i started playing Skyrim again and I used the Live Another Life mod and so my Khajiit woke up in the middle of the woods after being mugged and left for dead, wandered around, found a dead bandit and a horse, rode the horse and fled from a pack of wolves AND a saber cat, found a friendly-seeming Inn and sold all the food on her person to be able to afford a bed. The saber-cat then materialized INSIDE THE INN and i had to PUNCH IT TO DEATH because i had no weapons except my MEATY CLAWS and then a ghost came out of nowhere and told me to go find his sword. I said okay.

I got lost and found Markarth and somehow became part of a rebellion and got arrested and then got some cool feather clothes for helping the Forsworn kill Ever Single Guard In The City after I shivved a guy for them. I fled and found a mine and punched Every Forsworn To Death and took a guys heart and then ate it for Science. The people who owned the mine thanked me and gave me money so I could buy a dog.

I love Skyrim