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Name: Rosemary *sighs*
Nickname: ROSE
Star Sign: Sagittarius 
Gender: Female
Height: 5’ 4
Favorite Colour(s): blue + black 
Time Right Now: 11:15 am
Average Hours Of Sleep: not enough😂
Last Thing I Googled: ‘well,not you, Simon’ ‘you noticed’ 
Number Of Blankets I Sleep Under: One
Favorite Fictional Characters: Jack Mercer & Alec Lightwood
Favorite Books: it’s kind of a funny story || Will Grayson, Will Grayson|| 
Favorite Bands: Twenty One Pilots, Fifth Harmony, 5s*s, (not bands but: Ryn weaver, Halsey, Melanie Martinez) 
Dream Job: Film maker, music producer, animator, I DONT KNOW
What Am I Wearing Right Now: PAJAMAS 
When Did You Create Your Blog: a couple of years ago I’m not quite sure when! 
Current Amount Of Followers: 672
What Do You Mainly Post About: it usually varies but atm it’s just shadowhunters/tmi trash 
When Did Your Blog Hit Its Peak: No idea…
Who Made You Join Tumblr: me(?)
Do You Get Asks Daily: hA NO
Why Did You Choose Your URL: bc I’m pansexual but also lightwood trash 
@alxnderlightwood@bullshithoods@cantyouseeimeating @afangirlsbookshelf@timelessmalec@theglitterloft@fightawarstrikeamatch @youcantjustloveme-itsnotthateasy @justallthatiwant @ineedtoreturnsomevideotapess @michaelthememelord @weirdandhopelessartist@optimist-ic@i-m-d-e-p-r-e-s-s-e-d@she-is-going-insane@alecismyfuture@lightwoods-are-brave@malecstasy@mattysdaddarios@isabelleightwoods


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I’m the shining in your eyes
Well I am the genius that ignites life into your secret dreams
I’m between God and between a machine
Come and get your lucky hit, your one time kiss into my arms

Sign the paper, life is bright
Get your dirty credit, I’m your guide
You got it?

Can make you live an ancient emperor
In an endless orgy of models and fruits
Can make you smoke some kryptonite
That’ll turn your brain into dynamite
Boom! Then it will explode a million times
Into a million parts of gemstones and light
I can give you all of that special soul I stole
Intact, from an indian warrior
It’ll make you brave enough for you
To turn your lies into the truth

Sign the paper, life is bright
Get your dirty credit, I’m your guide
you got it?

More, you wanna get more
We’ll make it home, ‘til after life
And then we’ll spend it all
All over again

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Meng gui tong xiao pei zhu ni hd
Gone, But Not Forgotten film
divx Creaturealm: Demons Wake

The Fourth Difficulty Setting: CASUAL

This will be featured in the extended demo. In this setting, enemies will be a LOT less dangerous, items will be more common and some enemies might be removed.

Of course, this’ll take away the survival horror experience, but hey, there are gamers that only seek the story. This mode is exactly for those people. The scary factor? Don’t worry. This mode may catch you off guard.