Chun thuamer arkngd chend duathand, th ahvardn btham. Amz thuamer ahrkanch kemelmzulchond aka
Mora, th thuangz ahrk, th duum melz thuabtharng, th kanthaln duabcharn mzin thuastur, btharumz thua
mer zel. Abakch duumarkng tuathumz amakai, th abakch avatheled kagr tuamkingth mzan. Du chal fahl
ngark, che du fahl bthun ur. Du chal fahl ngalft, che du bthun ur. Du abak chal thu abazun nchur
duabthar, nchul duanchard. Th ur thuanchuth irknd, ur irkngth eftardn, thunch fahlz. Bthun abak dua
mzual th nchuan duarkng, chun fahlbthar thuanchardch anum ralz, th eftar thuachendraldch kagren thua
” – The Inscription on Calcelmo’s Stone
And so it was that your people were given passage to our steam gardens, and the protections of our power.
Many of your people had perished under the roaring, snow-throated kings of Mora,
and your wills were broken, and we heard you, and sent our machines against your enemies, to thereby take you under.
Only by the grace of the Dwemer did your culture survive,
and only by the fifteen-and-one tones did your new lives begin.
We do not desire thanks, for we do not believe in it. We do not ask for gratitude, for we do not believe in it.
We only request you partake of the symbol of our bond, the fruit of the stones around us.
And as your vision clouds, as the darkness sets in, fear not.
Know only our mercy and the radiance of our affection, which unbinds your bones
to the earth before, and sets your final path to the music of your new eternity.

Commission post

Hey loveliez, I’m opening commissions! ♥

Thoose are icons, minimalist design of a character, it can be an OC of yours, a character from somewhere else, whatever you want (as far as possible) !

Payment : The current price is 9€ via paypal only

Contact : you can contact me via my tumblr @quizzikemen or via email 

Feel free to talk with me if you have questions too! Also I don’t have a specific number of slots, you can contact me whenever you want ~

References : please send me references via email with “your tumblr name ” in the subject : pictures references (screenshots, doodles,sketchs etc…), color of their eyes/hair/skin tone, color theme, specify if they have a tatoo/ scar/ special feathure… everything you can send me that you think necessary

Exemples here and here 

Thankyou ~

Oh sure, Nords may constantly complain about how magic is bad, just like they have a weird fixation about dairy. But you watch, a Nord comes into the inn with some scrape or wound they picked up working that day and a little ray of sunshine like Ioke says, hey, let me take a look at that? Why suddenly, Loudy McMagicHater Nord is all for it.

manipulating people for their own good since 2017! I mean…wait…since 4E 201?

anonymous asked:

What were Tev and Dren's opinions of some of the... interesting people they had to encounter during Tev's having to be confirmed as Hortator (assuming it happens roughly the same as it would in game)? Such as Divayth Fyr, or Bolvyn Venim, etc.

Man, for most people it’s safe to say they were making this face a lot.

Generally, though, they liked Divayth Fyr and some of the more pleasant councilors.  House Telvanni in general was a trip.  That said…

Tev’s least favorite individual was Bolvyn Venim, for whom she had a number of choice words.  When he suggested a duel in the Arena, she was all too happy to take him down.

And Dren’s least favorite was Crassius Curio.  For what I assume are obvious reasons.

Tev/Dren Masterpost

I went over board on testing out some shading for this Inktober & it got a litte messy, but I still like it …so far.

Daro'Mei often struggled with learning new stuff from the Companions & especially the College of Winterhold. But something that she’s always been good at from the start of her Dragonborn adventures- being a bad-A stealthy sniper! *^_^*