Chemistry is key in an on-screen romance. Also true with a buddy pairing?

Green: Yes. In series two, it’s all about fracturing the relationship, jeopardizing it. But the conflict all has to come out of, ‘I don’t want to lose you as a friend.’ It comes out of a genuine affection and caring for one another.

Norton: But they never talk about it: 'I love you, man.’ It’s so fun to play with, two men who have such affection for one another, in the 1950s, but aren’t able to tell one another. … It’s done through backgammon or beer or little gestures.

(Vicar, cop dynamic duo makes PBS’ 'Grantchester’ a standout)


Batman’s 75th Anniversary!

Happy 75th you crazy old man. I don’t draw Batman often, but he’s obviously one of comic’s biggest icons so I had to make sure to do him justice…  cause, ya know… Batman’s all about justice!

For those of you in the Chicago area this is going to be part of the Fulton Street Collective’s “Holy 75th Anniversary, Batman!” show on April 26th. More info HERE! The more the merrier! I’d love to see you guys stop by and say hi.


”Abby’s impact on, not only soccer, but women’s sports has been one that I don’t think someone can really match. I’ve been lucky to be able to witness that firsthand for the last six years. I looked up to her when I was in middle school and in high school and wanted to play next to her. Then I did realize that dream of playing next to her and when I did, she gave me confidence. She was my big sister. She’s just a great leader for this team and has had so much influence on this success of this team and on this sport.

It’s really hard to see her leaving the sport, because she’s done so much for it and has been so selfless in helping the sport continue to evolve and grow, not only in the States but globally. She’s a great speaker and honestly when anyone asks any of our team to speak, we always give the mic to Abby, because she is so good with her words. She’s unique and I’m going to miss her a lot.”- Alex Morgan


We’ve been meaning to tell you guys something…

Brandon asked me if I would do him the honor of being his girlfriend and join him on the journey of discerning marriage together. We got our chastity/promise rings blessed together to remind us of our commitment to each other and to Christ. We’ll write a longer post later about our story, because it is so beautiful and we want to spend our last night together before he has to leave tomorrow evening.

God has drawn us together and remains the cornerstone of all we do and are. He makes all things new.