From Alexander Hamilton to Elizabeth Hamilton, [4 July 1804]

This letter, my very dear Eliza, will not be delivered to you, unless I shall first have terminated my earthly career; to begin, as I humbly hope from redeeming grace and divine mercy, a happy immortality.If it had been possible for me to have avoided the interview, my love for you and my precious children would have been alone a decisive motive. But it was not possible, without sacrifices which would have rendered me unworthy of your esteem. I need not tell you of the pangs I feel, from the idea of quitting you and exposing you to the anguish which I know you would feel. Nor could I dwell on the topic lest it should unman me.

The consolations of Religion, my beloved, can alone support you; and these you have a right to enjoy. Fly to the bosom of your God and be comforted. With my last idea; I shall cherish the sweet hope of meeting you in a better world.

Adieu best of wives and best of Women. Embrace all my darling Children for me.

Ever yours




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I just… imagine if jounouchi n yuugi make a bet n atem n yuugi (for some reason .. idk i cant rly think well these days) say the loser has to dress like a cheerleader and cheer the other one whenever the other has to duel… now imagine i can draw anatomy how is suppoused to do…

guess who lost… huh

Yami Yugi & Kaiba from #YuGiOh! #DuelMonsters by RadClawedRaid & OneMinute Cosplay. #submission

Yami Yugi - RadClawedRaid ( Kaiba - One Minute Cosplay (

Photographer: Magic Missile Studios (

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Back in the mid-90s when the franchise was still young, I played a lot of Magic: The Gathering, mostly with my wife and sometimes with her mother. We started when Revised had just come out, and it quickly became a hit in the household. We bought new cards until just after the release of the Visions expansion in 1997, although the last set we purchased any significant amount of was Ice Age (which I still have an unopened box of, as well as several unopened decks from 4th and 5th Edition.) The nature of the game was changing, from a wild, overpowered adrenaline-fest to watered-down sets in the name of “balance.” The Dark, Fallen Empires and Ice Age were all massive disappointments compared to Revised and Legends (the latter of which we only ever managed to buy six packs of each due to how quickly it sold.) That was probably good for the company in the long run. It was certainly good for our wallets, since we wanted no part of sets with weaker, derivative and often useless cards chained to some sort of ongoing storyline. That was the end of our buying Magic cards, although I continued to invest in and try other CCGs.

And that would have been that for us buying Magic merchandise, if not for Microprose. In 1997, they released a PC version of Magic: The Gathering. This may be one of the few cases in history where players have benefited from a delayed and trouble-prone development cycle. By the time Magic: The Gathering came out on home computers, the physical expansions and core game sets were already well into their pattern of formulaic releases (as can be seen here) in addition to being (in my opinion) well past the spirit of the original sets with their ability to form practically game-breaking combinations. But this game’s selection is awesome. Dual lands and vintage restricted cards? They’re in here. “Power Nine” cards, like Black Lotus, Moxen and Timetwister? Yup. They even followed up with two expansion games, Spells of the Ancients and Duels of the Planeswalkers which added cards from Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends and The Dark to the already impressive list.

Magic: The Gathering features not only the ability to play against other players online, but a single-player RPG-esque campaign where you explore an isometric world, dueling enemies, buying cards and supplies in towns, taking on quests and attempting to overthrow extremely powerful wizards in order to save the land. This mode can be brutally tough since you start off with a crap-shoot assortment of cards that has to be honed into something lethal enough to face down opponents with large life totals and sometimes-insidious card combinations. But it beautifully captures what enticed me and many Magic players in the first place: the sensation of the new and exciting, the feeling of finding and adding one more card to that deck you’re working on. Even when I’m getting my butt kicked by enemies, that feeling somehow keeps me coming back. It’s also an opportunity for current players (or older ones like me who came in a little too late) to play with the legendary cards that cost a literal fortune now. And, unlike modern games of the ilk, all of the virtual cards are available right in the box, you just have to reasonably earn them in-game. If you’re dueling other players, you get full access to the lot for deckbuilding from the start. It’s a digital approach to collectible cards that you’re not likely to ever see again in today’s world of downloads and microtransactions.

The games aren’t without their technical issues. The computer’s AI can be spotty, not all of the cards work quite as intended, and due to a bug in the installer, the original game, as shipped, can only be installed on a true Windows 95 machine. But the game has a large following, including many talented programmers who have worked to make it function on modern computers, especially in the wake of Microprose’s complete closure in the early 2000s. Bugs have been cleaned up, cards added and even updated artwork put into place. It’s a labor of love that’s publicly available and one which I heartily recommend for past or present fans of Magic. The files collectively are known as the Magic the Gathering 2010 Custom Installer ISO and you can find more information about it at this site.


Listen to the 1 minute radio commercial that has just been released for the Hamilton musical, featuring the song, “In the Room Where It Happens.” 

The AHA Society will be there when it happens - members and special guests will be attending the inaugural Broadway performance on July 13th as part of the CelebrateHAMILTON festival - learn more about the full four days of events surrounding the anniversary of the Burr-Hamilton duel.

No es que estoy resentida y quiero volver atras, es que a veces extraño tantas cosas del pasado, cosas que me marcaron de una forma zarpadísima y nunca voy a poder borrar, tampoco quiero borrarlas, pero aunque sea no estar acordandome todo el tiempo, no se, tengo una angustia terrible que no se me va con nada. A veces me gusta imaginar como hubiese sido todo si estuviesemos juntos y yo no me hubiese venido a vivir acá, es que no lo demuestro pero fuera de joda te extraño tanto de a ratos, hasta lloro.

Ok, so .. following the cheerleader thing… 

Honda is pissin himself and yami had to run away so jounouchi doesnt see him laughing