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So our introduction to Chu-Chu features him eating cookies (his favorite pastime), swallowing too much all at once and nearly choking, and then being rescued by Utena.

On the one hand, we get to see that Chu-Chu is a goofy, gluttonous little monkey who loves sweets and is kind of clumsy.

But on the other, we see that he is very purposefully swallowing all of the cookie at once (see the third image). Now, either this is because he’s trying to show off - something we do see him doing on occasion - or because he’s trying to see how Utena will react to his choking. 

The latter option seems a little morbid, but we know a couple of things: that Anthy isn’t about to let Chu-Chu, her only friend, die, and that he’s been either living with or spending a considerable amount of time with Saionji, someone who is physically abusive to both him and his mistress. With a new Engaged in the picture, Chu-Chu’s life is changing just as much as Anthy’s - and he wants to see what kind of person this Utena is. When she doesn’t hesitate, but instead holds out the spoonful of tea to him, Utena signals that she’s neither the kind that sits by idly or the kind who will take pleasure in his pain.