My favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! cards I found while in Japan!!

I got a whole lot more but these are the my favs!!!!


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Auction- yisharu -in drafts

Hennah and Baatar Jr’s date- engineering-the-future - cannot reblog for some reason. Mun, if you’re reading this, please contact me.

Young Kuvira and Hennah - destinedtounite - waiting

Auction (Ragnor and Hennah) - ateamoffour - must answer

Legion, Hennah and Nola (the main kidnap thread) - legionsniper - in drafts

00:00:00 (Iroh II and Hennah) - irohnthisplace - in drafts

Raisha and Hennah - equalistraisha - must answer

When Worlds Collide- ateamoffour - in drafts

Excuse my hand (Hennah and Iroh II) - irohnthisplace - must answer

00:00:00 (Legion and Hennah) - legionsniper - waiting

Yun Fei, Mordecai and Hennah- human-bluejay- waiting

Amon and Hennah - sexynerdybenders - in drafts

Unknown Gems - ateamoffour - in drafts

Nola and Autumn- keepers-of-the-tor -waiting

After the queen’s death - duels-of-infrno - must answer

(young) Hennah and Suki - paintedloyalty - must answer

vengeance- earthbending-mademan - must answer

Ocelot and Hennah- otselotovaya–khvatka - waiting

date night (Legion and Hennah) - legionsniper- in drafts

The dare (Hennah and Iroh II) - irohnthisplace - in drafts

I have no idea what the heck this is but I like it - shcmi - waiting



Liz is having a great time down in Australia helping out with FIRST Team 3132’s awesome off season event Duel Down Under. She’s even made some new friends during her adventures!