any scrap of human drawing ability i might’ve had has been undermined by half a decade of drawing nothing but science goblins and space furries so uh,,, bear w/ me a lil here………. and have some doodles in the meantime !!

neways this is my sith inquisitor de’asha. he is a bit pouty and prissy and is a big imperial agent groupie. they tolerate his fanboying and wild flights of idealistic fancy bc he is unintentionally terrifying and also a mostly sensible, by-the-books interrogator

overall he is a soft soft maybe-approaching-light-side-maybe-not sith and it’s a small wonder he’s not been demolished yet


Or in the case of Laz’ab, /STARVE THE BASTARD/

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Imperial Agent Gathering (aka Spyjam 23 ATC!)

Quick Information

Host: Puren (Empire, EBON HAWK SERVER)
Who: Sith Intelligence Agents and support personnel
What: Gathering of Sith Intelligence personnel
Where: Puren’s SH (will be giving invites and silver keys to a few folks)
When: Thursday 25 May @ 7:30pm EST
((Thanks as always to @rhomellegacy for the wonderful art!))

Greetings, fellow SWTOR RPers! It has been a crazy few years for the operatives, infiltrators, direct-action experts, and support personnel who make Sith Intelligence the paragon of professional excellence that it is. With everyone fighting their own far-flung actions, it can be hard for Agents to stay abreast of what their friends are doing in the shadows. At the behest of Sith Intelligence leadership, any personnel who can make it have been recalled to Dromund Kaas to update each other, network, rekindle old friendhips—and ensure that no one accidentally compromises someone else’s operation

This will be in Kaas City, specifically at Kobus Puren’s command post (helpfully portrayed by my SH), at 7:30 PM EST.

Anyone and everyone who wears the uniform of Imperial Intelligence! Whether you’re a sneaky Cipher, a calculating Watcher, a dogged paramilitary operative, or one of the thousands of support personnel who enable their operations, you are welcome to come out and chat with your fellow agents.

A Note On Sith Attendance

Meetings of this nature are intended primarily for the Agents of Sith Intelligence, the non-force-users who make the organization what it is. By longstanding tradition, rank, role and designation chauvinism are left at the door so that everyone can engage equally as intelligence professionals. However, if your Sith [i]does[/i] wish to attend, they will be expected to abide by these same customs, and should expect to be treated like any other denizen of the Empire.

This will be a non-combat social event at Puren’s command post, broken down into two parts. The first will be a meeting of all Intelligence personnel for everyone to update each other of their campaigns: everyone’ll sit down in the audience, Puren will ask for volunteers to come up and discuss their ongoing operations. This is your chance to let everyone know how awesome your ongoing stories are, and possibly create hooks for other writers who might want to join in! Just try to keep it concise, because if there’s heavy turnout we need to make sure everyone who wants to go can get a chance.

The second part will simply be a social hour upstairs in the lounge area of the command post (cause even Agents need some downtime). Mix with your fellow operatives, talk about good and bad ops alike, and enjoy the best booze that a spook can ask for.

Hope to see you all there—for the Empire!

It feels a little surreal but oh so satisfying to hold one of my own products in my hands, even if it is just Redbubble. Now if someone steals my mug I will go after them with a special kind of vengeance.

To anyone else who has bought something from my store, be it pillows or T-shirts, feel free to send photos my way. I’d love to share them!

pufflo  asked:

Laz'ab vs Arkley

OoOOooohh yes!! Thank you for asking this, it’s been a fun one I thought about a lot, not in the least back when Tel’nara was still Arkley’s Padawan (and Tel being Azil’mort’s kid).

I think pre-timeskip it would have been an easy win for Arkley, who has VASTLY better control of both his emotions and the Force. Laz’ab’s technique in general was very sloppy back then and he easily let his rage and paranoia get in the way. This meant he was more unpredictable in battle, but it also meant he forgot his training easily and put himself in a disadvantageous spot more than once.

(Like climbing on top of bigger Darths and offending Sith Purebloods to their faces …)

Prior to the timeskip, however, Laz’ab did realize this behaviour was putting not just himself but everyone else in danger. He would need to be a better Sith to protect his assets, and so he returned to Korriban to formally complete his training. Post-timeskip the fight would be on more even ground, though I do tend to see Arkley as the victor.

Luckily for Laz, R is not overly fond of killing if it can be avoided. He usually tries to see the best in people, even if they’ve done horrible things, and would resort to talking first. Who knows, maybe Jedi Laz’ab would become a thing.