Headcanons: Teaching you How to Fight

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Thorin:  Would take the situation very seriously.  Your safety would be extremely important to him, and he’d want to be sure you could defend yourself if he’s not around.  He might be a little strict in the beginning and even have Dwalin help with the teaching to get the point across. But he’d soon discover that you are focused and capable of putting these lessons to good use, and he would relax a little.

Fili: Isn’t as strict as Thorin, but he’d still take it pretty seriously.  Lessons would be relatively short and to the point, but knowing Fili, there would definitely be some flirting and time spent just talking and telling stories.  You’d also be traiined in self defense with knives and swords.  The two of you would become a dynamic duo during battle, coming to each other’s rescue.

Kili:  Would be more than happy to teach you all that he knew about fighting and self defense.  He might get distracted from time to time and end up telling jokes or flirting, but would be sure that you understood what was needed.  There would probably be more flirting than usual because he’d find it very attractive that you can fight. 

The days dwindle.

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 Fenril wasn’t found this night at the office, not Command, not even her forge. No. She could be seen at the Stormwind stables. A stall was kept open and rented out for Beaky, that stall would be where Fenril was this night. 

 Beaky was laid out in a batch of soft blankets and hay, the sassy bird was spoiled rotten and relished in said spoils. Fenril took his casual demeanor to sit and lay against him. Her back pressed into Beaky’s midsection. The stall had a sunroof Fenril propped open so the dynamic duo could stare upwards at the night sky. “You know my old friend…you cannot come with me this time. Every war…every bit of combat since I’ve met humanity you’ve been at my side…now…now you cannot come with me.” Fenril wondered if he understood. If he knew what she was saying, though as she did a hand extended to finger through his aging feathers. Once vibrant reds, blues, and greens now dulled and silvered out. “Yaesa left the unit…maybe she will not have to go…not to hell. That…that is where I am going Beaky. Hell.” 

 She kept staring at the night sky. Her eyes closed after a long moment. “I will find someone to take care of you…if not Yaesa…someone. You will not be left to fend for yourself at your age my friend…you will not go down like that…” 

 Fenril in this moment realized fate was not hers to determine. Every battle, every war, every inch of combat in her life she’d been able to aid, command, make tactical plans. -Something-. Now she made armor, she comforted what people would listen to her. Many in Stormwind she realized had faith in what she did day in and day out. But would that same faith come again on the battlefield? Would the elder Kaldorei find herself on the field of battle calling the shots? She wasn’t sure herself what would happen on Argus. There were blissful moments of clarity in war that she had sure fire answers, those were few and far between lately. Fenril wanted what was right done, that was her goal, her drive, her purpose. That’s what got her where she’s been, where she is. Doing the right thing, it does pay off. 

But her mind didn’t dwell on that for all too long. Would she even make it past the initial landing on Argus? Her mind went to Draenor, the horrors heard and seen of that conflict. The sole war she’d hadn’t been to in five thousand years. Then to Outland, the push through. The gates as they opened to the maw of demons. Honor hold came to mind. Faces of men and women lost…the Broken Shore. Every battle she’d been to, every one and thing she’s killed in service. She in this time realized the hours ticked by slower and slower…the deployment to Argus was so close and yet; even a woman that’s lived this long felt time couldn’t go by any faster. Seconds felt like hours as she stared at hell itself in the sky. How could Fenril hope to make it past this? 

 The truth was she never planned to. Surviving hell didn’t mean escaping it, tricking the mind to think there’s hope in the darkest of hours. No. Fenril wouldn’t fancy hope and dreams, she knew reality, the stakes, the risk. She turned her head to look at Beaky. “My friend…if I come back…if I come home…may you be here waiting for me. Whether it be in a casket…or in the flesh. You…you be here.” She patted his wing, the bird cawed in confusion. What was his best friend doing?

 Her response was to reach in her pocket, a piece of beef jerky produced the once mighty hippogryph would gladly gobble up. It calmed him in the moment, relishing in the treat given. It gave Fenril enough time to come to a stand, leaving that sunroof open for Beaky as she picked up her things to leave. Her bags and his saddle taken out. She’d have to clean everything up and prep for departure. Whomever would end up taking care of him would be given his simple riding saddle, with nothing attached. No one needed to know why Fenril was so emotional with her favored flying companion. They needn’t understand anything. She’d add another note to her will, to give a letter to whomever took care of Beaky while she’s gone if she should perish. That’s when it would matter. That’s when someone should know. 

 But Fenril wouldn’t say goodbye to Beaky, she never will. Goodbye implied she’d never see him again. No goodbye? They’ll see each other again. Whether it be in this life or the next. 

 She would see her best friend again.

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SMTM6 ep 7 thoughts

first of all:

OH YOU DON’T SAY *still petty af*

Dynamic Duo vs BizzyTiger team

Can’t really say who did better (Ryno vs BN) since half of Ryno’s punchlines were censored (seriously when is MNET gonna put a 19+ rating for this show, it’s already aired late at night so??). BN had some pretty clever lines. I feel like I’ve missed the point of some of Wonjae’s lines (if only I was fluent so I could appreciate the lines more), but it was alright overall. Asol.. I was pretty disappointed with that line fighting men and I just found out about the n word controversy so… I’d give this one to Nucksal and Woochan (mainly because Nucksal murdered them). Why is One Sun a diss tho? I don’t get it I’m sorry lol. Hanhae ftw I don’t even have to think about it. I mean Maniac was ok, but that’s all.

ZicoDean vs Dopark team

Ness had some nice lines, but Young B attacked more (if that makes sense, as Juno said: THE DISRESPECT). I will say this, I liked the little acting segments from both of them, it was fun. Juno and Woodie did alright, looooove Killagramz’ line about the empty stage lmao. I see you Hash Swan with your little punchlines (but that mistake ah it was a shame). Ja Mezz damn that was nice (tho it felt short for some reason, maybe it’s the editing, but honestly after those lines with wordplay on their names I didn’t need anything else). Ok, Hangzoo bringing the heat with his counter attack (lmao the team naaaame). This was my favourite match because both did so well.

Still, personally, nothing came close to Seo Chul Gu’s diss tbh

“Where” is such a nice song, the stage was fun. I’m really happy Hanhae finally got the chance to do the live performance. Aw, Chungha was so cute. Hanhae and DD really make a great team.

I think that’s the best part about Louis and Liam as a writing duo, though. What they had was magic because words can be beautiful and meaningful but melodies make words come alive. A melody can be powerful but words breathe meaning into it. You can essentially have one without the other but the two together make the life changing experience we know as music, and we have a lot to thank Louis and Liam for years of beautiful songs.