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I’m the shining in your eyes
Well I am the genius that ignites life into your secret dreams
I’m between God and between a machine
Come and get your lucky hit, your one time kiss into my arms

Sign the paper, life is bright
Get your dirty credit, I’m your guide
You got it?

Can make you live an ancient emperor
In an endless orgy of models and fruits
Can make you smoke some kryptonite
That’ll turn your brain into dynamite
Boom! Then it will explode a million times
Into a million parts of gemstones and light
I can give you all of that special soul I stole
Intact, from an indian warrior
It’ll make you brave enough for you
To turn your lies into the truth

Sign the paper, life is bright
Get your dirty credit, I’m your guide
you got it?

More, you wanna get more
We’ll make it home, ‘til after life
And then we’ll spend it all
All over again

#ShareIG Here is some digital artwork i did it took me alot of days because of time consuming…so here it is! [ps:do not claim my artwork or reprint my artwork] #art#Digitalart#myart#dreamingmary#fanart#marydreaming#dreamingmarygames#digital#cute#kawaii#pink#pinkcharacter#kawaiidreams#digitalartwork#cuteart#doodles#traditionalart#doodles#doodlekawaii#kawaiigirl#pinkkawaii

Shared from here and made by madahuwatson

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Meng gui tong xiao pei zhu ni hd
Gone, But Not Forgotten film
divx Creaturealm: Demons Wake

So, some of you might already know, but I’m actually working on a side-project as well as my game Hideaway, as a way to get me used to RPG Maker VX Ace so that Hideaway itself will be far better when it’s complete.

This is Lucy Dreaming, the story of a young woman named Lucy who discovers she possesses unusual powers that allow her a limited control of her own dreams. At first, she enjoys her abilities, summoning various objects at will, altering the world to her will, and even possessing a very weak mind-control over lesser beings. However, her powers begin to attract some unwanted attention from the less pleasant residents of this dream world. She has only one ally: a mysterious man in red called Adam, who offers to guide her through the dream world, known to its inhabitants as Reverie. Can she survive, or will Lucy end up being trapped in a nightmare?

At this time, I’m not sure if I should make a blog for it, so until I’ve decided it, it’s development shall be chronicled here, on my personal blog. It’s very different Hideaway, being more fantastical and whimsical. I’m debating about whether it will feature RPG battles or not, like The Grey Garden and Wadonohara, or whether I’ll just make it a horror puzzle adventure like Alice Mare. Either way, it’s sure to be a fun journey.