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Freedom Fighter Weekend 2014  //  Day 03 – Celebration

Much to Toph’s chagrin, she and The Duke held two separate wedding ceremonies: one in Gaoling (a rather stiff and pompous occasion hosted by Lao and Poppy and attended by every crotchety diplomat and mogul in the Earth Kingdom) and another, far more modest gathering in Gaipan several weeks later. Initially reluctant to undergo a second ceremony (“I didn’t even need the first one!”), Toph became more receptive to participating when she realized how much it meant to The Duke that the Freedom Fighters witness their marriage. Within days of her approval the Gaang had gathered a small, impromptu group of attendees (many of which had participated in the Day of Black Sun siege) and made preparations for a private ceremony. Avatar Aang married Toph and The Duke for a second time under the tallest tree of the Freedom Fighters’ hideout on the evening of the summer solstice in the presence of friends and allies. It was only after Aang (not ‘The Avatar,’ as he had been announced at the Gaoling ceremony) had declared the pair wed that Toph and The Duke considered themselves married, and to the end of their days they refused to celebrate their anniversary any day other than the longest of the year. 

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