Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is one of the great young leaders in the Climate Recovery movement. He and his brother, Itzcuauhtli started Earth Guardians and I met them at the Climate March Dawn Ceremony of the indigenous people in Central Park.
Xiuhtezcatl, speaks passionately and from the heart about the ticking time bomb of Climate Change and how important it is to move to Solutions today. Thank you, on behalf of my children and all the children of the world Xiuhtezcatl for inspiring the  world leaders to take climate action this year’s COP21 in Paris.
Itxchautl, is raising funds to send him to get the kind of education to match his brilliance and learning style. Please give him a hand.

Spend Your Summer Productively: Educate Yourself -  Elric Brothers Style

1) Have a ton of books lying around (and by “a ton” I mean “A TON”)

2) Read said books with a passion

3) Analyze them & take notes of facts, connections and the thoughts and ideas they inspired in you

4) Despair (because you WILL hit a wall sooner or later)

5) Pull through

6) Be awesome 

7) Drink some tea and take a break. You deserve it :)

these are actual things that you can actually buy and i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything so glorious

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If you are going to call out people or idols copying Kyungsoo, then please educate yourself first. Kyungsoo happens to copy and paste the style and artistic flair of many artists such as Boyz II Men, Lloyd, Usher, MJ etc. He has to train his voice to the point where he can come out with a smooth, R&B flow to his sound, in which he happens to pull off well. And why? Because he "copies" and pastes the artists before him. You so thirsty for an idol in Korea that won't even look your way. smh gtfo

Kyungsoo invented the R&B style sweaty, nice try (:


Things that inspire us:

Pepe Marble Mirror DKK Design by STUDIOPEPE

“Marble Mirror is solid, durable and meant to last. Year after year after year. The classic design and clean aesthetics, inspired by the style in late 50’s Italy, give the mirror a great iconic value. An object to be used and enjoyed everyday – and some day, maybe even passed on to future generations.

Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto at STUDIOPEPE. explains, “We like the Italian aesthetic from the late 50’s and up – back then the educated and sophisticated growing middle class had a style who was very well represented by masters such as Caccia Dominioni, Gio Ponti and de Carli and in Michelangelo Antonioni’s movies like ‘La notte’. A style, which used a lot of precious materials such as marble, brass, precious woods and patterns.”

STUDIOPEPE. wants their designs to be durable enough to last. Like, really last. They elaborate, “We like to use really great materials, which gain beauty over the years – not the opposite. We believe that such beautiful design product has to last almost forever. It’s like Dostoevskij said: ’Beauty will save the world’.”

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Any thoughts on the parallels between re-education Qunari-style and re-education Dorian's-father-using-blood-magic-style?

ohhhh yes I do! I’m having trouble forming them into coherent sentences, though, so please forgive the word vomit.

There is one big difference: consent. Dorian never wanted to be changed, and that would have been forced on him—whereas Bull willingly gave himself to the re-educators, because he thought he was broken and needed to be fixed.

(See this excerpt from the World of Thedas, which breaks my HEART)

[…] He grew up in this orderly world you all made, and it all makes sense to him, people make sense, and he thinks that if he does the right thing, then everything will work.

[…] He thinks it’s his fault, that he failed to live up to the demands of the Qun.

- Post-mission deposition from team member Gatt on mental state of his commander, Hissrad

The methods are different, too. Halward would have altered Dorian’s mind entirely; the re-educators use torture (sleep deprivation, restricting food/water, etc.) to slowly nudge their detainees into believing what they tell them. (Which sort of makes sense, within the Qun? Since it’s weird about choice: “It is every individual’s choice whether or not they act according to their nature.”)

But, in the end, the result is change—so they would suit a role that someone else decided for them.

Dorian is very proud of who he is, I think, and secure in his identity. (As a Tevinter, as a mage, as a gay man, etc.) I doubt he could ever understand why Bull would let someone decide how he thinks. And post-Demands of the Qun Bull is probably having second thoughts, too, even if he doesn’t go Tal-Vashoth. (Picture the t-shirt: “The re-educators sent me to Orlais and all I got was a dead squad. Again.”)

I think it’s interesting—and tragic—that the people doing the re-educating believe in what they’re doing. Qunari re-education isn’t unusual; it’s a core part of their society at this point. And blood magic is obviously common in Tevinter.

Although, now that I think about it, Halward might not have truly believed that ritual was the correct thing to do. I think he pretended that it was, for his family—for his own legacy—until he almost convinced himself. (Not that he deserves sympathy. I doubt his conversation with Dorian is entirely honest, but he’s clearly uncomfortable with what happened, and he has to know that all the blame falls squarely on his own shoulders.) 

Dorian and Iron Bull would talk about it, definitely. (Maybe after the confrontation in Redcliffe?) I think Dorian wonders about what his life would have been like, if his father’s plan had worked. (If you’re a puppet, what’s worse: being unaware, or knowing that someone is pulling your strings?) And Bull must wonder how much longer he would have lasted in Seheron, if he hadn’t turned himself in.

oh. and now I’ve made myself sad.