Listen to this songs:

Are you tired with mainstream kpop music? Then try listen to this songs, discover more of them and definitely they’ll give you a refreshing music. In no particular order.

  • Just - Crush, Zion T.

This song will give you a sexy vibes. This is so relaxing.

You can feel the emotions and how Sanchez slay the song with his voice plus eargasmic rap voice of Verbal Jint. 

This song has nice beats and after you listen this song, you’ll have a LSS! The singer is not that well-known but i can say his songs are jjang(amazing)!

Upbeat with a slow melody and a bit of jazz type, this song will make you groove together with the rap part!  

This song is kind of similar with the first two however what makes this song apart is you can listen this on rainy days and suddenly you;ll have this certain feels. 

I recommend that give these songs a try and you’ll definitely wont’t regret it. It has been a year and half since I exposed myself to Khiphop and not-so-mainstream korean music. I still remember when I had the moment where I talked to one of freestyle town artist named STi and until I spazz to khiphop / Krnb world.

anonymous asked:

Why are they so shady idgi... Apparently they can't date ppl or have other friends or the other twin is gonna shade tf outta u.. like why so possessive??? Nobody's gonna take your twin bros chill out.

They are both like that.  Master cock blockers.  But honestly, do you think he’s wrong?  Have they been on top of their game this year or have they been doing the SAME choreography for 8 months?  They are both entitled to be happy, but we don’t know what is REALLY going on, or what the other one knows and sees.  We don’t want a Yoko Ono situation up in this dynamic duo.  One thing we DO know, no one will ever love Larry more than Laurent.  

Ladies, Gentlemen, and everything outside and in-between, we do hope you’ve enjoyed the show so far, but now The Bones Brothers Traveling Cirque is proud to present its two starring acts of the evening, featuring the graceful talents of the Amazing Madame Arms and the impeccable acrobatics performed by the dynamic duo, the Flying Bullets! 

…Oh? It seems we have a new addition to the show tonight! In his first ever performance debut, give a warm welcome to the boy with iron skin, the chomp with arms of steel, The Mighty Runt!

Captain Swan AU Prompt Series No. 5 (B)

One shot series





No. 5 (A)

We’re Going Down Swinging Part 2

It is all out war. 

Man has a thousand and one names for woman, his favorites are stuck-up, pain in my ass, annoying-and especially just her last name, uttered with as much derision as he can muster. Woman, for her part, gives as good as she’s got, and is tremendously successful at getting under his skin by being exaggeratedly polite, as if this is the first time they have ever met. 

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(8:45): dope, dope, dope. 

1. dear tv (해열/reducing fever) - tablo / 2. cypher pt.3: killer - bts / 3. three dopeboyz (쌔끈해) - dynamic duo / 4. monster - vasco feat. verbal jint / 5. dali, van, picasso - beenzino / 6. knock out - gd&top / 7. born hater - epik high feat. beenzino, verbal jint, b.i, mino, bobby / 8. 8:45 heaven - drunken tiger / 9. burj khalifa (부르즈할리파) - epik high feat. yankie, gaeko / 10. 1219 epiphany - verbal jint / 11. the cypher 2012 - simon d, gaeko, tablo, dj tukutz, mithra, choiza. / 12. too much - rap monster. [listen]

I feel like ever since tumblr prophesied that Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Over the Garden Wall would be the new superwholock, GF and SU teamed up to eliminate OtGW so they would be a dynamic duo.


Batman’s 75th Anniversary!

Happy 75th you crazy old man. I don’t draw Batman often, but he’s obviously one of comic’s biggest icons so I had to make sure to do him justice…  cause, ya know… Batman’s all about justice!

For those of you in the Chicago area this is going to be part of the Fulton Street Collective’s “Holy 75th Anniversary, Batman!” show on April 26th. More info HERE! The more the merrier! I’d love to see you guys stop by and say hi.


Jonathan Case’s preliminary/promo artwork for the new Batman ‘66 comic, coming from DC Comics this summer, and based on the Adam West/Burt Ward series.