Progress is progress, or is it?

So lately I have been concentrating quite a lot on my job and how to progress my career and like so many others I have found that when you do that… You progress. It does however come at a cost, the primary being that other parts of your life, start to fade. That was happening for me, I was concentrating so hard on getting further in my position that I felt I was losing a connection to my wife, my family and everything else in my life.

My job is project and deadline based, that means that everything is timed, everything is “dynamic” the buzz word of the century it seems sometimes. In a world of scientific constants, the only constand that remains the same is that change is a constant. Is there a point where change is no longer necessary? A younger me would cry “Blasphemy” at this ( I am not old either by the way ) but now in a stage of my life where time seems to slip through my fingers at every step… I long for some constants. Some things that can remain the same. Everything is moving and everything is being updated and moving along. 

Am I old before my time?

I have actually forgotten what I was interested in, what I used to like to do outside of work. A large part of my life was, what seemed like a lifetime ago, devoted to getting wasted.

Oh how I loathe my memory sometimes. The memory of how I wasted several years of my development and how I wasted my memory, which is now shot to shit as they say.

Have I made improvements in other areas since? By fuck, yes. Can I continue to? You better fucking believe it. I wont stop, I have to keep going, “Grinding” as they say, the other buzz word of this generation.

As I progress the challenges seem to stack more and the time to clear each one, longer but clear them I am and clear them I will keep up, because with my current level a lot of work is needed.

Focus and drive are essential for success, how can I keep them up?

I have to rediscover something outside of my career, something that I can get better at, not a distraction. Another area, I used to like to draw, and was for an amateur, decent. Creative and passionate and full of ideas.

I used to like to go to the gym regularly and in this period coming up I will have time again but to see your training maxes reset every year really pisses you off and the time to reach them again makes you angry and injuries happen because you get older and your lust for the next plate makes you careless.

Thankfully I have rediscovered my love of reading as mentioned in a previous post but that kind of gets knocked on the head too. There is never time it seems D: