🍂 Happy Autumn 🍂   

With the season comes great change and celebration …

And with hitting the mark of 3 months on HRT I am seeing changes in more than just nature. I’m due for my next appointment and would like to hit a goal by the date in order to cover most or (wishfully thinking) all of the out of pocket medical costs. Every commission—however small—helps me get closer to my goal.

- I have a post with more information here if anyone is interested -


  • Personal use only
  • No nsfw (artistic nudity is fine)
  • I need half the payment upfront

Contact me here or for any inquiries

(As always, reblogs are very much appreciated and a very helpful way to show support if commissions don’t fit in your budget)

So, I am really looking for more people to follow and interact with, so please give this post a like/reblog if you write in any of the following fandoms/verses or would like to do so in the future? I will definitely check your blog out then! I am often really insecure of who I can approach and who I cannot, so I would be really delighted about some directions!
    My spoiled little angel brat looks for people to play with! 

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