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Also if Wanna help me with video that be cool.

Here’s a pic of a character I haven’t introduced yet. Mostly because she only gets cameos in the early game - but she’ll be important later.

Anyway, I got good news, and I got bad news. Good news, I’m working on section 3! The last section before the demo’s done! Bad news, I’m working on section 3 because I got writer’s block for section 2 and decided to skip forward. Good news, I was pretty close to finishing section 2 when this happened!

Worst news… *Sigh* I trying my best to get work done, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get a demo out before school starts up again. However, I’m pretty close to finishing the demo, so… I think I might be able to get to bug testing by then, at least. Keep your fingers crossed, I guess?

Also… guys, I appreciate all the kind messages I’ve gotten. I really really do. And it’s great that you all have such faith in me, but… I guess I feel like that’s something I haven’t earned, just yet? Pretty art doesn’t equate to a good story or fun gameplay - it doesn’t make a good game on it’s own. I’m unspeakably grateful for all the support and excitement - but I have to caution people against getting their hopes up.

I swear I’m not trying to be mean! I just - I don’t want to disappoint anyone. I don’t want to let someone down.

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I’m the shining in your eyes
Well I am the genius that ignites life into your secret dreams
I’m between God and between a machine
Come and get your lucky hit, your one time kiss into my arms

Sign the paper, life is bright
Get your dirty credit, I’m your guide
You got it?

Can make you live an ancient emperor
In an endless orgy of models and fruits
Can make you smoke some kryptonite
That’ll turn your brain into dynamite
Boom! Then it will explode a million times
Into a million parts of gemstones and light
I can give you all of that special soul I stole
Intact, from an indian warrior
It’ll make you brave enough for you
To turn your lies into the truth

Sign the paper, life is bright
Get your dirty credit, I’m your guide
you got it?

More, you wanna get more
We’ll make it home, ‘til after life
And then we’ll spend it all
All over again

So after receiving an anon ask criticizing my MC’s design (They were frankly pretty rude, but whatever.) I thought that maybe the Kid’s design could use some re-examining. And, you know, I kinda like this better anyway. It’s obviously not a drastic change, but I feel like it’s a bit less generic. It also indulges my unholy love of scarves. Clearly this makes it superior.

I guess it kinda shoots the idea of gender ambiguity in the foot. But a lot of people were assuming the MC was male anyway, so that was probably going to happen regardless. It also makes their (her? I guess it’s her, now.) heritage a bit more apparent - she’s supposed to be biracial (Caucasian/Native American.) and I think this design brings that out a bit more. 

If you’re worried about this taking up a lot of time, you don’t have to it. It took me maybe an hour to make a new sprite and swap them out everywhere (Although there’s still two that I haven’t changed yet.) Pro Motion has it flaws, but it makes color swaps extremely easy. And who knows, maybe now I’ll give the player the ability to slap people with their gigantic braid.

I’ve also already updated the character page with a new portrait.

This one is just breathtaking….ah, I can’t believe how gorgeous it is! I love the blue and the mystical aura it gives off, and Belladonna is my favorite effect I’ve created….I’m speechless, thank you so much @balthasar02, although saying thank you doesn’t do any justice for all the help and support you’ve given me….you’re truly the best. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to show up in my life because you truly are the best, thank you for everything.


Design Inspiration Spotlight:
Niklas Jaanson ( pt. 1/3

Arne’s posts about The Legend of Zelda and his reimagining of Zelda II were key to my thoughts on creating my own game which is a sort of a “Link’s Awakening” meets “Yume Nikki” (meets “Space Funeral” meets “Silent Hill 2” meets…….). I’ve always thought it odd that a hero who is meant to save the world is sent on asinine missions to find a missing cat or herd sheep (I’m glaring at you, Twilight Princess).

Two of the biggest gameplay concepts which completely shifted my game’s direction towards something far more dynamic were:

1) Exploration/Restricted Exploration vs. Linear “Exploration” (in “Green’s Dream, the entirety of the map is available to the player from the moment you press "START”), and…

2) Accessible Options (which seem to belittle player agency), Complex Options (which can get out of hand, making a tiny game into a monstrosity destined to become vaporware), and Scalable Options (with emergent depth). I’m not designing a game with multiple endings to a singular gameplay experience. It is aiming for a game with multiple gameplay experiences with even more varying conclusions.

Arne’s prototype planning map for the Zelda II remake influenced the way I approached mapping my project. Look at how much more dynamic this map is… It’s certainly more approachable and seems to demonstrate a sort of open/restricted exploration as well as scalable options with emergent depth. THIS is a Zelda II I would ACTUALLY return to to replay.

And, as always, the concept sketches reimagining classic Zelda characters demonstrates the true worth of software-limitation mandated obscure pixel art… What the player can come up with in their imaginations to fill in the missing visual signifiers is ENDLESSLY more mysterious, beautiful, horrifying, splendid, and epic than anything you can render in truly photorealistic 3D modeling. That is what I believe, and I don’t think I will ever think differently about it.

Check out for a site that you (if you’re a game dev, a fan of adapting nostalgic, old-school media, or if you’re obsessed with process sketches and notes on the road taken to make a project like I am) will spend countless hours pouring over!

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