On Sandra Bland’s 29th birthday my blood is boiling to see this. A University professor, arrested, body searched, and HANDCUFFED to a desk over a parking ticket.

What we see with Imani and what we saw with ‪#‎SandraBland‬ is that education, employment, position, privilege, style, influence, etc. are not adequate forms of protection from bad policing. It’s very sad that we must be scared of those who are in power mainly to protect and serve! 

A professor at Princeton University wrote about her arrest this weekend for what she said was a three-year-old parking ticket, sparking debate on social media between those who see it as an example of racist behavior by police and others who believe it was an overreaction to a minor incident.

Her account tapped into the national conversation over police treatment of black people that has led to protests, including demonstrations at Princeton and many other colleges.

Imani Perry, a professor of African American studies at Princeton who earned her doctorate and law degrees at Harvard, told this story online:

This story shows us that education, position, power, style, etc. are not protection from bad policing. This is sad but let’s accept the ugly truth - the color of cop’s victim determine the further actions the cop will take. 
I Stand With Perry because the idea that Black women academics are strong and the sum of books and degrees but have no feelings is wrong.


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like literally… matt healy is

  • a white dude who cant sing.. unless you count “british white boy who can whine and yodel at the same time” as a way of singing
  • an islamophobe (who didnt take a mulism person who tried to educate him seriously because they were a harry styles twitter account)
  • a misogynist who assumed a woman’s level of intelligence based on how she looked and basically said “lol do u know who i am tho??”
  • a transphobe

like how do yall actually take that dude and his band serious when everything they do looks and sounds like it came from one of those pale tumblr blogs that like to remove captions from every post

anonymous asked:

Your answer to the new teacher anon was spot on. I would also add for this anon that perhaps, if possible, you should look at other schools. I have been lucky that my administration has always been incredibly supportive, but many of my friends came to our school from others specifically because they were treated the way you have been. Desire for strong support is a completely acceptable thing to bring up in an interview- a good school administration knows nobody is an instant success! Good luck.


“Popular State of Mind”


It’s funny where some people’s priorities lie, and what they believe to be so important. A popular state of mind for a lot of high school students is to fit in with the popular crowd. It’s a very uninteresting crowd of people trying to out do each other, they don’t really care about environmental or social justice issues, things that matter, they’d much rather talk about materialistic objects and how “fun” they are to be around, whilst trying to impress the empress.

I get it you want to be popular, I know! I’ve been there first hand. You want everyone to think more highly of you than you think of yourself, you want them to believe that you’re an amazing person. You might have to do a few things you don’t want to do, say a few things you don’t really agree with and get rid of a few friends, but it’s alright because popularity will make you a better person right? Wait.

Popularity shouldn’t be your first thought, when it comes to fitting in and being the person you want. Popularity shouldn’t be a thought at all. I’m not saying all people who are popular are terrible people, some people are just genuinely liked by everyone. I’m just saying that the popularity system isn’t something we should be focusing on, it isn’t something that you should strive to be apart of, it isn’t healthy for the people who are affected by judgement and the bullying mentality of people who think they’re superior. We should all just focus on our selves, go to school for our education and forget about this irrelevant social structure of popularity.

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The United Kingdom.

When you speak of places and people separately the world seems like an endless broken trail of nothing.

But when you look carefully for the pieces and the moments - and the actions that make us human, you realize the earth’s potential.

You notice humanity.

And you wish to do something.


The current HES for MALALA campaign embodies this so please donate to the cause to fulfill not just the dreams, but the rights of children all over the world.

Fan of Harry Styles or not, I’m sure you are a fan of education rights and opportunities for all.

Donate here. 

Please, the campaign ends at midnight tonight.

Learn more about the Malala Fund here.

And a very lovely and blessed birthday to Harry Edward Styles 💕

:) All photos that you don’t recognize as Harry’s or of him, are mine from my trip to Pakistan back in 2013. I’m Pashtun like Malala, and am from the same region; the photos are also taken in the same region.
(My words also, I tried 🙈)