• Greybeards: It is time, we must summon them...
  • The very ground rumbles and quakes as the Greybeards prepare to speak, and when they do, the sound of their thu'um rips through the wind all across Skyrim, heard by all the nine Holds, and causing many Nords to wonder if Kyne herself has conjured up a storm to end all storms: DO-VAH-KIIN!
  • Off in the distance, accompanied by a sound that is akin to the clap of thunder and the roar of a beast unfathomable outside of myth, is the thu'um of the one who, on their own, has the potential of vastly outmatching all of the ancient and powerful Greybeards themselves. It is none other than The Last Dragonborn, the lone figure whom the Wheel now turns upon, and the last hope of thwarting The World Eater: new Voice who dis