My dash is pretty dead, so I’m in desperate need of new blogs to follow. If you post any of the things listed below, please like/reblog and I’ll check your blogs out. c:

• Mystric Messenger
• Danganronpa 
• Fallout
• Dragon Age
• Mass Effect
• Dishonored
• Telltale’s The Walking Dead / The Wolf Among Us / Tales from the Borderlands
• Uncharted
• Bioshock
• The Elder Scrolls
• Life is Strange
• Outlast
• Silent Hill

• Buffy the Vampire Slayer
• iZombie
• Agents of Shield
• New Girl
• Daredevil
• Brooklyn Nine-Nine
• Lucifer
• Limitless
• Adventure Time
• Friends
• The Hunger Games
• Harry Potter
• The Office
• Gravity Falls

• Attack on Titan
• Kiznaiver
• Danganronpa
• Durarara!!

• Aesthetic
• Photography
• Quotes, etc.

And you can find the fandoms not listed on this post here.

favorite video game things:

  • when you glitch thru the ground and fall into infinity as you watch the map get smaller and smaller above you
  • when you get the camera pov too close to a character and you actually move inside their body and can see the entirety of each eyeball and every one of their teeth
  • when characters ragdoll mid-speech
  • when something dead ragdolls violently, bonus points if accompanied by a slamming noise
  • when a character model glitches so parts of the body spaghettifies or even better, turns into writhing lovecraftian shapes of enormous size
  • when the game freezes while your controller is vibrating and it just keeps vibrating and you set it down on the ground  and watch how far it goes before your console kills itself and ends the vibration
  • when the game freezes and your console makes a horrible metallic scraping noise and kills itself

So, I made a picture for my sis, featuring that unstoppable disaster, unleashed on peaceful land of Skyrim.
Fighter, cleric, mage and thief.
Title is similar to the name of a russian joke song about table-played RPG and a party of adventurers.