• Doctor:Little bit more Jaime, push... Push...
  • Taylor:OMG I don't think I can look at this *starts getting panic attack* *calls Karlie*
  • Karlie:You can do it babe, it's ok Jaime is strong. Don't be nervous, you'll be the world's greatest godmother.
  • Taylor:Thanx Karl, I knew you'd make me feel better...
  • Doctor:One last push Jaime
  • Jaime:OMG HAAAAA
  • Doctor:Awwwww congratulations it's a baby --

ok so somebody mentioned this somewhere,

and omg it makes sense tho.

Missy’s the cat in the tardis.

she’s the cat in the tardis bc remember the litter box;

and then we’ve got that episode titled the witch’s familiar you knoooow. caaats. you guys. the master disguises herself as a cat. this is happening for all I care.

who on here does those doctor mew drawings?? bc relevant ~

i’ve ruined everyone’s night lmao

Agent Carter this week...

Omg ok so you know in the latest episode of Agent Carter where the doctor can talk to people and stop them feeling pain during operations? Like when they amputated that guys leg? Well what if, when they were slicing off Bucky’s arm (or what was left of it) he was there doing the same thing to him, and Bucky was rambling on about memories with Steve before the war? Like he’s halfway through a story about Coney Island and then he starts to see all these doctors speaking in Russian but the doctors like “just ignore them, focus on what you can remember.” Which is ironic because that’d be the last time anyone was encouraging him to do that. Ouch.

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17 & 36 :)

17: Do you think that Chuck is God? I would assume so because I’ve seen some of the writers say “oh my chuck” before but I don’t think it was an intentional thing on the show’s part lol. I think fandom kinda took that and ran with it and they were like “…shit yeah ok that’s better than we were gonna do.”

36: If you have an OTP, at what point did you start shipping it? “if I have an otp” HAHAHAHAHAAH (ok sorry) omg ok this is kind of embarrassing but like, I sorta accidentally fell into fandom just as a whole? when the last hp movie came out I ended up following a bunch of people on here and they all were in different fandoms so for like a year I saw spn and deancas and doctor who on my dash so I watched dw first. and when I saw that my dash had not let me down with quality, I started watching spn (I put it off for like six months tho bc I, like misha, was scared)… so basically what I’m trying to avoid saying here is that I kinda sorta shipped d/c before I saw the show and. well. yeah.

Doctor Who!

Omg guys! Ok so what if 12 turned human like 10 did in season 3. Ok? And it sent him back to Pompeii. 10 shows up and saves him and his “family.” Later 12 opened his watch and became The Doctor again! Cause you all know Peter Capaldi was in the the episode “The Fires of Pompeii” in season 4. Idk why I randomly thought of it I’d say every one of your brilliant minds have already thought of it anyway I love you guys! ✌️❤️

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I’m gonna answer these in order ok?

4. You are at the doctor’s office and he has just informed you that you have approximately one month to live. Do you tell anyone/everyone you are going to die? What do you do with your remaining days? Would you be afraid? —- omg I would most likely take the opportunity to let my real feelings out. I’ll confess every feeling I be ever had because I think it’s better to be honest and it’s a weight you take off of yourself. all my friends, family, anyone close to me will know, some people I’d like to surprise.

8. Your best friend confesses that he/she has feelings for you more than just friendship. He/she is falling in love with you. What do you (or did you) do/say? —- I’ll let her down easy, I’ll tell her that her friendship is much more special and warm than any romantic gesture. But also because I don’t like girls like that. But never laugh at her.

10. Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend? —- ONLY for emotional support, and to maybe learn a few things about me I wouldn’t have seen before, but not because I love the person I am right now.

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okay listen do not dwell on it! i got into the habit of counting my hairs and it was like horrible... just don't. if it has fallen out in certain areas like the temples/front then its probably just the spot that makes it look like its focal. its only obviously focal when its like... on the side of the head of the back of the head. my doctor said that more hair falling out at the front is nothing to worry about. ok if im freaking you out im just going to stop! im sorry. i hope you figure it out

omg i started counting my hair too!! but i decided to stop bc counting is a huge trigger for me like counting calories/measuring you know stuff like that is really bad for my BDD. but no dw youre not making me focus on it more, it is literally all i do/think about -___- 

From a Conversation I'm Currently Having...
  • Me:Omg, they should have a thing where like... Ok, you know how the community has public pools? That, but instead of a pool, it's a room full of puppies. And next to it is a room full of kittens. And then they have a separate building and that building is full of hypo-allergenic puppies and then also those weird hairless cats.
  • Me:And you can pay $5 and just go play with the puppies all day.
  • Me:Or your doctor can write you a prescription if you have anxiety or depression or whatever, and then it's free.
  • Me:And they can be the puppies that they're training to be helper dogs, but on their off days, so it's not like Forever Puppies where they just shoot them when they stop being cute.
  • Me:For reference: