On Twilight Wings

The flight from the dunes of Tanaris that morning was…slow. Like the grains of sand falling through the Hourglass were falling through water, their paths waylaid by some opposing current. I spared a glance along the span of Loranthis’ wing, mid-day sun glittering off strands of blue and violet as they caught the wind. Just over the very edge I caught sight of the cauldron where specks of bronze mingled with desert sand. Billows of it fanned out and swirled together to create a sort of haze the further away you got until it was impossible to see.

My eyes were set ahead to the north before that image faded away, and the winds lifted us up over the mountains. As the sight of rolling hills of endless grains gave way to tumbling waters, a tug of the reins drew us westward. It would add time to my journey back, but the diversion was necessary. For the first time in years every thought was a jumbled mess, chaos in my mind. All because of her.

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viceofalltrades  asked:

Vice approached the gent with a subtle expression of intrigue. She stood next to him as if she had been invited, her demeanor amicable and curious. "Now..." She began, her tone low and smooth, "Jus' who might you be? Looks alone got my attention, but whatcha got hidin' behind those?" She inquired, her smile unwavering on her lips. "Tell me, you a man of business?"

It was a rare occasion for the Duke to have lingered within the city for long. Usually confined to the dim halls of his estate or the verdant boughs of the Eversong this evening had proven fruitful. A letter was poised in his hands, pinched slightly as he read the contents, and then did so again. It was the subtle note of a confident step that drew the tapered end of one ear to rise a fraction of an inch. With the letter still in hand, his gaze lifted to study the woman. Charcoal centers locked within circles of rich, tumbling pools of vibrant emerald held her beneath a look that seemed far too old for the youthful visage that greeted her sight. 

“How charming.”

A pause followed, the notes of his voice somber in their tone but holding amusement in some small measure. He drew on the scent of evening air, and tipped his chin up to regard her with an unfettered view of those looks she’d already mentioned.

“Is it customary to approach a perfect stranger in this manner, now? You must forgive my woeful ignorance of the city’s charms, if so. Little time is afforded to partake in the social graces within these walls.”