names of the NPCs of the same race.

b) Recombine or reinterpret, change or rearrange names of characters of previous installments; for example, take the first name of one character, and the last name of another. Or create female form of a male name, or the other way around, etc. If you stick with the race, it should 'fit’.

-> You can also, of course, write/type down a list of previous names of one race, compare them and collect the differences and similarities between the names of one race and sex/gender, and create your own names out of those 'rules’ or guidelines.

Name Generators - General: - generates a selection of names for the different races of Tamriel, for both genders/sexes. The selection is, as far as I have experienced, limited, but of course, the same tips as above apply to these names as well; they can be re-arranged, shortened, recombined, changed.

Name Generators - Specific - Imperials: - Select all possible 'Roman’, and possibly 'Greek’, names. As far as I am aware, Imperial names are very close to or directly Latin/Roman names.

Name Generators - Specific - Nord: - Again this generator, but this time, select 'Norse Myth’, as well as Finnish, Swedish, German, Ancient Germanic, etc., since Nord names seem to be based on or directly taken from Norse/Germanic names.

Name Lists: - Check out the lists of 'Finnish’, 'Frisian’, 'German’, 'Norwegian’, 'Germanic Mythology’, 'Norse Mythology’, 'Finnish Mythology’, 'Ancient Germanic’ and 'Ancient Scandinavian’ names (list of name lists may not be complete) for names. They are very extensive, and offer also references to the relations to other names, alternative spellings, meanings and origins of the names, which may enable you to even give your character a name that matches the character’s personality, profession, etc. - Chose your list of interest depending on the race of your character; Europe-Scandinavia, and parts of Europe-Medieval and Europe-Western should offer you names and their meanings and origins for Nord characters. - Extensive lists of names and generators both. While seemingly created for naming pets, these names should also work for game characters.

Other Sources - A page that offers extensive advice and info on Old Norse naming techniques/naming techniques in the Viking Age. Very interesting in itself, very helpful for naming a character in the game, but it requires some reading time. - English-Old Norse dictionary (pdf.-format). If one wants to use Old Norse words as character names, this is a nice source. Especially useful if one wants to give their character a 'meaningful’ name, in my opinion. - Another English-Old Norse dictionary, this time in form of a web-page.

(PS: Some of these pages may even hold names or terms that you encounter in the game - I recall seeing 'Jarl’ and/or 'Draugr’ in them somewhere…)

That is, so far, all I have managed to find.

I am thankful for any kind of additional sources, info, generators, comments. Since the game has been out for about a month now, and I have only one character so far, I am always thankful for name sources for future characters.

I also am no expert on Old Norse and Germanic/Norse languages, and did not want to spend needlessly long to search for a nice name for my character, therefore some of the information may be slightly 'superficial’.

I hope I could help you with this list. Have fun playing the game!

Drem yol lok, I finally finished Skyrim! :D

What a ride, so many things to do, places to see, adventures to be had, and people to save (who forget all your good deeds if you so much as think about harming their chickens).
Definitely a game I recommend to everyone.

Su'um arhk morah.


The Admin hasn’t been feeling well as of recent, so only two small hauls from Mournhold right now. I really can’t wait to get back to Vvardenfell, everyone in Mournhold is stuffy and suspicious.

From the Argonian Pawnbroker:

1 Scroll of the Fifth Barrier: 156 Septims

3 pieces of Bread: 1 Septim each

Total Savings: 159 Septims!

Then, just across the road at the Mournhold Magic Shop…

1 piles of Fire Salts: 100 Septims

3 Diamonds: 250 Septims each

3 Pearls: 100 Septims each

Total Savings: 1150 Septims!

The total savings from both hauls in all was 1309 Septims!

anonymous asked:

Just letting you know the photo you use for you're banner is actually from skyrim which is a video game not you're fault you couldn't have known but next time you pick a photo you will know to pay more attention but I don't blame you it's a totally understandable mistake for girl like you to make

Here’s the thing, I took that photo myself. When playing Skyrim myself. Because I’ve played elder scrolls three, four and five. Because I’m a gamer. And you are a sexist cunt. And I have no patience for rude boys who treat gamer girls like shit. My banner is a picture of Bleak Falls Barrow because I thought it was pretty.

And for your information I’m a level fucking ninety in Skyrim. You might be thinking “nah the levelling cap is 82” and you are right. But I have the legendary fucking edition. Because I wasn’t content with the vanilla edition. I finished every fucking quest and found every fucking location and levelled up every fucking skill to one hundred and then reset them and levelled them up a bit more.

Don’t believe me? Ask steedsy, my boyfriend.

Get the fuck off my blog you sexist, rude, dickhead and maybe think twice before you try to show up a girl who has two thousand fucking hours on my favourite fucking game.

I expect you to apologise.

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