Various works by Antonio Javier Caparo

Antonio Javier Caparo is a Cuban-born illustrator, graphic designer, and graphic novel artist based in Canada. Caparo started out his career as a graphic designer, “but he always felt a passion for other worlds, magical characters, and metaphorical stories.” As a result, Caparo moved on to illustration, creating both traditional and digital pieces that were intense and conceptual.

When I was little every hidden thing had an enchanted mystery, the geography class maps closet on the staff meeting room, the encrypted masonic letters of grandpa, the abandoned student works at the Art School workshops, the pile of old magazines behind my grandma’s bed, it all tells of worlds beyond. And I always liked that.

Too Young To Be Jack Kerouac Niger The Red Planet Photo Hugh Ardoin

Perhaps too young, but still so many kids foster the dream of riding steel machines across barren continents

The pursuit of nothing, the seed of speed, the flash of metal crossing metal

The fascinating appeal of the black ribbon unfurling in the headlight’s beam 

The landscapes moving like an accelerated movie through the side windows

And the slow motion of your past catching up in the rear view mirror

Soon it will overtake you, and the scrolls will unravel

The war with your second self is more than just a race

Hugh Ardoin Niger The Red Planet Gallery

SPG Quintessential Songs
  1. Malfunction (Youtube)
  2. I Don’t  Have a Name for It (N/A but I’ve heard it on a stream.  Check through David’s Periscope if you have many hours)
  3. Blue Portals (N/A)
  4. Overdrive (Youtube and it’s ancient)
  5. The Ballad of Delilah Morreo (Engineer-eteer)
  6. Love World of Love (Engineer-eteer and even more ancient than Overdrive)
  7. Only Human (N/A but I’ve heard it on a stream that was not saved)
  8. Salgexicon (Engineer-eteer |  Instrumental ) (Youtube)-from TQFTEHoGD. these are old versions
  9. Sleep Evil Sleep (Engineer-eteer) (Tumblr)
  10. Photographic Memories (Tumblr) (Engineer-eteer)
  11. Leopold Expeditus (N/A)
  12. Dream Machine (N/A)

I’ll update this when we get more music videos etc.

EDIT-I moved the links from the song titles to the parenthesis that tell where they’ll take you

this is not technically my headcanon but i just started trying to imagine what andreth’s sindarin would be like and i… what if she had the sort of visiting-german-professor thing where she had an enormous vocabulary of specialized jargon, it’s always fucking [elvish for dereified] with andreth, but she’s also a lot more halting and grammatically off the wall than, say, her male relatives who have served in mixed-species garrisons

“what if andreth was pnin” listen. LISTeN


Fancy Flutter Tails

It’s finished!  The stats are:

  • Two fat quarters of Connecting Threads cotton solid fabric
  • Quilter’s Dream low loft cotton batting
  • Westalee Design by Sew Steady Circles on Quilts rulers
  • Glilde 40wt Lemon Ice polyester thread
  • Glilde 40wt White polyester thread
  • Coats & Clark 40wt Sun Yellow trilobal embroidery thread
  • Coats & Clark 40wt  Dogwood tirlobal embroidery thread
  • Dritz Dragon fly stencil

All but the dragon flies was stitched on my Juki QVP-Sit-down mid-arm machine. The dragon flies were stitched with my favorite domestic machine for free-motion quilting, the Janome 7700.

anonymous asked:

Season 4 Episode LIst: The Kindergarten Kid, Know Your Fusion, Buddy's Book, Mindful Education, Future Boy Zoltron, Sapphy Storms, Blew A Fuse, Peri's Room, Dream Machine, and thats all I have right now

Doubt they’d use words like “sapphy” and “peri’s” in-show but nice try buddy

Get to know me!

So, this is just another tag I’m answering really late, sorry!. Thank you @emistudies for tagging me 😃 

Nickname(s): Flor 

Gender: Female 

If I had a cat, what would I name it: I have one cat and her name is Kitty, but want another cat, probably Cinnamon for some reason. 

Height: shh I’m short - 1,60 cm 

Hogwarts House: Ravenpuff (? idk I’m really weird and I’ve gotten so many different things it scares me. 

Favorite color: blue - of course. 

Time right now: 10:34 a.m. 

Average hours of sleep: usually 6-7 hours, sometimes 8 hours. 

Favorite numbers: 3 and 7 

Last thing I googled: something coffee related.

Blankets I sleep with: at home 4, in my apartment 3. Depends on how heavy they are haha.

Favorite bands/artists: The Beatles, Linkin Park, Florence + The Machine.   

Dream Trip: Southeast Asia! 

What I’m wearing right now: blue jeans, grey shirt, black sweater and black sneakers. 

How many blogs I follow: 572 - want to follow more so badly! 

Do I get asks on a daily basis: sometimes, I really love getting asks though ❤️ 

Why did I choose my tumblr url: at first it wasn’t a studyblr, so keep that in mind, but basically I was starting my tumblr account all over again, it was a summer night and I was drinking coffee - yeah, I’m so creative haha.

I always have such a hard time tagging, if you read this consider yourself tagged 😀 I want to get to know you all!