So do Arima and Akoya immediately know what’s going on in Episode 11 or not?

It looks very much as if they don’t. Arima says “that’s where our office is”, not “Kinshirou wtf man”, so chances are good that darking out acts as a powerup, and this is something they really haven’t seen before, and didn’t expect.

Akoya puts it together because Akoya is smart as hell, but let’s be real, something like that blowing up in the council office can only be Aurite losing control for some reason. It’s also interesting that Aurite’s signature attack, which tells Akoya it is Kinshirou and not someone else, is dark and not bright. It’s not just the Dark Aurite thing, after which all bets are off - he’s throwing black fire around before that’s ever in play. Compare Argent and Perlite’s energies, which are blue/silver and pink as you’d expect.

Alternatively, all three of them can do the dark talk-to-the-hand move, and if Aurite were to pull the lightning sword trick ordinarily, it would be all glowy and bright. But somehow I doubt it.

Alternatively again, Kinshirou is in chaos and running on hate and fury, because of the whole situation with Atsushi. So Aurite’s energies - just like his transformation, which is usually blue and glowy gold - are warped. This might be closest.

All this brings me to the point: guys, when did you learn all this stuff, and what have you been doing off camera? We know how the Battle Lovers learned their shit; we’ve seen them at it. But Caerula Adamas have just been standing in belltowers, drinking tea, and throwing zundar needles around for ten weeks.

Tell that story already. Is Season 2 confirmed yet?

Draws captive prince college!cafe!AU because I am cliche fanfic trash. Damen is the favoured son of a wealthy coffee chain magnate but after his father’s death, Damen is banished by his older brother Kastor, now the CEO of said wealthy coffee chain, to work as a common waiter at Cafe Arles, their biggest competitor. Laurent is the aloof heir to Cafe Arles, who sits in a private corner of the cafe every day and gives no one a second glance as he works on his college coursework. Together, they will make all the coffee and Damen must find a way to reclaim his coffee empire without revealing who he is. I’m so sorry


Me when I meet another pun-lover.

mountainmew replied to your post: And Yusei’s first loss in the series.

Hey! He didn’t TECHNICALLY lose! Because YGO protagonists never lose! Since his d-wheel broke down, it’s technically no result lol

…Uh, yes they do. 

Yugi and Yami together lost like twice. Judai lost at least three times. Yuma’s dueling record was made up of mostly losses before Astral came in to become his mentor, and Yuya’s dueling record showed that his winning percentage was just over 50% in the early episodes of Arc-V.

I just looked up Yusei’s dueling record on the wikia and it apparently says his only loss was against Jack in that flashback. Okay. But I’m not happy that he’s got such a perfect record.