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Chapter 26: Auriel’s Bow
Pairing: Female Dragonborn/Serana
Rating: M
Length: 122k/150k+
Tags: slow burn, adventure, not canon compliant, diverges from main story
Summary: Eira never wanted to save the world, but when she accidentally releases an ancient vampire from her crypt, she finds herself along for the ride whether she likes it or not.

We’re a little more than halfway done, kids. In a few chapters I’ll post a note giving you a better idea of where we’re headed but this is where we really start to leave the main story and start following a different path than the one Dawnguard lays out for you. I hope you like it!

Finally started a new game of Skyrim, with almost all the mods listed here (all except the Phenderix one).

(Septims having weight, and the vast increase in the weight of ores and ingots, is the biggest adjustment so far.  Also the look of the new crafting interface.)

Playing a female Breton.  She’d been kidnapped at a young age by evil sorceresses and forced to work for them, and recently escaped but was caught in the Imperial ambush that caught Ulfric.  Might grow to become a witchhunter and fight malevolent mages, or follow the destiny her former captors had in mind and embrace darkest sorceries, becoming the Wolf Queen’s heir.

And here’s something that may push her one way or the other: her first encounter with vampires.

I’d just come back from Bleak Falls Barrow, with Dragonstone in hand.  The sun was setting, and I sold all the weapons and armor and crap I’d gotten from the bandits and draugr in the barrow.  I headed to Dragonsreach to deliver the stone to Farengar, which triggered the dragon attack on the Western Watchtower.  Before heading out I checked my equipment, and noticed I’d gone up a level (from an increase in Speech from selling my stuff earlier).  I leveled up, to 10, then headed out, and a Courier stopped me, delivering an inheritance… from Bergritte Battle-Born.  I didn’t think anything of this at first, and continued on tot he main gate where Irelith and some Whiterun Guards were gathered…

… along with the corpses of one Master Vampire, and two Vampire Thralls, and Bergritte Battle-Born, Belethor, and Adrianne Avenicci!!!


Will such a sight steel her determination to oppose supernatural evils?  Or will it drive her back to the familiar, yet corruptive, arms of her former captor-sisters?