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How did Mineta even get the name "Rat Bitch"

Oof it’s because one day back in the summer, someone edited his whole wiki page to just “rat bitch”

It was fucking hilarious. 

However, the mods of the wiki didn’t think so. They replaced his original information and went as far as to lock his page from further edits from the public. 

You joke edit a page on Wikipedia about the Mayans. You changed the post to read that the Mayans abandoned their homes in the 8th century to join the nation of Atlantis. The next day, the Atlantian special forces kidnap you and interrogate you in their Bermuda outpost.


She just needs a foot massage

P.S. Guys I realized that I didn’t shade in Todoroki’s shirt in the second last page a while after I posted, and now it’s finally getting to me. I’m sorry for being careless in the first place, but I’m now putting up the edited page (especially for those of you who enjoy saving artwork). Thank you for your understanding.

  • ron bashers: romione sucks because ron doesn't care about her
  • me, an intellectual: harry potter and the deathly hallows uk edition page 375, chapter 23, line 8

The before and after of a magazine page I edited. I saw a post on tumblr awhile ago and I said in the tag that I was gonna get rid of all the text and I finally did!!!! It took such a long time and you can tell where I gave up but I’m super proud of it!

I wanted to add Ace but I couldn’t find any official art of him in a film gold outfit so if anyone knows where to find something like that or wants to send it to me I would be forever grateful!!!


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( trigger warning: flashing images & food )